On Earth As It Is In Heaven

Demon!Calum AU

Summary: All you wanted was to make a deal and save your boyfriend, but there’s a lot more to your story then you know. He’s waited an eternity for you to find him, but now it may be too late. 

A/N: Contains some violence. Thanks for reading! 


The sky was a brooding grey color and the wind howled as if telling you to turn back and not to follow through with your last ditch effort at saving the only person in the world that you truly loved. The gravel road crunched under your feet as you walked, gripping the small box that held all the items necessary to complete the ritual. Tonight would be the last night of your life, you assumed, as you buried the box beneath the earth there at the crossroads. You prayed that the legends were true and that these items would allow you to sell the only thing you had that was worth saving human life: your soul. You hadn’t wanted it to come to this, but this is what true love was all about right? Sacrificing all you had for the one you loved? There was no other way. It had to be done.

You and your boyfriend Trey had been together for four years and he was really your only lifeline to the world. Without him, you thought, life wouldn’t be worth living and so you convinced yourself that this was your only option if you wanted him to get better. He had been sick for a few months now and the doctors said he had mere weeks until the disease took him for good.

Begrudgingly, you got up from the ground and looked around for the creature you knew would be meeting you here shortly, shivering in the cold autumn wind.

Just as you thought that maybe this process really was an old wives tail, a raspy voice sounded from behind you, making you turn your head to find its speaker.

“Now what’s a healthy young girl like you doing at a crossroad?” The man was tall and much more handsome than you anticipated, with dark hair and tan skin complete with deep brown eyes and a pearly white smile.

“I’m here t-to make a deal.” You stuttered, practically trembling in your shoes.

“Well what can I get you beautiful? Eternal youth? A bigger house? A lover?” He smirked cheekily but your face remained set into a frown.

“My boyfriend’s dying. I want to save his life.”

His face fell for a brief moment, although he quickly regained composure and continued with his taunting. “Oh she’s the noble type?” He laughed, flashing you his white smile. “Well love, I can certainly save your boy for you, but it’s going to cost you.”

“I’ll give you anything.”

“Perfect. I’ll save your boyfriend and he’ll live a long and happy life. Unfortunately it won’t be with you though because I’ll be collecting your soul here shortly.”

“I’ve accepted that.” You chuckled halfheartedly.

“What? No begging? You could at least try and make this fun for me.”

“Could I at least see him one more time? You know, before you drag me to hell?” You cringed at the thought, but hoped that he would let you see your beloved boyfriend up and healthy again before you were gone from his life forever.

“Sure sweetheart, why not. So, I suppose that means your decision is final?” You could say he looked hopeful that you were willing to grant him your soul, and the thought made you cringe. But it was too late to pull back now. Trey needed you, and you were always one to help the ones you loved.

“It is.” You whispered, almost inaudibly, but the handsome demon grinned nonetheless.

“Then we’ll have to seal it with a kiss sweetheart. Don’t worry, it’s not cheating if you do it for the right reasons.” He wiggled his eyebrows and if the situation had been any less dire, you might have cracked a smile.

“Okay.” A single tear rolled down your cheek at the thought leaving Trey, but you wiped it from your face and stood tall as the demon boy loomed over you, his plump lips ghosting over your own. In one swift movement, he gripped the back on your neck and pulled you into him, crashing his lips with yours. The kiss didn’t feel supernatural, except for the fact that this boy was really great at it, but the idea that this single kiss was changing your life forever was almost too much to handle. With a loud sob, you pushed him away and he stumbled backwards slightly before touching his lips and furrowing his eyebrows together, but his confused expression vanished as soon as you noticed it.

“Well shall we go heal your boy or what?” His voice was shaky, much different from the cocky manner he had been exhibiting the entire night.

“Yes please.”

“My name’s Calum by the way.”

“Y/N.” You mumbled in reply as he took your hand, signifying that he would take you to see your boyfriend.

“Well Y/N, just close your eyes and we’ll be there in no time.”


You wished you could take it all back. You wished you hadn’t been so stupid as to believe in true love and to believe that one selfless sacrifice would fix everything. But it was too late now.

Calum had taken you directly outside yours and Trey’s shared apartment where you had allowed him to come inside so that he could perform whatever it was he needed to so that the love of your life would be healed. But upon entering your home,  you hadn’t been met with your boyfriend’s smiling face welcoming you into his arms. Instead he had been out of breath and naked, lying beneath a beautiful bronze skinned woman who was equally as naked as he was. He barely even noticed you come in.

You didn’t even hear his words as he tried to apologize, mumbling some incoherent apology and that he had been meaning to tell you for awhile now. They had been planning to run away together before he had fallen ill, but since the diagnosis he saw no point in soiling your memory of him. But now, he was miraculously healed he said, as if the Lord himself had descended from the heavens and driven the sickness from his body. If only he knew that it was no act of God that had saved him, but the sale of your soul to a brown eyed demon that cured him.

You could barely stand. You could barely breath. You had sacrificed your life, your soul, for someone who had no intention to love you at all and now you would pay the price for your foolishness.

Calum guided you out of your old apartment, back into the night air.

“I’m sorry.” He said, but you knew he didn’t mean it.

“What do you care? You harvested a soul either way.” You sobbed, the tears still streaming from your eyes like a floodgate had been opened.

“Betrayal is the ultimate sin where I’m from. There is no forgiveness for betrayal and I would not wish it upon anyone. Especially you. But what’s done is done and now I have to collect.” He spoke somberly and you closed your eyes,willing the tears to stop.

“I’m ready.”

He smirked. “Well sweetheart I actually have some good news for you.” He smiled but you stared at him blankly, forcing him to continue. “Lucky for you I don’t have to bring your soul to hell. Instead, you belong to me now.” He stepped closer to you, taking your chin in his hands and tracing his thumb over your bottom lip.

“I don’t understand I thought you were just a crossroads demon?”

Calum lifted a piece of your hair out of the way and whispered in your ear. “See that’s where you’re wrong sweetheart. I’m much, much more than that.”


There were a lot of things you wish you would’ve known before you had made that life altering deal with Calum and the fact that he was the right hand man to the devil himself was one of those things. Calum had explained that he was second in command, right under Lucifer, and that he controlled most of the demonic things that happened on earth.

“Lucifer controls hell, but I control the earthly domain.”

“So why were you sent to the crossroads that night? Isn’t that just dirty work for a big shot like you?” You rolled your eyes, not caring whether or not you pissed him off. What’s the worst thing that could happen right? He already owned your soul.

“That’s a conversation for another time, love.” And that’s the only answer you ever got from him. You asked him the question often, but he would always evade the answer telling you that he didn’t have to tell you anything or that all would reveal itself in time, but never a real answer no matter how many times you asked him.

In the weeks following, it was rare that Calum ever allowed you to leave his side. He only left you alone either to return to hell or to deal with a problem that he didn’t think concerned you-neither of which occurred often enough for you liking. He would leave you locked in his room of the small apartment he kept you in when he left, threatening you to stay put with eternal damnation or something similar. Though when he was around he tended to keep to himself, only ever talking to you when he was inquiring about what kind of food you wanted to eat or if you were comfortable enough. He was surprisingly kind for someone who was supposed to be second in command to a legion of demons, you thought, and you kept waiting for him to pull out a bunch of torture devices and do a number on you. But to your surprise, and also to your delight, he never did. Instead, he would cover you with an extra blanket when he thought you were cold, buy your favorite snacks from the store, and allow you to watch whatever you wanted on TV. There was something up and you just weren’t buying his nice guy act. He was a demon from hell for christ’s sake.
He had just come back to the small apartment he had for you and had just sat down onto the worn couch when he noticed you narrowed eyes.


“What’s going on Calum?”

“I already told you, you belong to me and that’s all there is to it.” He sighed, his eyes never fully meeting yours.

You raised your voice at him. “No there has to be something else. You’re being too nice to me for someone who supposedly helps rule hell and happens to own my soul.” You shouted.

All of a sudden, Calum shot up, his arm extending and his hand reaching for your throat as his eyes melted into the soulless black that he had yet to show you. His face was a centimeter from yours, his expression hard as he shoved his body on top of yours and pushed you into the cushions. You had never seen his eyes turn black before and it absolutely terrified you. It reminded you that no matter how nice he may seem he would always be the demon that took your soul.

“Is this what you want? You want me to hurt you? To drag you to hell?” His voice was sinister, but with a hurt undertone, almost as if he were a broken hearted lover. “You would rather die and be tortured eternally than be with me? Is that what you want?” He growled, his black eyes raging and his hand tightening around your neck. 

“C-Cal p-please.” You choked, the air dissipating from your lungs as his grip grew even tighter. Your pleading eyes met his completely black ones, and as a single tear escaped from your eye he seemed to snap back to reality. His eyes turned back into the deep brown and his grip immediately loosened.

“I-I hurt you.” He stuttered, brows furrowing as deep purple fingerprints began to form on your delicate skin. “I’m never supposed to hurt you, that’s not how it works. I must be getting worse, I-I…” He muttered, getting up from the couch and taking a few steps back from you.

“What do you mean you’re not supposed to?” You asked, but he was too lost in thought to answer. “Calum just tell me-” He cut you off as he swooped back in towards your neck, his lips suckling on your now sensitive skin. He brushed his fingers over your jawline as the sucking turned into kisses. Immediately, the pain you had felt from his chokehold vanished, the bruises fading until, to your amazement, your skin turned back to its original color.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered. “It’s not supposed to go like this. But I guess that’s why the heavens are against us right?” He chuckled.

“What do you mean heaven is against us?”

Calum smiled softly, gazing deep into your eyes as he stroked your bottom lip. “Oh my sweet, sweet, naive little girl. How innocent you’ve always been.” You laid your hand over his as he stroked your face, but you still couldn’t understand what he was talking about.

“Calum just help me understand. If I’m going to be bound to you eternally, you might as well let me know what’s going on.” You reasoned just as Calum’s eyes fluttered closed and he let out a prolonged sight.

“Okay I’ll tell you everything. But no interruptions okay? I won’t be able to go on if you interrupt me.” You nodded your head in agreement and he began his story.

“You’ve heard the story of how demons were created right? Lucifer tried to rebel against God, so in return he kicked him and all his followers out of heaven to live eternally in hell and wreak havoc on the earth?” You nodded. “Well, he also decided to kick out those who couldn’t decide where their loyalties lay quick enough.” He grunted, and you almost said something before he continued. “Angels are supposed to love God and only God. We are not allowed to feel any other emotion with the exception of guardian angels to their assignments. For us, that’s where things went wrong. You were so beautiful and I just couldn’t help myself. Long story short, we fell in love, therefore breaking the only rule known to angels. We were able to keep it hidden on for awhile, but you can’t hide anything from God.” He sighed, running his fingers through his thick, dark hair. 

“Wait me? What are you talking about I was never-”

“I said no interruptions darling.” He raised his eyebrows at you and you shut your mouth, hoping he would continue. “He didn’t want to punish you as harshly as the rest of us. You were a prize, even amongst angels and no one wanted to see you descend to hell. So while the rest of us fell from heaven, our wings ripped out or blackened, you were given a second chance. You were always hesitant about disobedience anyways, but some people are just made for each other.” He chuckled, moving a stray piece of hair from your face. “Fortunately for us, God does still have his moments. They don’t call him omnibenevolent for nothing. So he gave us a loophole. He would allow you to live as a human, reincarnated every so often, but without any of your memories of me or of heaven and I would be forced to live under Lucifer’s reign as a demon and watch you live your life without me.”

“How is that merciful?” You scoffed, but he only rolled his eyes.

“You really have a hard time not asking questions.”

“Sorry.” You mumbled, and he grinned.

“The loophole is this. If ever you were to summon me and try and make a deal, then immediately your soul would be bound to mine again like it was before we were cast out.  However, in order for your memories to be returned you would have to willingly fall in love with me again.” He stared bashfully at the ground. He didn’t look like the type to ever be shy, but here he was with his cheeks bright red as he told you that you would have to love him in order to be set free.  

“So it’s all up to me then?” You whispered, shocked that there was a whole part of your life, or your many lives and existences, that had been kept hidden from you for so many years. 

“As it’s always been.”He smiled softly, looking at you like you were once again the angel he had fallen in love with up in heaven. And in his mind, you still were.

“And you’re telling me that in the millennium we’ve apparently been around this is the first time I’ve ever tried to make a deal with a demon?”

“You’ve always been pure like that. I guess that’s what the big man was counting on when he created the loop hole.” Calum scowled. “And of course you finally do and it’s to save another man. I’d kill him if I could for what he did to you, but I can’t say I’m not pleased you’re no longer attached to him.”

You had been trying to push the thought of your cheating scum of an ex-boyfriend to the back of your mind, but you had to admit the thought of his seemed so distant now that you knew the truth. “So if I fall in love with you again, then we both go back to heaven?” You inquired.

“I’m not sure really. I doubt either of us would ever be reinstated, but I do know that we could go free. I’m not sure what happens after that.” He scratched the back of his neck, and you could’ve sworn it wasn’t the first time you’d seen it. Like a flash of lightening, or something even quicker, a memory popped back into your head. He was perched on a branch in a fruit tree, offering you a ripe, round peach with a delicate smile, only this time he had  beautiful, white wings cascading from his shoulder blades and a golden halo hovering above his dark locks. He was stunning and as you took the fruit, he lifted his hand back to scratch his neck before leaning in and whispering in your ear. “I’ll love you for eternity my sweet, sweet angel.”

A loud knock on the apartment door pulled you from your thoughts, and as quickly as the memory had appeared, it was gone again. You looked to Calum and for the first time, you saw a glint of fear in his brown eyes.

“There’s one more thing.” His voice decreased into a whisper. “Your soul isn’t just a ticket for you and I to be free. Legend says that a pure angel who has walked the earth on her own will be the key for any demon to escape hell forever. A lot of people think that’s you which means…”

“That I’m essentially a get out of hell free card.” You finished for him. “Lovely.”

The knocks persisted, turning into heavy pounding before a sickly voice sounded from the other side.

“Calum I know you’re in there. Don’t be selfish boy, why don’t you help an old friend out.” The voice sent chills down your spine, like a cube of ice had been shoved down your shirt and was sliding down your skin.

“We have to run.” Calum sounded distressed as he took your hand and pulled you towards the fire escape in a haste.

“Who is that?” You whimpered as Calum pulled you behind him protectively, checking out the window to see if the coast was clear.

“That, my love, is Death. And it looks like he’s come for us after all.”


Part 2


Demon!calum would be a cocky asshole and he’d have you begging on your knees every night but his face would be blotted with black veins whenever you’d ask him to take your soul to turn you into on him because he truly believes himself to be a monster and he’d try to leave you insisting he wasn’t deserving only to come back a week later because he can’t bring himself to stay away

Welcome To Fucking Hell - CHAPTER ONE

im really into weird supernatural things right now? so i wrote about hell. this has 7 chapters atm but im not done and they’re all quite short so….?

tw: death and blood

ALL CHAPTERS - masterlist

You groaned at the single knock on your door and as blindingly luminous lights turned on automatically. It meant you were on duty today - shuffling more newly-dead fuckwits to and from their respective activities. You at least hoped you were given a politician, watching their punishments was always entertaining. However it still meant you had to get up early, which you were not at all happy about. Just another day in Hell.

You grabbed your register from one of the Reapers, walking into your respective room where you would be faced with 5-10 of the newly deads. Thousands of the other demons would be on this duty throughout the day as well, meaning every damned soul was taken care of eventually. This was only one of your jobs as a demon and although it was draining sometimes, it was by far better than some of the other things you could be doing in Satan’s underworld.

“Okay,” You scanned the list of names, “Andre, Kate, Jordan and Mae-Li stand over here,” You pointed next to you, “If you follow the signs to ‘Plumbing’ when you leave the room, you’ll be assigned your duties you’ve been charged to do for the rest of eternity when you get there.”

Lucky suckers, they had only committed mild crimes: petty theft, underage drinking, maybe some light fraud, nothing too bad. They’d be treated relatively kindly.

Your eyes glinted as they landed on an occupation that made your rotting heart flip.

“Donald Trump? Go down the hall and follow the signs to ’Hades’. Good luck,” You instantly regretted your civility, “Actually, no go fuck yourself.” You pushed him out the room, wiping your hand on your leg to get rid of whatever Trump particles had made their way into contact with you.

Okay, one person left. You scrunched your eyebrows as you read the name. It sounded familiar… someone from your past life.

“Fuck.” You whispered under your breath.

“Something wrong?”

You clenched your jaw as you heard that unmistakable Aussie accent.

“Calum? Calum motherfucking Hood?” You glared at the boy, who although obviously looked older from when you last saw him, still looked like… well, Calum.

“Yes?” His voice cracked, and you realised you might be coming across as strange, even to a man who just found out that life after death is real and he is in Hell.

Your fingernails dug into the thin plastic of the clipboard, crumpling it under your strength as you blinked back tears.

“What happened, huh? What did you do?” You had to stop yourself from slapping the boy.

“I… uh, I don’t know? The skeleton guy told me it was a hit and run?” Calum gestured, you assumed he meant the Grim Reaper.

“Fuck.” You said again, hanging your head and shaking it.

You hadn’t cried in all the time you had been here, but this one particular boy could play your heartstrings just as well as he could the bass.

“Sorry… Do we know each other? It feels like you know me at least.” He came closer to you, approaching cautiously.

“Yeah… I mean, no, of course not,” You inhaled and tried to collect yourself and your thoughts, “Before I was here, I was a fan of your music, I just hoped I wouldn’t have to hear about this for a long time. Or you wouldn’t end up in here at all.”


“Hell, Calum. Welcome to Hell.”

He swallowed thickly and shakily took a step backwards, reaching out for the wall to keep himself steady.

“Wow.” His voice was scratchy.

“You didn’t gather that from all the skulls and shit?” You tried to lighten the mood but it seemed as if you had sent Calum spiralling into that oh-so-familiar pit of insanity.

He was resting all his weight on the matte black wall, breathing heavily and his eyes were shut tight.

“Hey!” You took his arm, shaking him somewhat aggressively, “Snap the fuck out of it or you’re gonna get sent to Hades too.”

It was true, the ones who couldn’t keep it together got sent to burn. They were too demented to work or be useful.

“Hades?” Calum gulped.

“Yeah. Now let’s see what you’ve been assigned okay?” You weren’t sure if you could remember how to be comforting but your change in tone seemed to be working.

Calum stood up on his own two feet and cleared his throat as you trying to flatten the paper in your hand. You scrunched your eyebrows together as you read the fine print, seeing the rare combination and clocking what it meant for Calum.

“What is it?”

“They want you to become a demon.”

part 2

You let out another scream as the blade glides across your skin, the cut glowing white and lighting up the room for a second before disappearing.

“Just tell us where he is,” Calum shrugs as he circles you once more. “That’s all you have to do, love. Tell us where Michael is and we’ll let you go. And by that, I mean we’ll let you live and release you. See, here in Hell, we’re honest unlike you angels.” 

You turn your head just in time for his spit to land on your cheek, your eyes coming in contact with Luke who was standing in the corner, watching as Calum tortured you. “I’ll never tell you where he is,” you growl, baring your teeth at the blue-eyed demon and you watch his eyes narrow.

With a sigh, Calum turns to his partner. “Your turn, Luke. I’m gonna go get some more tools.” He turns to you with a wicked smirk, his eyes turning dark as he asks, “Ever heard of trepanation, princess?” You stare at him in silence, unfamiliar with the term, as he just laughs at you. “Let’s just say you’ll be feeling a bit more holy.”

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On Earth As It Is In Heaven-Part 2

Demon!Calum AU

Summary: You thought you were selling your soul to a demon but instead it paid for his sins. You were supposed to be the ticket back to heaven, but to him you’re much, much more. 

A/N: Warnings contain death and violence. Here is part two! Thank you so much for all the lovely feedback for part one:) 

Part One


“So I guess you could say death is literally knocking at our door.” You chuckled.

“All this time and you still haven’t gotten any funnier.”


“Sorry babe, I lost all my sympathy after a millennia in hell can you blame me?” He laughed, squeezing your hand so you knew he was joking. You humphed in response as Calum stuck his head out the window, looking around to see if they could be expecting any more unwelcomed guests.

“I can smell her soul from here boy, don’t keep Death waiting.” You could hear the smugness in the voice outside the door and once again it sent chills down your spine. The pounding grew louder and louder and you could hear the flimsy wood of the door beginning to break.



“What happens if he…it…they catch us?”

Calum stopped what he was doing, turning around to look at you with sad eyes. “If Death touches you, then you die. Simple as that. Though luckily, he wears gloves most of the time but I can’t imagine what he would do to get you so we need to move.” He stepped out onto the fire escape, before turning back and helping you out of the window, but as soon as you had one foot on the platform, the front door came flying off it’s hinges. You turned to look at the figure standing in the doorway. You wished you hadn’t. He was tall and slender, his skin sickly and haggard as he stepped through the threshold and came towards you. As soon as you made eye contact with his dark pupils, you were transported to another world.

You saw yourself, barefoot and dressed in animal skin as you ran through the jungle, a hungry tiger following you closely. You felt the pain as it caught up to you, slicing its claws down your back as it jaws clamped on your neck. Suddenly, he vision changed and this time you were trapped in the hold of a ship, the water rising as you cried out for anyone to open the hatch and let you out. The ship was going down and as it sunk below the surface, the water filled every inch of the small room, stealing your precious oxygen from you as your world became black. Again, you were jolted into another world as the people around you chanted for your death. Your hands were tied behind you as the executioner forced you to your knees before swinging the sharpened axe that ended your life once more before your mind transported you to a different room filled with orange flame. You skin was already covered in soot as your lungs begin to fill with smoke. Luckily, the smoke that had already entered your lungs choked you before the searing fire could burn you. The visions came so quickly, one after the other. Shot. Stabbed. Strangled. Head wound. Disease. You felt the pain of each one of them shooting through your entire body in the instant they had come, like you were reliving every single kind of death imaginable.
The feeling of a familiar hand in yours pulled you from the nightmare.

“Y/N let’s go!” Calum tugged you away from the sickly looking man, but his smirk told you that the visions had been sent from him. In an instant, the man was looming over you, some supernatural power allowing him to move faster than a man his age should have been able to.

“Oh how many times I have been blessed to see your life fade away.” His raspy voice echoed in your ear. “I look forward to trading your corpse for my freedom.” His hands weren’t gloved, you noticed, as they closed around your neck.

You could hear Calum screaming your name as Death’s skin touched yours and you braced for the impact of darkness to overtake you. But it never came.

Death’s eyes went wide as he realized that his touch had no effect on you, his grip relenting ever so slightly, giving Calum the distraction he needed to literally pull you from death’s grasp. The lanky old man was in too much shock to follow as Calum pulled you the rest of the way out the window and into the cool night air as you gasped for breath.

He tugged you towards a sleek, black motorcycle, letting go of your hand so that he could mount the bike. He gestured for you to follow suit but you took a step back, hesitantly shaking your head and crossing your arms protectively in front of your body.

“No. I am not getting on that death trap. And certainly not with you driving.”

Calum sent you a glare, that if you hadn’t been already used to, would have chilled you to the bone.

“Get on the fucking bike Y/N.” He growled and the fire in his eyes caused you to reconsider disobeying him. Taking the extra helmet from him and shoving it on your head, you climbed on the back of the bike and wrapped your arms securely around his torso.

He drove dangerously, going twice as fast as he needed to and taking the corners sharp, you assumed to scare you-which unfortunately was working. You clutched his body tighter as the wind whipped through at your body, and you swore you could feel him smirking as he continued speeding down the dark roads of the city. He drove like that for almost an hour before he finally turned off onto a dirt road leading to a log cabin that looked as if it were a prop on a horror movie set. He pulled the motorcycle to a halt, and you tumbled off the bike, gasping to air as he chuckled.

“Sometimes I forget that you’re not as used to living on the wild side as I am.”

You rolled your eyes, still attempting to catch your breath as you took off the helmet and handed it back to him.

“Don’t worry, I think it’s cute how fragile you are.” He winked at you before wrapping his arm around your shoulders and directing you into the house. He placed a small kiss on the top of your head and you couldn’t help but allow the blood to rush into your cheeks at the feeling of his plump lips on your skin.

The house was surprisingly nice on the inside and you were curious as to how Calum had come upon it, but decided for the sake of your sanity not to ask any questions. Plopping down on the couch with an exhausted sigh, you closed your eyes but immediately reopened them with a jolt as Calum plopped down next to you.

“So, do you wanna tell me why you’re not dead right now?”


“Death, he touched you with his bare hands and you’re not dead. Explain.” His thick eyebrows were knit together and the blackness of his pupils began to fill the rest of his eyes  and you could tell he was trying to look intimidating. But that didn’t work on you anymore.

“I don’t know Cal.”

“The hell you mean you don’t know?”

“Well, when he was looking at me I could feel myself dying over and over again.” Your voice was hushed as you recalled the violent flashbacks that had overcome you.

“Is that why you were frozen? I was calling out to you, trying to make you move but it was like you were in another world.”

“I saw myself Cal. In every life I’ve lived since the very beginning. I experienced every single last breath I’ve ever taken in less than a single moment.” You began to cry, tears welling in your eyes as you recounted the last couple hours. “It didn’t feel like it would ever stop because I couldn’t even imagine a time where I wasn’t dying. He did that just by looking at me, but he couldn’t kill me, I just…I don’t understand!” You sobbed. “Why can’t I understand?”

It had been a long time since Calum had felt any trace of a positive emotion. Ever since you had been torn from his life, he had not felt a single ounce of joy nor one degree of pleasure. Life as a demon had allowed him to be without moral and carefree, completely draining his feelings of sympathy or compassion. But now as he saw the tears running down your soft cheeks, a light inside him seemed to flip on that he didn’t think would ever be a part of his existence again.
In one swift move, Calum had you cradled in his arms as you sobbed onto his shirt.“This isn’t what I wanted for us. This isn’t what I wanted for you. I’m so sorry baby. Oh, my sweet angel I’m so sorry.” For the first time in his existence, Calum began to cry. Hot tears poured down his face, landing on your hair as he rocked you back and forth.

“I just don’t understand what’s happening. I wish I knew how I was supposed to act and what I was supposed to do and feel but I don’t recall. I can’t remember anything. It comes in flashes and then it disappears, like it’s taunting me, allowing me to see just enough happiness before it’s ripped away again.”

“Y-You have flashbacks?” He asked, surprised.

You nodded. “I can tell they’re starting to come back little by little.”

“Y/N…” He began slowly. “If your memories are starting to come back, then does that mean you might be falling in love with me again?” He couldn’t hide the glint of hope in his voice as he asked, but you only sighed and squeezed your eyes shut, pinching the bridge of your nose as you concentrated on what to say.

“Don’t ask me what it means Cal, because I have no idea and I’m not ready to quantify anything yet. Just let time take its course.” You offered him a weak smile, but he had never been the patient type.

His lips met yours like fire eating up the oxygen in a burning room. It wasn’t like the last time you had kissed him, which had been bittersweet since it had been what you thought was supposed to be the final nail in your coffin. No, this time was different. This time it was mutual. You kissed him back with all the fervor you had and he melted into you in the way only a millennia of waiting could justify. His strong hands found your hips as he pulled you onto his lap as if he couldn’t bear to be any further away from you. You wrapped your arms around his neck, your fingers subtly playing with the baby hairs at the base as you continued to move your lips in rhythm with his. This time, it felt like you were made to be here-and essentially, you were.

The vision came softly this time and it felt like you were floating as your mind was filled with pictures of Calum dressed all in white, lying next to you on the white cloud that hovered amongst the heavens. He was laughing and staring at you like you were the very thing that made heaven so enjoyable. His soft brown hair fell into his eyes, but you moved the fringe out of the way so that you could see the little crinkles that made his laugh so enjoyable to watch. He was stunning, you thought, and much different from the hardened version of him that you had come to know in this life. You wished more than anything that somehow he would go back to the beautiful creature you knew he once was instead of this man before you whose heart had been blackened by the eons he had spent without you.

You pulled away from him just slightly, both of you stopping to catch your breath, your hands still all over each other

“Another memory.” You whispered and you watched as his entire face lit up.

“You remembered?”

“Not everything, but I remember us laying on a cloud and you were laughing. We were dressed in white and you looked like…well you looked like an angel Cal.”

Calum smiled, mostly to himself, as he recalled the memory of you and him. “That was the first time I told you I loved you. You teased me and told me not to be so sappy, but I kissed you so you would stop being so mean.” He snickered. “It worked, obviously.”

“I wish I could remember.”

“Me too Y/N. Me too.”


You were used to sleeping dreamlessly and the bright colors that invaded your slumber were a drastic change from your usually peaceful dreams.

You were in the most beautiful garden you had ever seen in your life. The colors of the flowers were heightened and there was not an unhealthy plant in sight. Each plant seemed to thrive on the existence of the other, the entire garden erupting into harmony as a peaceful feeling washed over you by merely being a part of the atmosphere.
“Y/N!” Calum’s voice called to you from beyond a grassy hill. Following the sound of his voice led you to a small pond, it’s waters crystal clear. “Come on!” He beckoned you from the water as he splashed around, diving under and back again, laughing and hollering for you to join him. Droplets of water dripped off the ends of his hair and down his arms, outlining the veins on his sculpted muscles. You were just about to step over the edge of the hill and jump into the water with him when he was suddenly pulled under. You watched as he struggled to keep afloat, the clearness of the water allowing you to watch as he was dragged to the depths by an unseen force. You could see his lips forming your name as he cried for help, his arms reaching up to the surface where you stood until suddenly you could see him no longer. In a blink of an eye, the beautiful garden turned black, the roots of the trees strangling any form of life and beauty there had once been. The garden was imploding and it was taking you with it, encasing you in a horrific blackness as you screamed out loud.

You woke up with a jolt, gasping for air as reality settled in around you as you yelled Calum’s name, wanting to make sure that he was in fact still here with you. He came rushing in, searching frantically for you in the dimly lit room. He was by your side in an instant, sliding into bed next to you and soothingly rubbing your back in attempts to calm you down.

“It’s okay, it was just a dream.”

“No, Calum I know what we need to do.”

“What do you mean?”

“The dream I just had, Death’s touch not effecting me. I know what it means.”

He looked at you expectantly, waiting for you to continue.

“We need to go back to where it all started. In order for my memories to finally be restored, we need to go back to The Garden of Eden.”


Part 3



DarkAngel!Luke Smut (Part of Halloween!5sos Series except like 2 years late)

Word Count: 2.1k of pURE FILTH

Rating: smUt

Warning: supernatural!5sos, rough af luke i’m not sorry

A/N: this is so dirty and idk if it’s even that good also pls don’t go to a guy you met 5 seconds ago’s house that’s how u get murdered

Requests: open





A long time ago–like a really fucking long time ago–the angel Lucifer rose up against his superior. God was not pleased with Lucifer’s sins and cast him out of Heaven. Those who sided with Lucifer were also turned away from the gates, falling to the earth and blending into humanity as fallen angels. These spirits are immortal, with powers beyond those of normal humans despite their mortal appearances. Only a very few selected can see these supernatural beings, and the only thing that gives them away are the gorgeous, silky, black wings that often protrude from their backs.

You don’t really understand how you ended up at a bar on a Monday night, but you weren’t complaining as the bartender slid over another martini on the rocks.

“Are you okay? Usually girls only come to the bar alone to drown out their sorrows,” the brunette server asked. He was extremely cute. Hazel eyes, curly hair, dimples, and a cute accent.

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part 2 // part 4

“Finally,” Luke rolls his eyes, releasing your head as he turns to face Michael. “We thought you’d never show up.”

“Come to save your little girlfriend, Michael?” Calum coos as he tauntingly presses the trigger on the drill. “Cut it a bit close, don’t you think? A few more seconds and she would’ve been more holy than the big man himself!”

“First of all, she’s not my girlfriend,” Michael points out. “Been there, done that; didn’t really work out since we’ve been best friends for centuries. Second of all, shut the hell up.”

A bright white light appears from his body, distracting and momentarily blinding the two demons as Michael runs over and cuts your chains with his angel blade. “Sorry I’m late, this tablet is a bitch to carry. For an omnipresent being who doesn’t talk much, you’d think the tablets with the Word of God would be a bit lighter.”

He takes your hand and the two of you are about to leave when black smoke envelopes the two of you and you hear a deep laugh. “You didn’t think we’d just let you leave, did you?”

for acoustcmichael‘s and quiffedluke‘s angel/demon!5sos night

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DEMON!CALUM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This one’s pretty violent so if you’re squeamish I’d reconsider reading - there’s also a slight sexual assault involved!


He could sense that your life was going downhill. It’s why he was attracted to you; it was his job to snatch you up in your vulnerable state, to convince you that the life he would offer would be the best thing that ever happened to you. But it wasn’t. He knew it wasn’t. But that was part of the pleasure of the whole thing. He was a demon, and demons fed on despair, on fear, on all the unhappy feelings a human could offer. That’s what kept them going.

You didn’t believe in any of that stuff though. You were a total skeptic, unable to even humour the idea of angels and demons or ghosts and werewolves. Why should you? It’s not as though you’d ever seen anything out of the ordinary. Lately though you were at least inclined to believe in bad luck - you’d been fired from your job, consequently kicked out of your apartment, and your parents weren’t speaking to you because they believed you’d failed them. It was safe to say that your life had hit rock bottom.

So when an attractive man started hitting on you at the bar where you had decided to spend the last of your money you thought that maybe, just maybe, your luck was turning around after all. That was until, when you went outside to have a cigarette with him, he started to grope you and insist that he was going to make you feel good whether you wanted him to or not.

“Let them go.”

The guy turned around, a hand still very firmly holding your waist, and scowled. “Mind your own business, asshole.”

The stranger, who was still standing in the shadows so that you couldn’t see his face, laughed softly. “I never did know how to do that. But I’ll make you a deal.”

This caught the pervert’s attention. “A deal?”

“Let them go and I’ll let you live.”

The man started cackling now, completely amused by the idea that this stranger with a silky sweet voice was going to kill him. “You and whose army, kid?”

The stranger stepped into the light now, and he really did look like a kid, but there was something unnerving in his smile. His lip was curled a little and he had his hands clasped behind his back. He looked completely relaxed. But, boy, was the last thing you noticed a kicker - if you didn’t know better you could have sworn that his eyes had no colour whatsoever. Totally black, like a bottomless pit. But that was crazy.

“You should know,” he said, his voice still level and frighteningly cold, “I don’t give second chances.” The creep looked less confident now. His grip on you weakened and you managed to pull away, dodging out of his way to hide behind the stranger, much to the sensible part of your brain’s dismay. And the stranger really didn’t give a second chance; he took a final step forward and, in one swift motion, had the creep pinned against the brick wall by his neck. With one hand. Gradually the pervert started to turn blue, and then purple, until finally he breathed no more. Maybe you would have screamed if you knew how but everything except the scene unfolding in front of you was suddenly irrelevant and forgotten. As the stranger dropped the lifeless body of your abuser to the dirty, trash-strewn ground he turned his eyes to yours. “Still want that cigarette?”

You nodded mutely, unable to look away from those jet black eyes. The stranger walked so swiftly that it almost looked like he was gliding and before you knew it he was stood an inch from your face and sliding a cigarette between your lips. Gathering every ounce of courage you had inside you, you asked, “Got a light?”

He smiled now, and it wasn’t as cold as before. You expected him to pull out a lighter and probably should have been surprised at what happened next, but somehow you weren’t - somehow you weren’t all that bothered that he’d just killed a man right before your eyes or that his index finger was now alight as though it was a twig that’d just been pulled from a fire. “You’re taking this a lot better than I thought you would, Y/N.”

You took a drag from the newly lit cigarette and frowned. “How do you know my name?”

“I know everything about you. Just like I knew everything about that waste of my time behind us.”

“You’re not human.”

It wasn’t a question and the stranger knew it. “No.”

You nodded slowly, strangely still very calm. “Do you have a name?”

“I have many names.” He seemed to ponder for a moment. “But here they call me Calum.”

“Calum.” You repeated the word, letting the name roll off your tongue. It was nice, but it didn’t suit him. “So what do you want with me?”

Calum stared at you for a while. You noticed that he didn’t blink, and that he didn’t seem to be breathing either. You also noticed that his skin, although still a shade of brown, seemed almost transparent - like you could reach out and your hand would go straight through him. Stupidly, ridiculously, you tried it. But instead of going through him, you felt his solid chest. Before you removed your hand he spoke. “I want your soul.”

You stepped back now, finally shocked. “M–My soul? You can’t be serious.”

His eery calm was beginning to creep you out. “I’m completely serious.”

“What would happen if I gave it to you?”

“You would cease to be human. You would become one of us.”

“One of who?”

“Us. I’m a demon, Y/N. This is what you would become. You would become powerful, soulless. What worries a human will not worry you.”

You’re no child of mine, the last thing your mother said to you echoed in your mind. You remembered every bad thing that had ever happened to you; being bullied, being fired, being kicked out, being assaulted. Everything you thought about seemed to push you closer to Calum until you were almost nose to nose, breathing heavily. “Okay.”

His eyes flashed in surprise and, for a moment, you saw what his eyes had been before he’d agreed to this life. Milky brown, warm. But it was gone in a second and he smiled coldly again. “I need you to say the words.”

“I agree.” You took a deep breath. “I give my soul willingly.”

At the last word, Calum closed the gap between you and enclosed your lips with his softly, as though to seal the deal. And then the world around you disappeared. It was like floating in boiling water for a second, and then the sensation was gone and a new world materialised around you as Calum’s silky voice spoke in your ear. “Welcome home, Y/N.”

On Earth As It Is In Heaven-Part 4

Demon Calum AU

Summary: What is it going to take for you to fall for the crossroad demon? What will it take for you to love him again? The heavens are against him but he would do anything for his angel. 

A/N: This is the final part of this series! Thanks to everyone for sticking with me through this whole thing! I hope you enjoy the end and if you have any questions feel free to shoot me a message:) Happy reading!
Warnings: Violence, Death

|Part One| |Part Two| |Part Three|


“How much longer?” You grunted, your first audible interaction since the little road trip in the stolen Audi had started four hours ago.

“Not too much further.” Calum kept his eyes on the road, worried that any movement on his part would scare you back into silence.

“And you’re sure you know where it is?”

“Well I was there when it was created, so I’m sure I can manage.” He huffed.

“Of course you were.” You muttered, rolling your eyes. For whatever reason, right now every little thing he did irritated the hell out of you.

“Don’t get smart with me princess, you were there too.”

“Whatever.” You mumbled, crossing your arms and staring back out the window.

“Will you stop?” He groaned, his thick eyebrows knitting together in annoyance.

“Stop what?”

“You’re acting like a child Y/N.“

"At least I’m not acting like a monster.” You could feel the familiar burn behind your eyes as hot tears threatened to fall. You knew the comment was cruel, but you couldn’t stop it from escaping your lips. His recent behavior was the elephant in the room and you needed to talk to him about it one way or another.

Immediately his entire demeanor changed from cocky demon to broken boy as your words struck him.

“ don’t mean that angel.” He sniffed, his eyes becoming visibly puffier.

“Calum…” You were at a loss for words, unable to keep up with his shift in behavior so quickly.

“I promise I’m trying to be better for you. I know you want me to be the man you keep seeing in your dreams, but this is who I am now.” He clutched the steering wheel harder, his knuckles turning white as his grip turned to iron. “I am so terrified that after everything, you won’t be able to fall in love with me because I’m just too different. But you? You’re the same girl you’ve always been. Just as sweet and beautiful and pure. And me? I’ve been tainted, darkened and dragged through hell to the point where any goodness in me has been destroyed and I can’t help but think I can’t be good enough for you. Hell I know I’m not good enough for you, but I don’t think anyone has ever loved someone as much as I love you and I can only pray that that will be enough.”

You were silent as you processed his confession, thoughts whirring through your head at a million miles an hour.

“I’m sorry.” You whispered. “I’m sorry that you got the worst of it all and I owe it to you to at least try.” You began, your forehead creasing as you thought of what to say next. “But I want to love you as an equal not as someone you think you own.”

“I don’t think that.”

“Then why do you keep bringing it up?” You asked, still hurting from his last show of power over you. He was silent for a moment, processing your words before he spoke. 

“What if I give it back?”


“Your soul, what if I give it back to you?”

“Can you do that?”

“Well i’ve never done it before, but there’s nothing that says I can’t.” He shrugged, as he turned off the main road and began traveling down a dirt path. “If it will make you happy then I’ll give it back.”

“Thank you Calum.” You smiled.

“Anything for you angel.”


Calum pulled the car to the side of the road and got out, with you clambering behind him.

“This isn’t Eden is it?” You asked, surveying the scene. He had taken you to a small meadow surrounded by a thin layer of pine trees.

“No, but it’s the gateway to Eden.”

“Of course it is.” You sighed, following Calum to the middle of the field where he had stopped you.

“But first, let me give you back what’s yours.” Gripping your waist, Calum pulled you into him and pressed his lips to yours. This kiss was light, without passion like it had been last night and without contempt like it had been the first time. It was graceful and you could feel hot energy seeping from his lips and into your open mouth in a flurry of pulsating white light. Once the feeling had stopped, he released you, pressing a tiny kiss to your lips before letting you go completely.

“You’re free now.” His bright smile suddenly triggered another memory of him, wrapping you in that same white light that had returned your soul.

“I could listen to you play all day Cal.” You were smiling, once again both of you dressed head to toe in garments as white as snow.
“All my songs are about you, you know. The harmony is your laugh, the rhythm your heartbeat, the words your voice whispering that you love me.” He strummed the lyre, his wings unfurling in a burst of glory as he continued playing the sweet instrument.
“We are bound for eternity Y/N, you and me. And I will sing of your love forever.”

You gasped as you snapped back into reality. “Calum I know why Death’s touch didn’t affect me!”

“What? How?”

“It’s because of you! He couldn’t take something that wasn’t there. You had my soul and so it was no longer up for grabs and he couldn’t extract it.” You exclaimed. “We’re bound together Cal. You said it yourself, I remember!” You were delighted at the realization, but Calum’s expression brought you down again.

“But Y/N. If I just gave you your soul back…then you can be killed again.” He stood motionless, swallowing a lump in his throat as he realized what he’d just done.

You were quiet as well, unsure of what to say as he stared at you. “Well, then I guess we’ll just have to be more careful.” You spoke defiantly, trying to calm him down as best you could.

“I suppose we will.” He huffed before turning and walking towards the edge of the wood. You followed him closely, running to keep up with his long strides and latching onto his arm, for either comfort or safety: you weren’t entirely sure.

He led you towards a rotting tree on the outskirts of the forest where he suddenly let go of your hand and picked up a rock before he began violently hitting the trunk of a rotting tree with it.

“Uh Calum?” You raised your eyebrows at his sudden display of oddity, but he kept on hammering the rock into the tree trunk until suddenly the bark broke and the rock hit metal, sending sparks flying in all directions. “Woah.”

Out from the center of the tree, Calum pulled out a long sword complete with a leather scabbard which he tied around his waist, allowing the sword to dangle revealingly from his hips. “I wasn’t about to stroll up to Eden unarmed now was I?”

“No, I suppose not.” You stifled a laugh at the sight of Calum readjusting his sword to hang off his skinny jeans. It wasn’t a sight you ever would have thought you would see.

“Been hiding this baby here for eons. And now I finally get to use her again. You won’t believe the damage she can…What?”  He stopped his rambling, noticing your comic stare.

“Nothing Cal.” You held back your laughter and he raised his eyebrows. “You just look a little funny.”

“I look funny?” He raised his eyebrows, holding back his own laughter before suddenly he strode towards you and began pinching your sides, tickling his fingers over your body as you wheezed laughter.

“Calum!” You gasped for air, laughter bubbling from both of you as he continued his tickle assault.

“Who looks funny now?!” He laughed as your legs gave out and you tumbled to the grass, him falling down on top of you as he kept on tickling you. “Say I’m the best in the world!” He instructed, fingers roaming your sides and arms and stomach but you shook your head in refusal, the laughter falling from your lips hindering your ability to speak. “Say ‘Calum I think you’re the best ever!’” He giggled.

“C-Calum I think you’re the best!” You gasped.

“The best what!?” The crinkles by his eyes signaled his playfulness as he leaned in so his nose was brushing yours, his breath ghosting your cheek as he waited for you to give in.

“CALUM YOU’RE THE BEST IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!” You yelled and as soon as you said it, his fingers stopped tickling and his lips pressed lightly against yours.

“That’s what I like to hear.” He smirked and rolled off you, standing up and then helping you to your feet. “Now, let’s go find a forbidden garden.”


After what felt like hours of walking, Calum finally stopped at the bank of a small pool of water which looked disturbingly like the one you had seen in your dream. A large waterfall blocked what looked to be an entrance to a cave and a path of large, round stepping stones led directly to the hidden entrance. The entire place looked as though it had been taken from a fairytale and you couldn’t help but stare in wonder.
“It’s just through there.” He pointed to the waterfall. “Only celestials can get through the waterfall. Anyone else will die the moment the water touches their skin. So I’m hoping that it still counts us as angels because I did not come all this way to be killed by a fucking waterfall.” He grumbled before taking your hand and leading you out onto the first stepping stone.

“Cal what if we can’t get through the waterfall?” You asked hesitantly.

He stopped, as if frozen to the spot as he looked on to the looming wall of cascading water with a flicker of fear in his eyes. “If we can’t get through then at least you know I spent an eternity loving you.” He kept walking, his eyes not once leaving the waterfall as you followed closely behind.

He stopped at the last step and as you stood next to him you took his hand in yours and offered him an encouraging smile.

“We are angels Cal. We’ll be fine.” You encouraged as he took a deep breath.

“I love you Y/N, now and forever.”

You wished you would have had the chance to say it back. As he stood now, so ready to risk his life to get you to love him again it hit you that maybe you really did love him too, memories or no memories. Despite how much he had changed, despite his flexible behavior and despite all the odds being against him, you loved him still. Flaws and all no matter what.

You stepped through together, the cool water washing over the both of you as you squeezed your eyes shut, focusing only on Calum’s hand in yours. It felt like forever, but within the blink of an eye you and Calum were standing on the other side of the current.
If only stepping through the waterfall had been the easiest part.

You opened your eyes. The scene before you was exactly like it had been in your dream except for one difference. A man stood directly in front of the beautiful garden, blocking you from entering the luscious pasture you knew would cure your amnesia. Large white wings cascaded from his shoulder blades, stretching at least four arm lengths from his body. Though surprisingly, he was not clothed in typical angel garb, but instead in black skinny jeans and an Iron Maiden tee shirt. His hair was bright red and as he leaned against the trunk of a fruit tree, he looked no different from a typical teenage boy. The only thing that separated him was his wings and the huge sword he held in one hand and the fierce look in his eyes seemed to be warning you to turn back.

“Michael.” Calum spoke next to you, his voice deep and unfriendly. “I thought you left that body back in the nineties.”

Michael rolled his eyes. “I was wondering when you two would show up.” Michael’s voice was smooth and casual as he pushed himself from the tree and strolled over to where you stood. “Ever since they installed the waterfall, there hasn’t been a need for me to guard this place.” He gestured to the scene behind him. “But with all the ruckus you two have been causing down here, the people up there figured it was high time I be reinstated.” He chuckled humorlessly, eyes glaring down at you; a gaze that seemed to tear your soul from your body.

“So you know why we’re here then?” Calum asked suspiciously, his hold on your hand tightening. Michael let out a snort. “The entire heavens knows what you’re up to Cal. But newsflash nobody wants a demon back in heaven, no matter how important they used to be.”

Calum shook his head.“I’m sorry Michael, but we need to go in there. She has to remember.”

“I can’t let you do that Calum.” Michael snarled. “You have to give up on her. Are you aware of all the problems you’ve caused? Almost every single fallen angel, including Death, is so intent on finding her that they’ve all stopped doing their jobs!”

Calum knit his eyebrows together in confusion. “But that would mean…”

“Total anarchy.” Michael finished. “You’re starting an apocalypse Cal, and Death is so busy hunting her, he’s stopped helping people cross to the other side. You’re causing an uprising and I can’t let it continue. She must be eliminated.” Michael gripped his sword, coming towards you but Calum pulled you behind him.

“Don’t you dare touch her!” He growled, unsheathing his own sword and pointing it straight at Michael.

“Step aside Calum. It’s for the good of the world.”

SHE IS MY WORLD!” Calum yelled, startling both you and Michael. “I stopped caring about the greater good along time ago Michael.”

“I’m sorry Calum, but I cannot disobey.”

“We used to be friends Michael. You know what I will do for her, please just let us in and then we’ll go. Into hiding if we must, but please don’t make me fight you.” Calum pleaded, desperate to avoid a conflict.

Michael stood still for a moment, considering Calum’s offer. But he could not be disloyal to his God. It just wasn’t in his nature. Shaking his head, he swung the sword in your direction, but Calum was quicker. He blocked the blow, steel crashing against steel as he leapt to defend you. In a flash, his own wings unfurled from his back, but unlike Michael’s, his were tainted with streaks of charcoal.

They fought violently and you had no choice but to watch as they attacked each other with determined vigor. Steel clashed on steel as angel and demon fought for your fate. You were rooted to the ground, unsure and unable to do anything else but watch and silently pray to whoever was listening that Calum would come out alive. But sometimes prayers go unanswered.

The sound alone was enough to make you sick. He fell to the ground, Michael’s blade sheathed deep in his chest. You could hear the small exhale leave his lips as he fell, his eyes still brown as they locked with yours in fear. Your entire world slowed and before you could register, your voice was screaming his name and you feet had carried you to his fallen body.

The sound of footsteps pulled you out of your shock. Michael had raised his sword, preparing to strike you down just as he had Calum when all of a sudden a heavenly glow surrounded him, halting him mid-swing. Michael looked confused for a moment and it seemed as though the glow was communicating with him.

“I don’t understand.” He mumbled, shaking his head as the glow subsided before, to your complete surprise, he lowered his sword. “It is finished.” He deadpanned before spreading his wings and launching himself into the sky as all at once, the garden began imploding just as it had in your dream, fading away into nothing until it looked as though nothing had been there at all. All your hope of remembering your past lives, and your past love, vanished as the garden disappeared, leaving you with nothing but a dying Calum


“No, no, no you’re not leaving me now.” You pressed your hands over his wound, trying to stop the bleeding but it was no use. He was beyond medical help. “Calum please!” You sobbed, begging him to hold on for you.

“Hey, hey.” He whispered, his hand reaching up to caress your tear stained cheek. “It’s okay angel. You’re going to be okay.”

“No, not without you!” You cried, your tears running down your face and splashing onto his cheek.

“Don’t cry angel. I hate to see you cry.” He smiled, his eyes pure and full of love- the hideous blackness that often took over his chocolate irises nowhere to be seen.

“There must be something I can do!” The thought of having to live the rest of your life without Calum after everything you’d already been through killed you inside. Without him, you would be incomplete, like living without a soul.

You gasped as the idea came to you. “Calum give me your soul.”

“Hmm?” He groaned, too weak to answer.

“Give me your soul! It saved us once, why can’t it work again? Let’s make a deal Calum.”

“You’ve always been so much smarter than me.” He chuckled. “So what’ll it be?”

“I want your soul. And in return you can have mine.” You stroked his hair, leaning in close to him. “I’ll trade you my soul for yours Calum, because I love you. I love you and I’ve never stopped loving you and I’ll never stop loving you Calum.”

His lips hit yours just as the last breath left his body. He felt cold, but as the the deal stuck his lips began to heat until suddenly his wound began to close. You could feel your soul being ripped from your chest, and while it was painful, the thought of losing Calum was worse.

He took a breath, the deal completed. “You love me?”

“Always.” You smiled and his eyes lit up, the intense shade of brown you adored filled with adoration at the sound of your declaration.

“But how? The garden is gone and you still don’t remember! Do you?”

“I don’t need to remember Cal, I’ve fallen in love with you still. Whatever our souls are made of, yours and mine are the same.”

“What about your memories?”

“We’ll make new ones.”

“I like the sound of that.” He pulled you in for another kiss, smiling into your lips. You pulled away, your forehead creasing with worry.

“So what do we do now?”

“You heard Michael. It is finished. We have no more debt to pay. We’re free now angel.” 

In the end it didn’t take a ritual or a magical garden to make you love him, because you had loved him all along. You had grown to accept who he was and who he had become and that made all the difference. Angel or demon, he loved you and you loved him and that was all that mattered.



Welcome To Fucking Hell - CHAPTER THREE

ok yay chapter three is here hope you enjoy!

tw: death

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You ushered him in a large room, grabbing a small bottle of vodka from the rack of liquor outside, there was usually one similar stationed outside every big events hall. You quickly chugged some of it, offering the bottle to Calum. He looked back and forth between you and the vodka for a few seconds until shrugging and taking a swig. nodded approvingly and slipped it in your satchel as he gagged at the taste, finally taking in his surroundings. The entire room was covered in a ruby red silk, even twined around the chain of the candle lit chandeliers hanging from the tall ceiling. A long wooden table sat at the back of the room, which you could get to by climbing a few stairs. A grand chair sat in the centre of the oak, Satan’s throne, and was surrounded by other smaller chairs for his loyal servants. You stood to attention as your elders walked into the room, bowing your head and nudging Calum to do the same, only lifting it once they were all seated at the grand table.

“Welcome.” The one and only Lucifer spoke, smirking at the look of utter shock on Calum’s face, “Surely by now you know why you are in front of us today. I have chosen you, Calum Thomas Hood, to become one of my faithful demons. Y/N and Focalor will help you get settled into your duties.”

You watched as Focalor stepped forward, his magnificent wings mesmerizing Calum. No matter how many times you saw them they always seemed to astound you.

“Hello Calum.” His deep voice boomed through the hall as Lucifer glared at him to be finished, “I will be here for guidance, I was Y/N’s mentor and I have the utmost faith in her to get you accustomed to our ways.”

“That’s all really, I hope you enjoy your eternity here.” Lucifer stood from his throne and was about to make his exit when Calum rushed forward, escaping your hands which clambered to grab him.

“Sorry, uh, Sir. But why me? Y/N told me demons were chosen once every 20 years.” You blushed as Calum said your name, you always hated it but it sounded so pretty coming from his mouth.

“I’m sorry for him, My Lord–” You stumbled over your words, grabbing the questioning boy away from the ruler of the underworld, with whom he was currently locked in a staring contest with.

Lucifer held his hand up as signal for you to stop talking, which of course you did immediately.

“Calum, if you are going to survive here you need to learn a very basic ground rule,” You were frozen on the spot as he threateningly stepped closer to you two, “Don’t question me.”

His voice was echoing around the room and eyes were burning red. You were sure you could see his fangs begin to show and cautiously pushed Calum ever so slightly behind yourself. If Lucifer were to make a lunge at him at least you could attempt to stop him. Lucifer stopped his onslaught towards Calum and instead shot a look at you.

“He’s your responsibility now, my dear,” Lucifer’s tone sent a shiver down your spine, but you relaxed as he turned away, heading for the door. You tensed once more as he stopped, “And Calum, sweetheart,” His sickly sweet tone rang through the hall, “You were chosen because of your connection. With her,” Lucifer pointed a spiked nail towards you, “Even Dad said you two had to be together, that’s why Calum’s here. And all the drugs of course.” Lucifer chuckled as he spoke, “Calum was a busy little bunny on Earth, you’ve got your hands full Y/N.”

You would have growled at anyone else but of course you had to respect Satan.

“Now, I really have to be going. I think some Hellhounds are about to behead Hitler, again!” He laughed gleefully, stalking out the room with a flick of his dramatically long cape.

Once he had left you let out a sigh of relief, and then proceeded to slap Calum.

“Hey!” He complained, rubbing his arm and frowning at you accusingly.

“Are you a complete idiot?! Why would you just waltz up and speak to the fucking Prince of Darkness like that? If you do something as stupid as that again I will personally see that you get thrown to Hades.” You took the half empty vodka bottle from your bag and downed the rest of it, abandoning the bottle on the floor.

“Y/N, calm down, he’s just got here.” Focalor lay a hand on your shoulder which you shook off.

“Did you hear what he said? I’m responsible for him now,” You mocked sourly, folding your arms across your chest, “Can you please do the whole introduction thing now.”

“Thank you for your permission.” Focalor spoke sarcastically, turning his attention to Calum who was just sulking and holding himself.

Everybody’s Got Their Demons (Part 2)

Incubus!Calum Smut (Part one here)

Word Count: 1.4k

Rating: smuttttt

Warning: holy shit i think i got too kinky with this

A/N: sorry this is so late, school was killer but now that it’s over i’m hoping to revive this account but also tell me if you liked this! requests are open!

Supernatural!Ashton Supernatural!Michael


For the last week, the round stone was kept at least ten feet away from you at all times. You weren’t even completely sure why you kept it. Maybe it was the constant ache between your legs that you had learned could not be soothed with your own touch.

You had just settled into your bed, prepared for another night with your hand between your thighs.

You barely got your panties off before you heard a dark chuckle.

You yelped, pulling the covers over your exposed bottom half and scooted up the bed so you were as far away from the materializing demon as possible.

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On Earth As It Is In Heaven-Part 3

Demon!Calum AU

Summary: You escaped death once but that may not be the scariest obstacle you have to face. It’s hard to trust a demon, but is a night between the sheets enough to convince you of his love?

A/N: Warnings include: Smut and a little bit of violence.
I thought this would be the final part but I decided to split it into two, so this is a bit of a filler chapter but hey-hot demon Calum smut sooo…I’ll post part four sometime after this if you guys want so message me/request if you actually want a part 4! 

Part One | Part Two


“Absolutely not.” His voice was affirmative as he shut you down, folding his arms over his chest and staring down at you through the darkness.

You sat up, switching the bedside lamp on.“If we don’t go then we’ve already lost our chances.”

Calum sighed, shaking his head. “It’s too dangerous, I’m not risking your life.”

“Well if I die, won’t I just be reincarnated and we can try again? I really don’t see a downside to this.”

“It’s not that simple Y/N. Once you’ve given me your soul there’s no turning back. This is our last chance at happiness and if you die…” He struggled to swallow a lump in his throat as he explained. “If you die you won’t be coming back and I’ll have lost you forever.” You could’ve sworn you saw his entire face flicker in a mixture of fear and sadness as he explained what the possible repercussions of your idea could be.

“And if we don’t Cal? Then I’ll never remember you and I might as well be dead.” You deadpanned and immediately you saw his whole body stiffen.

“How do you know you won’t remember on your own? You said yourself that some memories have been coming back right?” He asked hopefully.

“I just know Cal. Unless we go to the garden I’ll never get my memories back.” You tried to reason but he was having none of it.

“I’ve been waiting so long for you to love me again angel. I just don’t want to lose you.” He furrowed his eyebrows in anger.. “I didn’t ever think this would be my life. I thought we would be together for eternity and now look at us. Two ex-angels on the run from God and hell and Death and everything in between.” He spoke bitterly, getting up from the bed and stalking over towards the door.

“Calum wait!” You threw the covers off and ran towards him, catching his wrist in your small hand.

You brushed the fringe from his eyes, taking his cheek in your hand so that his wandering eyes would meet yours. “We’ve been through too much to stop now. We owe it to ourselves to try.”

His expression was pained as he took your wrists in his hands, his voice lowering to an almost inaudible decable as his eyes flickered back to the raw black color. “How could the purest angel ever fall in love with a demon from hell?”

You offered him a small smile, tilting his chin down so that his eyes met yours. “I never stopped loving you Cal. I just forgot how to.”

His eyes melted back into the deep brown shade you had grown to adore as he stared down at you with a newfound passion. He gripped your hips, slipping his fingers under your tee shirt and circling his fingers over your sensitive skin. “Well then, how about I refresh your memory?”
He grabbed your face and pulled you in, smashing his full lips onto yours, reaching back down your torso and wrapping his strong arms around your waist. You moaned into him as you grabbed fistfuls of his shirt and giving it the slightest of tugs, signaling him to remove it. He happily obliged, stripping himself of his shirt revealing his toned body and leaving himself in nothing but his tight, black skinny jeans that seemed to be growing tighter and tighter the more he kissed you. He didn’t hesitate to rip off the shirt you wore, leaving your chest bare in front of him. You took a few steps back, pulling him with you like a dog on a leash, still keeping your lips connected. You felt your knees hit the bed and with a slight push from Calum, your back hit the soft sheets, his body falling on top of yours. His hands fiddled with the waistband of your sleeping shorts as if he was waiting for your permission to take them off. You nodded, giving him the permission he needed.

“You’re my heaven, angel. My own personal heaven put on this earth just for me.” His voice was gruff as he pulled your shorts off, leaving you in only your underwear. “What do you say angel? Are you going to give me a taste of heaven?”

You whimpered in response, rapidly nodding your head and pulling his lips back to yours as your nimble fingers worked at the button of his jeans. Catching onto your hint, he quickly kicked on his jeans off, followed by his boxers and letting his growing erection out of its confinements.

“I missed you so much. I’ve waited so long. And now you’re mine again.”He rasped, his fingers pulling at your peaked nipples before he captured one of them in his mouth and swirling his sinful tongue around the sensitive bud.
You could feel the wetness seeping to your core as he lifted his mouth up to speak into your ear, his raspy voice sending chills down your spine.
“Just a little taste baby.”

“I want you-need you- so bad Calum.”You groaned, pulling at his hair.

“What do you need angel? Use those pretty lips to tell me what you need.”

“I n-need you inside me.”

“You’ll have to do better than that baby.”

“Oh God, Calum I need you to fuck me. Use your thick cock to fuck my pussy and make me feel good, Cal i’m so ready for you, please!” You cried out, the words falling out of your mouth without a second thought.

“As you wish angel.”
He entered you slowly at first, his hands trailing down your body and his lips leaving kisses down your jawline. Soft moans fell from his lips as he pushed deeper and deeper inside you, his length filling you up completely.

“You feel…feel so good angel.” He whimpered as he began thrusting in and out of you, quickening his pace as he rotated his hips. One of his hands gripped your breasts, kneading it in his palm as the other gripped your leg, pushing it down to the mattress so he could thrust even deeper inside you so that his balls slapped against your firm ass. 
He continued like this for what felt like hours, using his fingers to rub on your sensitive clit, his mouth spreading kisses along your entire body. His pace was steady, the rhythm matching your mixed breathing. His body shone with sweat, giving him an almost angelic glow as his strong arms held him just above you.

“C-Calum.” You whined as you felt the familiar bubble of a climax brewing in the pit of your stomach. His teeth nipped at your earlobe whispering sweet nothings in your ear though his voice was becoming choppier and you could tell he was close to finishing as well.

“Oh God I’m going to come baby, going to come inside you. I-I need you to come with me okay? I want it to be to-together.” He gasped, chest heaving as he squeezed his eyes shut, preparing for his orgasm.

“Open your eyes Cal. Look at me.” Your voice was the final push he needed for his release and following your command, his eyes shot open and met yours.
To your surprise they were pitch black, and you couldn’t help but let out a gasp at the sight at the two inky pits that overtook his once brown irises. Calum buried his head in your shoulder as he released his load inside of you, grunting as he flopped back down on top of you. But you achieved no release as the image of his blackened eyes burned in your brain. You had let your guard down whereas previously you had been prepared for his soulless eyes to make an appearance. But in the middle of heated sex? You were not ready for his demon essence to make an appearance with his cock buried deep inside you.

“I’ve waited centuries to feel you again angel and hell, you felt so good.” He moaned breathlessly, sighing in content as he pulled out and flipped over to lay beside you.

“Calum your eyes.” You whispered, your naked body shaking. Calum’s picked up his head from the pillow and turned to face you shaking his head so his eyes faded back to their normal brown shade.

“Y/N I-”

“It’s okay Cal, it just shocked me that’s all.” You offered him a weak smile.

“I’m sorry, it just happens by itself when I get worked up is all.” He grinned, tracing his finger between your breasts, causing you to suck in your breath and his eyes widened at the realization that he was the only one who had climaxed.

“No matter what color my eyes are, no matter if I’m a fallen angel, a human or a demon from hell, I will always love you. It is always going to be you for me and neither the glory of heaven nor the torture of hell will change that.” He whispered between kisses as he forged a trail down your torso.

“Mmm Calum.” You moaned as he nestled himself between your open thighs. He pressed his lips to the inside of your thigh, biting down ever so slightly to build you back up again. Finally, he pressed the flat of his tongue against your opening, licking a stripe up your slit ending with a flick of his tongue against your swollen clit as you moaned his name and threaded your fingers through his hair.

“Does my angel like it when I suck on her pussy?”

You could only moan in response as he inserted two fingers inside of you, his tongue continuing to lap at your wetness like it was a fine meal. His fingers rubbed over your small bud and then reached up to cradle your breasts as he continued to tongue fuck your pussy. “Angel you taste so sweet. You’re so good to me angel, so perfect. Oh god, this pussy was sent to me from heaven. Made just for my mouth…and my cock.” He purred, praising you.

“I’m gonna…gonna…” You stuttered and you could feel his smirk against your core.

“Let go angel. Let go for me.”

In a rush of heat you could feel yourself hitting the edge, grasping both at the sheets and Calum’s dark locks as his tongue and his fingers brought you to climax and with a final moan of his name you came violently, all over him.

You sighed in relief as he crawled back up the bed to lay next to you, wrapping his arms around you as you both snuggled in a comfortable silence.

“Alright, we’ll go.” He broke the silence with a sigh as he stared off in the darkness, proving his hesitancy, but you only smiled, kissing his cheek to show your gratitude.

“We’re going to figure this out Cal, I promise.” He gave you a soft smile, tilting your head towards him to press a chaste kiss to your forehead.

“We better. I won’t lose you again Y/N.”

You gave him a peck on the lips before settling back into bed with Calum’s arms still securely wrapped around you. You knew you couldn’t fully love him without all your memories back, but the feeling inside you now with his arms around you and the sound of his breathing lulling you to sleep, you couldn’t help but feel you were pretty damn close anyway.

“I love you Y/N.” His voice echoed in your ear.

“I know.”


The dawn broke through the window, stirring you from your sleep. You had been having a lovely dream, or what you assumed to be a new memory, of Calum but as surely as the sun had rose, the memory slipped away from you and your grunted in frustration.

“Look who’s awake.”

“How long have you been up?” You questioned, gesturing to his fully clothed and fully awake form which was a stark contrast to your groggy demeanor.

“I don’t really sleep actually.”

“Like ever?”

“Yeah like ever. It’s a demon thing. I think it falls under the category of personal punishment because wow do I miss sleeping.” He exhaled, as he began picking up your previously discarded clothes and tossed them on the bed. “You ready to go?”

Pulling on your tee shirt and a pair of jeans you tossed your hair up before Calum dragged you out of the cabin and headed towards a sleek, silver Audi that certainly hadn’t been there yesterday and clicking it unlocked.

“Where the hell did you get this? What about the motorcycle?”

“I’m not risking using the same vehicle twice so we’re switching it up. Get in the car.”

“No.” You crossed your arms as your kindhearted nature took over. “I refuse to help you steal a car.”

“Who says we’re stealing it?” He asked defensively, but you raised your eyebrows at him. “Its more like borrowing.” He mumbled.

“No, I’m not doing this.”

“Just get in the car, I’ll deal with it later.” He was beginning to get annoyed, but still you refused him.


“Get in the fucking car Y/N.” He seethed, struggling to keep his temper under control. Centuries of being a part of a legion of demons had tainted his once angelic soul, and while he tried to keep the outbursts under control sometimes mind over matter just wasn’t enough.

“I said no!” Your refusal reverberated all the way into his chest where a deep growl was beginning to form. Calum was across the parking lot in a flash, his hand gripping your arm as he towered over you; his scowl menacing as he dug his fingers into your skin.

“Are you forgetting that I fucking own you? You sold your soul to me princess which means you do what I fucking tell you to. Now get in the goddamn car.”

You could hardly recognize the man standing in front of you now. With his soulless eyes and hard set features he was so much different than the soft individual who had made love to you last night. His demon side had completely taken over and that terrified you. A single tear trickled down your cheek and you struggled to wipe it away before he saw. Wrenching yourself out of his grip, you ripped the passenger door of the Audi open and climbed inside. You curled up on the leather seat, turning your back to the driver’s side door as Calum climbed in after you before starting the engine and screeching out of the drive way of the cabin and speeding down the highway. His steely expression remained as he drove, but it softened slightly at the sight of a steady stream of tears rolling down your cheeks.

“Y/N…” He reached out to place a hand on your thigh but you flinched.

“Don’t touch me.” You hissed. “Or do. I guess you can do whatever you want since you own me.” You spat, the venom in your tone obvious.

“Y/N don’t be like that.” Calum scolded. He felt guilty, but the part of him that was still stuck in his demon ways was glad he had such power over you. He wished it could be different. He wished that he could go back to the angel who only had eyes for you instead of this creature who was so torn between loving you and hurting you. Eden was his only hope now and you might not even survive it.

Staring out the car window, you tried hopelessly to dry your tears, but they would not cease. Last night had been an absolute dream and you were so sure that Calum had been changing from the heartless demon you had met at the crossroads. But his actions just now had disproved everything and now you weren’t sure about anything.

How were you going to fall in love with someone who terrified you every time he lost control? He may say he loved you, but it was hard to be sure with how much and how quickly he changed. You needed certainty, and if what you saw in your dreams was true, then Eden was the only place you were going to get it.


Part 4



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Demon Calum (Part 1?)

Description: A long (sorry guys) blurb about Demon Calum getting a summer job as Satan’s intern.

Request for a Part 2 if you like it??

P.S. Ashton will get written into Part 2 for all you Ashton girls out there

Member: Sarah 

Word Count: 1.6k+

Warnings: None


For as long as I can remember I’ve dreamt about working for Satan. It’s every demons dream job. Good pay, great work environment, and the networking opportunities are endless. Ever since I was a kid it’s all I’ve ever wanted to do, and my dream is finally coming true.

Well, almost.

I haven’t been offered a job yet, but I, along with 2 others, have been chosen as summer interns for The King of Hell himself, Satan. I’ll be working in the same building as my idol. I’m still shocked I was even chosen. Around 2,000 other graduating demons applied for the internship opportunity, and I got it. Incredible. I mean, I wasn’t necessarily surprised though. I was valedictorian of my class, my possession success rate was well over 90%, and after I spent a week on Earth last spring break the human race spent months trying to clean up after my destruction. I’m a dream. From what I’ve heard, Satan chooses 1 out of the 3 summer interns at the end of the summer and offers them a job on the spot. I’ll stop at nothing to get what I want, and I want that job.

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Welcome To Fucking Hell - CHAPTER TWO

thank u so much for all the love on chapter one! here’s chapter two, its kinda really short so if enough people want i can post chapter three a bit sooner x

tw: death

ALL CHAPTERS - masterlist

“I can’t do that!”

You rubbed your temples as Calum shrieked, throwing his hands in the air and walking round in circles.

“Don’t demons have to be scary? I can’t be scary!”

“Shut up!” You had had enough of Calum’s moaning, “Satan wants you to do it, so you’re gonna have to. He has a thing for musicians, I don’t know.” You muttered, trying to explain the whole bizarre situation to yourself.

You had been the newest demon ever since you arrived 4 years ago. It was unheard of for new demons to be introduced so soon, you had been told Satan usually chose a new one every 50 years, which explained you.

“We need to go now.” You spoke to Calum, who was silent now but still very shaken.

“Why? Where?”

“Please stop asking questions, you’re giving me a headache.” You sighed.

Who knew that the celebrity who once meant the world to you would suddenly be within arms reach and you’re telling him to be quiet? Who are you kidding, he still meant the world to you. You missed listening to his music everyday, and the comfort of watching him in interviews, or simply being able to see a photo of him when you wanted to. You closed your eyes for a moment and breathed deep, reminiscing on the events of your first day. Everything was loud and creepy and new and you hated it. Without Focalor’s guidance you were pretty sure you would have been a bigger mess than Calum.

“Ah, I’m sorry.” You spun around and faced the boy, who was close to tears.

The words felt strange on your tongue, you hadn’t apologised since you were alive. Either way, they were meant to be helpful but Calum burst into tears instead.

“Shit, stop it, what are you doing?” You were stricken with worry that a reaper would see him and demand he’d be taken to Hades.

“I’m scared.” He practically fell into you, his arms wrapping around your shoulders as he sobbed.

You froze under his grip, overwhelmed at his hot touch, “It is scary, you’re in Hell,” You inhaled and reminded yourself to try to be sensitive, “Being a demon isn’t that bad, I’ll show you.” You lifted Calum off of you and offered a hand, which he gratefully took.

You guided him down the winding halls and ended up on a floor-to-ceiling glass bridge. You pointed below at the rocky terrain bubbling with orange lava and towering pillars of thick grey smoke.

“If you keep crying, you go there. That’s for the real bad guys.” You spoke softly but you could see Calum wiping his tears away, it seemed as if explanations and calm threats were working.

This was the part of Hell that every movie got its ideas from. Deep dark depths of rocks, tortured souls crying out for mercy, helpless and suffering for the rest of their sorry existence.

“How long do they survive down there?” He asked, dropping your hand and pressing his forehead to the glass and drawing patterns in the areas he fogged up with his breath, acting a bit too calmly for someone who was observing millions being tortured.

“Forever. They can’t die again. Rumour is only one person ever made it out of there. Mastema. She’s Lucifer’s second.”

“So what are we– You?” He didn’t consider himself a demon yet, but he will.

“We’re demons, we run things, pick up the pieces so to speak. Meticulously chosen by Lucy himself. You’re weird you know, we weren’t expecting another one for about 46 more years.”

“You’re the newest one then?”

“Not anymore,” He looked you straight in the eye when you said that, “We need to go and get you inducted.”