i wanted to see demon pickles with snb hair… i was gonna wait until sneks comes back to suggest it to her but… im impatient…

demon pickles is @sneks-n-bickles. there may be others like it, but this one is hers


Omg I’m so proud :’)  Too much work, I’m proud of the final product :’)

Its magnificent and I laugh so much everytime I opened the video to check for errors.

A “Inuyasha x Dreamworks” crossover because I like and can….fight me >: (

Inuyasha as Sinbad

Kagome as Marina

Random demon as…pickle-pirate XD

Inuyasha and Kagome © Rumiko Takahashi

Sinbad and the Seven Seas © Dreamworks


For those who can’t watch video on tumblr, here:

  • me: plz don't think about sad things
  • my brain: picture young Murdoc !! in his horrible childhood !! after an especially rough day with his piece of shit father !! he goes to his room to listen to Demon Days and is telling himself to "pick yourself up, it's a brand new day..." as he daydreams about making a band someday !!
  • me: why must you hurt me in this way
Conjure (Prologue) SasuSaku (Naruto)

She had done it. She had summoned the demon. Hair like ink fell across an arrogant face, the long tendrils brushing strong shoulders. This one was a warrior for sure. It was male in appearance, and handsome to boot. The eyes are what gave it away though despite its humanoid form. A strange sort of heterochromia took place in his eyes, one purple and ringed the other a deep ruby decorated with  tomoe shapes.

The witch sat, knees and hands on the floor stretching herself as close to the salt circle as possible to stare at the beautiful creature. He in turn sat cross legged on the floor in the centre of the circle like this was an everyday occurrence for him. Like he was accustomed to being summoned into the middle of the living rooms of pink haired witches.

“I assume you want something, or did you merely summon me just to stare at me?” Her green eyes widened – that voice! So rich and deep and.. Bored? She had to get a hold of herself, she was the witch here she was the one in control.

Sitting back on her heels and shaking her head clear to focus, she shot him a sparkling smile.

“My apologies! I’m in a bit of a pickle Mr. Demon Sir.” She winked at him with the title, although it had no effect on his bored expression at all.

“You see, I’m in need of protection. The people of the village have caught on to the nature of what I am. They’ll be here tonight to take me, trial me and most likely kill me in the process. I can’t just leave this place – I have so much to take, so much to do this has all happened so quickly I need help I can’t-“

“For fucks sakes will you slow down woman? Breathe. Your chatter is giving me a headache.”

“Sorry” she whispered a little out of breath.

“How could you let them find out?” He asked quietly in an attempt to steer the conversation in a logical direction.

She frowned and stared down at her hands. “I’m not usually like this. I don’t summon anything. This is my first time so I’m a little unprepared on how to handle this. I’m a healer, I breathe life back into things. I was in the clearing in the woods not far from here when I came across a swallow. It had only been dead a few minutes – it’s body was still warm in my hands. Without thinking I brought it back and it flew.”

“You weren’t careful to take in your surroundings were you?” He rolled his eyes at her.

“No. A young woodcutter saw everything. I saw the look on his face. He was horrified.”

“And you just let him leave?”
“What was I supposed to do!? Kill him?”

“If your existence is about to be revealed then yes!” He raised his voice at her. Appalled that she could be so naïve.

“It doesn’t matter now… What’s done is done. I need help Mr. Demon-“

“Call me Sasuke” he interjected

“I need help Sasuke. I’m useless at dark magic. It’s a wonder I could even conjure you! I am not destructive, it’s not in my nature. If they want to take me away and kill me it will be all too easy for them.”

“Okay so you need me to do your dirty work for you. Sounds fair. But you know witch, nothing comes for free. What is my payment?”

“Right well… what do you want?”

He barked a laugh at her “What do I want? Oh that’s precious. You really weren’t lying when you said you had never done this before.”

“Look I’m not really sure how this works so could you bear with? I only asked you a simple question anyway.”

“Look sweetheart-“ His tone was laced with bitterness – “word of advice: never give a demon a choice. Give them an inch they’ll take a mile. You didn’t do your research at all?”

“Excuse me for not researching everything about you! I’m a little short on time here!” She quipped back

“Whoa temper, temper. My conditions are simple: You’ll release me from this circle to do your bidding and when we are done I stay.”

“You stay?” She blinked at him. “I don’t think I have the room-“

“Tch, no you idiot! I’m free to stay here in this realm – simply put you won’t reverse this conjuration. That’s all.”

“I don’t know Sasuke… You don’t exactly belong here. I mean what are you going to do?”

“Whatever the fuck I want. You gave me a choice, and this is it. If you don’t like it you can lump it sweetheart. Witches like you conjure things they shouldn’t be all the time” The fib rolled off of his tongue so easily. “I can wait for another opportunity.” No way in hell could he wait any longer for freedom, he silently hoped she would take the bait however.

“No way! You can’t just leave me!” Her voice rose an octave or two. “You protect me for as long as I need and then you are free to leave. For as long as you’re here though you will do me no harm okay?”

“Is that all?”

“Uh I think so?”

The demon smiled for the first time. “Then we have a deal Sakura.”

They joined hands in agreement, bond formed with those verbal words. Green eyes met bi-coloured ones, thin brows forming a confused frown.

“I never told you my name.”

His smile only grew wider.


@deathmeowtal  🎩: draw a character in fancy wear

I did both because I honestly couldn’t decide. Abby looks A+++ in a suit so that was an easy decision, but demon Pickles was kinda hard and, in the end, I decided he was sewn into the damn thing. Just given a shirt and jacket with an open back and someone honestly sewed him into it. Because wings aren’t fun for anyone.

Used reference for both, just random Pinterest searches. Honestly, if you search “women in suits” and “men’s fashion” you’ll find em.  

pink-stinkfish  asked:

If you're up for some Gorillaz, I'm still obsessed with the idea of Vampire Murdoc in 73, or maybe a Skeleton Murdoc in 89? Not sure how that would work, but I think it'd look so cool! Especially in your style! I guess he'd look kind of like those skeleton pirates from the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie, or maybe a cool Erik-ish hybrid? I'll let you get creative ;D Hope your day has been lovely!!

The world in general just needs more demon pickle goblin bass players turned vampires.

Ooh, skele-doc was a challenge and now I can’t say I didn’t try, though I think he looks more zombie-like! I definitely thought of Erik and Pirates, but Jamie’s done some cool zombie drawings, and I looked at the Rhinestone Eyes vid a lot!

(Yikes, looks like some kinda skin condition, too)

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