Thompson, Timber, and Canterbury spinning.


It’s Halloween and bby (actually, like 12 year old) triplets want Dipper to dress up. The thing is, they saw the pictures of him in his lamb costume and they want him in that.

They will not be argued with.

So the next day, he’s just chillin, eating candy in his lamb costume, and before he knows it, before he has time to magic away his costume, he’s sucked into a summon.

And so instead of being greeted by something from their nightmares, the cult finds a cute child with scary eyes in a cute costume with half a chocolate bar in his hand and the other half on his face.

And the cult is like, “is this right?” And Dipper’s trying to salvage whatever reputation he has by going full demon, but it’s kinda hard with the cute lamb costume.

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ooc: I can’t help but giggle when I watch this.

Claude = Sakurai Takahiro = Sting Eucliffe

Demon Triplets, Thompson, Timber, and Canterbury = Suzumura Kenichi = Rogue Cheney

Hannah = Hirano Aya = Lucy

So I now see Sting as demon butler and Rogue as 3 gossipers who really should keep to themselves for the sake of everyone else.

Sting also takes the credit for what Rogue does.

Yup. This totally makes sense.

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