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The night was ending, so Noah, Moonlight and Incubux have just finished their work, they had to go to the castle.

They were went when moonlight noticed that had lost one of his necklaces

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 ah here is the first parts of the comic abaut my MBD au with @inashibe cooperation! i will draw also another stories abaut all the characters in this au, this first comic is abaut:

demon!moonlight (real moonlight belongs to @reyindee) ans phoenix!lucid (real lucid belongs to @inashibe). at now all the another stories will be write in one/tre scenes, this first chapter is full but the next will be divided in 1-3 scenes like i said before, more of the chapters will be posted in different days.

another chapters will be abaut: the fallen angel and playful wizard

mythological creatures asks
  • dragon: if you could build a hoard of any item, what would it be?
  • siren: are you a flirt?
  • dullahan: what do you fear?
  • satyr: what's your favourite drink?
  • kitsune: if you could choose to change into any animal, which one would it be?
  • lamassu: what are you protective of?
  • succubus: what's your sexuality?
  • gryphon: from where do you draw your strength?
  • werewolf: how do you deal with your inner demons?
  • phoenix: do you do believe in light after death?
  • selkie: ocean or land?
  • harpy: earth or sky?
  • kelpie: ocean or lake?
  • nymph: if you had to inhabit any natural area, where would you choose?
EXO as mythical creatures

This is something silly I thought of since my ideas are really bad at the moment, so don’t be afraid love is the way to request anything. 

Also this is really cheesy and slightly predictable.

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concept: tailor!Phoenix

He makes Edgeworths suits and makes fun of him for wearing cravats. Gets worried when he doesnt turn up one year. Is confused to find that hes the ‘demon proecutor’ since Phoenix only sees him as the big, gray-haired, grumpy dork that wears a bright pink suits and cravats.

People who can actually write things can you give this a try im lazyyyyyyy

blackquill is making fun of the judge for believing in ghosts but this is the same man who oversaw both the exorcism of phoenixs demonic ex girlfriend and the soul of a dead defense attorney repeatedly possessing her spirit medium relatives so honestly his fears are perfectly rational

mrs-n-uzumaki said:                                                                                                                            ikr, she deserves justice! 

A female character who was a part demon (or a Phoenix witch but this brand of witches was considered to inherently possess the dark powers/was equated to demons in the book of Shadows, i.e we saw Bianca’s mother conjuring a fireball and shimmering away with little Bianca) raised as a part of an assassin cult in an environment where she was brainwashed since birth into adopting that lifestyle but still found the strength to break away with Chris’ help. Even if it meant risking her life defying his psychotic mass murdering brother (and KNOWING Wyatt was going to kill her for betraying him. The only reason Wyatt was even able to turn Bianca - temporarily - back to darkness was because he threatened to send other assassins after Chris who were “going to bring home a body”).

Bianca and Chris were the only ones who had the guts to defy Wyatt and they were working like equal partners when doing so - Chris told her everything about his plan, he had complete faith in Bianca being able to get away and fight off Wyatt’s demons if necessary, her only request to him was that Chris comes back alive. Because she didn’t for so much as a minute doubt that “he was the only one who could do it” nor feared that Chris gets off track and loses the sight of what they believed in even in the impossible circumstances.

It was a fascinating trope subversion because Bianca was the one who started out on the dark path, with Chris being her inspiration to reconsider her lifestyle and she was the one who temporarily reverted back to her old ways. Whilst Chris - even in his darkest moments - always kept the sense of right and wrong, never deviated from his mission (when Bianca tells him Wyatt spares Chris the latter prefers to orb out and face potential death as he was getting weakened by her spell than to reject his morals and beliefs, give up on saving his brother OR enabling said brother’s reign of terror in the future) and never repeated morally wrong acts again (even when the situation got so desperate Chris was about to be wiped from existence or when he had days to prevent Wyatt’s kidnapping. When he had an option to sacrifice himself he picked that option MULTIPLE times around and only ever asked from his family to “take care” and “not give up” as he was ceasing to exist or bleeding to death).

It was important that when Bianca did slip/get off track Chris revoked their engagement - he was not going to enable toxic behaviors or engage in toxic relationships. But even then he asked her to “not give up on everything they fought for” - he emphasized that it’s important to remain true to your ideals not just because your romantic partner wants it but for your OWN sake.

And it was obvious Bianca DIDN’T want to embrace the darkness again because she tells Chris she “hopes they can find another way” to defeat Wyatt. As well as proceeds to sacrifice her life to ensure Chris can “finish what they started”.

Another fascinating trope subversion about their story is that when you’d THINK Chris’ arc is going to be a stereotypical revenge driven quest/character assassination for shock value it does NOT turn out to be like that.

After Bianca’s murder Chris is angry and hurt and he admits if he “can’t save Wyatt he will stop him” - except we later find out the furthest Chris was willing to take it was to bind Wyatt’s powers. Which is what Grams plotted to do to her grandchildren right before her death, what Piper wanted to do in the alternative future to her daughter and what Paige actively attempted with Richard, originally against his direct wishes (despite his abuse of magic versus Wyatt’s reign of terror are even laughable to compare and despite Richard NEVER deliberately setting out to hurt anyone). Then there was Piper who actually SAID the idea of “killing Wyatt to save him” in Imaginary Friends when he was corrupted again did cross her mind (Chris never considered killing either little Wyatt OR adult Wyatt an option despite having every chance to).

But apparently only Chris “deserved” to be kicked out of the house and nearly sent to certain death for considering a perfectly reasonable option that did not involve hurting Wyatt in any way (despite the innumerable ways in which Wyatt had hurt him. And despite Piper actually getting an innocent man killed - with Leo being a part of that plot - because “his destiny was to die” and because she chose her family over Miles’ life. Phoebe went as far as to use Chris’ appearance “for inspiration” and objectify him in order to get her former classmate/ex gang leader killed after being the one to break him out of jail in the first place. And clearly having learned nothing about not using magic to punish mortals. But again - it was a different set of standards for Chris even though he was the only one to actually face consequences and disproportional retribution for his questionable acts. Watching his family die or almost die in both timelines, blaming himself for it - “this is all MY fault” - being physically assaulted by said family multiple times, being told he was “not family”, being kicked out of the house he grew up in, being almost sent to a horrific future where his own brother was going to kill him, literally ceasing to exist, being left by his father again for half a year to play a fatherly figure to the brother in whose favor Chris was originally neglected; and dying a painful sacrificial death and STILL encouraging his father to choose Wyatt over him in his final moments - that does not even cover it all).

In Witchstock Chris is shown to be still grieving Bianca, he is walled up and emotionally distant, avoids talking about it but he is OVERLY focused on the mission. He remarks about Paige not showing up in time for the vanquish like she usually does, he keeps Piper a company for weeks/months after Phoebe and Paige have moved out of the manor (but Chris totally ~avoided and ~hated Piper. And him keeping a distance from her after the reveal of his identity was totally not influenced by the same psychological reasons and fear of loss as Piper’s initial avoidance of Paige), he proves himself to Grams by using wits and cleverness.

Chris remained TRUE to his promise to Bianca to finish what they had been working on, what she sacrificed her life to make sure he can accomplish - and in a tragic way, Chris also ended up sacrificing his life for the cause THEY both had been fighting for.

Meanwhile, ANOTHER half-demon character - a male (Cole to be specific) - who abused his romantic partner non-stop and tried to kill her family multiple times around, who was shown to laugh like a maniac when murdering people even after he and Phoebe got together (with Prue correctly noting that “once a demon always a demon”) and who had to be vanquished multiple times while he was in a process of trying to murder Phoebe’s sisters got a “redemptive” episode. Whilst Phoebe got a trophy husband (which her morally warped quest when she was abusing magic for personal gain and “playing with people’s lives” in alphabetic order was all about) in a form of Coop -

- and guess WHO was the one to come back to past AGAIN to help her get her happy ending?

Right, same nephew whose life supposedly didn’t matter beyond “coming back and warning them about Wyatt and that’s ALL”. Chris, however, never got a proper happy ending where his romantic life was concerned and neither did Bianca and last we saw of her was her being impaled on a broken table leg.

Bianca who outwardly called her mother out on telling her “you don’t feel a thing when you kill” BECAUSE it was not just her being good for Chris’ sake but for her OWN sake as she did NOT feel comfortable with the lifestyle she had been brainwashed since childhood into embracing was denied a happy ending but Cole got a last ditch redemption and a respectful send off. Whilst Wyatt - who killed Bianca - had both Bianca and Chris sacrificing their lives for HIS redemption. And we didn’t even get ONE reference to Bianca when Chris and Wyatt payed the past versions of their family a visit again in Forever Charmed.


Edgeworth: But this is a blood contract! You would have to use your own blood to-


Edgeworth: … You got a paper-cut didn’t you?

Phoenix: -nods slowly-

Here’s my attempt at creating an AU that people get excited about. Wrightworth Demon AU where Phoenix accidentally summons a demon and due to a blood contract, Edgeworth is stuck with Phoenix.

Edgeworth is angry and annoyed but slowly starts getting attached to this human. This stupid human.

Edgeworth can breathe fire, fyi. He can also shapeshift a little too. He’s also a literal demon prosecutor.

marco-fushicho  asked:

{{ Oh~ Is it possible to ask for a demon Marco?? I would love to see him in one of your styles. If you already have drawn him then I am sorry <3 }}

Marco is actually a fae! A member of the Seelie court, he is acting as the stand in ruler until the rightful heir returns to the court. Not much is actually known about him; he’s said to be one of the last remaining phoenixes in existence, but no one has yet to confirm it.

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