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Tara, Gabby & Claude – the best of gurlfrands in the DM’s.  And occasionally Tess is dragged along for the ride!

More doodles to come, but you’ll also wanna see them happen each week!

Context: My character is a dragonborn cleric who escaped from their town, which was destroyed by demons. They had a girlfriend back home (also dragonborn), but they’re not sure if she’s alive or not. Currently, the DM is introducing the party to a group of NPC’s.

DM: “You all see a dragonborn woman walk out of the door, and Ty’s heart stops.”
Everyone: (gasps)
DM: “You don’t know her.”

(cue angry yelling from me and laughing from everyone else)

Half-Blood Princess (Part 2): Guardian Angel

Characters: Dean Winchester x Sister!Reader, Sam Winchester x Sister!Reader, Castiel, Hannah (Twin Sister), Alexis (Cross-Road demon), Chuck/God. 

Length: 2953+ words

TW: Surprisingly, nothing? A broken soul. Mentions of torture. Alastair. Drunk!Dean. Sad!Dean. 

A/N: SO MANY PEOPLE WANTED A PART 2!! I’m so glad you enjoyed the first part, and there are so many interests for a second part. I had such a hard time writing this, but it just all came to me last night when I couldn’t sleep. Feedback is encouraged!

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3

Alexis glanced at the angel with her eyebrow raised. “What do you want?” she asked coldly. 

“I’m looking for Y/N’s soul,” Castiel responded calmly.

Anger flashed through her black eyes before returning to its original colour. “You’re looking at it.”

Castiel turned his attention to the broken soul on the ground, the light emitting from it almost nonexistent.

“She’s been here a while,” Alexis told him.

“You are the crossroad demon that made a deal with her, correct?”


“I see. I will be right back.” The angel disappeared for a few minutes to break the news to her family, telling them that there was no hope on getting her back before returning with another man.

“Who the hell are you?” Alexis asked protectively, stepping forward in front of what was left of Y/N’s soul.

“My name is Chuck,” he answered. “Other known as, God.”

The demon scoffed, crossing her arms. “Yea, right.”

“It is true,” Castiel confirmed. “I’ve asked him if there is anything he could for Y/N.”

“She didn’t deserve that.” Alexis seemed to be more relaxed after the angel’s explanation. “She was too young to go.”

“You are very inclined to her,” Chuck stated. 

“She reminded me of myself when I was human,” Alexis repeated softly. “I sold my soul for a shitty boyfriend after he went off and killed himself driving drunk. After I saved him, he ran off with an ex-girlfriend.” The demon looked at the bloody wall where Y/N was usually chained. “I tried protecting her as best as I could here.”

The two men waited for her to elaborate, knowing that there was so much more she wanted- no, needed to say. 

“I made a deal with Alastair. Every 10 years, I would take her place for a year, and she would do my cross-road biddings. She didn’t deserve to be tortured for so long.” If she could, the two men were sure that Alexis would have been in tears by now.

There was a brief moment of silence before it was interrupted by Chuck.

“Thank you,” he said. “You’ve been kinder to her than I have, it seems. As a token of my gratitude for being so kind, I would like to extend an offer.”

“I think I’ve made enough deals don’t you think?” Alexis asked with laugh.

“I think you’re gonna like this one,” Chuck bantered back. “There’s no catch. I want your soul to move on.”

“Move on? As in, I won’t be a demon anymore?”

“Yes. You can pass to your heaven now.”

“You’re kidding?!” Alexis’s jaw dropped. This was not the deal she was expecting after being a demon for so long.

“I am not. It’s the least I can do.”

Her attention went back to Y/N’s soul, looking at it sadly. “What will happen to her?”

“I will do my best to piece her back together.”

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Being Jason's Girlfriend and like a Sister to Damian Headcanons

Prompt: Headcannon of Damian being really close (like in a sister way) to Jason’s girlfriend and them fighting for her attention


Dating Jason and Damian looking to you as a big sister would include:

> Jason was a great boyfriend, and with him came his family of vigilantes - Damian taking a liking to you in particular. You were basically his big sister and he treated you as such.

> Damian stopping by your apartment at random times and even during patrol.
“Hey (y/n)!”
“Morning, there’s hot chocolate on the side if you want it.”
“It’s 2am. I’m fine thank you.”
“Oh really? It’s got marshmallows and cream. Plus I made it and not Jay.”
“I suppose it’d be a shame to waste it.”

> Having the Batmobile parked outside of your home and Damian arguing that no one will mind. Jason threatening to jack the wheels if he does it again.

> The boys fighting over who gets your attention, Damian usually winning but you’d make it up to Jason on the rare occasions you get to spend alone. Supporting Jason 100% and he knows that despite insecurities and Damian being argumentative.

> Whenever Jason leans in to kiss you Damian manages to interfere somehow if he’s in the area.
Your boyfriend sighs before speaking, as this happens far too often for his liking.
“Are you kidding me?”
Jason knows better than to kiss you in front of anyone that age so he picks you up and takes you to another room much to Damian’s displeasure.

> Damian mostly using the window since Jason often refuses to let him in.

> Damian always taking your side in arguments with Jason, numerous threats have been made which have lead to you covering Damian’s mouth.
“Those words should not come from someone as young as you Dami!”
“And you thought I was bad (y/n).”
“You can shut it as well Red.”

> Damian acting like an overprotective big brother and actually being kinda scary, though Jason usually finds the whole ordeal amusing.

> “Jason get away from my sister!”
“I introduced you to (y/n), and they’re my girlfriend demon spawn!”

> If anyone hits on you with Damian around he’s willing to fight them.
“I apologise but this young woman is dating my… brother so back off before I -!”
“Todd may be an insufferable human being but I know he loves you and will protect you at all costs. He’s worth more than this jerk.”

> They can agree on a few things despite their consistent bickering.
“Todd, where is (l/n)?”
“Y'know I’m not actually sure…”
“Oh, (y/n) is in the infirmary -” Barbara claimed strolling into the room.
“Woah is she alright?!”
“What the hell happened?! How could you let her get hurt?”
“Is it serious? Can we help?” Came all at once before the red head could even finish her explanation.
“Jason, Damian - (y/n) bumped into some furniture so it’s nothing serious.”
“Are you sure Babs?”
“I’d say Gordon knows what she’s doing Todd.”


…just watch this video, it’ll be clear what this is about.

Bill’s bellydancer costume inspired by my favourite Bill cosplay

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Doomed — Min Yoongi (02)

Words: 3390

Warnings: demon!Yoongi + violence + angst + fluff

Description: Being a demon’s girlfriend comes with a lot, a lot, of hardships.

[01] [02] [03] [04]


“Why are humans so stupid?” Yoongi asked, looking at the tv screen as a horror movie played. “If there was a killer trying to get you, why wouldn’t you run away?”

You laughed at his words. The whole night you two had been watching horror movies, Yoongi had been complaining about how idiotic the people in the movies are.

“It’s just a movie, Yoongi.” You giggled at the man that laid on top of you, resting his head on your chest.

“I know it’s just a movie, but why are people so dumb? Look! She’s gonna get killed!” He says, pointing to the screen. The woman on the screen was hiding in a closet, but she was crying really loudly, so the killer heard her.

You giggled once again, running your fingers through Yoongi’s hair. “Maybe we’ve watched enough movies for the night.” You said, taking the remote and turning off the tv.

The lights in the house were turned off, so you two were just left in darkness. It was late, so you decided to close your eyes and try to go to sleep, but Yoongi kept shifting around.

“Yoongi, stop moving.” You mumbled, keeping your eyes closed. “I’m not comfortable anymore.” He whined, picking his head up from where it was rested on your chest.

You opened your eyes, looking at him as he tried to make himself comfortable.

Then you felt it.

“Yoongi are you serious?” You asked, blushing and covering your face with your hands. “I’m sorry. I can’t control that. Especially not when I have a beautiful woman underneath me.” He says, referring to the large bulge you felt on your thigh.

You giggled as he positioned himself so that his face was hovering over yours. “Go to sleep, Yoongi.” You say. He shook his head before attaching his lips to your neck.

You closed your eyes and put your hand on the back of his head, twirling your fingers around the strands of hair. “Yoongi.” You moaned as he bit your neck lightly before grinding down onto you.

“Yoongi, I’m still sore from the last time we did this.” You told him, gripping his arm as he tried to pull your shorts down. He stopped his actions and looked at you, smiling.

“Well, that just means I did a good job.” He smirked. You playfully rolled your eyes before he leaned down and kissed your lips.

You melted into the kiss, placing one hand on his cheek while the other hand was still on his head.

This turned into a heated make out session between the two of you. As much as you wanted more, you were so sore and weren’t sure if you could handle more. Yoongi had a habit of using his demon strength when you two were……getting intimate.

You and Yoongi broke apart as the lights flicked on and you heard someone clear their throat.

You both sat up on the couch and looked to your left to see two men standing there.

“Hoseok! You scared me!” You said, recognizing one of the men. You put your hand on your chest, feeling your heartbeat that was faster that usual.

“I’m sorry.” Hoseok apologized. “I told you we shouldn’t have come now! They were about to do something and we interrupted!” The other man says to Hoseok. You haven’t seen him before, so you didn’t know who he was. “I’m Namjoon, by the way.”

“Hi Namjoon. I’m y/n.” You say. “I know. I’ve heard a lot about you.” He smiled and you returned the smile.

“What are you two doing here?” Yoongi asked his friends, standing up. “Something happened and we had to tell you.” Namjoon says.

“You couldn’t wait?” Yoongi asks. “It’s too important to wait.” Hoseok points out.

Yoongi rolled his eyes. “What is it?”

“It’s about Ta—actually, I don’t think we should tell you in front of y/n.” Hoseok says before he and Namjoon looked at you.

What did they need to talk about that you didn’t need to know?

Yoongi sighed. “Y/n, can you go in the bedroom? I’ll be there soon.”

You nodded, not wanting to pry, and stood up, walking to the bedroom. Once you got in, you closed the door before laying down on the bed.

You couldn’t help but wonder what they were talking about. It was probably important demon business. It didn’t concern you, but you really wanted to know.

You laid there, bored and looking up at the ceiling for a couple of minutes before the door finally opened.

Yoongi came through the door and closed it. He walked over to the bed and got under the covers with you, not saying a word.

You turned on your side so you were facing him. “Is everything okay?” You asked him.

“Everything’s fine.” He sighed. “Then why do you sound so upset about something?” You ask. “What is it?”

“It’s nothing, y/n.” He says. You knew he was lying. There was something that he wasn’t telling you.

You looked into his eyes for a couple of seconds, hoping that he would tell you, but he didn’t.

“Yoongi,” you started. “Y/n, it doesn’t concern you. You don’t have to worry about it.” He speaks over you.

“But it’s making you upset. I think that I should know. Maybe I can help.” You tell him. “You can’t. You can’t help Y/n. Just forget about it.” He says before closing his eyes.

“Oh, come on. You can tell me. I want to know.” You hoped that he wouldn’t keep it from you for much longer.

“Y/n, just leave me alone!” He says, voice getting louder as he opened his eyes. When his eyes opened, they were all black, no longer the dark brown color.

You gasped and turned around so that your back was facing him. “Fine.” You sighed, closing your eyes.

Yoongi liked to do that whenever he didn’t want to talk about something any more. He said that it would scare you so you wouldn’t keep talking about it, but you hated when he did that. He knew that.

After a couple of seconds, Yoongi tried to wrap his arms around you, but you took them off of you, scooting farther away from him.

“Y/n.” He groaned. You didn’t answer him. “Y/n, I’m sorry.” He apologizes after a few moments.

You turned around again so you were facing him and spoke. “You know I hate it when you do that thing with your eyes. It creeps me out.”

“I know. I just wanted you to stop talking about it. I don’t want to tell you about what happened. You don’t need to worry about it.” He explains.

“You could’ve just said, ‘y/n, stop talking about it.’” You rolled your eyes. “You know that wouldn’t have worked. You’re stubborn.” He says.

You couldn’t disagree with him. You were stubborn at times.

“Look, y/n. I promise that you don’t need to worry about whatever’s going on. If you did need to worry, I would tell you.” Yoongi tells you as he wrapped his arms around your waist.  

“I’m sorry for trying to pry.” You apologized, resting your head on his chest. Yoongi kissed the top of your head as you closed your eyes, drifting to sleep.

You sat on the counter in your kitchen, waiting for the oven to go off. You were in a baking mood, so you decided to make cupcakes.

The room was quiet. As you waited, you were texting one of your friends.

You almost dropped your phone as you saw a white flash before a man stood in front of you.

“Jeez, you guys need to stop doing that!” You said to the man that stood in front of you. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.” Namjoon says.

“It’s okay. What’s up?” You asked him, putting your phone down on the counter.

“Yoongi just asked me to come over and check on you. He said he’s sorry that he left so early.” Namjoon explains.

“It’s okay. I’m making cupcakes. They should be done soon. Do you want some?” You ask.

Namjoon nodded and sat down on a stool by the counter and you two waited for the oven to ding. When it finally did, you put on some oven mittens and took the pan with the cupcakes out.

You placed the pan on the counter and turned off the oven.

“Did Yoongi tell you? About what we talked about yesterday?” Namjoon asked you as you took the mittens off.

“Nope. He told me not to worry about it.” You answered.

“Do you want to know?” He asks. You looked at him. “Are you going to get in trouble with Yoongi for telling me?” You ask.

He shook his head. “Probably not. You’ll find out soon anyways.”

As if on cue, as soon as Namjoon stopped talking, you saw a flash of white in the living room and before you knew it, Yoongi and Hoseok were standing by the couches, carrying a boy.

The boy had bruises all over his body, and was bleeding from many places. “Oh my gosh.” You gasped. Namjoon stood up and went over to the boys. “Man, he’s really beat up.”

“What the hell? What happened to him?” You asked as you walked over to them. “Well, he’s hurt.” Hoseok tells you.

“Obviously.” You say. “Why didn’t you guys take him to the hospital?”

“He can’t go to the hospital. He’s a demon.” Yoongi says. “That’s why we brought him to you.”

“What am I supposed to do?” You ask. “We have a first aid kit. All you have to do is clean the wounds and patch him up. He’ll heal after that.” Yoongi explains.

You couldn’t really say no, so you just went to the bathroom and got your first aid kit. The boys put the unknown boy on your bed.

“On my bed? Really?” You asked them as you set the first aid kit on your dresser. “I’ll wash the sheets later, just help him.” Yoongi tells you. He looked really worried.

You opened the kit and got a cotton pad and put alcohol on it, rubbing it over his wounds.

“What’s his name?” You asked while tending to his wounds.

“Taehyung.” Hoseok answered.

You sighed, looking at Taehyung’s face. He was so badly injured, but since he was a demon, his wounds would heal soon.

“Does anyone want to tell me how this happened?” You asked after putting bandages on his wounds and closing the first aid kit.

Namjoon and Hoseok both looked at Yoongi to answer, but Yoongi didn’t say anything, he just stared down at the floor.

“Yoongi?” You asked, knowing that he heard you. “What?” He asked you with an annoyed tone, looking up at you.

“I—Forget it.” You sighed, not wanting to annoy him even more, although, you were slightly upset that he answered you in that tone.

Without saying anything else, you picked up the first aid kit and left the room, going to the bathroom to put the kit back into the cabinet. After you got out of the bathroom, you decided to leave the boys alone and go into the living room.

As you were walking to the living room, someone called your name and you turned around to look at him.

“Thank you.” Hoseok says. “For helping Taehyung.”

“You’re welcome.” You said, turning back to go into the living room. Hoseok followed you as you sat down on the couch.

“I know that you’re upset because Yoongi isn’t telling you what’s going on.” He says. You shrugged. “I wish he would tell me. He gets mad every time I ask.”

“He’s just upset because of Taehyung. Taehyung is like a little brother to him, but he keeps getting himself into trouble.” Hoseok explains.

“What kind of trouble? Who hurt him like that?” You asked.

“Well, there’s this group of demons called called a demon council and we—” Hoseok spoke, but stopped himself abruptly. “I—I can't—I’m not supposed to tell you.” He says.

“Why not?” You ask. Hoseok looked at something that was behind you. You turned around and saw—


Yoongi was staring directly into Hoseok’s eyes. That’s probably what made him stop talking.

“Yoongi,” Hoseok breathed. It looked like he was in pain. What was Yoongi doing to him? Hoseok grabbed his own wrist through his sweater and you looked down to see the sleeve of his sweater now being soaked in blood. “Yoongi, s-stop. I-it h-hurts.” Hoseok stutters.

Yoongi didn’t stop.

“Yoongi!” You yelled, standing up. As soon as the words left your lips, Yoongi took his eyes off of Hoseok and put them on you. “What’s your problem?” You asked him. “Why did you do that to him?”

You took a few steps closer to him, put he put his hand out, making you stop in your tracks. You wanted to move closer to him, but you couldn’t. Curse Yoongi and his powers!

Yoongi passed you and walked in front of Hoseok who had rolled the sleeve of his sweater up, revealing cuts on his wrist.

Yoongi did that?

“I told you not to tell her.” Yoongi says in a stern voice. “You can’t keep it from her forever. She deserves to know.” Hoseok tells his friend.

“I don’t want her to—” Yoongi started, taking another step towards Hoseok. “Stop it, hyung. You know I’m right. She needs to know.” Hoseok cut Yoongi off, taking a step back.

A few moments of silence passed before Yoongi forcefully took Hoseok’s arm and ran his hand over it. After he did that, the wounds healed on their own. Yoongi put Hoseok’s arm down before looking at you.

Once he looked at you, you were able to move again, but you stayed where you were, not wanting to get any closer to him.

For once, you were actually scared of him. His eyes softened once he saw the first tear run down your face.

“Y/n,” he said, taking a step closer to you. “Don’t.” You tell him, causing him to stop. You looked down at the floor while wiping your tears away, not wanting to look at him.

Before anyone else got the chance to talk, Namjoon walked out of your bedroom. “Taehyung is waking up.” He informs you all.

Yoongi and Hoseok followed Namjoon back into the room and you stayed in the living room for a bit, thinking about everything that just happened.

Why didn’t Yoongi want you to know what was going on? Hoseok was saying something about a “demon council” before Yoongi interrupted. What is that?

And if Yoongi could do that much damage to Hoseok, who is a demon, that means that he could do something 10x worse to you, if he ever wanted to.

You took a deep breath before walking back into your bedroom, looking at the three boys who were sitting around your bed, talking to Taehyung.

Once you got into the room, everyone looked at you. Taehyung smiled. “Y/n!” Taehyung says, excitedly. All of his wounds had healed. “I’ve heard so much about you!”

You smiled slightly at the boy. “Have you?”

“Yeah. Yoongi-hyung has told me a lot about you. I couldn’t wait for the day we finally got to meet. Now we have!” He says. He was really cheerful for a guy who was just beat up and covered in a lot of bruises. “Thanks for helping me.”

“No problem. I’m glad you’re okay.” You tell him.

“Hyung said that I can stay here with you guys for a while. Is that okay with you?” Taehyung asks.

“It’s fine.” You nodded. “You can sleep in my bed. I can sleep on the couch.”

“Y/n-ah, you know that sleeping on the couch hurts my neck.” Yoongi sighs. “Then don’t sleep with me.” You said without hesitating.

Yoongi raised an eyebrow and his jaw dropped like you had just said the worse insult in the world.

“So where am I gonna sleep?” He asks. “The floor? I don’t care.” You answered.

“Y/n, why are you acting like this?” He questions.

“Because you’re an idiot.”

Before Yoongi got the chance to respond, Namjoon spoke. “I think we should leave.” He says as he and Hoseok stood up. And with that, they were gone, leaving you, Yoongi and Taehyung.

“Hey, if it helps, I can sleep on the couch. You guys can sleep on the bed.” Taehyung tells you two. “It’s okay, Taehyung. You can have the bed.” You say.

Yoongi rolled his eyes before walking out of the room. You didn’t know where he was going, but you didn’t question it.

None of this would’ve happened if he would just tell you what’s going on.

“Is that what this is about? Yoongi didn’t tell you what’s going on?” Taehyung asked, as if he could read your mind.

You looked at him and raised and eyebrow. He saw the confused look on your face and chuckled. “I can read minds.” He tells you.

Of course he can.

“You shouldn’t be upset with Yoongi.” Taehyung says as you sit on the edge of the bed. “He’s upset with me.” You say.

“He’s not. He’s trying to protect you, y/n.”

“Protect me from what?”

“Y/n, I don’t think you understand how dangerous demons really are.” Taehyung sighs.

“I do now. When we were out in the living room, Yoongi cut Hoseok by just looking at him. If that’s not dangerous, then I don’t know what is.” You tell him.

“Not us. Other demons. Yes, Yoongi, Hoseok, Namjoon and I are nice, but other demons aren’t. They hurt, kill and possess people.” He explains. “Are they the ones who hurt you?” You ask.

Taehyung nodded. “Why?” You asked.

“Because I’m an idiot.” He chuckled. “I don’t like to listen to the rules.”

“I don’t think you should be laughing about that. They hurt you really badly.” You say.

“I’m fine. They wouldn’t do something as bad as kill me. Not unless I did something that really pissed them off.” He says. “Yoongi doesn’t want you to know about them because—” He started, but was interrupted by Yoongi speaking. He was now standing at the doorway eating a cupcake.

“These taste really good. Taehyung you should go taste one. They’re in the kitchen.” Yoongi speaks. Taehyung nodded before standing up and walking out of the room.

As he left, Yoongi closed the door behind him. “How dare you eat a cupcake that I made? You were mad at me a couple minutes ago.” You pouted, crossing your arms over your chest. You hoped that being humorous would make the tension go away between the two of you. Surprisingly, it did.

Yoongi chuckled, putting the paper cupcake liner in the garbage as he finished eating the cupcake.

He walked over to you before sitting beside you on the bed.

“I’m sorry.” He blurted out. “Being a demon is hard work. A lot goes on. I don’t want you to be dragged into it.”

“I think that I’m already dragged into it, since I’m dating you. I mean, you brought a bloodied boy here earlier and told me to fix him.” You point out.

“Are you going to accept my apology?” He asks.

“Of course.” You smiled at him. Yoongi kissed your lips before hugging you. He rested his head on your shoulder and his arms were wrapped around you.

You stayed like that in silence for a couple of seconds until you spoke. “Yoongi,” you called.

Yoongi hummed in response, a signal for you to keep talking.

“You would never hurt me, right?” You asked him, remembering how he hurt his own best friend earlier.

He looked at you, eyebrow raised. Once he saw the worried look on your face, his eyes softened.

“Of course, I would never hurt you. I would never, ever hurt you, y/n.” Yoongi tells you. “You promise?” You asked, sticking your pinky finger up.

“Yes, I promise.” He says, wrapping his pinky finger around yours.

“Good.” You smiled.

Yoongi stood up, grabbing your hand and pulling you towards the door.

“Now let’s go eat the rest of those cupcakes.”

I mean sure it was brave of Nicole to protect her demon possessed girlfriend against her potentially demand possessed sister but if Nicole Haught can walk into a bar and give a random straight girl who is dating a boy-man her number and ask her out without even hesitating then demon fighting should be a walk in the park.

Headcanon: Damian with a Poor S/O

Anon Requested: “Damian with a poor s/o?”

A/N: This took so long it’s ridiculous. I’m so sorry about this, I hope it’s okay.



  • He probably met you in school (you were given a scholarship)
  • After several projects and a year of lab partnership, you two became an unlikely couple
  • Damian actually confessed first and of course, you were overjoyed because even if he acted all high and mighty he was actually a huge cinnamon roll, at least to you though he could still kill you
  • When Damian first introduced you to his family as his girlfriend, let’s just say they weren’t happy
  • You visited the manor a lot because of school but they didn’t like you then either and now this?
  • It’s not really you, they’re just cautious that you may be a gold digger
  • But Damian didn’t listen to them and always assured you that he still loved you no matter what they say
  • Eventually they see that you two were genuinely in love and became really supportive
  • His brothers were particularly vocal about it
  • When you’re feeling insecure about the fact that you’re poor and he’s Damian freaking Wayne, he always reassured you that you’re perfect the way you are
  • He tries to give you money but you always reject his offer because you aren’t some charity case
  • He hates that you live in the bad side of town and demands you move, and eventually you did
  • He spoils you senseless, and goes so over-the-top even with the simplest gifts
  • “Damian… one rose would’ve been fine.”
  • “Beloved, you deserve a hundred more.”
  • “Are you sure? This looks like more than a hundred.”
  • You love and hate it at the same time, like look at all the money he’s spending
  • He’s baffled by how careful you are with your money
  • You always bought what’s necessary, no more and no less
  • You never treat yourself so he sees it as his duty to treat you
Cute things to call your girlfriend

cute things to call your girlfriend

•Dark Lord
•demon queen
•mythic bitch
•the almighty
•Cow fucker
•Lord and Savior
•Dick Butt
•Vacuum cleaner (if you know what i mean)
•Holy vagina
•The cave
•Bitch Doll
•Meme fucker
•late Meme fucker