demon swordsman

Hey everyone! Here is another fun fantasy themed set of color thumbnails! I’m really digging the crazy demon staff, and I’m narrowing in a little bit on my swordsman design–I know I want him to have a beard now, because it just feels right for a traveling character.

The more complex the palette, the more difficult it is to pull off a clear color mood. Monochromatic palettes aren’t just a good way to start becoming comfortable with color; because of their simplicity they also excel at conveying mood quickly to the viewer! I highly recommend starting here if you’re new to color, then jumping to complimentary palettes (which only adds one color swatch) once you’ve grasped what each color can do!


The #au #alternateuniverse no one asked for: Flame demon Yuri and dishonored swordsman Yuuri form a begrudging alliance to rescue the lost fairy king of winter, Victor.

(Chris is a rather unhelpful sage/wizard, and Otabek is…. well, he’s there and he’s not happy about it. But also secretly awesome.)

I wish my writing skills were awesome enough (and I had time) to make this. If any authors out there want to, I will totally shower you with art and love.