• Me: //gets possessed by demon
  • Priest: i am here to help-
  • Demon possessing me: we don't want you
  • Priest:
  • Demon: we want Father Louis Williams Suga Adams the Third
Top Ten Fics of 2017

10. Hope by @haydolce
Although SHFFCL is Dolce’s most controversial fic, her timestamp is incredibly sweet but also incredibly timely. Posted on one of the most difficult days of the year, this fic truly embodies its title. It is hopeful. It reminds its readers that there is always goodness in the world, and always a reason to keep fighting for what’s right. As well, the continuation of HL’s story shows a growth in both their characters and a much stronger and mature relationship. And it’s the only fic Dolce gave us in 2017, and if this is her last one, I truly believe it captures the strength and hope of HL’s relationship that is always so present in her fics.

9. Answer All Your Wishes by @sadaveniren
I’m a bit biased because this was a gift fic for me but I honestly loved everything about it. HL had such a sweet and loving relationship and babies galore!! And oh my word pregnancy kink and devotion and the lactation kink and love. So many of my favorite things and it’s so rare to find these kinks so well done, so I loved it.  Also, the formatting of this fic is so clever, since it includes Harry’s blog posts followed by an anecdote that captures the essence of the blog post. The style is so original and contributes so much to the story. Easily one of the sweetest, most wonderful mpreg fics I’ve ever read. 

8. Beside Me Like a Silhouette by @softgolfdaddy
Everyone mourned with loadedgunn left the fandom. Who could ever write such incredible D/s smut like that?? Well, 2017 has answered us in the form of Amanda and her fics. This one in particular is so incredibly hot, but contains that all important element that makes D/s fics not only hot but sweet: love. There is so much love and trust and playfulness in this fic, which makes it fun while also tugging heartstrings and making me sweat.

7. Dance Like Warriors on a Battlefield by @crazyupsetter
Easily one of whoknows’ best works. HL’s dynamic is absolutely explosive and such a push pull while still being built first and foremost on love and doing what is best for the other. Harry is very overtly committed to Louis as is shown through his words. He always tells Louis how he feels and what he wants, but Louis’ commitment is more subtle. It’s shown in how he tries to do what is best for Harry, even when it is at the price of his own happiness. They love each other deeply, and of course that love triumphs. 

6. Chasing Empty Spaces by @domestic-harry
Such a sweet story of learning to love and accept oneself. Harry’s growth is very well done, and his internal conflict is very believable. And Louis is such a consistent and patient presence, but he also knows his self worth and demands to be treated as such. He is a such a strong character, and his courage and self respect are so inspiring. And despite the difficulties they face, their love really is so strong and runs so deep. It is never their love for one another that keeps them apart, but external and internal pressures, which is very realistic. And of course, the fic ends with the beautiful and powerful message that love always overcomes. 

5. We’ll Be Seamless by @dinosaursmate
One of the most original fics I’ve read. Absolutely scorching hot, but what I love so much about HL’s dynamic is that it’s built on trust and a mutual understanding about each other’s most private interests. So not only do they have tons of sexual chemistry, but they also have a wonderful understanding of one another, which automatically creates a close bond between the two of them. There is no judgment, only love and support, which makes their relationship so strong and beautiful. 

4. Got the Sunshine on My Shoulders by @hattalove
The most heartbreakingly beautiful fic I have ever read. Such an incredible story about forgiveness and belonging and being true to oneself. The wrong Harry commits to Louis is horrid, but the journey they go through together and the eventual forgiveness Louis shows Harry is such a powerful testimony about a person’s innate goodness. As well, their journey is very well paced so that it’s believable. It shows the endurance of love and offers so much hope amidst all the heartbreak. The effect it had is so powerful, that I could honestly cry just thinking about it. Beautiful. 

3. The Wonderlands by @aliensingucci
HL’s characterization in this fic is masterfully done. Harry is so complex. He is incredibly devoted for his daughter while still dealing with decades old guilt and trying to figure out his feelings for Louis and discovering that he is worthy of such strong love. And Louis. His characterization is on another level. He is so powerful and takes no shit, but when it comes to Harry, he is so soft and so completely in love. I adore his confidence and certainty in his love of Harry. And then when they finally come together, their love for one another is a force to be reckoned with. The power couple to end all power couples. 

2. Like an Endless Summer by @horsegirlharry
The pining in this fic is so poignant, but it’s never unnecessary. HL are not forcefully kept apart for the sake of plot, but come together naturally and with minimal, realistic angst. Louis is absolutely hilarious in this fic, so flamboyant and dramatic but still so lovable. And Harry is dorky and endearing and the reader falls in love with Harry just like Louis does. And the smut is on a whole other level. I will never forget Harry begging to be whipped. It was life changing.  

1. Say Hallelujah Say Goodnight by @alivingfire 
This fic had no competition for my number one. HL’s story is one of such devotion and sacrifice, but also one of innocence and beauty. I adore historical AUs, so having everything from Ancient Greece (which is a stunning setting for HL to fall in love) to the Victorian Era to World War I is honestly a dream come true for me. And for a fic about two immortals, it is so incredibly believable that their love is strong enough to last for eternity. Easily my favorite fic of 2017, and easily one of my top 5 all time favorites. It is truly a masterpiece, and I’ll be talking about it and recommending it for as long as angel Louis and demon Harry live. 

Here’s to all the fics I wrote in 2017! I have to say a massive thank you to anyone who’s ever looked, liked or commented on my fics! You all make this so much fun for me, and make writing worthwhile! I can never thank you all enough!

                                        Fics Posted in 2017

1.  In Total Darkness I, I Reach Out and Touch

Words: 2k

Tomorrow is a big day for Louis and his husband, and it’s because of this reason that he can’t sleep. Turns out, poor Harry can’t either.

Or a fluffy established relationship AU with some famous Harry all mixed into that.

2.  My Youth is Yours

Words: 2k

Louis can’t sleep, and is worried that his insomnia will be the reason he fails his exam. In a last ditch effort, he goes to his roommate Harry for some help.

Or a roommates AU where Louis gets a little more than he bargained for - not that it’s a bad thing. Not at all.

3.  Won’t Let Go of You for Nothing

Words: 3k

Louis’ new neighbor is playing their music offensively loud, and he’s fucking pissed. Every night this week he hasn’t been able to fall asleep because of it, but tonight, Louis refuses to suffer again. Taking matters into his own hands, Louis goes over to knock some much needed sense into their brain.

Things may or may not go the way he plans.

Or a Love/Hate neighbors AU

4.  I Picked My Poison, And It’s You

Words: 5k

Louis never backs down on dares. But maybe this was the one time he should have.

Vampire AU

5.  But Darling, Stay With Me

Words: 5k

The ‘Louis calls the wrong number AU’ with a twist!

6.  Drive Me Crazy

Words: 7k

Louis’ a single Dad heading out to buy a birthday present for his little princess. Harry’s a uni student working part-time at the toy store.

Or an AU where Louis just wants a toy for his daughter, and Harry just wants to take Louis on a date.

7.  Wonderwall

Words: 43k

Taking the sheet cluttered with times available for the next few weeks, Louis notices a pattern in the list. The name of the person Perrie had just mentioned: Harry Styles. It’s written at least seven times, and three of which are during timeframes Louis wants.

“Who the fuck is Harry Styles?”

“You’re about to find out,” she answers, pointing over Louis’ shoulder.

Or a Love/Hate College AU where Louis Tomlinson is the lead singer of The Rogue - the most popular band on campus - and Harry Styles is the talented Freshman unknowingly challenging all that.

8.  Even Angels Have Their Demons

Words: 55k

Louis is appointed the role of Guardian Angel, and his first mission is a boy named Zayn Malik. Unfortunately, it seems that a certain Demon has gotten to him first.

Or… an Angel/Demon AU where Angel Louis hates Demon Harry, but somewhere along the way that stops being so true.

9.  I’m On the Hunt Now (I’m After You)

Words: 56k

Omegas haven’t been able to shift into their wolves for two hundred years. That is, until Louis Tomlinson changes everything.

Or…an AU where Alpha Harry and Omega Louis have a lot more than falling in love to deal with after The Mating Ceremony.

**credit to owner for the manip I used


Fave Fics 1/10

Run Like the Devil by benzos

Harry stops pouting, but his frown is still fixed in place. “Are you sure?” he asks. “You know it’s your soul you’re signing away.” He sounds…sad? No, that’s not right, but there’s something.

Christ. This is the most incompetent demon Louis’ ever met. If he hadn’t seen the red of his eyes he wouldn’t believe he was a demon at all. How’d he get this job if he isn’t trying to convince Louis to deal? Or is it just another trick? A ploy for sympathy?

“I’m sure,” Louis says. “Come over here and kiss me.”

Supernatural AU. Louis hunts demons; Harry’s the strangest demon he’s ever met, and he keeps fucking meeting him.


Past Ain’t Through With You by benzos

Set a few months after the end of Run Like the Devil. The holiday season arrives and brings with it some not-so-welcome figures from Louis and Harry’s pasts.


🎃🎃Here is a Fic Rec Masterpost to satisfy your Halloween cravings this spooky season!🎃🎃

Mermaid AU

Merman Harry

  1.  To Embroider Your Waist With Corals (100k) by @smittenwithlouis
  2.  Coax the Cold (86k) by @mediawhorefics
  3.  The Importance of Body Language (11k) by @zimriya 

Merman Louis

  1. Purer Than The Water (Like We Were) (33k) by @infinitylourry

Alien AU

Alien Harry

  1. Glow (41k) by @haydolce
  2. Cosmic Love (27k) by @smittenwithlouis

Angel/Demon AU

Angel Louis/Demon Harry

  1.  My Sweet, Sweet Love. (1k) by @louisfeels 
  2.  Two Different Versions of the Universe (11k) by @hazzalovescarrots​

Angel Harry/Demon Louis

  1.  A Bit Of Happiness (11k) by @hilarry13

Demon Harry

  1. Run Like the Devil (137k) by @benzos 

Vampire AU

Vampire Harry

  1.  Finding You Was So Hard (But Loving You Is Easy) (66k) by @lourrynavy
  2.  Among the Humans (Updating) by @thecheshirepussycat
  3.  Love Affair With a Vampire (6k) by @jacinth 

Vampire Louis

  1.  Let Me Outshine the Moon (9k) by @sarcasticfluentry
  2.  All You Can Eat (17k) by @harrysprostate
  3. The Devil You Know (35k) by Awriterwrites

Werewolf AU

Wolf Louis

  1.  The Wolf In The Woods (Series) by @mysticbelievexx

Wolf Harry

  1.  Just Like The Wolf Before He Bites (11k) by @whoknows

Both Wolf

  1. Break Open The Sky (20k) by @karamelised 
  2.  Only You Can Be My Alpha (153k) by @wubwubnparmaham

Magic AU

  1. A Long Way Down(To The Bottom Of The River)(24k) by @mediawhorefics
  2.  You Take Me Over, You’re the Magic in My Veins (36k) by @supernope 
  3. Feel the Chemicals Burn in My Bloodstream (123k) by @lourrynavy 
  4.  Nocturne in Silver and Blue (97k) by @tinyweirdloves

Pirate AU

Pirate Harry

  1. Swim In The Smoke (101k) by @whoknows 

Pirate Louis

  1. Sail Across Me (21k) by @iwillpaintasongforlou

Both Pirates

  1. Set Sail With No Compass (4k) by @zarah5 

I tried not to put too much on this list, but if you’re looking for more, just send me an ask! I’d be happy to suggest more fics!

Details about the Ava’s Demon Panel! Spoilers are under a read-more.

This is all I could remember for now, so I may edit it later on. (also, they’re not in order)

This was an answer to a question that I didn’t hear- “People seem to care about the stuff I don’t care about, and nobody seems to care about the stuff I care about”

Q: Do you know about the official-ad blogs?
A: Yes.

she knows guys. she’s aware

Q: Could you tell us what sexualities the demons are?
A: No, I’m sorry, I can’t say.

She said this kind of timidly guys, people have pushed her to the point where she doesn’t want to say a simple characteristic about her characters because she doesn’t want any more crap from us ;-; (either that or she really hasn’t thought on it)

Q: Earlier in the comic, we see Nevy blushing and remembering something when she looks at Odin, could this have something to do with Pedri?
A: Maybe (crowd snikers)

Q: Are we going to see more of the scavengers?
A: Yes

Q: Who is your favorite character to draw?
A: Well, I don’t don’t like to draw characters that I hate, but I’d have to say Maggie


Q: Which character would be the most politically active?
A:  Strategos Six

She gave me a look like it was a question that she’d never considered and seemed a bit startled by it

Here are a few answers to questions that I didn’t ask (I didn’t hear some of the questions, I’m sorry ;-;)

Q: (Something that wasn’t mean about the Maggie picture)
A:  It’s kind of an Adam and Eve thing, she’s biting into the apple, which shows that she’s not afraid to want more. I tried really hard not to sexualize it, but I wanted to show that Maggie is not afraid of her character.


Q: So, what was up with the machine of death I mean? What made you think of that?
A: (laughs) Well, there’s all this trash buildup and people are eating this trash, none of it’s very real, and eventually, due to the trash buildup, people are going to need a new body. I mean, the crowd doesn’t really see what goes on inside of there anyway,

This one isn’t exact, but that was the gist of it.

Q: If Ava had gone into the machine like she was supposed to, would she still be the same Ava that she was before?
A: Well…*inaudible*… she wouldn’t be possessed anymore though?

It sounded like she hadn’t thought about this either

Q: Is flaming arrow going to become canon?
A: I can’t answer that!


Q: Who is your favorite character from Monster Pop?
A: Oh! That’s Marina!

Q: Who is Maya’s favorite character from Ava’s Demon?
A: (Reading a text) Me. I am my favorite character :) But I’d have to say my favorite character is Maggie, who is supposed to be me.

(I’m not sure if that last line is completely correct I’m sorry ;-;) someone asked this question and she actually texted Maya Kern to ask her. Another question was asked while we waited.

Q: Can the hosts manipulate their own mind setting?
A: Yeah, they can change their surroundings however they want to.

look look look

Q: Why did you choose water for the element of envy?
A: Cause Gil’s story is The Little Mermaid… We haven’t seen Odin’s story yet

Q: Are you working on any other drawings like Gil’s and Maggie’s?
A: Yeah, right now I’m working on a “scandalous Ava” (crowd Laughs)

lamo look

Q: Who is the most depressed of the characters?
A: Tuls

I heard someone mutter “Protect the giant tree”

Q: Are we going to see that naked picture of Wrathia with the bra from one of your streams as a print? (Unclear)
A: I… I don’t know, there’s kids in this crowd I mean… I might cover up the parts and then (crowd laughs)

Q: *laughing* did you hear about TITAN’s nipple after one of your streams?
A: I… *Laughs* What?…TITAN’s nipples? *Laughs* no, no I didn’t hear about TITAN’s nipples


Q: This isn’t really a question, but I really liked how you expressed Ava’s anxiety.
A: Yeah, I just tried to… show how it feels when I’m anxious? You just have to take a step back and look at yourself for  moment.

Q: Is the drawing of Gil connected to Maggie’s in any way?
A: No? Well, in Gil’s drawing, you see him cutting the pearl necklace, which is almost like Maggie biting into the apple, it shows that he’s not afraid to take what he wants.


Q: Is Nevy’s new dress a symbol of something?
A: Yes, because Nevy has amnesia, and she’s slowly remembering who she is

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anonymous asked:

do you know any good underage fanfic smuts you can link me to??

Talk like a top take it like a bottom (Harry/Louis)

“I’m not actually a sex addict. I just think about sex a lot, and have sex a lot. But since my school thinks I’m a slut, they wrote ‘sex addict’ in the report so I can ‘get help’ for my ‘sex problem’.” Harry explained with a shrug. “After therapy they expect me to be more modest. They don’t want me making out with guys before class and letting random boys grab my ass. It’s a ‘distraction’ apparently. Oh! And they want me to ‘respect myself more’.”
“And do you respect yourself Harry?” Louis shot back in a bit of a teasing tone, but he was also genuinely curious about the answer.
Harry’s slight frown curved into a smile. “Of course Louis, I respect myself enough to want a huge cock up my ass every chance I get.”
~ Or the one where harry is a 16 year old sex addict who has to go to therapy, but just ends up seducing Louis, his 21 year old therapist. ~
Part 1 of the My sweet addiction series

You can’t keep your hands off me, i can’t keep my hands off you. (Harry/Louis)

“I wasn’t bluffing when I said my big cock was gonna split you open, Harry. I want you to ride daddy’s cock like a good little slut, you can play with your pretty nipple piercings too, I know you like that. As soon as you’ve gotten used to the feeling of my cock buried so deep inside you I’m going to flip you over and fuck you into the mattress until all you can do is sob my name. You’ll be moaning my name for a week after this, every time you go to sit up you’ll remember how good I fucked you. Sound good, princess?”
~Or the one where Harry’s therapy gets a bit more, intense.~
Part 2 of the My sweet addiction series

make a splash (Zianourry, Harry centric)

“I’m going to get Harry.” Zayn supplies as he swings a leg over and slips slightly when both feet are on the slats / “Wait, are you serious!?” Louis calls after Zayn’s retreating form.
(Harry is 13 and gets gangbanged in a hot tub by his uncle (Louis) and his friends)

My Super Hot Stepdad (Harry/Liam)

Harry want to be fucked by his hot stepdad, Liam…

would you be mine, would you be my baby tonight (Zayn/Louis)

louis was like a sin. 
he was an addiction, like drugs that can kill and give you pleasures at the same time.
and zayn- zayn was the victim at fault.

problems with drinking milk (Harry/Louis)

Louis is Harry’s babysitter and Harry thinks his sperm is milk and drinks it

Little Demons (Zianourry)

Zayn and Louis are 20 while Harry, Niall, and Liam are 14. Harry, Niall, and Liam are all step-brothers and dating. When Louis’ mom makes him babysit the three boys, he asks his boyfriend to come along.

These Walls are Paper Thin (Harry/Zayn, Louis/Zayn)

Zayn’s younger step-brother, Louis, can hear every single thing he does with his boyfriend, Harry.

how could we know (the stars would align) (Harry/Zayn)

It isn’t Zayn’s first kiss, but he’s only ever kissed people his age, and he can’t help the nervous twist of his stomach. But Harry’s hand cups the side of his face and his lips are a warm and firm pressure against his, patiently waiting for him to open up. Zayn feels so young that it’s almost unbearable, but even more so is the heat that pools around with his nerves, and it’s what makes him open up just a fraction.
Or Harry is a 27-year-old lawyer and Zayn is his client’s 17-year-old son.

Only Hate The Road When You’re Missing Home (Harry/Louis/Zayn)

“And you don’t always have to try and do things on your own. We like to help you, love it actually. We love knowing that we’re needed. It’s not just me and Louis plus you as our bonus. I can see it in your face sometimes, don’t look so surprised love. I can see it on your face. We’re not going to get rid of you. You’re not a plaything. You’re our little love. Our boyfriend. It’s not Harry and Louis plus Zayn. It’s Harry and Louis and Zayn.” Harry said gently, caressing the tousled inky locks as those big dewy doe eyes turned to him, widening in surprise the further he spoke, mouth set in an instinctive pout as he blushed and tried to turn away.

My First Kiss Went A Little Like This… (Louis/Zayn)

“Louis?” Zayn said quietly. When he saw that he had Louis’ undivided attention, he continued. “I know you said I’m better than them cause I don’t know and I know you don’t think I need to know, but I just… I really wanna know what sex is, please Lou?” Zayn begged, his voice desperate.

Laughter Lines (Louis/Niall)

Louis shakes his head quickly, trying to clear his thoughts, trying to convince himself that any idea of pushing Niall down to his knees in front of the couch and threading his fingers into the boy’s hair and making him choke on his cock is a bad one.
(or the one in which Niall catches a snippet of a dirty joke and it all goes wrong.)

I could be your daddy daddy (Niall/Zayn)

Daddy! kink Ziall, basically

But a Number (Harry/Niall)

Somehow, Niall ends up with Harry in his lap. Normally wouldn’t complain. Except well, Harry seems to have shrunk at least 4 inches, his baby curls have returned and, oh he barely looks a day over the age of 15.
Or the one where Harry from 2010 time travels himself into Niall’s flat in 2014. Massive amounts of confusion and fluffy, sweet sex ensues.

Year Twelve (Liam/Louis)

God I’m so glad I’m finally a year twelve. I want to get out of this hell hole. But maybe it won’t be so bad now that I have a reason to be happy everyday. Thanks to that perky little year nine that has me falling for him.

3 Months (Liam/Zayn)

It’s been 3 months since Zayn adopted Liam.
But the thing is, it’s also been 3 months since Zayn last had sex.


Demon AU’s

(This had also been requested a while ago)

Sorted by type and length


our hearts will beat as oneHarry is a clumsy human who keeps hurting himself. Louis is a demon who’s bored with life as it is. Cue Louis watching Harry hurt himself over and over again. At some point, it gets less funny and more “I’m legitimately worried for your life”. Also, there may or may not be the fact that Harry is getting hurt because a demon is trying to get Louis’ attention.  (one shot, 30k, has a sequel/epilogue)


Here Come the Children of Chaos“Want to get out of here?” Harry whispers, lips moving against Louis’ ear. “S-Sure” Louis stutters out, lost in the pleasure zipping down his spine. Harry and Zayn exchange a glance, before gently beginning to lead him into the darkness of an empty hallway, away from prying eyes. Louis thinks absently that there’s something not quite right about this whole thing, it feels just a little bit too good to be real, but he pushes it down. It’s only as he notices what tattoos exactly swirl down Harry and Zayn’s arms that he realizes his mistake….Or Zayn and Harry are demons out hunting for their latest prey when they stumble across Louis, a demon hunter. The three of them find a…creative way of settling their differences. (chaptered, complete, 4k, this is zourry not just larry!!, part of an ongoing series)

Run Like the Devil** - Harry stops pouting, but his frown is still fixed in place. “Are you sure?” he asks. “You know it’s your soul you’re signing away.” He sounds…sad? No, that’s not right, but there’ssomething.Christ. This is the most incompetent demon Louis’ ever met. If he hadn’t seen the red of his eyes he wouldn’t believe he was a demon at all. How’d he get this job if he isn’t trying to convince Louis to deal? Or is it just another trick? A ploy for sympathy?“I’m sure,” Louis says. “Come over here and kiss me.” *Supernatural AU. Louis hunts demons; Harry’s the strangest demon he’s ever met, and he keeps fucking meeting him.  (chaptered, complete, 138k, make sure to read tags for warnings please, has a sequel)


Two different versions of the universe Harry is a demon, captured by hunters. but not just any hunters. Angels. Louis is his angel.  (one shot, 11k)

You Give Me Wings**Louis was bored on earth. Really bored. He’d been sent there to cause mischief, to hone his skills as a fully fledged demon but it didn’t matter how much chaos he caused in this strange realm, he was still bored.It was from this boredom that his plan was borne. Louis had finally earned his first lightening bolt last week. It had taken him four years and he had been planning what to with it every day since he set himself the task of obtaining it. Only the cheekiest most mischievous demons earned bolts and there was expectation to use it wisely. If he threw it at a wooden barn and set it alight it would create minor praise. If he created a landslide or avalanche or even woke up a volcano then it would be seen as impressive. But Louis’ plans went a reach beyond.In the other realm- where goody two shoes angels fluttered about all day like annoying butterflies- a lightening bolt could cause a lot of trouble. (chaptered, complete, 103k, locked, by one of my favorite authors)