So, Yusuke can replicate skill cards by painting blank ones - the last time we saw something similar was with the Demon Painter in P2, who disappears from the series after that point. Going off the dates, P2 is set firmly in 1999, while P5 was supposed to be 2016 before they changed it thanks to the delays.

Yusuke is around 16 or 17 years old. Yusuke, who fate kind of brings into contact with the Velvet Room; Yusuke, who can inexplicably do something only Velvet Room residents can do, if you include Marie being able to register cards.

I’m not saying that Yusuke got part of the Demon Painter’s essence stuck in him when Philemon disappeared, or is the Demon Painter reborn, or even his son, somehow (though he does conspicuously mention he never really knew anything about his father.)

Still, though.

WIP of fullten as a demon. Couple hours, corel painter x3. PS has conked out for me.

Just hit a wall so I’m going to make some coffee and see if I can make it better when I get back.

It needs to be… more viscerally horrifying. Maybe I will add more arms. 

Defs making the throat mouth bigge to take whole throat with a  big gaping jaw.
Idk, lmk what you think and suggestions are appreciated..

Anyways i’ve been staring at this too long to be able to make any reasonable efforts.



Atlus staff pictures:

Kaneko-demon painter, Soejima-Garcon Soejima and Satomi Tadashi-Satomi Tadashi are all clear but I also searched for comparison pictures of the other Atlus staff members.

Meteor Masa is based on Aihara Seigo 相原誠吾 the former PR manager of Atlus. I have found his picture here (http://第三避難所.jp/shin_ds/devisama_sce012.html) and seen some other pictures of him as well. The resemblance is there.

Giga Macho’s saleslady is based on the composer and sound designer Tasaki Toshiko. Again the resemblance is obvious.

The Shiraishi lady is named after Shiraishi Megumi.

I always thought that it was funny when the staff members appeared in the games. I would love if Soejima and Doi for example would appear like this in future games.

Dear @ariamaki,

Nah… Believe it or not, I can relate to these people pretty well. We all have the same goal in this room after all. Learning to understand the human heart, what it means to be human… I want that for my own reason, and they for theirs, but we’re still walking on the same path there. We all still have a lot to learn… But I guess in that way these guys aren’t that different from any other person out there, right? We’re all a little foolish… We just don’t understand what that means yet…

Wait, actually… I might be on to something with this… Let me see…

> …He has started painting eagerly again…

~The Demon Painter

OMG I can’t believe what’s happened with my painting of Jace ! When I came on my account after published it, I thought that Tumblr had some technical problems !! 0__0 xD But NO, and I want to say THANK YOU to CASSANDRA CLARE for sharing my Jace’s painting and YOU GUYS for sharing it too !! I was so supprised that I cried in my father’s arms, that’s not a joke, I never had so much support for one painting and I couldn’t resist to make another fanart of The Mortal Instruments saga !
Clary is a very good character, she’s brave and clever. That was a big challenge because I had to make a lot of researches for doing this new painting (screenshots, commercial pictures etc…), and create a good realistic scene with good shadows and lights and new special effects. I tried to paint golden eyes for Clary but that was to trash with the blue atmosphere.

megidola-dancing-deactivated201  asked:

do you think the Velvet room will act differently this time around? I mean from what we have seen it looks a bit more hostile towards Protag like he is being forced to go there it all seems suspicious but also I can't wait for Velvet twins to bug IGor and make him wish Margaret Elizabeth and Theo come back lol where are they THO????!!!!

I mean I understand how Ah inf a different attendent for WAH Prorag has become their thig but still were is my Sadistic stud keep secretary, Lethel Elevator attendent, and Living door mat???

“Master, Theodore and myself have decided to take an extended vacation in order to reevaluate our meanings of life, as well as make sure Elizabeth will not unintentionally blow up the multiverse on her journeys.”

“What are you saying, Margaret? We just received a new guest. I require your assistance. Who else is supposed to carry out your duties?”

“Oh, I believe our cousins, the twins will be able to fill in for me to satisfaction.”

“…Not the twins.”

“Well then, I will be taking my leave.”

“Margaret, no, you can’t do this to me!”

“We will make sure to remain in correspondence with you.”

“You are aware that they are why the Demon Painter quit on us, are you not!?”

“Au Revoir, Master.”

“We will be seeing you in a year.”

“M-Margaret! Theodore! NO! I FORBID IT! COME BACK HERE!!!