I’m minding my own business, waiting for the Green Narga in Triple Threat to spawn…

And I hear the sound of a Jho digging in from 3. I think, ‘Ugh, I’ll just dung bomb him’ and turn the camera.

Hello, tiny Savage!

This is the first time he’s shown up in a quest without him being the intended target. Pity I’m using the Miralis GL, or I’d try to kill it for some blood…

Request: You could write a oneshot about demon!reader attacking the boys with mutated pickles ;) You could get really creative killing your arch enemy hehe

Your eyes flashed black at you stalked towards the Winchester’s hideout. You’d planned the perfect attack; they were hunting your partner, and while the two idiots were distracted, you were going to strike.

You had your weapons hanging by your thighs, the ammunition sloshing around with every step. You reminded yourself not to breath through your nose, otherwise that disgusting smell would hit you.

You used the back door of an old farm, and instantly saw Sam and Dean Winchester kneeling on the ground, peeking out a window. Their backs were turned to you, this was the time to strike.

As silently as you could, you opened the jar attached to your left hip. Wearing a pair of special gloves, you pulled out one of the most dangerous weapons known to man and demon-kind; a pickle.

Normal pickles were invented in Hell itself, but these ones were special. These ones were covered in an acidic, skin eating liquid, making the disgusting pickle smell even worse.

You aimed your shot, and through the first pickle.

It hit Sam square in the back, and he jumped to his feet, face scrunching up in confusion. And then he started screaming. He fell down, hands moving to his back where the pickle juice was no doubt burning his skin.

You were so focused on Sam’s reaction, you didn’t notice Dean pull out his gun.

Dean let off three quick shots, hitting you in the chest.

But you were a demon! Who gave a shit about bullets? You pulled out another pickle, and pegged it at the oldest Winchester. He dodged the attack, taking a step closer to you.

Sam had ripped his shirt off, pulling the liquid away from him. He breathed heavily, pain contorting his features. You opened the jar attached to your right hip, and started throwing pickle after pickle, alternating hands.

Sam and Dean dodged each attack, not letting a disgusting pickle touch them. You prepared to throw another at them, but Sam tackled you to the ground, stopping you.

“Who are you?” Sam demanded, holding a demon knife to your throat.

You flashed your eyes black in response. 

“She’s evil. Kill her.” Dean ordered, standing by his brothers side.

“I’m not evil!” You exclaimed.

“Anybody who uses pickles is evil.” Sam stated, and then there was a sharp sting in your neck, before everything went black.

(I hope you liked it!)

pink-stinkfish  asked:

If you're up for some Gorillaz, I'm still obsessed with the idea of Vampire Murdoc in 73, or maybe a Skeleton Murdoc in 89? Not sure how that would work, but I think it'd look so cool! Especially in your style! I guess he'd look kind of like those skeleton pirates from the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, or maybe a cool Erik-ish hybrid? I'll let you get creative ;D Hope your day has been lovely!!

The world in general just needs more demon pickle goblin bass players turned vampires.

Ooh, skele-doc was a challenge and now I can’t say I didn’t try, though I think he looks more zombie-like! I definitely thought of Erik and Pirates, but Jamie’s done some cool zombie drawings, and I looked at the Rhinestone Eyes vid a lot!

(Yikes, looks like some kinda skin condition, too)