demonic compendium

Daily Monster 22: Dover Demon

Region of origin: Dover, Massachusetts

A creature sighted by several independent parties over two nights of April 1977 in Dover, MA, the “Dover Demon” was described as large-headed and small-bodied, with glowing eyes and tendril-like fingers. Alternatively, a bunch of kids saw a moose baby in the dark woods.

I love the demonic compendium. I strive for its completion. I need to see the percentage say 100%. I pretty much only play Shin Megami Tensei, so this is a feasible task. Today, I popped in Devil Summoner 2. I had finished the first one 100% before the second one came out. Every demon, and kings mode all put down. I haven’t finished 2 yet compendium wise, and a few cases still allude me (Need to complete a whole extra run through) but I like to play it when I get time away from class. Every percent I get makes me want to fist pump my Raiho Plushy. Currently standing at 73 percent. Love forever Megaten.

04 of 15 - Modern Compendium: Full Moon - Beast Phantom Cat

Although cross-cultural myths are becoming more common these days, thanks to ease of travel and the internet’s increasing ubiquity, there are still very few stories that appear in a wide variety of disparate cultures. The Phantom Cat, which can be seen from North America to the United Kingdom to Denmark to India, is one of these myths.

Generally speaking, the actual story behind the Phantom Cat is pretty mundane. Typically someone will be out for a walk, or even just looking out of their window, and see a gigantic black cat in the distance casually skulking through the brush. In more extreme cases, people have claimed to see them near the carcasses of recently deceased farm animals, tying them to mysterious cattle mutilations. Although responses to these sightings vary, it’s not uncommon for the local constabulary to be called out – in England, where Phantom Cat sightings are fairly common, there have actually been cases where the Royal Marines have been called out to search for the beasts.

Explanations for Phantom Cat sightings are about as varied as you’d expect. Cryptozoologists are convinced these animals are surviving Ice Age fauna, the general population seems to view them as escaped exotic pets wandering the suburban landscape, and skeptics look at the vast majority of Phantom Cat sightings as dark-colored ordinary domestic felines. And to be fair, humans are really terrible at judging the size of things, especially small objects, from a great distance.

At any rate, the cross-cultural ubiquity of Phantom Cats puts them way up high in the Beast family – right at the top, in fact. They aren’t hugely powerful, as is typical for the Beasts, but the Phantom Cat does get one of the Absorb skills, so its not a total loss.

For more info on this and every other demon in the modern Compendium, have a look at our extensive Data File, right over (here).

Lowborn Demons

Lowborns are a type of demon that are very similar to us in many ways. In all honesty, saying that their world is almost exactly like the human world but “demon-flavored” wouldn’t be inaccurate. Because of the high amount of similarities, they are often very easy to work with, and interactions are not very different from talking to an actual human (except the obvious spirit part).

Their societies strive on peace and equality; crime is nearly unheard of, and war is a myth. Part of the reason for this is that they have already accepted many of the things that humans find “taboo”, even though they are not bad, such as the entire LGBT+ spectrum, polyamory, hard drugs, etc. Physical and mental health services are easily available. Through a highly subsidized welfare system, demons who may be struggling with finances will usually still have basic electricity and running water available at no cost. In all honesty I would say Lowborns are nicer than humans, since prejudice in their realm died a long time ago.

They are similar to us in that they have and enjoy restaurants, video games, public transport, memes, credit/debit cards, and many other things. They think and feel similar to us- that includes crying during movies, experiencing secondhand embarrassment, and so on. In addition, what we consider “magic” isn’t very big in that realm- much of what we call “magic” is just considered regular technology there- though belief in “magic” is common and accepted.

Lowborn demons are not considered Abrahamic at all: they are not mentioned at all in any canon lore texts, so you definitely do not need to be any variant of Abrahamic to work with them.  


Though they have horns, sharp nails, dark sclera (the “whites” of the eye for us), and grey-tinted skin, there are no major differences in dress other than those. Their height range is similar, and their fashion is similar to ours as well; modern-looking, with their own trends.

What makes them demons?

They just…are. It’s no different than asking, “What makes us human?” Well, as humans, we said so, didn’t we?

How do I start working with them?

Many companion shops offer them as possible custom conjures or prebounds. As they are not usually very large on “magic”, most of them are not used to being summoned and would likely not expect it. However, you could still call for them like you would any other spirit. Additionally, due to the overall safety of the realms, astralling may be a good way to meet some as well, while also getting accustomed to the realm.

Why should I work with them?

Want to work with demons but don’t want the edginess or danger of Hell? Great! Lowborns are there to chill with you.

This is all based of off the Shared Personal Gnosis of  @slum–lord @waywardfrog and myself.

About Goetic/Underground Hell and Hellborns Under Goetics

Hellborns, true to the name, are demons that reside in Hell. Note that this post obviously does not cover the entirety of Hell; this is written mainly from a LOW-CLASS GOETIC MILITARY PERSPECTIVE and interaction with royalty from that class perspective. By “low-class military” I mean the military of a Goetic Marquis, which is one of the lower ranks of Goetic Hell Nobility.

EDIT: It has come to my attention that there are portions of Hell above ground, and the above ground portions are generally much nicer than the underground portions. THIS POST PERTAINS MAINLY TO GOETIC HELL/THE EXTREMELY DEEP UNDERGROUND PORTIONS, where most of the Goetics that are actually fallen angels or demons reside. 

What is Goetic/Underground Hell culture like?

So you know in old Europe, wars were held for…”fun” and “honor” to put it basically? At least, for the nobles it was considered “fun” and “honorable”? Well, think of the same concept in Hell, except that the top nobles are immortal and powerful enough to wipe out an army of non-nobles with a wave of their hand!

With War/Fighting/Making Enemies being a sign of honor and respect, and the Nobles participating in it never needing to fear death, you can imagine how it’s Hell for everyone else besides the nobles and those they favored. With Making Enemies(™) being a sign of respect, as ironic as that sounds, nearly all Hellborns have fragile egos and do not tolerate even the slightest of insults.

With armies being raised purely for fun and “honor”, most military Hellborns are born into the army. Yes, a child military. A military of children where children are trained to kill as soon as they understand commands! I’m talking like 5 year olds here. 

Those that aren’t born into the army are usually born into something related to the army in some way; whether it’s military research, weapons forging, etc.

A “survival of the fittest” mindset, taken to the absolutely-most-fucking-extreme, and as a source of enjoyment (again, only for nobles anyways) basically summarizes Hell.  

Yet a lot of nobles also take pride in being “civilized” and by civilized I mean they hold fancy parties so they can still see themselves as like. Not disgusting, in some way. Just another thing to be pretentious about. At these parties, there is usually tons and tons of wine, ballroom dancing, etc. There’s also an uneasy peace- uneasy in that yes they are enjoying partying without fighting, but that they would all start ripping each other to shreds immediately if someone started it. And again, with their fragile egos, “starting it” could be as simple as accidentally bumping into someone on the dance floor.

Additionally- favoritism. Favoritism, favoritism, favoritism. Favoritism literally makes all the difference in how much someone’s Goetic/Underground Hell life sucks- the only people who are like “(underground/Goetic) Hell wasn’t that bad!!” are those who were nobles, favorites of some noble, and/or weren’t prescribed to the military. 

Or, hopefully, they came from the above-ground and not-so-awful parts of Hell, and it’s just a miscommunication/difference of experiences.  

What’s the class structure of Goetic/Underground Hell like?

There’s like 30000 layers of nobles and different ranks of nobles. Rank is so important that there’s a bunch of subdivisions within each rank so that nobles of the “same rank” still know where they stand relative to the others. So for example: There’s Great Kings, High Kings, Kings, Sub-Kings, etc.

How often does the class structure of Goetic/Underground Hell shift?? Are demons ever overthrown/overruled?

Never. When all the top nobles are immortal, it never, ever shifts. At least, to my knowledge it has never shifted. 

Besides entertainment (for nobles), what other reasons could they be at war?

As all non-nobles, and even non-immortal nobles are told the bare minimum of information, my only guess is training demons for the (possible) war against Heaven. I have no idea if that war is going to be an actual thing that will happen eventually or not.

What is the Goetic military like?

Well, to summarize how much is sucks:

  • You’re born into it. Or, you could be a dumbass and join the military.
  • Once you enter there is no leaving. No time off at all; you’re in until you die. The only “time off” you’ll get is if you’re injured and your superiors consider you worth enough to keep alive.
  • Torture is 100% Legal and encouraged as well!
  • Haha what payment?? You don’t get paid, are you kidding me?
  • You are told the bare minimum of information. Like only just as much to do your mission, IF you’re told anything at all. Nobody except the nobles knows why we even do any of this.
  • The only clothes you’ll ever have are your uniforms.
  • But to be a little more informative, here’s some info about the specific divisions you might find in your average Hell military. There’s more, but these are the only ones I know a decent amount about.

Stealth Division:

  • Avg height is 5 ft, ranges from 4-lower 6 range
  • Have a lot of tests
  • Physical Tests: Balance, Speed
  • Cunning Test: You are given “special” information from a Commander/General and instructed not to tell anyone, but members of your division will (stealthily) attempt to grill you for that info. Realizing you are being tested = passing. Failing to realize, or giving away the “info” = fail.
  • Also have a bunch of weird tests where u can die-
  • Assassination Test: With permission, certain members of the division may try to kill you. If they get caught, you are allowed to kill them. All methods are allowed, as long as they are stealthy (poison,physical assassination, etc)…Yep! You try to kill members of your own division and the members of your own division try to kill you too!!


  • Average height usually ranges 7-9 feet. Anything below is considered short.
  • The dudebro fraternities of hell (but 1000x more violent and aggressive than humans)
  • 100% GRADE A BEEF. A regular gun would probably do jack shit (in more pleasant words, nothing) against a front-liner. A single front-liner could probably take out a tank.  
  • Scary as fuck
  • The entire front-liner area is made really tough because of the frequency of brawls, which would result in a lot of things breaking if everything wasn’t made of rock. Fights were most common in the cafeteria.
  • No limit/extremely high upper limit to your food ration at the cafeteria

Front-Line Mages:

  • Really rare, as in, almost none–for lower ranked militaries, at least. (I believe they are much more common in higher-up militaries as higher militaries recruit from lower ones but I’m not 100% certain on this)
  • Usually don’t live longer than 2 years
  • If they live longer than two years they usually become really OP, like a one-man army

Okay, the Goetic military really sucks. What about outside of the Goetic military but not nobility? Like those weapons forgers or research demons?  

Outside of the military is nowhere near as bad, you’re a lot less likely to get tortured, beaten, you actually get paid, you (usually) get your own house/apartment. However, you still can’t leave Hell. 

What do non-nobles do for entertainment?

This is mainly what lowly Goetic military demons do for entertainment:

  • Fuck- there are absolutely no rules on sex within the military. Although, males and females are usually housed separately so as to prevent babies when not at…specified breeding times. So yeah, basically each base was and even (literally) had giant orgies of the same gender. Especially after winning a battle/mission.
  • Alcohol- There might (MIGHT) be one (1) bar at a base. Maybe. Though (in my experience at least) there’s no bar at the front-liner base because they’re too rowdy andb break everything.
  • Sleep- Self-explanatory.
  • Brawl- Brawling is absolutely encouraged, especially with the front-liners. It’s both a form of training and weeding out the weak.
  • Yeah, there really isn’t much to do at all in Hell if you’re not a noble and if you’re in the military.  

What about morals? If…any.

LMAOOO what morals?? You think of something bad, it’s probably embraced, even seen as a form of empowerment. Torture? Yep! Non-consensual sex? Definitely! Abusing your partners (especially if one is a noble and the other not)? Absolutely!!  

Will I go to Hell if I’m not a Christian/some variant?

This is totally my take but I didn’t see a single damn human the entire time I was down there. And no, I didn’t do anything to be placed in Hell, I was literally just born there. So no need to worry, that’s just a form of fearmongering.


Feel free to send in any more questions about Goetic Hell/Hellborns! 

Goetic Interview: Prince Gaap

The purpose of these interviews is to increase the availability of knowledge about the Goetic Demons in general. These conversations were posted with the demon’s approval.

Gaap is a Prince and President in the Goetic hierarchy of the Lesser Key of Solomon and Pseudomonarchia Daemonum. He can bring fame, knowledge, and travel. He escorts the Demonic Kings of the four cardinal directions for meetings and can teach you to consecrate things for his King Amaymon, one of the Kings of the cardinal directions. 

Things [in brackets] are things I have added to clear things up. 

What do you seek in new people to work with you?

“I seek power and confidence. While I am interested in encouraging those in people, I do not enjoy the meek who won’t even attempt to stand up for themselves or others. I seek those who know that power, knowledge, and responsibility all go hand in hand; you cannot have one without the other, nor can you maintain them without having them all in balance. To imbalance those would be to destroy oneself, and others; and not in the beneficial way. It’s rare to find true leadership these days. Most humans want power and destruction then wonder why they find so much [destruction] in their own lives.”

What you enjoy doing?

“I prefer to dispatch my own soldiers for most requests; I do not handle things myself until it is a Conjurer I like and trust. My soldiers will handle all things protection-wise unless there is a personal reason for me to interfere. I am interested in human philosophies and ways of thinking; I enjoy it when people question their own thoughts and debate with themselves to find deeper meanings and wisdom. I will consider personally handling knowledge-based requests, such as divination or on more basic knowledge such as science or literature.”

What you dislike doing: 

“Do not ask me to grant romantic love or participate in romance spells. While I am certainly capable of it, my “love”[referring to the Lesser Key] involves those used for power; business partnerships, fame, not romance. I do not enjoy dealing with angels, although my work often requires me to do so.”

What would you not do if asked? What are your limits in your requests?

“Again, I do not enjoy romantic love (plus I do not understand how it works with humans, so you’d get shitty results either way). I will not attack other spirits for you, I will only defend. I have enough of a headache from Hell’s politics.”

Rank/Duty in Hell (if Hell is applicable): 

“I am a Prince, and I am also involved in the…”caring” of one of the four primary directions. I manage much of the diplomatic relations between many of the upper demons, and am in charge of much of the knowledge of other realms, though the Human realm is not one of my specialties.”

Do you have any connections to lowborn realms? (I have heard of Barbatos ruling over a few realms): 

“I do not rule over any of the realms, however, I do have knowledge. Their realms are one of the realms I am required to be familiar with. I occasionally manage diplomatic relations between Hellborns and Lowborns.”

Recommended ways to approach you: “With pride but not arrogance, with power but not intolerance.”

Advice for working with Princes in general?

 “With Princes you are really beginning to reach into the upper portions of Hell’s hierarchy; be careful. Be respectful, be kind. While many of us have modernized and no longer require (nor want, though I cannot speak for everyone) a ten-billion word speech to call us, the same amount of respect still goes. Many Princes are more magic or knowledge focused than the ranks below them, so they may fuck up your lives in tricky ways if you offend them. However, they do also know a thing or two about courtesy (and politics) and would not do so unless they had good reason to (*cough* the Lesser Key summonings *cough*).

Prefer formality or informality, or specific types (Business formality versus ritual formality, etc)?

“I want concise. If that’s formal for you, fine, informal, I don’t care either. You want your thing done, I want my payment. Tell me straight up what you want, pay up front. Don’t really care as long as it’s fast and to the point.”

Preferred method of communication? (Divination, direct conversations, etc)?

“Direct conversation all the way, if the Conjurer is skilled enough. It is the easiest way to reach me if one draws out my seal, and it is the quickest to let me know what you wish for. Other than that, direct yet flexible divination, such as bibliomancy or random word/sentence generators work well. I do not enjoy other divinations unless I am called upon for divination requests, as I do rule divination as well (I am capable of many things).”

How do you wish to be viewed? Do you enjoy revering prayer, for example, or regular formal communication or even informal conversation?

 “I am the Business Demon of the goetia. Not in the sense that I rule money or finances (that is Bune’s job), but in the way that I present myself-concise, well-dressed, persuasive and confident, such as entrepreneurs are. I want humans to work with me to be similar in that sense; confident and to the point.”

Preferred offerings: “Wine, brandy, vodka, tequila…I enjoy the ‘hard stuff’ (though it is still not as potent as what you could find in Hell). I enjoy black teas and coffee as well. All art of myself is acceptable; I am rather forgiving of skill level, so long as you put in a sincere effort. If you play an instrument, music is also very nice (although some instruments work better than others for that).

Incense Preference: “Dragon’s Blood, Storax is classical correspondence… anything with a strong, spicy scent really.”

Favorite wine(s): “I highly prefer red wine, though there is really no difference in taste between the two [red vs white wine]. I do not have any particular brands I favor at the moment. Though in all honesty, I prefer the stronger alcoholic drinks over wine. Mixed drinks would be an astounding offering.”

Favorite teas: “Earl Grey is a high favorite, followed by Chai, Oolong…Assume that nearly all black teas are my favorites, though those in particular.” 


Note that much of the above is UPG. However, Gaap is verified to be a Prince (and President, though it was not mentioned above), and divination, fame, and knowledge (as described in the Lesser Key and the Daemonolatry Goetia by S. Connolly). 

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029uhbf0 - M*UGB8G(BUn9nonpendium; Kishin Fa*(Uj9m99rt 1 - Eni(*86GUcordia

Discordia is a&*(YnioN(nnu Iodern belief, and not just because her origi(*in(Mm09nt. She be(*nn97ife as Eris, the Gre(*ninu8N(oB8yf chaos and stri867%IN#8nnans re-named her DiscorTb%F^bin& UYBTcC^TCVeek pantheon. In modern times, Discordia hbt%^Vb8Nntral figure in her own religk*&YBUBYuniTyubtely enough, as Discordianism. An AbsuyTFYYV%&*&*&iscordianism is a belief syste^&467GrBBjed around the idea that th&^GYbin@iyence between order and ch@os lies only in the h%d^an mind. Followers of Dis&^bjknkI UBjo use subversive, even deranged humor t&^ygbbjCTeas, leading some to think of it as a parody r56vUBU#$57ong the lines of Pastafarianism, or the ChurcUn&*64D3^7YH^Uble Pink Unicorn. However, Discordianism does include somyh%$4&UjOjHGous ideas about philosophy, perception, and human ideals, all of whihiuK& %om&oI unclear exactly where the jokes end and the reality begins. Which is, of coursU7, GUygytional.

Disco8U&6hism frequently acts ajd&^(jjJique of more popular religions, particularly those based on rigid orkiUy&*9ne of the reasons Discordia herself ends up iKli*j^hfR%4KKkwamily. The godP[(7?;<s not actually integral to the reliKIenO(*}\vwEe central idea of Discordianism is chaos and perception, not diviIokek*36Uef in Discordia is often taken up as a way to protest other belief sysi**9kweon&^3s an end unto itself. It’s a little similar to modern expressions of SatankdjwUUe8^&673n the way that it acts more as a meanON{wrgW2ib2i47&(2eligious protest than as a self-contained system of belief.

As the most powerful figure in the EniUjenU&^2nseEu may not have expected to see Discordia this early in tKn#%ogn& 23nr&kmq2here’s a simple reason for that; I used a random numb}\qiwgen23rator to decide when sh*iw&wi8 012p. As be12$#onweioddess of chaos, her resistances are randUkwen#15kw&*0sdf:.en she is fused, aolI821{r signature move, Chaotic World, randomly reseikEnw^&2emental attributes of everyone in battle. She’K 8 #4n one. ^^

FoJKwno&uh28on on this and every demon i7)(Jwnfwodrn Compendium, have a *2*(2jfwur Data File, rIk2t over (here).

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1) The Encyclopedia of Demons and Demonology

This is the truth about demons and demonology - in more than 400 entries. The conflict between good and evil can be found in every culture, mythical tradition, and religion throughout history. In many cases, the source of evil has been personified as demons or devils, and in many belief systems, both are considered to be real entities operating outside the boundaries of the physical world to torment people or lead them astray. In some traditions demons are believed to be the direct opposite of angels, working against the forces of good and challenging them

2) The Dictionary of Demons

Occult scholar Michelle Belanger has compiled the most complete compendium of demonic names available anywhere, using both notorious and obscure sources from the Western grimoiric tradition. Presented alphabetically from Aariel to Zynextyur, more than 1,500 demons are introduced, explored, and cross-referenced by theme and elemental or planetary correspondence.

3) Encyclopedia of Demons

This exhaustive volume catalogs nearly three thousand demons in the mythologies and lore of virtually every ancient society and most religions. From Aamon, the demon of life and reproduction with the head of a serpent and the body of a wolf in Christian demonology, to Zu, the half-man, half-bird personification of the southern wind and thunder clouds in Sumero-Akkadian mythology, entries offer descriptions of each demon’s origins, appearance and cultural significance.

This is a good post for all demonkin, so enjoy!

Goetic Interview: Duke Crocell

The purpose of these interviews is to increase the availability of knowledge about the Goetic Demons in general. These conversations were posted with the demon’s approval.

Note: “Caller” refers to the summoner/person working with this demon.

What do you seek in new people to work with you?

“I seek experience; I do not enjoy taking on people who are total beginners in magic. I prefer those with attunement to the element of Water, as that is my element. I do not enjoy those who are quick to jump to conclusions or give up on themselves. While I enjoy counseling and calming the distressed and wrathful, I do not have the patience for those who do not attempt to work out their problems on their own.”

What you enjoy doing; what are your specializations?

“I enjoy doing all things related to water; specifically healing of any sort, be it emotional or physical (although, do not replace my ability to heal for an actual human doctor). Though I am connected to water, the sea is not my domain; I recommend Vepar if you would like to work with seawater or the sea in particular. I do not divulge my secrets of destructive water magic to those I consider novices… I know many of the philosophical and liberal arts and sciences-physics, chemistry, biology, and medicine are my specializations. I enjoy all sorts of literature, though I heavily prefer the classics to modern stuff. As for philosophy, existentialism, and absolutism are two of my favorites.”

What you dislike doing:

“Do not ask me for defense against hurricanes or storms. I do not rule the physical portion of those; my water magic is focused on the energy of water itself, not its physical counterparts. I would not suggest myself or my soldiers for protection from other spirits,besides water-related spirits. While of course, I and my soldiers are capable- it is not our specialty. Why would you ask the doctor for protection, instead of the police? I will not participate in any spells regarding death, with the exception of helping others to pass on-I have ties with the spiritual rivers of Hell and the Underworld.”

Rank/Duty in Hell (if Hell is applicable): “I am a Duke of Hell. My duties are to oversee the water supply of many of the areas in Hell, to close or open the supplies according to Lucifer’s request. I have a monopoly of water healing magic and many of Hospitals. I oversee spirits that need to cross the rivers of Hell; often dead or undead demons most commonly.”

Do you have any connections to lowborn realms? (I have heard of Earl/Duke Barbatos ruling over a few realms):

“No, I do not.”

Advice for working with Dukes in general?

“Each Duke varies in their responsibility; however, our duties are usually less militaristic or secretarial than the lower ranks. Of course, we are expected to maintain our own armies–however, we gain many of our soldiers from the lesser ranks, as our soldiers are more elite, specialized; they receive special training. Higher ranks (of leading demons) are more knowledge or metaphysical focused, more often than the lower ranks.”

Prefer formality or informality, or specific types (Business formality versus ritual formality, etc)?

“I prefer a more formal atmosphere. I am not as attached or interested in humans as many of the other Goetic rulers are. While I do tire of the excess time long, structured rituals take, I do expect the Caller to be well-dressed, and address me respectfully at all times. I am not very interested in your “memes” or other forms of human humor. So I prefer someone to be formal, but concise.”

Preferred method of communication? (Divination, direct conversations, etc).

“I prefer direct conversation with the Caller if possible. However, I do enjoy water scrying as my preferred form of divination; it is easy for me to manifest my image in water. If not, meditation is also good, and tarot is fine as well. I dislike having my presence being called [to earth or the Caller’s area], and would prefer just being talked to through my seal.”

How do you wish to be viewed? Do you enjoy revering prayer, for example, or regular formal communication or even informal conversation?

“I want to be viewed as kind, but distant; likened to the counselor of the school or job, not your mother. I am good at soothing angry Conjurers because I feed off of anger, not because I love to coddle people…That may have come off a bit harsh-yes I enjoy calming others and mediating arguments, but remember that I am not your parent.”

Preferred offerings: “Tea and wine are always favorites. Small pastries and baked goods are wonderful as well. I enjoy watercolor art, though I do not want myself drawn unless the Caller is confident in their abilities. I enjoy gentle, soothing music.”

Incense preference: “Sandalwood is standard, but I enjoy anything with a light, flowery scent; I am not one for harsh or sharp, spicy smells.”

Favorite wine(s): “I prefer white wine; Chardonnay is a good one, and I enjoy all champagnes. However, I will take any sort of wine, so long as it is not spoiled.”

Favorite teas: “Green tea is a classic. I enjoy herbal teas mainly; I am not so much a fan of black teas. Peppermint tea is wonderful as well(sweeten slightly; teaspoon or half a teaspoon of sugar).”


Note that much of the above is UPG. However, Crocell is verified to be a Duke, and work with water and the sciences and liberal arts (supported in the Lesser Key of Solomon).

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██ █f ██ - ███ern █o███nd██m: Natur██ - E█tity Vaxx

Perh█ps the m█st mod█rn of all modern mythol█gy, the a█ti-vaccination movement is an increasingly █opular and dangero█s conspiracy theory whose r█ots are born in █n ignorance not only of sci█nce, but also of history. It’s also one of the few thi█gs in the re█lm of latter-day secul█r belief systems that actually m█nages to piss me o█f.

People have rais█d objections to vaccines ever sin█e their introduction, of course. When vaccines were first int█oduced in the 18th century, claims were made that vaccination was an█i-Christian – the argument being that if God had decreed that an indiv█dual should contract a disease, who was man to attempt to thw█rt that decree? Modern anti-vaccination movements, however, stem primarily fr█m two sources. The first of these is a p█per published in the medical journal The Lancet, which cl█imed that several children later developed Autism-sp█ctrum disorders shortly after receiving vaccinations. The author of this paper, o█e Dr. Andrew Wakefield, has been thoroughly discredited, to the point of actually having his medi█al license revoked after it was revealed most of his funding came from a group that was suing vaccine manufacturers, and that he h█d deliberately falsified data, but that doesn’t stop people from citing his data in arguments almost twenty years later.

The second, and far stra█ger vector for anti-vaccine claims seems to be fad or celebrity-based. For example, anti-vaccination movements received a big boost in 2007 when Jenny McCarthy c█me out in public and claimed that her son had been given autism as a result of vaccination. Such vocal endorsement by public figures have lead to mass anti-vaccination movements in places like California and Washington DC, b█th of which saw outbreaks of measles in 2015.

For me, the anti-vaccination mo█ement is one of the most frustrating conspiracy theories on Earth. Science is all about observable fact, and vaccination has done real, observable good in the world. Anti-vaxxers would throw away all that progress on the basis of deliberately falsified data, or worse, the word of someone th█y’ve never even personally met, but who has the unimpeachable virtue of a pretty face. It’s a decision that could only be made with the benefit of a breathtaking ignorance of human history. Like welfare and social security, vaccination has been so successful in eliminating human suffering that the ignorant can pretend they were never necessary.

Vaxx itself is a mid-level demon in the Modern Compendium, but the increasing popularity of the anti-vaccination movement grants it some extremely powerful skills for its level. This includes the multi-target instant death spell Die For Me!, which can easily wipe out a party that lacks an immunity to it.

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10 of 15 - Modern Compendium: Full Moon - UMA Montauk Monster

Amongst the long and storied tradition of Globsters, there is one that managed to break off and become its own individual thing. See, back in 2008, a bloated, hairless corpse washed up on a beach in Montauk, New York, and it caused a bit of a stir. A passer-by on the beach took a photo and sent it to the local newspaper, and it quickly became a local sensation. People decided that the corpse was everything from a creature from the dawn of time to an alien/animal hybrid to the result of government experimentation on the nearby Plum Island. But in all honesty, the Montauk Monster probably wouldn’t have half the notariety it does except for one thing; the corpse disappeared. Whether it was washed back into the water or someone came along and collected it, the fact that the Monster couldn’t be ID’d or tested at all meant that the conspiracy theories around it would be given free reign to grow.

Scientists who have taken a look at the photo of the corpse have been able to more or less identify the creature as a raccoon, but of course since we can’t definitively test it, there are dozens of nitpicks to make about that identification. Some say the limbs are too long, others say the jaws are all wrong – if anything, it reminds me of attempts to identify the stride of Bigfoot from the Patterson film. I’ve seen at least a dozen different studies about whether or not the Bigfoot stride could have been replicated by a human in a suit, and every one of them has a different answer, for one simple reason; you can put the joints on that thing anywhere you want to, and get the result you’re looking for. Even though the photo of the Montauk Monster is far clearer than the Patterson film, the fact remains that there’s enough wiggle room to put the fine anatomical details anywhere you’d like. Cryptozoologists and UFOlogists sometimes complain about how skeptical the general public can be about what they call “reasonable evidence,” but this is why that skepticism is not only reasonable, but necessary.

The Montauk Monster is a very popular critter in New York, and the hunger of the paranormal internet for new mysteries and beasts to wonder over has gotten the Monster a fair following abroad, too. Unfortunately, the fact is that Monster’s main claim to fame is, well, washing up on a beach and sitting there, bloated in the sun for a few hours means that it’s a distinctly weak and passive demon.

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Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers is getting a 3DS remake! Anyone else seeing a trend where Persona hangs out on the Playstation Portable and more canon Shin Megami Tensei games hang with nintendo’s portables? I for one wouldn’t mind them switching it up, but I am also not complaining. Just strange, seeing as it was mainly on Saturn and Playstation one. Anyway, its pretty cool. It will have reduced load times, updated battle animations (Which means actually having them) and a new opening movie by the same guys who did Innocent Sins opening. Look forward to it. Its a good year for Shin Megami Tensei.