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Latest commission I did - the client wanted me to paint the character Devi, from “The Kingkiller Chronicle”. Though I am not familiar with the books, I had a ot of fun painting her, she seems like a very interesting type of character.

Thanks a lot, Rosa Marie!

Paint Tool SAI | Wacom Bamboo Pen | PS CS6 | Around 9h30m

[Bayonetta 2 spoilers ahead]

So I went through the different books in Bayonetta 2 and finally got to the point where this lady here gets introduced:

Yesyes, that’s Madame Khepri, the demon Rosa has a contract with.
She’s actually a very interesting demon, as she isn’t associated with the moon, but with the sun, but the more interesting thing is her entry:

“A goddess of Inferno who controls time and the sun. It is said that she can determine a person’s fate by gazing upon the long shadow that forms between their body and the light extending from the land of the dead. By binding a contract with Khepri and forfeiting their soul, one can gain an almost infinite knowledge of time and the secret technique to control it.

And we all know Rosa is the one who formed a contract with her.

Could this be perhaps one of the main reasons Loptr wanted to kill Rosa? Because I’m sure he knew Bayonetta was the one who possessed the Left Eye back then-