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mythological creatures asks
  • dragon: if you could build a hoard of any item, what would it be?
  • siren: are you a flirt?
  • dullahan: what do you fear?
  • satyr: what's your favourite drink?
  • kitsune: if you could choose to change into any animal, which one would it be?
  • lamassu: what are you protective of?
  • succubus: what's your sexuality?
  • gryphon: from where do you draw your strength?
  • werewolf: how do you deal with your inner demons?
  • phoenix: do you do believe in light after death?
  • selkie: ocean or land?
  • harpy: earth or sky?
  • kelpie: ocean or lake?
  • nymph: if you had to inhabit any natural area, where would you choose?

Here’s a new character I designed yesterday, I’ve decided to call him Phoenix. He’s a really short-tempered and deadpan demon that just wants to listen to music and play games on his 3DS. XD

Unshaded flats below the cut!

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concept: tailor!Phoenix

He makes Edgeworths suits and makes fun of him for wearing cravats. Gets worried when he doesnt turn up one year. Is confused to find that hes the ‘demon proecutor’ since Phoenix only sees him as the big, gray-haired, grumpy dork that wears a bright pink suits and cravats.

People who can actually write things can you give this a try im lazyyyyyyy

The night was ending, so Noah, Moonlight and Incubux have just finished their work, they had to go to the castle.

They were went when moonlight noticed that had lost one of his necklaces

- part1 (you are here) - (next) part2 

 ah here is the first parts of the comic abaut my MBD au with @inashibe cooperation! i will draw also another stories abaut all the characters in this au, this first comic is abaut:

demon!moonlight (real moonlight belongs to @reyindee) ans phoenix!lucid (real lucid belongs to @inashibe). at now all the another stories will be write in one/tre scenes, this first chapter is full but the next will be divided in 1-3 scenes like i said before, more of the chapters will be posted in different days.

another chapters will be abaut: the fallen angel and playful wizard

Just a Little Death - Chapter Update

Chapter 2: I Am HANDLING This

In which Lance has a sexual encounter, but the only part that makes it onscreen is the one line of noises that the rest of the team accidentally overhears. He also helps save a planet, helps get a video game, and helps himself to some blood.

Hunk is #Tired.

AU Masterlist

Compiling a masterlist for nmweek :3

Cat!Phoenix AU: Phoenix, due to an illegal experiment, is now part cat and Miles has take care of him. I know it sounds weird. But it’s cute ok. Also probably the most angsty of the lot. (Part 1) (Part 2)

Half-deer!Phoenix/Hunter!Miles AU: Phoenix is basically a deer centaur and befriends Miles, who was actually a hunter out to kill him. A super cute AU that belongs to @aqauinas-hell

Mer!Miles AU: Phoenix was saved by a merman when he fell into the sea as a kid and meets this same merman in an aquarium many years later. Now he needs to save his beloved merman from this awful place.

Phoenix!Phoenix AU: Phoenix is an actual Phoenix who befriends Miles after saving him during the DL-6 trial by bringing up new evidence. Cue birb man not knowing anything and making a mess as he invades every aspect of Miles’ life.

Half-succubus!Phoenix AU: Phoenix is half-succubus and has a crush on Miles. Not much explanation or this one. Yea. Mostly NSFW but has cute stuff too.

Pet-succubus!Phoenix AU: A spin-off from the above one. In a world where succubi are a part of society, Phoenix is found to be unregistered after his first trial and is bought by Larry and gifted to Miles so he can keep his job. Also very NSFW.

Werewolf!Miles AU: Miles is turned into a werewolf after being adopted by VK (the VK family is a longstanding purebred werewolf family). He’s constantly told he’s a disgrace and hides the fact that he’s a werewolf. But Phoenix finds out when Miles is careless enough to be around him on the night of a full moon.

Vampire!Miles AU: Miles is an old vampire who happens across Phoenix, a dorky garlic farmer. Unfortunately for Miles, he finds himself falling in love with this awful farmer.

Demon!Phoenix AU: Phoenix is really nice demon who clings to Miles for energy after he was accidentally summoned. They help each other, end up being really close, and strive for The Truth™ together. Belongs to @anominous007

Doctor!Miles/College!Phoenix AU: Phoenix goes to the doctor’s cos he has a cold one day and is immediately smitten with the doctor. Cue Phoenix getting sick over and over to see the doctor again.

Police AU: Phoenix is a new recruit in the police force and is assigned to Miles as his partner.

You can also access the entire folder here! SFW version (cos the files might have bits of NSFW around) here! And info if you are new to these weird docs.

Additionally, here is a folder of more AUs and good ideas and a lot of pure crack (NSFW ones are marked)

And, If you’re still looking for more narumitsu stuff, here is another masterpost of stuff :3

Unknown#05666 ( BTS fanfic )

Information providing an insight to the AU I created before reading:

Species and how common they are (higher percentage = more common) :
-50% hybrids
-10% werewolf
-10% vampire
-10% witch
-8% Demons
-5% paladin
-3% phoenix
-3% angels
-1% nephilim

Ranking System: (higher %=more common)
S: Servus 60% - (Latin for servant)
O: Oberarzt 20% - (originates from the military rank - first lieutenant)
B: Baro 15% - ( Latin for Baron )
A : Argbed 4% - (originates from class of military commanders in charge of castles and fortresses )
D: Deorum 1% - (Latin for deity)

Basic facts:
- every A rank or higher mate couple has to drink the blood of his or her mate
- the higher the rank the quicker they will bond with each other
- After forming a mating bond, the mates will bare each other’s clan symbol
- bond marks can either be romantic (soulmate bonds) or platonic (team bonds)
- polyamory and same sex couples are perfectly normal
- Population consists of alpha, betas, and omegas but each of them can be either dominant or submissive
- Each species has its own clan


Namjoon flattens the crumpled parchment against the granite marble top. The scrawling onyx ink discloses tonight’s match information.

11:30 P.M.

Seoul Arena

Teams: Bangtan vs. EXO

Deca-natural Seoul Preliminary Competition

The descending sun breaks through the kitchen curtains. He buries his face in the arm of his soft purple sweater, sighing.

He had been studying for the physics exam next week in the library when Jackson called begging for him to aid the BTS match tonight. The pure desperation in Jackson’s voice and his sense of duty compelled him to accept even as his inner being screeched for him to refuse.

What is he thinking? Getting involved with the supernaturals. It’s suicide. They are selfish. They are conniving. They are incapable of caring.

However much the omega yearns to feel the hum of pure energy pounding through his body, Namjoon has lived long enough to know matches have evolved over the hundreds of thousands of years to a battlefield of blood, revenge, and hatred. The teams compete to claim territory and supplies from the sponsors and government.

The most pressing problem - He lives on borrowed time. The elders granted one free lifetime after a millenia of servitude and reincarnations. If he had been forced to live through another life doing their every bidding he would have killed himself again.

He has died various ways. Numerous times. Every method different; however, even if he kills himself, he is always resurrected. A price for the deal he struck.

The kettle’s whistle snaps him out of his thoughts. He grabs the loose tea leaf canister, the only memory of his human parents. He drops a few leaf fragments into the cute cat mug. The scalding liquid swirls the brittle pieces. The clear water transitions to faint green - just how he likes it. The sweater’s lavender sleeves prevent the omega’s fingers from burning. He giggles. The steam warms Namjoon’s face as he lifts it to his lips. The hot liquid warms his throat and soothes his mind. Ok. Maybe it’s not exactly the tea but the white powder he slips into the drink. It numbs the continuous pain that cripples his body - a body languishing from lack of a bond.

BTS…He recalls they’re one of the more lenient teams - sons of rich government officials, drug lords, and supernatural superiors. Every fortnight he spectates their mock public duel against other groups. The bleachers often filled. He sits far away but close enough to show interest.

As the matches begin, it’s a flurry of colors and streaks of light. Only trained eyes can keep up with all the movement. He easily tracks their movements. The students look to the monitors that slow down all the competitors’ movements. The blues now human bodies sprinting, clashing weapons that ignite sparks, and spell circles performing a variety of magic.

He observes their diverse fighting styles and weapon preferences, noting their magical compatibility. Namjoon keeps up with modern trends even relieved from duty. He admires Bangtan’s strong dynamics - the way they swiftly cast spells and proficiently handle their weapons.

Everyone admires them. Everyone fears them. Each as deadly as the next. They’re princes, tyrants, monsters - all surrounded by a dark aura that warns others to keep their vicinity.

BTS operate without an omega.

Omegas or submissives are usually in charge of supporting the team. They rarely participate in the physical fighting, instead casting spells that support the other members whether it be to enchant the weapons or increasing stamina. They monitor the battle from afar, taking into account possible ambushes and the most efficient way to eliminate the enemy.

It’s an unspoken rule that no one kills nevertheless, that doesn’t prevent some from gravely injuring enemies.

Those who fall under the Oberarzt rank are usually the most capable healers.

If the duel calls for a supporter, then Jungkook, their submissive A-rank beta, fills in but this competition requires an omega. Something about promoting cooperation between all subspecies.

That’s where Jackson fit into the picture. BTS announced to everyone who owed them a debt that it would be paid off if they could find an omega that meets their rigorous standards for the competition

Whether it’s drugs or pulling strings BTS has the capability to execute any task, but they demand a heavy heavy price for every job. A declaration of that magnitude caused a flurry on campus. No one wants to owe BTS a debt for too long. People scrambled about, volunteering a variety of omegas, but none reaching Bangtan’s expectations.

Golden sparks materialize around his fingertips when he grips the mug just a little too hard. Thankfully Namjoon had carved a fortifying rune on the mug’s bottom - Jackson’s gift for placing 1st the 10nth time in a row last week for the quarterly assessments.

Jackson knew Namjoon didn’t care for lavish things. The omega preferred things of emotional value. Things that whispered, ‘ Yes I know you. I know you enjoy and take comfort in this. Yes I care for you.’ Material objects such money and luxurious homes lost their appeal lifetimes ago.

Namjoon remembers residing in a large mansion with others of his kind. Creme columns and colorful mosaics. Training everyday. Laughing together. Tall evergreens, midnight bonfires, and star gazings.

Everyone assumes Namjoon ranks as an S-class submissive. As the weakest rank, the Servus can only cast the most basic of spells. They run only a little faster than humans can.

Namjoon’s mannerisms scream submissive no matter what lifetime or form he takes on. His student ID states that Kim Namjoon is an S rank half human half vampire hybrid. The vampire part explains his need to drink blood. He doesn’t drink directly from the source. At least not yet during this lifetime. He buys bottled blood the government supplies to the university. “Providing for the next generation,” they said.

Hybrids compose the largest portion of the population. They can inherit any abilities from the species they’re parts of. For example, vampire hybrids can acquire the blood thirst, superhuman speed, strength, etc.. They could inherit one, all, or none. It’s all luck and how much one can withstand psychologically and physically. The human part makes him seem small and insignificant - just how he wants.

Namjoon does everything to hide his rank. He runs as fast as the other rank S submissives, pulls punches, and performs only the simplest spells.

No one bats an eye. Most people want to show off their skills. Who would willingly belittle themselves and hide their power? No one unless they have a secret… like Namjoon.

Although the ranked as the #1 submissive, Namjoon categorizes himself under S class. The university offers discretion to all its top students. Technically he isn’t lying. He has all the traits of every class and levels. One of the traits of his kind.

Monthly mock tests are taken in large groups allowing students to constructively criticize hence why Namjoon only tries hard enough to be average, never dropping to the bottom but also never scraping the top. He can’t draw attention.

The school posts the results for everyone to see on the announcements board.

The quarterly assessments, however, reveal only the top 10 students. Since the tests are taken individually no one knows the omega’s identity.

To him, the trials are ridiculously easy. Summon your weapon. Fight against a member of the national team. Hold your own for 30 seconds and rank in the top 10 automatically. Additional points for using all other magical abilities. He never earns those points, instead choosing a pre runed weapon and casting only basic spells. He calculates how much he has to do just to be #1. Any more and the university would be curious.

Afterwards, Namjoon always checks the anonymous box.

Namjoon is first place: Unknown # 05666. Jackson is the only one who knows.

Alphas and teams recruit members through test results. High ranking submissives are highly sought after and courted by many teams as soon as the results are released. They love being showered with attention. They have nothing to hide. Every submissive wants a capable alpha and the easiest way is to test compatibility within teams. The courting process involves investigation of the individual before joining.

Although Namjoon can’t deny his yearning for an alpha, he values his secrecy more, so the white powder became his companion. The Flos dolor - 10 times stronger than any drug the government knows of, just enough to lessen the skull splitting pain to a dull ache he’s all but used to, something only his species immune system can withstand.

It’s not that he hates battling. It’s not that he isn’t capable of competing. The pressing problem other than keeping his rank a secret is that he needs a grounder. His species requires an alpha dominant to control and keep him sane when power rushes through his body and narrows his consciousness to solely serving, supporting, and strategizing.

He had been in the top ranks before released from duty. His name widely known. The omega had been one of the best if not the best, but one can only remember so many lifetimes and memories before becoming overwhelmed and weary. He had lost too many people, fought too many battles.

Jackson had shown BTS Namjoon’s specs earlier today - his real ones. Jin had shoved Jackson against the classroom walls denting the brick wall, asking if he was joking about knowing the top ranking submissive.

The lecture hall became silent. Jin’s oppressing aura prevented anyone from helping Jackson. No one interrupted the regis , the king, unless they wanted a bounty over their heads.

BTS approved of him as their submissive or rather they approved of Unknown #0566. No one has ever suspected him.

Jin, the leader of BTS, had told Jackson that they wouldn’t need the omega to fight, but rather strategize and support where necessary.

Namjoon is more than fine with the arrangement. Ecstatic even. They probably think he is the run-of-the-mill omega. He laughs, imagining their reaction once they see him. He bets 1 million won they’ve never heard of him.

Needless to say news had traveled quickly and now everyone is traveling to see the match. Namjoon predicts all the seats will be filled.

He senses the impending headache. His identity will be revealed to BTS by tonight. He has no doubt they’re smart enough to connect all the dots. All the members rank in the top 20 of their designed subspecies and rank - in the monthly mock and quarterly assessments.

Opening his burgundy mahogany closet, Namjoon grabs a black duffle bag, shoving in top grade battling gear and choker that would form a bond between him and BTS and mark him as their submissive. By tonight he will bare one of their marks.

He shudders, recalling the last time someone wanted to mark him. How it ended in tears, broken bonds, and blood…. So much blood.

He removes his glasses and looks in the mirror. The browns flash to a blazing gold with a ring of light around it and back. His lightly tan skin glows, purple hair fluffy, and lips swollen from always biting on them. The omega dons a heavy winter coat and drops his keys with the little ryan keychain into his bag. He makes sure to lock his apartment before walking to the arena. Not that anyone would be able to break in with all the runes, spells, and talismans he put up.

The biting wind nips at his cheeks turning them to a light wash of rose. His breath escapes as a cloud. He rubs his fingers together, trying to gain warmth. It’s fall now. The trees barren with early sunsets and foreshadowing snow. His converse rhythmically tap against the cement sidewalk as he travels to the arena.

God what is he thinking? Walking towards the one thing he avoided this lifetime, but then he remembers the scent of the forest. How that’s still the one constant in his life. The way it comforted him when self-hate and distress absolutely decimated him. Jackson’s scent.

After walking for half an hour, the arena appears. He tugs up the heavy coat’s hood seeing the line of students already forming. They’re probably hoping to see Unknown #05666. How stupid. One would think that #05666 wouldn’t easily reveal their identity like that if they kept it a secret for so long.

He remembers Jackson telling him about a competitor’s entrance. Locating it, Namjoon swipes his student key card - the one with #05666’s barcode, entering into the lobby. BTS must have notified the coordinators he is their omega. Swerving right, he walks toward the receptionist. He tugs down the navy knitted scarf and smiles.

“I’m here for Bangtan.” He shows her the parchment.

“Ah yes yes. Here to fill the omega position aren’t you? May I ask for who sent you?” Her purple eyes widen. Witch. Probably wondering if he is the rumored #0566. Jiwoo, her name tag reads.

“Wang. Jackson Wang.” Namjoon softly replies while nervously clenching and unclenching his hands on the duffle bag’s strap that digs in his shoulder.

“Alright. You can go up now. Top floor.” She passes him a silver key card, the ones used to open into the team rooms for the matches. There’s still another 3 hours til the match begins.

Namjoon thanks her and starts walking down the hall as scents start to overwhelm him: fresh linen, old paper, sunshine and rain alongside another. One that makes his neck itch, wanting to be bitten into. To be claimed. To submit - Mocha. A bittersweet coffee smell. His heartbeat escalates. It’s been so long since he allowed himself to bask in scents other than Jackson’s. The silver scent blocker band usually around his right arm that dulls scents left on top of his dresser.

His throat dries up as if the bottle of water he drank on the way here was nonexistent. It’s been so long since he last quenched his thirst with fresh alpha blood. He groans, imagining the taste similar to that of a long sip of a mocha from his favorite cafe as his fangs pierce skin and blood flows into his mouth.

He halts in front of a large wooden door with a card scanner to the right and golden plaque stating it’s the BTS home base. He swipes the silver card and the light turns green but the door doesn’t open. Instead a spell circle starts to sear the dark red wood and a second later 5 other spell circles appear and start glowing. It’s a test.

In a split second Namjoon plants his feet and throws up a high level protection spell. A large lightning bolt and raw energy slams into him. His spell absorbs and converts it to energy that flows through him.

Sparks flicker on his clothes and hair. Great. Now his heartbeat feels like it’s gonna stop at any moment. An energy high. It flows through his veins, flickering against his fingertips, and gives his mind a kickstart.

He punches the door straight on, shattering the spell circles. He shoves the door open. Fuck them. Fuck the repair costs. If it had been anyone lower than A-rank he is 100% sure they would be suffering from major injuries. A spell of that magnitude needs a caster that can summon a spell instinctually. Any hesitance and they would be knocked out to say the least.

As fast as his rage escalates, it simmers away. The members are all in various states of undress. Not good. No. No. No. No. The strength and pheromones in the room trigger his mind to slip and regress.

Namjoon’s amber eyes widen before he releases a squeak. The omega throws his palms over his eyes, squatting down. His face flushes and he stutters while his brain short circuits. All submissive omegas of his species age regress. It’s not a kink or preference but an instinctual trait. Similar to closing your eyes when sneezing or blushing when embarrassed.

“Oh my god. I-I-I’m sorry for b-barging in. I d-d-didn’t know you guys were c-changing…” His voice cracks. Breathe. Breathe. It’s not like you’ve never seen mean half naked before Namjoon. He’s seen much more but it’s just been so so long.

A high pitched laughter echoes through the room.“ JACKSON DID NOT MENTION HE WAS THIS CUTE! CAN WE KEEP HIM!? PLEASE JIN HYUNG?!”

A tall figure stops in front of him, prying the omega’s hands away from his face. The beta’s hair is a faint pink and slate blue - Hoseok if he recalls correctly. “ Hey there, my name’s Jung Hoseok, but you can call me Hobi little one. What’s your name?” His cooing voice calms Namjoon. He decides he likes Hobi. He has a kind face. He must have knowledge of Namjoon’s state of mind.

Namjoon slowly blinks not realizing how close Hoseok is,“N-N-Namjoon. K-Kim Namjoon.” He stutters slightly when he realizes Hoseok is still topless. The sight of abs, muscles, and tan skin isn’t helping. Nope. Not at all.

He smiles up at Hoseok, dimples forming, eyes glowing.

Hoseok’s purple eyes stare at him, “Yup. Certified cutie.”

The beta hugs Namjoon, pressing them impossibly close together while thrashing around. His nose right at the beta’s collarbone.

Hobi smells like a warm spring day. The kind where you lounge in a park, reading a book while listening to soft piano on the grass. Those days are his favorite, where he has his favorite bitter mocha latte and lays in the park area near the philosophy hall with a homemade lunch.

“Yah! Jung Hoseok stop smothering him and let him breathe. Sit him on the couch. Jungkook grab his bag.” Jin - he assumes. Namjoon can’t tell from where he’s smushed again Hobi’s neck.

The older easily picks him up while moving to wrap the omega’s arms and legs around the beta’s body.

“You have to let me go Joonie. I gotta finish changing.” Hoseok laughs while stopping in front of a wine colored couch with a mountain of blankets and pillows. Nap? Probably not. Namjoon loves napping. Especially when he’s wrapped in his favorite Ryan quilt with the heater humming in the background.

“Ok.” Namjoon utters,letting go. He looks around. Specialized gloves for handling weapons lie on the table lining the perimeter of the room. Classical paintings at certain intervals. Miscellaneous clothing pieces scattered around.

Jin, regis , relaxes on the black leather couch in front of Namjoon. People weren’t exaggerating when they whispered about his dominating presence.

Loose black and white button up and jeans. Dark sneakers. Dirty blonde hair.

“Interesting. An S-Rank submissive omega and little. Did Wang send you? I’m curious as to how he stumbled across someone like you.” Although the elder smiles the dominant alpha pheromones demand Joon to answer. Nothing less from the son of Seoul’s reigning mafia boss.

Namjoon struggles to piece his thoughts together. For Jackson. For Jackson. He tries to ignore the scent of mocha slowly growing stronger. Keyword - Tries. It clouds his thoughts. “Yes Jin-ssi. J-Jackson hyung s-sent me.”

A boy with round grey eyes makes his way next to Jin, unabashedly sitting himself on Jin’s lap and burying his nose against Jin’s scent gland. Jungkook, he guesses. One of Jin’s two mates.

Jin doesn’t bat an eyelash allowing the boy to continue his ministrations, “So tell me Namjoon are you Unknown #05666? My guess is yes, but I have to make sure. I’m impressed that you weren’t incinerated from my protective spell and runes. Too bad the same can’t be said for the 3 before you.”

The pure surge of pheromones from Seokjin causes Namjoon to flinch and bare his neck whimpering. In his little state, the omega is weaker and easily influenced by the alpha. He squeezes his eyes shut while struggling to take a breath, “ C-Could you possibly lower your dominance level just a-a tad bit? I can’t t-think or breathe. ”

Namjoon’s head begins to pound. No wonder BTS declined all the volunteered omegas today. Anyone else and they would be half- conscious on the floor.

Seokjin’s eyes widen to an almost comical level and he would have laughed if he wasn’t struggling to breathe.

Another male makes their way over to Seokjin and settles himself on the other side. Taehyung. The one that smells like fresh linen sheets. He lightly strokes Jin’s jaw whispering against his ear, “Jinnie, we have to let Joonie breathe if he’s gonna help us right?”

Thankfully, the pheromones retreat and Namjoon tries very very hard to remember what Jin asked him, “Yeah. Yes. I-I’m Unknown #05666. And honestly isn’t an A grade protection s-spell a little t-t-oo much as a greeting.” Namjoon retorts while rummaging through his bag to get his real ID with the barcode and identification number.

The way Jungkook and Taehyung cuddle themselves against Jin’s body makes Namjoon feel as if he’s intruding on something private.

He hands the golden card to Jin looking down, blushing. “H-Here you go. You will have to register me right? Now you can just scan me in.”

Jin accepts it while stroking the top of his mates’ heads, “I’m intrigued Namjoon. What could Wang have possibly done for you to reveal yourself? You’ve remained hidden for 3 years at the university and now you’re willingly throwing it away.” Both Jungkook and Taehyung burrow themselves deeper into Jin’s sides.

The omega wants someone to care for him that way. He wants an alpha. Is that too much to ask for?

Namjoon whispers, “I owe him much more than this Jin-ssi.” He does.

Jin nods while looking over the card. Satisfied, he holds it up in the air. Hoseok immediately stands up, walking over. “ Go register him for the match Hobi-ah.”

“On it hyung.” Hoseok leaves to the registration desk. No hesitance. Complete subordinance and respect.

“C-could I change now?” Namjoon inquires and Jin nods gesturing to a spot where other bags are piled high on top of each other.

The omega is only slightly embarrassed about changing in front of others, but he’s familiar with how this generation loves to show off their physical forms.

“Jimin and Yoongi returning soon Namjoon. Better hurry if you don’t want an audience.” Jin teases with a slight smile.

Namjoon would laugh but he’s slightly intimidated by Jin. He’s heard too many rumors and knows at least 80% are true. Even if he’s off duty, others of his species look out for him, updating him on everything.

He picks up the pace, grabbing the midnight long sleeve shirt sitting on the table and changing the rest of his clothes efficiently. He grabs the choker and slips it around his neck. “Ji-”

“Call me hyung for the love of God. I’m not old. Plus if we’re gonna work together mind as well be familiar right?” Jin attempts to be friendly, but Namjoon notices how he struggles.

“What should I do about the bond?” The omega gestures to the plain black choker that clings to his neck. A familiar feeling no matter how long it’s been.

“Let’s wait until all of us are in the room. We can decide whose sub you want to be then.”

It’s one of the rules. To be a registered submissive in a match you must have a bond with one of the members whether it be romantically or platonically.

Namjoon nods while putting on different arm bands to enhance his abilities during the match.

He’s about to remove the golden scent inhibitor band so they familiarize his scent when Hoseok barges in. Two people trail behind him. Short. One with regal blue hair. The other a cotton candy pink.

Namjoon’s eyes flicker golden with a ring of light around it. Double not good.

His erratic heartbeat can be heard by anyone at this point. Too fast. Too loud.

He takes a deep breath. Mocha. It’s from the pink haired one. The omega’s breathing quickens. Submit Submit Submit. Namjoon’s mind shuts down.

Pink hair finally swivels his head toward Namjoon.

Jimin. Fuck. Shit. Damn. Park Jimin. It’s Park Jimin. Son of the leader of Supernaturals.

It’s utterly overwhelming. His mind slips alongside the golden scent inhibitor band, clattering onto the dark marble flooring. He starts falling to his knees. The room is silent.

Hoseok is about to rush to his aid, but Jin stops him.

The alpha knows, has suspected the moment Namjoon entered the room. His Jungkook is an A-rank submissive beta who can hold against even Jin pretty well. Jungkook is #2 on the quarterly rankings. There was no way Unknown #05666 was a S-rank omega submissive.

A pink blur slams Namjoon against the cold wall. The emotional high blocks any pain he would have felt. Namjoon bares his neck. Mate submit mate submit submit.

Jimin’s scarlet eyes bore into him. Phoenix.

Tentative touches sears into Namjoon’s skin, lights it on fire.

The coffee scent engulfs Namjoon completely. He can’t smell anything else. His mind focused solely on his alpha. His alpha.

Pheromones cloud his mind and simulate a subspace.

Jimin opens his mouth, tongue wetting his lips. His mate has really really nice lips.

“Mate.” The alpha speaks slowly, enunciating his words once he notices Namjoon’s glazed eyes,

“I’m going to mark you. Do. You. Understand?”

It is not uncommon that mates mark each other when they first meet. The stronger their statuses the harder it is to resist the bond and primal urges.

Namjoon’s mind can barely make out anything, but Jimin’s voice he pierces through his hazy mind. “Yes. Etiam sic intelligo. I understand.”

Jimin’s chest rumbles. An instinctual reaction. He’s pleased mate speaks the Phoenix’s native tongue. Beautiful. The words flow delicately almost as if it’s a sonnet composed only for the younger.

The alpha bends his arm backwards. Red runes inscribe themselves onto the floor. A barrier and warning for anyone who would dare to interrupt - they would be immediately set on fire - phoenix fire which can’t be extinguished.

Jimin observes his omega. Soft purple hair. Jimin’s hands entangle in the strands and wander, exploring the omega’s supple golden skin.

His mate’s eyes flutter closed whilst leaning into Jimin’s palm. He growls lowly. Although he loves how complacent and submissive his mate is, he yearns to see those eyes again.

Jimin whispers demandingly, “Aperi oculos tuos. Nomen? ” (Open your eyes. Name? )

Namjoon obeys. His eyes open. Gold? Honey? Jimin just knows that they’re beautiful. The ring of light alongside the shifting shades of yellow rival the sun.

“N-N-Namjoon.” Namjoon’s fangs descend. Thirsty. Mate. Blood. Is this how Tantalus eternally suffers, reaching for the fruit just out of his grasp? He’s so so thirsty. Dear gods. Please. Please. Please.

Jimin understands and gently lowers them to the floor. Golden irises never leave his scarlet.

Namjoon tightly wraps his arms around Jimin’s shoulders and legs around the younger’s waist. His nose buried in the junction of Jimin’s neck underneath freshly dyed pink hair. He can’t get enough of the alpha’s scent. Doesn’t think he can live without it anymore.

“ Paratus?” (Ready?) Jimin lowers his head to Namjoon’s neck.

How long has he been waiting for this. How many millenia? How many lifetimes? How many reincarnations? He’s been ready for eternity .

Namjoon whimpers, begging desperately, scrambling to remember his Latin, “ Etiam, please. ” (Yes, please)

In a completely vulnerable state, the jasmine scent hits Jimin full force. The way Namjoon begs him oh so sweetly with tears slightly wetting the younger’s neck forces Jimin’s absolutely primal side to emerge. He tilts his head to the right and buries his fangs into Namjoon’s soft skin. Nothing has ever felt so right. So satisfying.

The sweet blood floods Jimin’s mouth and he groans. It’s the taste of hot tea after walking through a blizzard or a fireplace on a cold night.

A second later Jimin feels fangs break skin on the left side of his neck. He can feel his blood satisfying his mate. There’s something absolutely primordial and passionate with the blood exchange.

The choker on Namjoon’s neck glows a blinding white and melts to scarlet ink that travels across tan skin forming the symbol of Jimin’s clan - precisely where the alpha bites. Two wings and swirling feathers appear where Namjoon pierces Jimin.

They stay in that position until both have had their fill. They have never been as satisfied as they are now. Nothing compares to the taste of your mate’s life essence.

A series of runes inscribe themselves on both their right wrists. Namjoon’s Scarlet and Gold. Jimin’s Gold and Silver. A mental link snaps into effect and a sense of peace settles.

They both know. They both say, “ Ostende te.” (Show thyself)

Only packs, teams, and mates reveal their natural forms.

Although Jimin senses Namjoon’s slight hesitation an overwhelming amount of trust flows across the newly formed link. Jimin swells with pride. His mate trusts him.

Fiery wings emerge from the alpha’s back, a myriad of burgundy, marigold, and neon orange. They emit a heat that encases Namjoon. He reaches out and grazes the wing’s surface. It’s similar to a plush pillow but a thousand times softer. The elder thinks he can fall asleep on them and never wake up.

Jimin is about to ask where Namjoon’s wings are when seven spell circles surround the omega. Obsidian runed chains appear around Namjoon and he can sense the absolute fear and worry Jimin feels for him.

“Bene sum.” (I’m okay) The omega runs his fingers down the side of Jimin’s face. He doesn’t think he’s done anything in his lives that warrants him such an alpha. Can’t fathom how he deserves Jimin.

One by one the spell circles shatter, releasing a strong wave of energy that throws the rest of BTS against the walls.

Their hands are warm and somehow fit just right.

The last spell circledissolves, leaving behind and unveiling Namjoon’s large white, silver, and golden wings. They glow and Jimin wants to touch the soft feathers, so he does.

The younger tugs Namjoon into his chest and kisses him even as their wings move to touch and something awe some happens…The colors on each of their wings travel to the other’s. Reds, oranges, golds, whites, and silvers, merge into a new combination… A sign that their bond is true, real, and everlasting.

Blood lingering on their lips and they kiss like the other is their sun, moon, and stars. Tastes of jasmine and mocha linger on lips and a raging inferno burns in their souls. They ravage each other until Namjoon pushes Jimin away, running out of breath and swallowing in deep gulps of air. Both hands are still in the other’s hair, eyes primal, and wings entwined.

A whistle sounds through the air, “That’s was the most intense bond formation I’ve ever witnessed. Porn for the heart honestly.”

They both look up and of course it’s Hobi who said it while back hugging Yoongi. Namjoon doesn’t remember if they’re bonded yet. He thinks the beta is still courting Yoongi.

The rest are still attempting to comprehend what happened, clothes wrinkled from being flung at the wall. Energy saturates the air.

Jimin turns them around so that Namjoon is leaning back onto Jimin’s chest and they face the rest of the team. Even though Namjoon is taller they make it work. Resting his head on the older’s shoulder, Jimin wraps his arms around Namjoon’s middle.

Surprisingly it’s Jungkook that speaks up, “ Okay.Let me get this straight. Jackson’s recommended omega submissive a.k.a. unknown #05666 is Namjoon who’s also our Minnie’s mate and they basically just had soulmate sex in front of all of us. ”

Namjoon nods flushing, “S-s-sounds ‘bout right. Yes.”

Jimin just continues to bury himself into Namjoon’s scent. Namjoon feels warm. Maybe he won’t need the flos dolor as often anymore.

Taehyung steps forward, “ … uhmm Minnie?”


“Could you perhaps remove the runes? I prefer to not combust into flames and be turned to ashes. Thank you very much.”

Jimin only grunts and even ignores Jin when he asks.

At this point Namjoon understands they need to battle preparations. He raises his right hand, “Concutite.” (shatter) and swipes to the right. The magic comes easily to him. The red runes lift themselves and shatter into miniscule pieces. Namjoon senses Jimin’s happiness at using his native tongue to cast spells.

Yoongi who has been silent whistles, “Damn,” while pointing to Namjoon who only smiles, dimples forming, “Jin he just repealed Jimin’s rune barely lifting his arms.”

The rest of the pack moves closer, seating themselves in a circle near the pair since Jimin adamantly refuses to release Namjoon. New mates need to remain near their other half after bonding. No exceptions.

Voices start forming, questions directed at Namjoon, all rising above one another in an effort to be heard.

“Who even taugh-”

“Can you teach me how t-”

“Quiet!” Jin stares at Namjoon.

“I’m glad you found your mate and it solves the issue of whose submissive you were gonna be,” Jimin releases a loud growl at this, “… but after that whole scene, although you are automatically part of the team since you are bonded to Jimin, I have to ask… Namjoon what are you?”

The question sends an onslaught of panic down the link but Namjoon calms himself. His mate wouldn’t allow them to hurt him. It’s better he doesn’t keep it a secret. They would discover it eventually.

Namjoon can also sense Jimin’s slight curiosity. He’s not offended Jin asked. He would be curious if he was in Jin’s shoes.

Namjoon’s voice evens, “ Kim Namjoon. Species: Nephilim.” A collective gasp. They’re all staring in disbelief.

As the strongest breed of supernaturals, the nephilim are the best warriors, healers, and strategists. They have no weakness. Only a handful of them roam the Earth - no more than 10 exist at once.

“…Submissive Omega. Unknown #05666. Rank D.”

Jungkook’s mouth opens without thinking, “Oh my holy shit.”

—– And that’s it for the first chap! I’ll upload more later on but I hope u guys really enjoyed this AU I created leave a comment below so I can get an idea of what you guys think and improve my writing ~(>.

Edgeworth: But this is a blood contract! You would have to use your own blood to-


Edgeworth: … You got a paper-cut didn’t you?

Phoenix: -nods slowly-

Here’s my attempt at creating an AU that people get excited about. Wrightworth Demon AU where Phoenix accidentally summons a demon and due to a blood contract, Edgeworth is stuck with Phoenix.

Edgeworth is angry and annoyed but slowly starts getting attached to this human. This stupid human.

Edgeworth can breathe fire, fyi. He can also shapeshift a little too. He’s also a literal demon prosecutor.

Send Send me a # and I'll draw myself as

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4. Witch

5. Sorcerer

6. Unicorn

7. Dragon

8. Banshee

9. Phoenix

10. Demon

11. Dhamphyr 

12. Fairy

13. Living shadow

14. Genie 

15. gorgon

16. Centaur

17. Seer

18. Succubus/Incubus

19. Siren/mermaid/merman

20. Wendigo