@sixpenceee I walked through Demon’s Alley (New City Village) today! There was a very creepy vibe, but not much to see since I stayed on the main road. I’m sure if I went off on the side roads I would have found some cool stuff, but I wasn’t feeling that ballsy today 😂 It was definitely cool, though! Here’s a few pictures I took from today’s adventure 😁👻


Demon’s Alley, West Milford NJ
unfortunately burnt down in Fall 2005

According to the legend, a seemingly normal man moved into the neighborhood. Shortly after, weird pranks and incidents started occurring throughout the ordinary community. The new man in town suggested that the community should hold a town meeting regarding all the strange incidents happening. Little did the citizens know, this man was the leader of a dangerous cult. Once the man got all of the town’s citizens into his basement for the “meeting”, cult members poured into the basement from above and slaughtered all the citizens in the basement and fled. They were never caught.

It is said that there were “Satanic" messages all over the walls of these houses. Also that if you walked into some homes, the tables were set for dinner like the family might come through the door at any minute to eat. Demon’s Alley is supposedly haunted and people have reported that if you go late at night, you will be chased away by a white truck (the demons). The doors on the house were a very eerie sight. All of the boards on the doors had shades with pull cords painted on them. Some say that it was so the houses looked less vacant from a distance but it was still very odd.

Demon’s Alley was an attraction for tourists and teenagers to hang out and explore even though there were "no trespassing” signs posted everywhere throughout the community. It was patrolled by police cars, so people who went to visit had to be very sneaky. It was apparently dead silent in the community. There were no sounds of birds or insects. Just an eerie silence. Many don’t believe the legend but why would these families just leave the neighborhood and leave all their belongings behind? It’s a mystery we may never figure out but the legend still lives.

I've Got You

Characters: Sam and Reader (brief Dean)

Words:410 This is short but I LOVE how it turned out!

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Sam thinks about the very first time he laid eyes on her. A petite brunette who looked like she couldn’t hurt a fly, she was grinning with glee as she beheaded two vamps at once saving his life.
“I’ve got you.” she said as his mouth fell open in surprise.

“I’ve got you!“ Sam yelled as he reached his long arm down from the top of the fence. His hand grasped hers and he quickly pulled her over. The hellhounds were almost on her, and she was too short to climb the fence.

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ramainen-elvie  asked:

NicoMaki devil/angel AU.

She appears in a storm of black feathers.

Nico is forced to look up, to squint against the sunlight, to search beyond the falling plumage, and an inhuman growl rises in her throat when she sees her.

Perched atop a building, a girl is staring down at her, impassive, disinterested. She idly twirls a strand of crimson hair, weight shifted to one foot and eyes half lidded. Her head tilts slightly to the side and she raises an eyebrow.

Nico snarls at the impudence. 

“A demon in an alley, living in garbage and preying on the weak,” the girl drawls. “I almost wish I could call this an uncommon sight.”

“Pardon my hearing, o high and mighty guardian of skies.” Nico spits in return. “I couldn’t quite catch your words from your birds nest up there.”

Purple eyes flash and a gust of wind almost knocks Nico off her feet. When the gale passes, as abruptly as it had arrived, the girl is standing only a few meters away. She wields twin daggers bathed in white flame, and grim irritation lights her eyes similarly.

What catches Nico’s attention, however, are the unfurled wings sprouting from the girl’s back, jet black in color, reaching across the alley and arched high so the shadows surround Nico threateningly. 

And for the briefest of moments, before the battle begins, before her claws unsheathe and her fangs emerge, before the girl leaps at her with blades extended, Nico reflects that they’re the most beautiful wings she’s ever seen.