demonic breath

  • Me: I just want to smile.
  • Demons: CRY! CRY! CRY!
  • Me: I just want to be happy.
  • Me: I want to breathe.
  • Me: I want to be loved.
  • Me: I don't want to give up.
  • Demons: DIE! DIE! DIE!
  • Me: They care about me.
  • Me: I want to go out with friends.
  • Me: I can do this.
  • Demons: NO YOU CAN'T!!!!!
My alphabetical 25 favorite horror films of 2016 which I will probably keep updating until the end of 2017.

10 Cloverfield Lane

The Alchemist Cookbook


The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Blair Witch

The Conjuring 2


Don’t Breathe


The Eyes of My Mother


Friend Request

Green Room


I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House

The Invitation

The Monster

Neon Demon


They Look Like People

Train to Busan

Trash Fire

Under the Shadow

The Wailing

The Witch


“…and I’ll always be there, Yuu-chan.”

AU where Yuu’s demon form causes him to gradually lose his memories. He sees flashbacks of the past he doesn’t understand, yet they’re all too familiar when he faces Mika. Mika knows Yuu’s friends are his world, and he also realizes that the minute Yuu loses control, he can kill them all in an instant. Mika only wants what’s best for Yuu, but in order to protect him and their new family, Yuu has to be eliminated

Fanfiction idea: Ciel gets an assignment from the Queen to take care of some person who’s causing a lot of trouble. Sebastian and him find the person who suddenly pleads for their help because he claims to be possessed by a demon. Ciel looks at Sebastian who shakes his head. Before they can do anything, however, someone overheard this false claim (Double Charles perhaps?) and now they are responsible for helping this fraud. A priest is called in and an exorcism is prepared. He asks for Sebastian’s help and wants him to hold different Holy objects. Sebastian is really getting annoyed with all this, but Ciel is finding his annoyance entertaining.

Sebastian: This man is not possessed by a demon. (Under his breath) I can vouch for that.

Priest: I sense a strong demonic presence in this room! There’s a demon here for sure!

Ciel: (under his breath) I can vouch for that.

At some point the priest yells out, “Foul demon! Leave immediately!” and Sebastian drops everything before walking out of the room.

If anyone wants to use any part of this idea, you are more than welcome.

Name: Nuckelavee, Nuckalavee
Area or Origin: Orkney Islands, Scotland

The Nuckelavee is a horse-like demon from Orcadian mythology that combines equine and human elements. It is considered the most horrible demon in all of Scotland and the name Nuckelavee may be derived from a nickname for Satan, ‘Old Nick’. The demon’s foul breath could kill crops and sicken livestock, and it was held responsible for droughts and epidemics on land, despite it being primarily from the sea. It is said to have had two forms, the one that dwells in the sea has no consistent description, but its form on land, while it varies, has more consistency. Based on a supposed first-hand confrontation with the demon, it was described as looking like a horse with a rider on top, though the rider’s torso was fused to the horse’s back and possessed no legs of its own. The “rider’s” arms were abnormally long and could reach the ground from where it sat. Its head could be as large as 3 feet wide, and due to its neck not being able to support its massive weight, would roll back and forth. Both the horse’s face and the rider’s had only one eye, said to burn like a red flame. A final and most gruesome detail was the fact that the Nuckelavee had no skin, and had yellow veins outside its muscle that would pump black blood throughout its body. The seemingly simple way to get rid of the Nuckelavee was to cross a freshwater stream, and it was kept in confinement during the summer months by The Mither o’ the Sea, an ancient Orcadian divine and the only one able to control it. 

Kinktober #9: Asphyxiation

Takes place in my street racing verse, Speed Demons! Hopefully unnecessary reminder that breathplay/asphyxiation is/can be super dangerous. This is fiction, you are real - be safe <3

The idea of dying has always seemed like a foreign concept to Hinata. He thought for years that this recklessness came naturally, along with his knack for getting into sticky situations, and his constant wish to live life at breakneck speeds. It must be the same for other people like him, he reasoned.

Then he meets Kageyama, and Kageyama knows what it’s like—to die, or come so close that there’s almost no difference. Kageyama knows what it’s like to slip away, but he also knows what it’s like to come back, and to not have any control, either way.

He’s told Hinata, before, how he hated having no say in the matter.

He copes with it in the same way he does everything; he finds ways to win against it, to face that fear head on and on his own terms, not the other way around.

There is a race, one night, that Hinata wins. Hinata flashes across the finish line, but when he looks in his rearview, he sees the aftermath of a crash that must have happened between second and third place, or maybe third and fourth. He’s not entirely sure, and it doesn’t look all that serious. Both drivers walk away from the scene, and he doesn’t think much more of it.

But Kageyama doesn’t even make it past the first red light on the way home before he leans over from the passenger seat and grabs Hinata’s face in his hands to kiss him.

Really kiss him. Kageyama’s palms are warm on Hinata’s cheeks, one soft press of lips and a light, shaky exhalation of breath before Kageyama opens him up, mouth hot and eager, tongue sliding against his, breaking away to pull Hinata’s bottom lip between his teeth, eyes closed and brow furrowed—it’s a good thing it’s so late no one is behind them, because Hinata almost misses the green light.

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When you got the call from New York you were totally happy.
You hadn’t been there in almost 3 years but you could still remember your last stay there. A demon almost got you but Alec, the son of the Heads of the Institute, had saved your life. You couldn’t wait to see him again and maybe save him this time.

But right now it didn’t looked so well. You didn’t even made it to the Institute as you were already attacked by three demons. Two demons at a time you could handle, but three?

For a while you could stand them, even kill two of them but the third punched you hard and you fell to the ground. Trying to get up again, you knew you wouldn’t make it.

Out of the sudden an arrow flew through the night and hit the demon who died screaming.

Breathing heavily you looked up and saw the tall Shadowhunter. Even as he was older now and more of a man, the boy still looked like you remembered him and you recognized him immediately. And you could see he remembered you too.

“Hey big guy. This took really long”, you joked even when your whole body hurt. But it seemed to calm Alec too, because he smiled at you.
“Why does it come that I always end up saving your life?”

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A duo of playlists. The dialogue between Kaworu and Shinji following their journey together. 

Disc One: Shinji (Shinji’s side of the dialogue)

An Act of Kindness Bastille // A Sky Full of Stars Coldplay // Demons Imagine Dragons // Breathing Underwater Metric // Star Ring Child Aimer // Is Youko Kanno ft. POP ETC // All I Want Kodaline // Vanilla Twilight Owl City 

Disc Two: Kaworu (Kaworu’s side of the dialogue)

Beautiful World Utada Hikaru // From Finner Of Monster And Men // Donut Hole Gumi // No Light, No Light Florence + The Machine // Broken Bones Chvrches // Begin Again Purity Ring //  Buy The Stars Marina And The Diamonds // When Can I See You Again? Owl City

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