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Summary: Written for @roxy-davenport ‘s writing challenge based on horror movies and smut (genius idea). Enjoy!

Pairing: Alpha!Demon!Dean x Omega!reader

Word Count: 1,900ish

Warnings: smut

A/N: Fluffy, Alpha Demon!Dean is like a big sexy teddy bear…

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Pairing: Demon!Dean x Reader

Summary: There’s a case to be solved but is it really ghosts or just some crazy human??

Warnings: Smut (I’m sorry), blood, violence, someone dies.

Word Count: 1,136

A/N: This is for @roxy-davenport’s SPN Birthday Celebration. I hope you enjoy hun and happy belated birthday.

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“Dean! Dean! Are you even listening to me?“

Dean turned to you looking annoyed. “I was listening.”

“Ok then tell me what I said.” Silence fell in the room. “Exactly you didn’t hear a word I just said.” You snapped in anger. “Look Dean, I don’t have to be here. I have a case to take care of, and spending time with you puts everything I have at risk. If people knew I was spending time with a demon, well they’d hunt me down.”

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Bad boy's charm

Author: theweirdymcweirderson

Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Rowena

Relationships: Dean Winchester×Reader

Word count: 3608

Warnings: Demon!Dean, Jealousy, Possessive Dean Winchester, Smut, Kissing, Spanking, Language, Dirty talk

Summary: This was supposed to be for Lexie’s SPN Birthday Challenge. The prompt was My Bloody Valentine + Demon!Dean × Reader. Things get heated between Dean and the Reader after a late night “argument”

Notes: This piece was supposed to be for Lexie’s SPN Birthday Challenge, but I was really busy with life and couldn’t post it in time. Hope she forgives me and still accepts the fic *fingers crossed*

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When my alcoholic uncle died - and how it impacted my life as a nurse

A recent post from another nurse was so beautifully honest and vulnerable that it made me lose my snark and just get human for a minute. So I will share an experience and I have permission from all involved. I had an uncle who was a terrible alcoholic. It ravaged every aspect of his life, his work as a union tradesman, his ability to be a father or husband and his relationships with his brothers and sisters. My mom and I often visited him when he’d get admitted to the floor. I could never bear to see him in the ER. Dirty, belligerent, withdrawing in the DTs. I was embarrassed because I knew he was a frequent flier. I was embarrassed that I was embarrassed. We tried to drop him groceries and buy his Dilantin every month, but he moved around a lot, mostly renting rooms above taverns. He wanted nothing to do with sobriety. He used drugs when he could, but whiskey was his poison. In the end he only tolerated a few beers a day to keep away the shakes. To any nurse or medic or doc who new him he was a local drunk, but to me he was my uncle. I knew him as a kind loving man as well. I remember family BBQs and him tossing me up in the air as a kid. I remember him showing up drunk to thanksgiving and not making it out out of the car before passing out. I remember the disappointment in my family’s faces. I remember the shame in his eyes. I remember driving around his neighborhood looking at the entrances of taverns to see if he was passed out. I wondered if anyone would know to call us if he died. I wondered if he even had any I.D. But they did call. And I knew when I saw him at age 55 in the ICU Weighing 90 lbs dying of Hep C and esophageal CA that he didn’t have a lot of time left. I was a nursing student and an ER tech but I knew in my heart this time was different. I saw people fear him. I saw nurses treat him as if he was a leper. One yelled at him to be still while she gave him a shot of heparin and he grimaced in pain. Nurses came in one by one to start a heplock and he grimaced in pain. Despite knowing better after the 4th nurse was unsuccessful I begged them to stop and give him a break. My hospital I worked accepted him into impatient hospice. I was relieved. When he arrived I saw the 2 EMTs toss him on the hospice bed and walk out without saying a word while he grimaced in pain. They probably got held over and he probably didn’t seem like an urgent transport. They didn’t want to touch him. I didn’t say anything. I was scared to touch him too. He was emaciated with a huge head and a gaunt appearance. I wondered if he had AIDS. I felt bad for thinking that. I still kissed his forehead and told him he was going to be okay. Because I loved him. He was my family. And then I saw nurses treat him with kindness. I saw the beauty of a non judgemental hospice team make his last 96 hours on Earth a time where he could make peace with his demons. I saw Roxy drops for the first time and I saw him get some relief from the pain of untreated cancer, from the pain of dying. I saw them allow me break the rules and lift his frail body into a wheelchair, fashion an old fashioned posey to hold him up and take him down stairs for his last cigarette on Route 30. I was able to spend my breaks with him. I got to suction him and help give him a bed bath. I got off my 3-11 shift and spend a few hours with him watching a baseball game on replay. I sat with him in silence and I held his hand. I finally knew what people meant when they said the dying watch their life play out in their minds. I swear I could see it happening. I asked him if he was thinking about things he said “yep”. I asked him if he wanted me to stay or go and he said “stay”. So I stayed. I heard the death rattle for the first time. I cried to a veteran hospice nurse and she explained how the Scopolamine patch would help. I finally felt what it was like to be helpless to a family member in need and her words of comfort and years of experience meant everything to me. She said he probably had 48 hours at the most. I read “Gone from my sight” the blue book of hospice by Barbara Karnes. The whole family trickled in. His kids, all his brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews. His children told him they loved him and they forgave him. We kissed his forehead and washed his hair. My mother shaved his face. His daughter said words of kindness that relieved him of any guilt or regret. I saw this beautiful cousin of mine watch me suction him and she asked how I could be so calm and so strong. I didn’t feel strong or knowledgeable but when you are the “medical person” in the family they see things in you that you didn’t know you had. We surrounded him with love and light and he died surrounded by everyone who ever meant anything to him. The nurses even cried. I got to see the dying process for what it was. It was beautiful and at the same time so humbling it brought me to my knees. I have never forgotten that feeling and I pray I never do. Is alcoholism a disease? We debate it as health care providers and wonder about the others whose lives have been impacted by the actions of an alcoholic. The amends that never got made. I guess I don’t care if it’s a disease, a condition, or a lifetime of conscious choices and poor judgement. In the end it’s a human being, usually a dirty foul smelling human being with missing teeth who may or may not be soiled in urine and vomit. Sometimes kicking, hurling obscenities, racial slurs, or spitting. Often doing all of the above at once. It’s hard to empathize with a human being who arrives packaged up that way. It’s hard to care or to want to go above and beyond. And I don’t think you should ever feel guilty if you don’t have those feelings. That is okay. It’s natural to wonder about the damage these people may have done to others. Wonder how many lives they might have ravaged. Please don’t take their pain as your own. At least try not to. It is not your pain to carry. And we all know that is easier said than done. But please, Treat them with dignity. They feel. They hear you. Give them the care you know you are capable of giving. I can tell you I hold a special place in my heart for every nurse who touched my uncle with a gentle hand. Who cleaned him for the fifth time when he was vomiting stool. Who asked him to smile. Who smiled back at him. Who stroked his forehead and put a cool washcloth on it. I am eternally grateful for anyone that saw beyond his alcoholism and saw a person. A human. A child of God (if you believe in God). A father. A son. An uncle. And I believe in my heart he felt the same way, even if he didn’t or couldn’t say it. If you have that patient. That difficult, hard to like, dreadful patient. Don’t think you have to love them or even like them. You don’t. But if you can preserve their dignity and show them the kind of nursing care that anyone would deserve, than you are good. You are the reason we are the world’s most trusted profession. And even though you don’t know it, someone saw and felt it, and it meant the world to them. Go to bed and sleep soundly because you deserve that. - J.R. RN

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Caught in a Storm

Pairing: Demon!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 4216

Warnings: Smut, fingering, blood kink, very slight dub!con, sex with strangers, unprotected sex, slight angst but not really.  

Summary: You’re on your way to a new school and new life when a freak storm and some bad timing lead you into the arms of a dark stranger. 

A/N: This is for @roxy-davenport SPN Birthday Celebration, it was a few days late but I think I like how it turned out. My prompt was the movie Susperia(1977), blood!kink, demon!dean x reader, and the quote “Was that supposed to scare me?”   

Covering your head with the back of your jacket, watching as the rain poured down around you, you rushed towards the door. It was late, and part of you doubted that anyone would be here to let you in. Still, it was going to be hard to find a hotel in a strange city in the middle of the night, while trying to navigate through the horrible weather. Knocking as loud as possible, your fist banging against the wood and pounding out a dull thud you could hear echoing inside. Closing your eyes, letting out a silent prayer that it was going to be noisy enough to rouse someone.

Pressing your face against the seam you tried to hear any signs of life coming from inside, but it was silent.

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Hello Friday!! 

If you would like to see your fics on Fanfic Friday, please feel free to tag me! I try to like and reply/give feedback to each and every fic! If I don’t like it within 48 hours it means I didn’t see it. I do ask that you place warnings on your fic whether its at the beginning or in the tags at the bottom. 

Here we go!

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Highway To Hell (I Miss The Misery Part Two)

Summary: A lot has changed but there are some things that remain the same even when it was from a dark time.

Pairings: Demon!Dean x Demon!Reader

Warnings: smut. swearing, umm smut! I’m back, bitches xD

Word Count: 1259

Soo… I just posted an angst, so here, a little smutty smutty fic! This is for @roxy-davenport ‘s Halloween Writing Challenge and for those people who wanted a part two of I Miss The Misery!

Its been a few weeks, a few weeks after the blood curling transformation you had gone through, the pain, the torture, the emotions. That night back at the motel, that night you saw the softest of green eyes you could ever expect from a demon, your life changed. You weren’t sure if it were for the better or the worse. But ever since that night– nothing changed. You remained invincible and immortal, powerful. You remained a demon. The only change that cure did to you was your completely functioning heart, with the happiness, the hurt, the love.

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You were sat curled in a ball on your kitchen floor when you heard the front door opening.

“Y/N, I’m home,” Luke announced.

“Shhhh!” you hissed at him.

He quickly followed the sound of your voice and his face crumpled in confusion. “Y/N? What are you doing sitting on the floor, in our kitchen of all places?”

“She’s hiding behind the couch,” you mumbled, looking down.

“The kitten?” he questioned.

You two had recently adopted a kitten from a nearby shelter together, as a two-year anniversary gift. She was a small little thing who had been incredibly shy at the shelter, but when you guys brought her home and she got adjusted…

You finally looked up to face Luke, “no. Roxy!”

Luke spluttered a laugh, not believing you. “Why would Roxy be hiding behind the couch? She doesn’t have a problem with any other animals.”

“That little kitten we adopted isn’t just ‘any other animal,’ Luke! She’s like a little demon! She scared Roxy senseless, and now she’s cowering behind the couch,” you explained.

He took a moment to process the surprising news. “Okay, well that doesn’t explain why you’re hiding in the kitchen, Y/N.”

You mumbled your answer, looking back down to the floor.

“What? Y/N, c’mon. Look at me.” Luke said, moving down so he was sitting near you now.

“I said, she scratched me!” you yelled, showing him your right arm, which now held a large but thin red scratch.

“Aw, baby.” Luke was trying not to laugh, you could tell.

You rolled your eyes, “laugh all you want. It’s stupid, I know. But, as I said earlier, she’s a little demon!”

Luke nodded, “I heard you, baby. I heard you. I’ll go get Roxy and calm her down then get the kitten.”

You groaned as you got up alongside him, “I’ll come, too. I call Roxy, though.”

He laughed at your antics but didn’t object. “Okay. Where is she?”

“In hell, with Satan, probably,” you muttered as you went up to Roxy, petting her back.

You heard Luke chuckle as he moved around your sofa. “Ah, here you are!”

You craned your head around the sofa so you could see Luke picking up the little white kitten from where she had made herself very comfortable on your recliner.

Much to your surprise, and chagrin, the kitten was purring in Luke’s hands.

“That little—“

Luke cut you off, “Y/N, she’s a little sweetie.”

You scoffed, “Yeah, easy for you to say! She’s a little Daddy’s girl.”

“Well, you are too, huh?” Luke grinned at you.

“Luke Alvez, shut it!” you admonished him as he made his way towards you.

“C’mon, hold out your hands.”

You groaned but did as he asked. “Alright, Give me the she-demon.”

He placed her gently in your hands, where she didn’t start attacking you like you thought. She was actually being quite calm now.

“Huh. Okay. Fine. I apologize, missy,” you addressed her.

You looked up from stroking your kitten to see Luke smiling cheekily. You threw him a questioning look, to which he responded, “It’s my three favorite girls!”

You shook your head lovingly, “you dork.“


Alice Angel reset the world, a power only the highest of angels possess. Heaven is very displeased with her choice to do it without telling them first.

She is forever cursed with the memories of her friends deaths, and it’s only up to her to keep history from repeating itself.

Everything is so different now that everyone’s alive…

~End of Arc~

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Smile For The Camera

Pairing:  AU Gabriel x Reader

Word: 650

Warnings: Fluuufff

A/N: This is for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing SPN Hiatus Challenge. This week’s prompt was Stop filming me, moron. It is bolded below.


Walking into your house you thought you could have cried. The once vacant house that had boxes scattered on the floor was now spotless. Pictures were hanging up on the walls, the decorative pillows with cheesy says were fluffed and on the couch, and the badly crocheted blanket from college was neatly draped over the recliner.

“Oh honey,” you kicked off your dirty boots and wandered aimlessly throughout the house. Everyone of your possessions now had a place in the new house. Part of you wondered how he could get it done so quickly, but you knew when Gabriel was determined there was no stopping him.

Seeing that crocheted blanket brought back all the memories that you had with your husband, the good and the bad. You didn’t care for the bad but thinking about him made you miss the man. Plopping down on the couch you tossed the blanket over your work uniform.

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