I have the pleasure to show you my new painting of Magnus, with the face and hands of Godfrey Gao !

Too bad not to see him more in the movie.

* Corel Painter 2015 + Photoshop CS6

* About 4-5 days of work

OMG I can’t believe what’s happened with my painting of Jace ! When I came on my account after published it, I thought that Tumblr had some technical problems !! 0__0 xD But NO, and I want to say THANK YOU to CASSANDRA CLARE for sharing my Jace’s painting and YOU GUYS for sharing it too !! I was so supprised that I cried in my father’s arms, that’s not a joke, I never had so much support for one painting and I couldn’t resist to make another fanart of The Mortal Instruments saga !
Clary is a very good character, she’s brave and clever. That was a big challenge because I had to make a lot of researches for doing this new painting (screenshots, commercial pictures etc…), and create a good realistic scene with good shadows and lights and new special effects. I tried to paint golden eyes for Clary but that was to trash with the blue atmosphere.

Limbourg Brothers (1385-1416), ‘Folio 108 - Lucifer in Hell’, from “Très Riches Heures du duc de Berry”, 1411-16

“The Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry (or Très Riches Heures) is the most famous and possibly the best surviving example of French Gothic manuscript illumination, showing the late International Gothic phase of the style. It is a book of hours: a collection of prayers to be said at the canonical hours. It was created between c. 1412 and 1416 for the extravagant royal bibliophile and patron John, Duke of Berry, by the Limbourg brothers.”


WIP of fullten as a demon. Couple hours, corel painter x3. PS has conked out for me.

Just hit a wall so I’m going to make some coffee and see if I can make it better when I get back.

It needs to be… more viscerally horrifying. Maybe I will add more arms. 

Defs making the throat mouth bigge to take whole throat with a  big gaping jaw.
Idk, lmk what you think and suggestions are appreciated..

Anyways i’ve been staring at this too long to be able to make any reasonable efforts.


David Teniers the Younger (1610-1690), ‘The Rich Man being led to Hell’, 1647

“The Bible’s New Testament contains many examples of Christ teaching by means of parables: simple, memorable stories based on everyday occurrences which were used as a way of addressing larger religious themes. The parable of the rich man is told in Luke 16:19-23. At the gate of the rich man lay a poor beggar named Lazarus; ill and hungry, he hoped in vain for some charity from the rich man. Lazarus died and was carried to heaven, but as punishment for his selfishness, the rich man suffered the torments of hell. The parable is usually interpreted as a caution against avarice and an exhortation to human charity.

Teniers depicts the rich man in accordance with the biblical account ('clothed in purple and fine linen’). Vaguely 'Oriental’ garments were used to indicate the exotic distant past; gold chains and rich fabrics suggest the man’s jealously-guarded wealth. The skull cap was a common accessory for 17th-century dignitaries, scholars and men of all faiths; it did not become associated with Jewish dress until the 20th century. Although the biblical text does not describe the entrance to hell, Teniers conceived it as a cave mouth surrounded by demons and monsters. Worry creasing his brow, the rich man shrinks fearfully from the punishment that awaits him.”