The Nephilim & the completely normal human. (with demon-girl-666)

“-Yeah, look, tell them I’ll make up the hours afterwards, but I can’t have the 17th booked up. Me and Nikki have gone too far ahead in the wedding planning to change the date now!”

Normally, sitting by a pier wouldn’t be stressful to anyone, but Lorraine was having a tough time stopping everyone from trying to get to her on the day of her wedding, and it seemed her PA was having a tough time fighting them all off too. It was almost as if everyone expected Lorraine to give up the most important day of her life to help them, and she wasn’t having any of that.

Hanging up so that she could let her PA continue to deal with everyone that wanted to try and waste Lorraine’s time, and sat back in her seat and sighed deeply, trying not to make herself sick with stress. 

That’s when she realized she’d leaned her head back into someone else by accident. She quickly regained her composure and turned around, hoping the man sitting behind her wasn’t too irritated by her.

“Sorry about that, didn’t realize you were sitting behind me!”