OMG I can’t believe what’s happened with my painting of Jace ! When I came on my account after published it, I thought that Tumblr had some technical problems !! 0__0 xD But NO, and I want to say THANK YOU to CASSANDRA CLARE for sharing my Jace’s painting and YOU GUYS for sharing it too !! I was so supprised that I cried in my father’s arms, that’s not a joke, I never had so much support for one painting and I couldn’t resist to make another fanart of The Mortal Instruments saga !
Clary is a very good character, she’s brave and clever. That was a big challenge because I had to make a lot of researches for doing this new painting (screenshots, commercial pictures etc…), and create a good realistic scene with good shadows and lights and new special effects. I tried to paint golden eyes for Clary but that was to trash with the blue atmosphere.


And with that, I believe I can say that she is spruced up enough for her to be “finished” at this stage! She’s been a fun character to work with and I do want to revisit her sometime soon to give her some of her additions. 

That said, enjoy default Naked Enamel, and definitely check out Derek’s work at , he’s an amazing guy/artist!


Atlus staff pictures:

Kaneko-demon painter, Soejima-Garcon Soejima and Satomi Tadashi-Satomi Tadashi are all clear but I also searched for comparison pictures of the other Atlus staff members.

Meteor Masa is based on Aihara Seigo 相原誠吾 the former PR manager of Atlus. I have found his picture here (http://第三避難所.jp/shin_ds/devisama_sce012.html) and seen some other pictures of him as well. The resemblance is there.

Giga Macho’s saleslady is based on the composer and sound designer Tasaki Toshiko. Again the resemblance is obvious.

The Shiraishi lady is named after Shiraishi Megumi.

I always thought that it was funny when the staff members appeared in the games. I would love if Soejima and Doi for example would appear like this in future games.

WIP of fullten as a demon. Couple hours, corel painter x3. PS has conked out for me.

Just hit a wall so I’m going to make some coffee and see if I can make it better when I get back.

It needs to be… more viscerally horrifying. Maybe I will add more arms. 

Defs making the throat mouth bigge to take whole throat with a  big gaping jaw.
Idk, lmk what you think and suggestions are appreciated..

Anyways i’ve been staring at this too long to be able to make any reasonable efforts.