demonic occurence

The biggest critique I’ve seen for Ava’s Demon’s story is that it’s too convenient for all four hosts to meet together under these circumstances.

To that I want to pose an argument. If the whole premise of Ava’s Demon is rigidity in science and structure vs magic and fantasia, then doesn’t it make sense that the rebellion against TiTAN begins due to an anomaly so great that I doubt even Titan could predict or fear ?

It occurred to him that if he could repeat this experience knowing it would always bring her into his life, he would not hesitate to endure it again. As he gazed up at her with his black eyes, pain-filled yet softening, he concluded that she had been worth the pain. Shocking as it was to realize, he knew it to be true, with every tired thud of his heavy heart. Without being locked in enchanted chains, tormented, and caged like an animal? Their paths would have never entwined this way. Any other encounter they could have shared out there in the city would have resulted in a fight, a brutal attempt to end one another for self-preservation, their bias against one another’s race their curse.
—  My character Pythius being a sap enough to willingly endure horrid torture as a prisoner of war just to meet his soulmate? Confirmed.
a whisper and a calamity
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ppbbbtbtb i know everyone is writing an au about yaboykeiji and the-red-bowl‘s magician/dragon/demon au, but i couldn’t resist it either. this one is my take on the au, and it’s going to be a multichap monster that will (probably) reach around 100k by the end…

Pairing: Iwaizumi/Oikawa, Kageyama/Hinata, Bokuto/Akaashi, Kunimi/Kindaichi, other minor r/s

Rating: E (but not yet lmao)

Words: 3,591 / ???

Summary: Oikawa is halfway through typing the query ‘what to feed dragon demons’ when it occurs to him that no one on the planet knows what a dragon should eat, or even knows that they exist, and all he’s going to get are results for fantasy roleplay sites for twelve-year-old boys who don’t have any friends.

He really needs better friends.

(Or, the story of how a skeptic becomes a believer, loners become a team, and the fate of the world rests firmly on the efforts of a few scraggly kids against their ridiculously photogenic enemies.)

The Ancient Ram Inn

Located in Gloucestershire UK, this inn is believed to be the most haunted house in the entire British Isles or maybe even the world.

Since it was built in 1145 on a pagan burial ground. Child sacrifices, devil worshiping and other demonic events have all occurred. 

People who’ve stayed here have been known to flee in the middle of the night due to seeing full body apparitions in their rooms, whilst others reported being touched and even pulled/pushed by these forces. 

One of my favourite haunted house stories since watching Ghost Adventures I will be visiting this Inn some time later this year hopefully to find something of my own.

It used to be that nothing could be done if the science was atrocious in my screenplay about a guy who uses his power to control volcanoes with his brain in order to kidnap the Queen of England (don’t fucking steal that idea, it’s mine). Dumb people would forever believe volcanoes can spew lava demons, as occurs midway through the second act, after the Queen does a back flip off an oncoming missile and redirects it into Mt. Vesuvius, thus spawning the lava demons. But today, I have no excuse for not understanding basic volcano science, now that 844-NEED-SCI is a thing. It’s a hotline which connects lonely screenwriters with one of over 2,700 sexy single scientists around the world. The scientists are standing by, and they can’t wait to tell me that I don’t know dick about volcanology.

844-NEED-SCI is provided by the Science and Entertainment Exchange, an offshoot of the National Academy of Sciences, a nonprofit organization dedicated to consulting on all kind of scientific matters, with a primary focus on helping government workers and politicians understand science. Modern politicians seem to not give much of a shit about science, so fuck it, screenplay consulting it is.

5 Bizarrely Specific Companies That Make Pop Culture Work

Yeah that’s how demons start out is just chubby little beings of pure adorable (still don’t recommend trusting them even when they’re tiny lol they’re still evil little adorable shits. In fact demons start out already with the cognitive abilities of an adult, but the maturity of a toddler so it’s even worse haha)

and they flatten and their designs on their body gets more complicated as they get ‘older’ (age via time is kind of irrelevant to demons, physical aging usually occurs by them collecting energy)