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Today’s 10 minute fic courtesy of @evil–isnt–born who got me thinking about sleepy mornings in the CS house. 


There are a lot of things Emma loves about living with Killian, but with all the craziness in their life, curses and portals and alternate universes, the things she loves most are so simple.

Neither of them really sleep all that well, even with each other to turn to in the middle of the night when one nightmare or another takes hold. And at first, she fought it, forcing herself to stay in bed, and she knows Killian did the same. They found other ways to pass the time, and while it was definitely a good time, using sex to sweep their demons under the rug was never going to help them heal.

So they stopped fighting it.

Which is how Emma finds herself in the kitchen, half-asleep and stumbling through making a pot of coffee with Killian wrapped around her, his chin resting on her shoulder. He’s really more of a hinderance than anything, but she doesn’t push him away. It was his nightmare that woke them this time, his fears that have him holding onto her like she’s the only thing anchoring him to this world.

So once she manages to get the damn coffee pot going, she leans back into his arms, a content sigh slipping through her lips. It’s not quite dawn yet, the kitchen filled with the watery, pale light of the approaching day, and it’s quiet. Henry won’t be awake for hours yet, and the stillness is a balm on her bruised and battered heart.

After so much turmoil, after coming so close to losing Killian forever, she can’t ever take for granted these moments.

He hums against her throat as she leans her head back against his shoulder, her hand finding his as his stump rests against her hip. It’s rare he puts the hook on this early, and though he’s still somewhat skittish about Henry seeing him without, he has no such reservations with her.

“I love you,” she says quietly, lacing their fingers together and closing her eyes.

“Is that your way of telling me you’d like breakfast, love?” His accent is thick this early in the morning, sleep still clinging to the words, and she sighs, her eyes popping open to glare at him. The bastard has the nerve to laugh when he sees the look on her face, pressing a kiss to her temple but not relinquishing his hold.

“Haven’t you learned your lesson about teasing me before my coffee?” she grumbles, eying the not-yet-finished coffee pot as Killian’s kisses travel down, tilting her head to give him access to her neck as she shivers.

“Hardly.” The laughter is gone from his voice, and when Emma turns in his arms, he kisses her. It’s the sort of kiss that mornings like this are made for, languid kisses that go on and on as they breathe together. They’re kisses that don’t go anywhere with Henry in the house and liable to come downstairs at any moment, but Emma loves them all the same, and when he finally releases her, he smiles, brushing her hair away from her eyes. “I love you too, Emma.”


Author: AvengeSuperWhoLock

Word Count: 2987

Pairing: CastielxReader

Summary: You’re trying on clothes in a dressing room when your kinda - boyfriend Castiel drops in for a visit. You try and reprimand him for crossing boundaries again, but that all dies on your tongue when he says Dean gave him the sex talk and he doesn’t want to wait for you to get home to try out what he’s learnt.

Part 2: Burn Me Up

Part 3: Do You Want Fries With That Orgasm?


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Imagine Team Free Will finding out that you're a single mom

I realize that I used this prompt for an Avengers imagine earlier today, but I decided to write a TFW version because having major SPN feels today.

This ended up being longer than I originally planed. Oops.


“Hello? (Y/N), please this is an emergency.”

“Dean?!” You paced your kitchen nervously. You hadn’t heard from Dean Winchester in months. “Is everything okay? Is anyone hurt? What’s wrong?”

“No one’s hurt, okay, calm down.” Dean sounded flustered, like he was extremely stressed about something. “Me, Sam, and Cas just need somewhere to crash and lay low for a while. You haven’t moved have you?”

“No Dean, I haven’t–”

“Good. We’re a few hours out, but we should be there by nightfall.”

“Dean.” You felt your chest tighten. They couldn’t come here. They just couldn’t. “You know I’m retired. I can’t…”

“Come on, (Y/N). You know that no one ever really retires in this business. Besides, you probably won’t even have to gank anything.”

“Dean, you don’t understand. I have a life now.” You glanced at the high chair in the corner of the room. “I can’t let you guys show up and pull me back in again. I just can’t.”

“Come on, (Y/N).” Dean sighed. “You know we wouldn’t ask unless we really needed your help. Please.”

You sighed, closing your eyes at the sudden threat of tears. This couldn’t be happening. “You don’t understand.”

“Look, it’ll just be a week or two. I promise I will never ask you for another favor after this.”

You sank down into a chair. “I guess I don’t have much of a choice, do I?”


You sat in the living room floor with your eight-month-old daughter, Sophie, cradled in your lap. Sophie’s eyes, their color identical to yours, were currently fixed on the TV, which was playing a Disney movie that you had picked out. She was looking a little sleepy, murmuring softly every now and then. You leaned down to kiss the top of her little (y/h/c) head. “What am I gonna do, Sophie?”

You had been spending the last few hours trying to decide how to explain your new situation to the guys. You met the Winchester boys during the Apocalypse of 2008, becoming a hunter and meeting Castiel shortly afterward. You had been traveling with Sam and Dean on and off ever since. That is, until a year-and-a-half ago, when you suddenly announced your decision to retire from hunting.

You told the boys that the job was getting to you, and that you needed a break when, in actuality, the reason you quit was because you found out that you were expecting Sophie. You knew that a hunter’s life was no way for your child to be raised. So, you left. You got a house, found a job, started researching baby names. Now, sixteen months later, here you were with your little bundle of joy and your vanilla-ice-cream life.

You were pulled out of your thoughts by the sound of the doorbell. You stood up, careful not to jostle Sophie as you brought her with you. You padded to the front door and threw it open, revealing Dean, Sam, and Castiel, all looking like they hadn’t slept well lately. You could feel all three studying you, taking in your messy bun, oversized T-shirt, yoga pants, bare feet, and of course the baby on your hip. Sam spoke first. “Uh, hey (Y/N).”

“Hi, boys.” You smiled weakly, moving aside to let them in. “Long time no see.”

“(Y/N), why do you have an infant–”

You cut Cas off by passing Sophie to him, positioning his arms so that he was holding her properly. “Castiel, I need you to hold her while Sam and Dean help me ward the house against whatever you guys are running from. And if you drop her I swear, I will have your blood.”

The angel nodded meekly, swallowing nervously. You assumed he didn’t have much experience with human babies, or protective mothers. You grabbed each Winchester by the arm, dragging them into the kitchen. “I have salt, chalk, herbs, blood (don’t ask), all the basics. I want you boys to set up every ward you can think of, okay?”

Sam and Dean nodded, muttering their agreement as they grabbed the supplies. You picked up brush and began painting symbols and sigils all over the walls, since you already had a demon trap under the rugs immediately inside the front and back doors.

As soon as you were satisfied that Castiel was the only non-human who would be able to get into your house, you returned to the living room, where Sophie was gently running her tiny hand over Castiel’s stubbly chin, cooing pleasantly. You smirked at the angel’s confused, slightly frightened expression, swooping the baby out of his arms. “Thanks, Cas.” You motioned for the boys to follow you into the kitchen. “Nothing alcoholic in the house, but I have sodas and some frozen pizza. Oh and Dean, I made a pie after you called.”

A few minutes later, Sophie was strapped into her high chair, contentedly playing with the shaving cream you had squirted on her tray, while you and the boys were gathered at the table with slices of pie (well, you, Sam, and Cas had slices. Dean had the other half of the pie). Dean spoke out loud for the first time since the boys’ arrival. “So, uh…” He gently nudged Sophie’s cheek with his thumb. “Who’s this?”

“This is Sophie.” You couldn’t help but smile proudly, reaching to run a hand through her thick, short baby hair.

“Is she…?” Sam let the question trail off, looking at you with his signature sad puppy eyes.

You nodded, sighing. “She would be the reason for my sudden retirement.”

For a few moments, the only sound in the kitchen was Sophie’s happy cooing. Finally Dean spoke up, asking the question that you had been both dreading and expecting. “Well then, uh, where’s her dad?”

You shrugged, offering what you hoped was a convincing smile. “I have no idea. He didn’t even stick around long enough to find out I was pregnant.”

You felt Cas’s hand on your arm, most likely in an effort to comfort you. Dean’s eyes looked like he was physically in pain, and Sam leaned forward with a concerned expression on his face. “So you’ve been all alone for the last year and a half? Do you have anyone to help you?”

You shrugged. “I work from home most of the time, so I don’t need childcare. Hunting makes you kind of paranoid, you know?”

“(Y/N),” Dean took your hand in a warm grip. “You could have called.”

You laughed bitterly. “What was I supposed to do? Ask all three of you to quit hunting? I want my baby to grow up as far away from that life as possible.”

“We could’ve visited. Helped out even.” Sam looked at you sadly, like he felt personally responsible for the last sixteen months.

You sighed, shaking your head. “I’m happy, guys. I really am. I have a normal life with a beautiful daughter, and that’s all I could ask for.”

Just then Sophie started to make little fussy noises, obviously bored with her high chair. She had managed to get shaving cream all over her face, in her hair, and on her white dress. You moved to get her out, but Dean gently pushed you out of the way. “Don’t worry, (Y/N). I’ll get this.”

“Dean…” You warned, instinctively feeling protective of your daughter. You’d barely let anyone else even touch her since she was born. Dean just shot you a look. “No offense, but you look like you could use a break. I’ll handle this.”

You sighed and nodded. After all, this was Dean, and he did have a little bit of experience with children. You watched him unstrap Sophie and gently lift her from her high chair, automatically holding her with the proper technique. “Which room is hers?”

You gave Dean directions, and he left to clean up your daughter. Castiel picked up the pie plates and carried them to the sink, shooting you a small smile. You smiled back, relaxing into your chair. Sam leaned forward and immediately started asking questions. He wanted to know everything about Sophie, from what it felt like to hold her for the first time, to if she was talking yet, to what her favorite foods were. It was nice to have someone to talk to for once.


Several days later, the five of you were gathered in your living room. Castiel was sitting next to you on the couch and seemed completely absorbed in the princess movie on your TV, occasionally asking you questions about it (“But why won’t the mother let her leave her tower? And why is that lizard changing colors?”). Dean was sprawled on your loveseat, sipping one of the beers that he had insisted on buying. Sam was enjoying his “turn” with Sophie, sitting in the floor with her in his lap, tickling her tummy and offering her toys. The guys had turned out to be surprisingly good with Sophie, even Castiel, who would hold her and tell her stories about Heaven and angels until she fell asleep. The four of them were quite adorable, and you were loving it.

Sam giggled as Sophie managed to catch a handful of his shaggy hair. As he untangled it from her tiny fist, he blurted out, “I love you, Sophie.”

You froze, staring at him. No one but you had ever uttered those words to your daughter before, and you weren’t sure how you felt about it. You should have known the guys would fall in love with Sophie, should have known things would get complicated.

It was Dean who broke the silence. “We all do, you know.”

You stared at him. “What?”

“We love Sophie, and her mom.” Dean smiled sadly at you. “(Y/N), you’re one of the best friends I’ve ever had, and you have the most beautiful little girl I’ve ever seen. But you’re overwhelmed, and I want to help.” He locked eyes with Cas, then with Sam. “We all do.”

“I told you,” you whispered. “I don’t want her to be raised as a hunter.”

“Then we won’t take her hunting.” Sam absently rubbed Sophie’s back as he spoke. “You two can stay here whenever we have a job. We’ll be careful not to bring anything home. She doesn’t even have to know about everything that’s out there, if you don’t want her to.”

“Please, (Y/N).” Cas was speaking now, reaching over to grab your hand. “I… I would like to see you and Sophie often. And I believe Sam and Dean feel the same. We want to help you.”

You sighed, thinking it over. The truth was, you really were overwhelmed with Sophie. And these three boys were your best friends. You wanted them to be a part of your life. You smiled at Sophie. “Well, what about you baby girl? What do you think?”

Sophie cooed, staring at you with her big (e/c) eyes. You smiled. “I guess you guys are right–” they all grinned excitedly “–BUT I have some rules. Dean, no alcohol around the baby, okay? And no hunting lessons or weapons training unless you talk to me first. Sam, keep your lore books away from her. And Cas, no more bedtime stories about Lucifer’s fall, okay?”

The boys all nodded with excitement as you leaned back on the couch, smiling at your new little family.


I’m really happy with this one. I can see this being the first part of a series of imagines, maybe

Cassie and the Demon’s Mark

Dipper marked Cassie on their second year of knowing each other or so bc he’s an overprotective nerd and she fucking summons demons to help with homework. No demon would dare mess with her bc hELLO THERE ALCOR’S PROPERTY BITCH, and Cassie wouldn’t even realize it until that time a shitty ex tries to sick a demon on her and the demon literally sees her and goes ‘nOPE THE DEAL IS OFF FORGET IT I’M OUTTIE’. He then tells Cassie who summoned him (to save his own ass of course) and rUNS.

On AO3 // On

Cassie had been summoning Alcor the Dreambender for help with schoolwork for a year, before expanding her summonses to include both schoolwork and just to hang out for a second year. Sometime during the third year, she was granted his proper name, alongside the end of the lectures on summoning demons and a good measure of trust going both ways.

A few summonses after that, Dipper paused in the middle of a giggle fest to look at Cassie strangely.

Leaning forward, he brushed a kiss across her forehead. Her hand flew up to cover the spot, which had tingled for a second, and she gave him a look, taken off guard by the surprise affection.

“What was that for?” she demanded. He shrugged, tossing some popcorn at her.

“No reason,” he said airily. “Just…because I could. And because I care.”

Cassie blew a raspberry, throwing popcorn back at Dipper. It started an all out popcorn fight, and the random kiss was forgotten.

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Copycat: Part II

Prompt:  can you write a fic where in the reader try to steal the baby from dean?  (Yes. Baby. The Baby.)

Word count: 4,172

Warnings: hell-related flashbacks

Author’s Note: This story was supposed to be some 2K oneshot about a comically angry Dean but here’s a second part of something I don’t think I can even control. Apparently, I left room for a third, if you guys want, so let me know what you think?

Part 1

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You know what I hope?

We know Demon!Dean’s going to spend the first few episodes of S10 drinking, picking fights, and not treating women with his usual level of courtesy.

We also know that Dean’s going to be cured. Or at least so Jeremy Carver has said in more than one interview.

When that happens, the temptation is going to be there to sweep everything Dean did - be it singing Taylor Swift at karaoke, be it entering Baby in a demolition derby, be it waking up in bed with a girl and two guys, be it getting inadvisable tattoos on ill-considered body parts, be it cold-blooded murder - while he was a demon away under the rug of “You were a demon, Dean, it wasn’t really you.” And I hope they (and we, the fandom) don’t do that, at least not more than superficially. Because how does Dean grow from that?

A couple times last season we saw Dean “look in the mirror and hate what [he saw]” - and he wiped the mirror, changing the view. Going back farther, Dean used to look in the mirror, see echoes of hell when he met his own gaze, and look away. It’s avoidance, the same kind of avoidance Dean has practiced (and admitted to practicing) all his adult life.

The first time Dean looks into the mirror after being cured…. I think that’s going to be the real ‘rock bottom’ of Dean’s downward slide. (I can’t help but think of Crowley tied to a chair in a church, asking Sam how to start looking for forgiveness…) I hope that what he does is look himself in the eye, and start coming to terms with the fact that, demon or not, he did what he did… and figure out what he’s going to do about it - because no amount of wiping the mirror clean, no amount of looking away, is actually going to change anything.

I hope someday he can look back at himself, and say what Cas told Bartholomew:“Who I was, what I did… that’s not who I am.” I hope they give him the chance to figure that out.

Ghosts That We Knew - Part One of ?

Anonymous: Hello darling can you write a castiel x reader where the reader is Bobby’s daughter and after fitting a witch she becomes blind. And then she meets Castiel who helps her to translate Bobby’s book to Braille.. And one day she’s alone with Cass and she feels his wings and without hesitating she touches Cass wings and he’s like all confused because no one can see them. After touching Cass wings the reader sees the aura of the things so in part she can see. Idk if make sense. Thank you c:

Warnings: Being Blinded. Swearing. Trauma.

Word Count:2291

Pairings: None in this chapter, eventual Cas x Reader in later parts.

A/N: I am so excited for this. I haven’t stopped writing this story for the past 3 nights, I really hope you guys enjoy it! This is the first part of many, and Castiel won’t be coming in to the story until later chapters, you’ll see why later on. I hope you enjoys, I would love some feedback! 

Part Two

You were alone in the house, books surrounding you as you sat at your fathers desk, his whisky flask next to you and gun propped against the table for ‘protection’. Bobby, your dad, had gone off to help on a hunt for Dean Winchester – not a stranger to the profession, but recently a solo-artist as his father dug deeper in to his mission of revenge. He had left you one of his many numbers, as well as Deans, in case anything were to happen, and he expected to be back within a day or so. It was a normal occurrence. You’d remain at home, clearing up after your father and manning the phones for any urgent calls from other hunters-in-need. Research at the ready and knowledge flowing from your memory.

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