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Hello Friday!! 

If you would like to see your fics on Fanfic Friday, please feel free to tag me! I try to like and reply/give feedback to each and every fic! If I don’t like it within 48 hours it means I didn’t see it. I do ask that you place warnings on your fic whether its at the beginning or in the tags at the bottom. 

Here we go!

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behold a whole set of tentative ref sheets for the striondes for my demonstuck AU which i should probably properly name. each of them all have a background and representative powers just as much as their hunter counterparts but gosh golly gee who wants to hear about that m e s s.

EDIT: You can find some info on Roxy and Rose here!!

MORE EDIT: Dirk’s background is here!!

AND MORE EDIT JFC: Dave’s background here!

Ivonne’s Beatles Song Challenge!

Here it is guys! A month ago I started this challenge to celebrate reaching 700 followers. I’m now nearly at 1300 followers and I love each and every one of you! Thank you so much for following my lame ass!

So let’s have at it! I enjoyed reading each of these stories! Everyone did such an amazing job! I’m listing the fics under the song the writer was given. Also, anyone with a non-bold title, I haven’t received your fics and if you do have it, I’m more then happy to update this with a link to it.

In My Life  by @wayward-mirage : Gabriel x Reader 

Don’t Let Me Down by @impala-dreamer : Sam x Reader 

Let it Be by @kittenofdoomage : Last part of her series “Raising Hell”

Run for Your Life by @roxy-davenport : Demon!Dean x Reader & part of her series, “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”

I’ll Follow the Sun by @writings-andstuff : Dean x Reader

Hey Jude by @willowing-love : Castiel x Reader

P.S I Love You by @emmanickel6 : Castiel x Reader

All You Need is Love by @i-dont-understand-whats-going-on : Castiel x Reader

Something by @wheresthekillswitch : Dean x Reader

All My Loving by @fangirl-faye : Gabriel x sister!reader, Sabriel

Drive My Car by @supernaturallymarvellous​ : Dean x Reader

Across the Universe by @drarina1737 : Sam, Azazel

I’ve Just Seen a Face by @chaos-and-the-calm67 : Castiel x Reader

Oh!Darling - @percywinchester27 

Here Comes the Sun - @leave-me-a-lone

Yesterday - by @i-like-your-assbutt : Dean x Reader

I’m Happy Just To Dance With You - by @superpreternatural :Destiel

Nowhere Man by @darkmystress00​ :Bethyl 

You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away by @scarletwinchester84 :Daryl Dixon x Reader.

My submissions

I want to hold your hand : Destiel

Blackbird : Emmanuel!Castiel x Reader

Thank you to each writer! This was too fun! Everyone read all these amazing stories!!!!


Animecon 2015 RIP Homestuck

GT Jade // GT John // GT Rose // GT Dave // GT Dave*

Jade // Roxy // Bro // Jake // demon!Jake

Sollux // Terezi** // Karkat // Latula // Meenah // Meulin

*On skateboard, kneeling in group // **Lara