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I just saw a post about someone being frustrated that people only seem to want Dean to be bi to have major lgbt representation when Crowley is canon pansexual. What? What did I miss? WHen was it made canon?

Hey, dear anon :)

Well, I guess “canon” is maybe too strong of a word since they never explicitly discuss or confirm Crowley’s sexuality on the show, but Mark Sheppard himself said at a convention a few years back that he believes Crowley to be “more pansexual than anything else” and it seems that a bunch of people agree with that (me included, by the way).

I mean, in his very first scene he’s kissing a man (granted, mainly to seal a deal, but still ;p), he’s indulging in constant sexual remarks and innuendos towards almost anyone who seems to perk his interest one way or another and it’s at least quite canon that he participated in an orgy while possessing a female vessel (with women and men involved). And, of course, more importantly, don’t forget his good time with demon!Dean and some triplets  ;DD

In this regard he doesn’t seem to see much of a difference between men and women, humans, demons (I mean, Lilith had been rumored to be his lover, for example) or angels/reapers (Naomi and Billie [both only implied, but rather heavily imo ;)]).

So I think pansexuality is a good way to describe his preferences. You may call it canon, you may not.

In the end it’s Crowley and he does whatever the hell he wants :DD

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Moving onward, here we go: What would be the guilty pleasure song from each of the demons & reapers ((have fun with it cuz I know I have a ton of songs I know I wish I didn't like but I do haha))

Grim Reapers.

  • Undertaker: Fall away by The Fray or Haven’t had enough by Marianas Trench.
  • William T. Spears: Now you’re gone by BassHunter.
  • Ronald Knox: Cross my heart by Marianas Trench.
  • Grell Sutcliff: All you had to do was stay by Taylor Swift.


  • Sebastian Michaelis: SexyBack by Justin Timberlake.
  • Claude Faustus: Dance with the devil by Breaking Benjamin. 
  • Hannah AnnaFellows: She’s a rebel by Green day.
  • CanterBury: Nobody’s listening by Linkin Park.
  • Thompson: Hell of a ride by Bo BurnHam. 
  • Timber: Novacaine by Fall Out Boy.

Hannah Anafeloz from Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji

DailyCosplay - April 25 2015

Photo retouching by Makar Vinogradov.

Hannah Anafeloz (ハンナ・アナフェローズ, Hanna Anaferōzu) is the demon maid of the Trancy household. Hannah is extremely loyal to Alois; her biggest ambition is to provide Alois with happiness, and thus, she endures his abuse.

Before she met Luka Macken and formed a contract with him, Hannah was an apathetic, bored demon who had the demon triplets subjugated under her. She had grown tired of eating human souls and was uninterested in them until Luka appeared, asking for a contract to destroy the village that caused his brother’s tribulation.

His sheer innocence and determination for Alois’s happiness made her realize that he is different from other humans. Hannah decided to fulfill his wish to kill the townspeople, and he thanked her before dying, something no other human had ever done. This caused her to be attached to Luka, and she was mournful when devouring his soul.

Hannah retains Luka’s soul inside her, and she soon watches over Alois by becoming his maid. Apparently, she has adopted Luka’s desire for his brother’s happiness and works to accomplish that as well.

Cosplayer: Gabardi


Thompson, Timber, and Canterbury spinning.

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ooc: I can’t help but giggle when I watch this.

Claude = Sakurai Takahiro = Sting Eucliffe

Demon Triplets, Thompson, Timber, and Canterbury = Suzumura Kenichi = Rogue Cheney

Hannah = Hirano Aya = Lucy

So I now see Sting as demon butler and Rogue as 3 gossipers who really should keep to themselves for the sake of everyone else.

Sting also takes the credit for what Rogue does.

Yup. This totally makes sense.

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