Blog Rate time!!

I have a whole folder of gifs that I want to use, and everyone deserves an awesome gif, so have a blog rate too!

  • don’t have to be following me, but it’s nice!
  • reblog or like this, I don’t care.
  • send me a message with your favourite otp and why you love them
  • i’ll give you a blog rate and a gif 
  • probably not of your otp, cause like I might not have them
  • but a gif nonetheless :D

Blog rate like this: 

url: don’t get it sorry darlin!  | i like it | so good | holy shit can I have it?

theme: not my thing sorry | it’s nice | adorable | flawless 

icon: selfie? | don’t get it | it’s nice | adorable | flawless | holy shit can I have it?

posts: not my type | not bad | pretty good | flawless | yes perfect A+ good job

following: no sorry but i adore you! | just followed | yes | forever you silly!

Happy 2014 to everyone! Whatever timezone you’re in I hope you all have a fun new years eve and a magical year full of adventure and good memories. If things aren’t going well, I hope things pick up for you this year. If things were awesome last year I hope this year continues to be awesome. If you’re going to be starting something new this year best of luck! 

i'm going on hiatus!

i have midterms next week; therefore, i’m using getcoldturkey to block tumblr from my computer in an effort to focus on studying! i will be filling up my queue and setting the number of posts/day so that it’ll last all week without needing to be filled. (honestly, i think i’ll enjoy a break! maybe i can power through all the books i have that need reading.) i won’t be available other than on mobile between 6:50 AM-7:30 AM and 4:15 PM-5:30 PM. if you need to contact me, send me an ask, but unless it’s urgent i likely won’t reply until friday. 

Guys i’m sorry i haven’t been on much the last couple days (and probably won’t be during the next few) but i don’t have my computer and my phone’s being a little shit. I’ll check my inbox if you wanna tell me anything but i prefer answering when i’m on my computer bc it’s easier, so… i’ll try to reblog on my phone so i don’t abandon the blog haha

baby, you're atlas, and you're being crushed

it’s the most beautiful destruction because everything about dean winchester is beautiful. 

castiel knew this was coming.

having pulled this boy out of the pit and woven his soul back into his body, there weren’t many things about dean winchester that castiel didn't know. and if dean winchester was anything, it was stubborn.

so, all things considered, castiel wasn’t all that shocked when he was summoned. that didn’t mean he had to be happy about it.

(and if the big dramatic entrance wasn't quite necessary - well, nobody had to know.)

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4 to my next hundred Blog rates!

I am only 4 away from my next hundred, which is pretty exciting :) 

  • mbf me
  • reblog this
  • send me a message about something green

blogs will be rated like this: 

url: don’t get it / ok / good / awesome / hella

theme: not my thing / ok / good / awesome / hella

icon: selfie? / ok / good / awesome / hella

posts: not my type / ok / good / awesome / hell

overall: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

following: no sorry darling / just followed / yes / of-effing-course!

go forth lovelies, :)