demon kin

Otherkin stuff is so gross to me and makes me very angry. It’s such a low and disgusting level of attention seeking for someone to stoop to. To fake mental illness and pain, when there are people with actual chronic illnesses, mental and physical, just for attention…? Just because their lives are so perfect, safe, and uneventful…?

I can’t be sure of their motive(s), but it sounds to me like the most probable cause, other than obvious attention seeking, is so that they can escape from the consequences of their actions. For example; a little bitch pretending to be a ‘demon-kin’ might slap you, or curse at you, or do something else inappropriate, and then when you confront them about their behaviour, they will say “Oh no no it’s not my fault I’m a demon-kin it’s in my nature I can’t help it!” so, not only can’t you convict them for being inappropriate, you are now, in fact, the ‘bad one’, because you are ‘bullying! and not being sensitive to this disorder!!’. Bull. Shit. It’s the most manipulative thing I have ever encountered in the entirety of my experienced existence

Identity & Art Theft Alert

Please read. This is especially important for artist, kin, roleplay/writing, and LGBTQ communities.

A few months ago I received a message from someone looking for “guidance” in the elven kin community, which I told them I could not provide. They continued to message me asking more about myself and my sona character, and after some time I noticed they were beginning to adapt traits of mine every time they learned more about me. Eventually I realized they were copying my selfie poses/angles, my clothing, my captions, my tags, my editing, taking after my interests, and even changing their “kin selves” to look, act, and have occupations like myself/sona. I finally addressed their behavior when they plagiarized directly from a roleplay and comic between my partner and I, which they admitted to stealing. They denied everything else, so I decided to block them and remove myself from the situation. About a week ago I realized that despite having blocked their accounts, they were still stalking me. After months.

Today, I was shown a drawing they recently did of what they claim to be them and their friend’s characters. The drawing is traced from my original piece of mine and my partner’s sona’s, shown below.

This person has also been plagiarizing my partner’s photography, taking not only his Instagram username (my partner’s username has been “woodelven” since last year and this person has just changed their username to “shadowelven”) but also his concepts and titles to pieces that have been in galleries. Here is my partner’s photograph of a book I gifted him. They went out and bought the same book and took a photo of the same exact page he photographed. That, along with the stolen title, is not a coincidence.

They also made another private account, the username being “dysphoricelvengod”. The fact that they’re stealing art of my sona, which is supposed to be me as a cisgender male, and using it to represent themselves and being transgender, I’m absolutely disgusted. This is harassment. They are purposefully triggering my dysphoria using my own content that helps me alleviate my dysphoria.

I don’t want to clutter this post with every single detail they’ve stolen from my partner and I, but I will leave a link here for those who want to see further proof. Because it really is down to every little detail and it is important to us, especially since I explained to them right off the bat that our sona characters help my partner and I alleviate our dysphoria.

To view all of my content for reference, my Instagram is @deadthrall​ & my partner’s Instagram is @vincerenoel​ or on his moved account @woodelven.

Here is a list of all of their accounts to block/avoid:

Their Main Instagram Accounts

Their Main Tumblr Accounts

TLDR: Please share this. This person has no respect for artists and wears other people’s individuality like they’re costumes, and will even try to trigger other people’s dysphoria. They won’t listen to reason, and addressing this with them before has only made the issue worse, as has ignoring them. The best thing to do is to warn others. If you do see them continuing to steal my content, please let me know so I can file copyright claims.

Consider: Angels and Demons That Aren't "Storybook"

Angels and demons that don’t hate each other. Why would we? We’re stuck down here together till the Balance collapses.

Angels with beautiful tan skin, brown eyes with flecks of gold in them. Black hair that falls in waves, not sheets.

Demons with blue eyes, not red. Blond hair that’s cut short, and skin that’s sunkissed.

Angels and demons that lay in the laps of another, telling stories of great wars, and calming pastimes before there were very many humans.

Demons who hate black, and like neon pink. Angels who don’t read bibles, and prefer Stephen King.

Angels and demons who sleep all day, in bed together, not apart.

Angels who are chaotic, demons who are nothing short of holy.

Angels and demons who don’t fit in the plot of a storybook. Angels and demons who rewrite them.