Dear @ariamaki,

Nah… Believe it or not, I can relate to these people pretty well. We all have the same goal in this room after all. Learning to understand the human heart, what it means to be human… I want that for my own reason, and they for theirs, but we’re still walking on the same path there. We all still have a lot to learn… But I guess in that way these guys aren’t that different from any other person out there, right? We’re all a little foolish… We just don’t understand what that means yet…

Wait, actually… I might be on to something with this… Let me see…

> …He has started painting eagerly again…

~The Demon Painter

So, Yusuke can replicate skill cards by painting blank ones - the last time we saw something similar was with the Demon Painter in P2, who disappears from the series after that point. Going off the dates, P2 is set firmly in 1999, while P5 was supposed to be 2016 before they changed it thanks to the delays.

Yusuke is around 16 or 17 years old. Yusuke, who fate kind of brings into contact with the Velvet Room; Yusuke, who can inexplicably do something only Velvet Room residents can do, if you include Marie being able to register cards.

I’m not saying that Yusuke got part of the Demon Painter’s essence stuck in him when Philemon disappeared, or is the Demon Painter reborn, or even his son, somehow (though he does conspicuously mention he never really knew anything about his father.)

Still, though.

I’ve been thinking about Halloween a i made some adopts!!! A super cool stitched together girl and a disgruntled demon artist!

They are $15 usd each. If interested shoot me a message here or at my email Thanks for lookin!

You can:

  • change their gender, their colors etc
  • trade and resell (but only at the same price)
  • use in rps,stories, and comics (with credit)

and I will send you the original sized art and the file if you request it.

edit: demon painter sold, thank you!

Painting. (Artist!Oikawa x Reader)

A/N: Everyone: “write a imaginary friend AU with Oikawa :-)”

Me: how about a fic where Oikawa is a demonic painter???

Everyone: ???

Also, finally writing w a first name bc I remembered to do it this time LOL

Also @ that one anon that wanted an Artist Oikawa fic. Here u go.

Costume Fic #2: Painter

Tooru’s talents were not a foreign concept to you. Being his partner of two years, you were more than familiar with his vast variety of skills and services. Murals, portraits, abstracts-you name it, he’s done it. People around the world have commissioned your boyfriend to do work for them. All his art was expertly detailed and realistic, almost godly in a way. He was gifted.

Despite growing older, your boyfriend still retained his model-like appearance. His hair remained full and intact, the slight curl to it never faltering. His body was taut and muscular in all the right places, and you were pretty sure if you weren’t careful you could cut yourself on his jawline. His skin was flawless, no wrinkles, moles, or freckles donned his year-round olive complexion. It was almost like he was a piece of his own artwork himself. You felt a little insecure around him yourself sometimes, no matter what doubting you kept up, you couldn’t stay as conventionally attractive as him. Copying his lack of routine didn’t work on you either. You eventually brushed it off as him hitting the genetic lottery.

Unbeknown to you, today was the day you were going to uncover an undisclosed fact about your lovely boyfriend.

As you creaked open the old wooden door into Tooru’s art room, the smell of freshly flowers and wet paint hit you. You walked in, eyes widening in the sudden change in lighting. The room was dark. Uncannily dark considering it was only five in the evening. The curtains were drawn over the windows, you could barely see the imprint of the setting sun behind them. A gorgeous vase of ornate flowers sat by the window on a small table. You knew they were all different colors, but in the absence of light, they all appeared dusky to you. The sound of a paintbrush dipping in a glass of water alerted you of someone’s presence. In the far other corner of the room, you spotted Tooru’s figure leaned over a canvas, painting something with an intense concentration.

“Tooru, hon,” you called out to him. “Do you want me to turn on the lights for you?”

The only sound that greeted you was the paintbrush making contact with the canvas.

You stepped closer. “Hey, did you hear me?”

His voice was barely above a whisper, yet it was sinister nonetheless. “Quiet. I’m almost finished.”

His change in demeanor floored you. Tooru has never spoken to you in such a tone before.

“Uh…are you okay? I can just leave you alone if you want.”

Tooru’s hand shot up, waving your statement off. “No, no, my dear. You came in at just the right time. You need to see this.” His hand quickly returned to the canvas, the swishing of his paintbrush becoming increasingly faster.

You stepped back slowly, easing your way out of the room. Something was up, and you weren’t going to stay around to witness it.

Tooru stood up, grabbed the painting, and beamed. His smile was was wide enough to cause the corner of his mouth to twitch, and his chocolate brown eyes glowed in the darkness. They were glazed and unfocused, as if he were staring into something beyond your comprehension.

Tooru’s eyes shifted to your figure, the contact instantly sent a chill up your spine. He sauntered towards you, and you stepped back. Your back made contact with the door, and your hand crept down to the knob, twisting it with fervor.

It was locked. You were sure you didn’t lock it behind you when you came in, and now that you think of it, did this door even lock? Dread sank in your stomach as Tooru stood over you, smirk evident on his face.


He turned the canvas around, revealing what he made underneath. It was a portrait of the two of you facing forward and smiling, hands interlocked, in a field of bright pink peonies dotted with a few black roses. In Tooru looked very, very different in it. His skin was paler (due to the absence of light during the cold winter months), faint crows feet were apparent by his eyes, he had a few freckles lining his arms and underneath his eyes was a dark tint from countless nights spent finishing commissioned pieces. The aspect that stuck out the most were his eyes. They his irises were scarlet and had an eerie hint of light that made you wonder if there was something, possibly of Tooru himself, living behind it. You, on the other hand, looked way younger in the portrait than how you presently did. Everything about you was conventionally perfect. You resembled some sort of doll, unscathed by the hardships of the world. In contrast to Tooru, your irises were unpainted, the bleak beige of the canvas clashing with the rest of the beautiful painting.

Tooru spoke, his voice returned to its normal frequency. “This is it…You can be like me too,” He set down the painting so it could rest against his legs, then gently took your hands into his. “We can be together forever, love. Just let me do this for you.” His gaze softened as he looked at you, stroking your hand softly with his thumb.

You couldn’t bring yourself to speak, fear filled all of you senses. You could only stare on as he continued to speak.

“It’s easy, I promise. I just need a little something from you, and it will work. You’ll be youthful like me forever.” One of his hands broke from yours and moved down to this smock’s pocket, grasping some sort of handle.

“What do you want from me?” You stuttered, voice cracking from the sinking feeling of fright enveloping you.

“I just want what’s best for you,” his hand slowly rose from his pocket, unsheathing a sharp, silver kitchen knife. “A little blood. That’s all I need to paint the eyes.”

Hell no. You weren’t having any of this demonic shit. You whipped around and gripped the doorknob, attempting to turn it with all your might.Tooru puffed in annoyance.

“It’s obviously not going to open, dear,” He placed his hands on your shoulders, making your whole body stiffen. “Now…won’t you let me do this for you? Or will we have to do it the hard way?”

obsidianwitch03  asked:

(Ahh I'm so sorry I keep coming to you for headcanons -- I know I've already said this, but, er.. I'm a little scared to talk to the other HC blogs..? I mean, they all seem so nice, but.. apparently slight social anxiety carries through Tumblr, too.) Do you have any headcanons for the CPs favorite songs? (And this goes for as many you can think of for once. "^^)

Sure, and don’t worry about it! Talk to who you like, and have great day dude. I believe in you.

(Anything in brackets is just my dumb ass commentary.)

  • Jeff: Dead! by My Chemical Romance. (His emo ass is stuck in 2005. Same.)
  • Jane: Paralysed by Against The Current. (Listen to this. Just, do it.)
  • Liu: Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. (GALILEO Galileo GALILEO)
  • Clocwork: I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead by Falling in Reverse. 
  • Ben: Northern Downpour by Panic! At The Disco. (That and Folkin’ Around.)
  • Tim: Mr.Brightside by The Killers. (’CAUSE I’M MR.BRIIIIIIIIIGHTSIIIIIIDE-)
  • Brian: Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons. (He just does aight?)
  • Toby: Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day. (Green Day is the best? It just is??)
  • Kate: Nightmare by Set It Off. (Set It Off is the best to her.)
  • EJ: Hollywood by Cute Is What We Aim For. (He sings it when he’s alone.)
  • LJ: Candyland by Blood On The Dance Floor. (*unholy screeching*)
  • Sally: Home by Phillip Phillips.
  • Lazari: Quiet by Lights. (This one is great to relax with.)
  • Jason: If You’re Thinking Of Leaving, You Should by Social Repose. (It’s a secret though.)
  • Puppeteer: La La Lainey by Forever The Sickest Kids. (This one though.)
  • Bloody Painter: Demons by Imagine Dragons. (Dragons !!!)
  • Lost Silver: Goodbye To A World by Porter Robinson. (Honestly this song is so pure and you hear the voice begin to deteriorate over time and how it slowly sings but still keeps singing and !)
  • Glitchy Red: In Too Deep by Sum 41. (’Cause I’m IN TOO DEEP AND I-)

Atlus staff pictures:

Kaneko-demon painter, Soejima-Garcon Soejima and Satomi Tadashi-Satomi Tadashi are all clear but I also searched for comparison pictures of the other Atlus staff members.

Meteor Masa is based on Aihara Seigo 相原誠吾 the former PR manager of Atlus. I have found his picture here (http://第三避難所.jp/shin_ds/devisama_sce012.html) and seen some other pictures of him as well. The resemblance is there.

Giga Macho’s saleslady is based on the composer and sound designer Tasaki Toshiko. Again the resemblance is obvious.

The Shiraishi lady is named after Shiraishi Megumi.

I always thought that it was funny when the staff members appeared in the games. I would love if Soejima and Doi for example would appear like this in future games.

WIP of fullten as a demon. Couple hours, corel painter x3. PS has conked out for me.

Just hit a wall so I’m going to make some coffee and see if I can make it better when I get back.

It needs to be… more viscerally horrifying. Maybe I will add more arms. 

Defs making the throat mouth bigge to take whole throat with a  big gaping jaw.
Idk, lmk what you think and suggestions are appreciated..

Anyways i’ve been staring at this too long to be able to make any reasonable efforts.


OMG I can’t believe what’s happened with my painting of Jace ! When I came on my account after published it, I thought that Tumblr had some technical problems !! 0__0 xD But NO, and I want to say THANK YOU to CASSANDRA CLARE for sharing my Jace’s painting and YOU GUYS for sharing it too !! I was so supprised that I cried in my father’s arms, that’s not a joke, I never had so much support for one painting and I couldn’t resist to make another fanart of The Mortal Instruments saga !
Clary is a very good character, she’s brave and clever. That was a big challenge because I had to make a lot of researches for doing this new painting (screenshots, commercial pictures etc…), and create a good realistic scene with good shadows and lights and new special effects. I tried to paint golden eyes for Clary but that was to trash with the blue atmosphere.