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I’m a graphic designer, though a rather shitty one. I found a few of my favorite quotes I really love from SPN and wanted to carry them around with me. I thought why not share them with you all?! I’m a part of a group on FB that was brought together by Jared’s campaign. They’re incredibly loving and supportive! I printed these out, 1.5 inches each, and sealed them with tape and put them in my wallet, and hung some at work. I’m gonna share them on my tumblr and deviantart soon too. I like finding them as reminders here and there. I had to make a vector of the “Samulet” my self since I didn’t find one, and vectored the mark of cain too! I like how they came out, but I do know it’s not much. Hope it helps someone out a bit. 

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sentient snacks anon again, i seriously for a minute felt like i needed to lie down because all i could think of was young baby noob demon dipper sitting in the kitchen accidentally animating like, a bunch of skittles or smth at 3am and having really nice conversations & bonding w/ them until mabel walks in like "dipper, were you singing disco girl w/ 2 million skittles??" "UM, NO, WHO-- WHO WOULD, HAHA, WHO WOULD DO THAT? not me is who. also there's only like 240. i counted." "ok then dipper"

This is way too cute nooo