Werewolf species

After talking to the brilliant demongirl again we had the idea of their being different types of werewolves in the mystery kids verse here are some of my ideas 

Highland Long haired werewolf

This breed of werewolf is of course mostly found in Scotland often standing over 7 feet tall this werewolf often hunts in packs and will take hikers and campers from their sites and trails (werewolf from the film dog soldiers)

Germanic Long haired werewolf

Now this is the breed of werewolf that Peter is and this species is actually a sub species of Highland werewolves. This species of werewolf however prefers to hunt alone and tends to be more secretive then their cousins.(werewolf from the film bad moon)

Arctic Goliath Werewolf

Now this species is the rarest of all werewolves. Standing taller then a polar bear and actually s the only werewolf that eats them. They rarely are seem from their werewolf form but when they are they look like hulking albinos with pale white eyes  (werewolf from underworld 2)