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Aku: You are strong, yes. But in the future, my strength will surpass yours! 

Jack: There is no future for you, Aku! 

Aku: I disagree! 

Jack: What trickery is this? Aku!

Aku: Do not worry, Samurai. You will see me again. But next time you shall not be so fortunate… 

-”Samurai Jack”


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'Human sacrifice' ceremony at Geneva's CERN laboratory investigated
A bizarre video has circulated online for days showing several individuals at the top European lab re-enacting an occult ceremony. The video includes the staged 'stabbing' of a woman.

CERN: Supercolliders, Subliminals, & Stargates: Illuminati’s Plan for Satan’s Arrival

CERN 2016 Demon Portals

Simpsons’s CERN Illuminati Mathematical Predictive Programming

Shocking Illuminati Sacrifice Ritual - Opening of Worlds Largest Tunnel near CERN

Evil 666 Rising As CERN Prepares To Open The Illuminati Gates Of Baal

CERN film “Symmetry” Exposed illuminati End of Time Ritual

Bizarre ‘Dance Of Destruction’ Performed At CERN Ahead Of Launch

“Wow. You really are awful at this.”

“You’re Not Helping!!”

here’s the first installment of my little AU~ This is an Ava’s Demon Portal AU. I dunno if you guys like Portal, but I love it to bits.

Here’s a Synopsis: TiTAN Laboratories is a large innovative scientific organization, that specializes in … well, risky technology. Their most current tests that they’re running are Motivational Theory tests. Each Test Subject (host) gets a “Motivational Core”(demon) That each have a different type of “motivation” that they employ to help the test subject along their way.

Obviously this doesn’t work exactly as planned. Wrathia’s mode of “motivation” is constantly belittling Ava and generally being an a-hole. Ava volunteered to be a test subject because she wanted to help the cause of growth, but man, this is NOT what she expected.

More characters coming soon!

Hole in Azeroth's Sky
  • Illidan: So. who broke it? I'm not mad, I just want to know.
  • Kil'jaeden: I did, I broke it.
  • Illidan: No. No, you didn't, you're dead. Velen?
  • Velen: Don't look at me, look at Khadgar.
  • Khadgar: What?! I didn't break it!
  • Velen: Huh. That’s weird. How did you even know it was broken?
  • Khadgar: Because it’s sitting right in front of us and it’s broken!
  • Velen: Suspicious.
  • Khadgar: No it’s not!
  • Maiev: If it matters, probably not... Khadgar was the last one to portal.
  • Khadgar: Liar! I don't even use demonic magic!
  • Maiev: Oh really? Then how did you open the portal earlier?
  • Khadgar: I used it to get us home, everyone knows that, Maiev!
  • Velen: All right, let's not fight. I broke it, let me fix it, Illidan.
  • Illidan: No. Who broke it?
  • Khadgar, whispering: You know, Jaina's been awfully quiet...
  • Jaina: Really?!
  • Maiev: Yeah, really!
  • ---
  • Illidan: I broke it. I got tired of waiting to fight demons and opened a portal. I predict ten minutes from now, they’ll be forced to go to Argus and fight for their lives. Good. It was getting a little safe around here.

Credit: unknown

Write something based off of this! Is it actually a demon portal? A landmarker? A form of secret messaging? A warning symbol? Part of a spell or ritual? The result of a bored, creative person?

anonymous asked:

Hello >< I can't stop myself from reading lots of your theories and analysis XD I wanna say that I luv em all and you're rly amazing! I wonder if this has been asked before but since the guys most likely originated from Europe, wouldn't that make them stand out for their westen features in Japan? Not becuz of their hair and eye colors since bizarre colors are common in anime and otoge but their face would look different from normal asians, right? Sorry, this has been in my head for awhile XD

Thank you very much :D I’m glad you’re enjoying the theories I post. 

As for your question, anime and otome games kind of has their own style and many of those characters have many caucasian-like features. I’m not really an expert on anime culture/history so I can’t really get too in depth with it cuz I wouldn’t really know what I’m talking about.

In terms of the Sakamaki brothers, however, I do believe that they are of European descent (namely German on their father’s side) due to the names of their relatives. Karlheinz, Richter and Christa are common German names, which is why I believe this idea. Beatrix and Cordelia are also Eurocentric names. Another interesting thing is that their castle in the Demon World is built like a Medieval castle as opposed to a Japanese palace. Their castle in the Demon World also has portals to many different European countries as well as Japan.