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mythological creatures asks
  • dragon: if you could build a hoard of any item, what would it be?
  • siren: are you a flirt?
  • dullahan: what do you fear?
  • satyr: what's your favourite drink?
  • kitsune: if you could choose to change into any animal, which one would it be?
  • lamassu: what are you protective of?
  • succubus: what's your sexuality?
  • gryphon: from where do you draw your strength?
  • werewolf: how do you deal with your inner demons?
  • phoenix: do you do believe in light after death?
  • selkie: ocean or land?
  • harpy: earth or sky?
  • kelpie: ocean or lake?
  • nymph: if you had to inhabit any natural area, where would you choose?

Here’s a new character I designed yesterday, I’ve decided to call him Phoenix. He’s a really short-tempered and deadpan demon that just wants to listen to music and play games on his 3DS. XD

Unshaded flats below the cut!

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The night was ending, so Noah, Moonlight and Incubux have just finished their work, they had to go to the castle.

They were went when moonlight noticed that had lost one of his necklaces

- part1 (you are here) - (next) part2 

 ah here is the first parts of the comic abaut my MBD au with @inashibe cooperation! i will draw also another stories abaut all the characters in this au, this first comic is abaut:

demon!moonlight (real moonlight belongs to @reyindee) ans phoenix!lucid (real lucid belongs to @inashibe). at now all the another stories will be write in one/tre scenes, this first chapter is full but the next will be divided in 1-3 scenes like i said before, more of the chapters will be posted in different days.

another chapters will be abaut: the fallen angel and playful wizard

concept: tailor!Phoenix

He makes Edgeworths suits and makes fun of him for wearing cravats. Gets worried when he doesnt turn up one year. Is confused to find that hes the ‘demon proecutor’ since Phoenix only sees him as the big, gray-haired, grumpy dork that wears a bright pink suits and cravats.

People who can actually write things can you give this a try im lazyyyyyyy


Newest vid. In tribute to one of my favorite communities and to @ihaileysenpai. Hope u like ur sammy/ bendy Nightcore xp

AU Masterlist

Compiling a masterlist for nmweek :3

Cat!Phoenix AU: Phoenix, due to an illegal experiment, is now part cat and Miles has take care of him. I know it sounds weird. But it’s cute ok. Also probably the most angsty of the lot. (Part 1) (Part 2)

Half-deer!Phoenix/Hunter!Miles AU: Phoenix is basically a deer centaur and befriends Miles, who was actually a hunter out to kill him. A super cute AU that belongs to @aqauinas-hell

Mer!Miles AU: Phoenix was saved by a merman when he fell into the sea as a kid and meets this same merman in an aquarium many years later. Now he needs to save his beloved merman from this awful place.

Phoenix!Phoenix AU: Phoenix is an actual Phoenix who befriends Miles after saving him during the DL-6 trial by bringing up new evidence. Cue birb man not knowing anything and making a mess as he invades every aspect of Miles’ life.

Half-succubus!Phoenix AU: Phoenix is half-succubus and has a crush on Miles. Not much explanation or this one. Yea. Mostly NSFW but has cute stuff too.

Pet-succubus!Phoenix AU: A spin-off from the above one. In a world where succubi are a part of society, Phoenix is found to be unregistered after his first trial and is bought by Larry and gifted to Miles so he can keep his job. Also very NSFW.

Werewolf!Miles AU: Miles is turned into a werewolf after being adopted by VK (the VK family is a longstanding purebred werewolf family). He’s constantly told he’s a disgrace and hides the fact that he’s a werewolf. But Phoenix finds out when Miles is careless enough to be around him on the night of a full moon.

Vampire!Miles AU: Miles is an old vampire who happens across Phoenix, a dorky garlic farmer. Unfortunately for Miles, he finds himself falling in love with this awful farmer.

Demon!Phoenix AU: Phoenix is really nice demon who clings to Miles for energy after he was accidentally summoned. They help each other, end up being really close, and strive for The Truth™ together. Belongs to @anominous007

Doctor!Miles/College!Phoenix AU: Phoenix goes to the doctor’s cos he has a cold one day and is immediately smitten with the doctor. Cue Phoenix getting sick over and over to see the doctor again.

Police AU: Phoenix is a new recruit in the police force and is assigned to Miles as his partner.

You can also access the entire folder here! SFW version (cos the files might have bits of NSFW around) here! And info if you are new to these weird docs.

Additionally, here is a folder of more AUs and good ideas and a lot of pure crack (NSFW ones are marked)

And, If you’re still looking for more narumitsu stuff, here is another masterpost of stuff :3

Hey babes,

planning to bother the fuck outta you, pretty lads and gentlemen.
I just want to remind you that you can send in requests for EVERY character our handsome Jeffrey Dean Morgan ever played.
Also for the man himself.

I’m carving for stories like:

Imagine being John’s partner, but also a phoenix/demon/ etc.

Imagine having your own hotel and Ike wants to have it.. and you.

Imagine learning that the Comedian has a softer side.

Etc. etc. send in whatever you want.
I’m open for every damn things.

Or what about an AU with Clay?
Some domestic stuff with Jason Crouse?

OR (here comes my favorite and yeah, call me a fucking slut):
What if when you meet John, the Comedian, Negan and Jude at the same time?


Edgeworth: But this is a blood contract! You would have to use your own blood to-


Edgeworth: … You got a paper-cut didn’t you?

Phoenix: -nods slowly-

Here’s my attempt at creating an AU that people get excited about. Wrightworth Demon AU where Phoenix accidentally summons a demon and due to a blood contract, Edgeworth is stuck with Phoenix.

Edgeworth is angry and annoyed but slowly starts getting attached to this human. This stupid human.

Edgeworth can breathe fire, fyi. He can also shapeshift a little too. He’s also a literal demon prosecutor.