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yeah so anyway Tony Stark is 180lbs of anxiety, depression, and ptsd wrapped up in a small package but he’s also good, caring, and full of love so y'all can get out of my face with your demonizing his every little action

PAGE 11 of my “Master of Darkness” comics 

Story takes place 20 years after season 5 episode 10 events of “Samurai Jack” animation series
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Today’s Anime Recommendation: Inuyasha

Inuyasha was the very first anime I ever stumbled across while flipping channels some 14-15 years ago. So understandably, this anime will always have a special place in my heart <3 

Inuyasha is about a half-demon .. named.. you guessed it.. Inuyasha.  Half Human-Half Dog Demon, sword wielding bad-ass.

This anime has everything.. Demons, Half Demons, Time traveling well jumper, Perverted monk with cursed hand, kick ass demon slayer chick with a giant boomerang, adorable but lethal animal sidekicks, walking dead ex lovers, Not-so brotherly love, bondage.(cuz lets face it that’s what that necklace is) “SIT”,  A wolf demon who’s got it bad, and a bad guy that just never seems to die and keeps making himself friends lolll 

Full of action, adventure, comedy, romance,drama.. lots of fillers of entertainment. I would go from laughing to being so freakin frustrated with Inuyasha that I wish I could jump in my tv and smack him myself. 

If you do decide to start up Inuyasha, I highly recommend watching All 167 episodes, plus the Final act episodes as well as the 4 movies. (do Final act Last)… obviously

You just can’t love it enough without the full package deal!! All together makes a wonderful story.. Follow the gang on their journey to Collect all the jewel shards and rid the world of the Shikon No Tama.

i can’t believe that these two:

are going to be reunited in the gintama live action 😅 dir. fukuda yuichi is the real mvp for bringing them back together again 👍


So, I haven’t been posting consistently for the past couple of weeks because I’ve been ripping and tearing through the hordes of hell in Bethesda’s new DOOM game, oh and what a fucking game it is!! There are few experiences as emotionally exhilarating as when you are violently blasting through fucking droves of demons while the game serenades you with glorious heavy metal. If you haven’t, please play it!

Recently, I beat the game, and I bought a cute DoomGuy POP Vinyl to add to the toy collection. Please enjoy some of the best doom game tidbits I found on Tumblr. Some of it’s pretty funny!

the star wars fandom doesn’t deserve finn. out of all the new star wars characters, finn gets the most hate, not just on tumblr, but on various other websites like reddit, youtube, and facebook. Even the official Star Wars facebook/twitter pages can’t even talk about Finn without some idiot saying “TRAITOR” in response to posts about Finn.

Finn, who’s the male lead of the sequel trilogy, GETS NO RESPECT FROM THE FANDOM. He’s constantly demonized for his actions, or he’s infantalized and treated like he’s a child with no experience in ANYTHING, and every couple of weeks there are speculations/thinkpieces from movie journalists that Finn will die (and some Star Wars fans would be very happy if Finn were to die).

Why is this hell fandom so racist?! I’ve been in Star Wars fandom for over a decade, but the ugly comments and hatred that I’ve seen aimed at Finn every single day FOR OVER A YEAR are just truly disgusting and I’m so sick and tired of constantly reading such ugly things about Finn.