Omg I’m so proud :’)  Too much work, I’m proud of the final product :’)

Its magnificent and I laugh so much everytime I opened the video to check for errors.

A “Inuyasha x Dreamworks” crossover because I like and can….fight me >: (

Inuyasha as Sinbad

Kagome as Marina

Random demon as…pickle-pirate XD

Inuyasha and Kagome © Rumiko Takahashi

Sinbad and the Seven Seas © Dreamworks


For those who can’t watch video on tumblr, here:

pink-stinkfish  asked:

If you're up for some Gorillaz, I'm still obsessed with the idea of Vampire Murdoc in 73, or maybe a Skeleton Murdoc in 89? Not sure how that would work, but I think it'd look so cool! Especially in your style! I guess he'd look kind of like those skeleton pirates from the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, or maybe a cool Erik-ish hybrid? I'll let you get creative ;D Hope your day has been lovely!!

The world in general just needs more demon pickle goblin bass players turned vampires.

Ooh, skele-doc was a challenge and now I can’t say I didn’t try, though I think he looks more zombie-like! I definitely thought of Erik and Pirates, but Jamie’s done some cool zombie drawings, and I looked at the Rhinestone Eyes vid a lot!

(Yikes, looks like some kinda skin condition, too)

I’m minding my own business, waiting for the Green Narga in Triple Threat to spawn…

And I hear the sound of a Jho digging in from 3. I think, ‘Ugh, I’ll just dung bomb him’ and turn the camera.

Hello, tiny Savage!

This is the first time he’s shown up in a quest without him being the intended target. Pity I’m using the Miralis GL, or I’d try to kill it for some blood…