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PUBLIC NOTICE: We’re doing things a little differently this time! I also read Bellarke fanfiction at an alarmingly fast rate. So, I’m including some Bellarke fic at the end! I’ll differentiate between the two in case you’re only looking for one or the other.

The Shadow Behind Them by @geniewithwifi - After a curse set into motion by an ancestor, Felicity is constantly on the run from a demon who hunts her called the Captain. One night, he almost succeeds when Felicity meets a handsome stranger who is far more than he appears.

Patchwork Cities by @jakelovesamy - Felicity Smoak is a pilot in WWII, flying for the Allies while based in Hamble, England. She’s more of a delivery girl than a fighter, but she does her part to help the boys make it home. That is, until her plane crashes behind enemy lines and she’s met with none other than Oliver Queen – spy for the Allies, presumed dead for three years.

The Constellations Never Fail by @machawicket - Did you like that part in The Walking Dead when everyone went to Alexandria and it was major culture shock? Me too! Take that concept + Arrow character and you get a totally awesome, dangerous, sassy, sizzling Olicity fanfiction.

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Shared My Body and My Mind With You (That’s All Over Now) by @hoodiesandcomputers - What’s that? A sequel full-length fic to Taste of Your Poison Paradise? Don’t mind if I do! Oliver is a prostitute and Felicity was looking for a good lay. When she saw said lay at the coffee shop the next morning, she never thought she’d find a new best friend.

The Ghost of Jupiter: The Journey Home by @juliesioux - Oliver and Felicity begin their final international adventure in the Ghost of Jupiter series: Positano. Despite being in the land of ancient Roman myths, Coyote and the Old Man are persistently following them until they can learn what they need before going home.

Immortals by @yellowflicker09011996 - Hades/Persephone AU with a twist. Everyone’s favorite IT girl happens to be the goddess of death.

Little Bird Blue by @alexiablackbriar13 - A wounded bird gets trapped in the Foundry and Oliver nurses it back to health. Coincidentally enough, the entire time he’s taking care of the bird, a certain IT girl is also missing

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we used to be friends (a long time ago) by @DemiC - Felicity is dealing with the fallout of her best friends murder, her seemingly-perfect boyfriend Tommy dumping her out of the blue, trying not to punch the annoying Oliver Queen, and being the town pariah because she and her foster father John Diggle believe there’s more to Sara Lance’s murder than meets the eye.

The Power of Love by @mythica - Season 5 spec fic. When the Bratva comes to Mayor Queen, thinking they’ll find favor with a brother in the position, they’re sorely mistaken. But the Bratva isn’t an organization to be trifled with.

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Tears make Kaleidoscopes in your Eyes by @felicityollies - The 5 times Oliver took care of Felicity and one time she took care of him. I know it’s been done, but this one is so sweet! Besides, isn’t the point of fanfiction to reread our favorite tropes over and over?

Caught in the Rapture by @bindy417 - I think I already recced this but I don’t care. Felicity’s father - Damien Darhk - sells her to his long-time enemy to broker peace. She is to be married to Al Sah-him, Warith al Ghul, Heir to the Demon. Forced marriage fics usually make me extremely angry, but this one is so cleverly written and expertly navigated that it always leaves me wanting more!

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you might as well be the devil by @megaphonemonday - (Can someone tag her? My computer won’t let me!) SOULMATE AU FAM. The first words your soulmate says to you are tattooed on the back of your neck, but Clarke Griffin has seen the damage soulmates can bring. She refuses to accept whatever fate has in store for her. That’s why, when she meets Bellamy Blake and he says those fateful words, she vows never to speak to him.

Home by @grumpybell - The summary is so good, I’ll just leave you with it.

Now - Clarke Griffin is reported missing on a Thursday in February, when the sky is a cold, flat grey and the air is sharp and unforgiving.

Two Years, Five Months Ago - She meets Bellamy Blake at a party when she’s fifteen.

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Facing Tempests of Dust by @grumpybell - TWO IN A ROW WOOHOO. Clarke and another 99 delinquents are sent out of the artificial environment dome the Ark to see if life on the ground is possible. There, she meets a strange man with even stranger abilities.

I’ll Be Chasing Angels All My Life by @grumpybell - Did I say Bellarke fanfiction? Obviously I meant grumpybell’s fanfiction. Bellamy moves away from his horrible town with Octavia in tow and gets a job working for the Griffins. Clarke is just a spoiled princess to him at first, but then he begins to see the pain not so far beneath her surface.

Guess who arrived in our offices today?

Here’s a hint: She has lots of devoted attendants who were eagerly awaiting her arrival– all the way from France!

Here’s another hint: She’s the Demon Queen of Fungi. 


D&D’s Creative Manager, Shauna Narciso is purely delighted to finally have Zuggtmoy in her hands. She’s the instigator for this piece, after all.

Shauna places Zuggtmoy atop her base throne. The detail is staggering.

As is the detail on Zuggtmoy herself.

Artist Virginie Ropars is truly amazing. Truly.

See more of her work here.