demon of lust


I love this collection of sigils, but it is annoying difficult to read and impossible to search, so I typed it up as best I could. This was mostly for personal reference and I’m not terribly familiar with demons so there’s probably a few mistakes, but if anyone wants it, knock yourself out. As far as I know, the source on this is totally forgotten, but if someone knows it, please feel free to add it on!

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ABYSS: Lord of Chaos 
ACIEL: The God Burner 
ADATIEL: Walks the Earth 
ADNACHIEL: The Hunter Demon 
AGIEL: Lord of Calamity 
AMBRIEL: The Changer 
AMNIXIEL: Demon of the Lines 
ANAEL: Demon of Lust 
APADIEL: Of Hell’s Electorate Musician 
ARATRON: Demon of Sorrow 
ARIEL: Of Hell’s Electorate Historian 
AVACHIEL: The Inquisitor 
AZERVIEL: Demon of Defeat 
BABALEL: Second Demon of War 
BARBIEL: Lord of Ancients 
BARCHIEL: Of Hell’s Electorate Mechanic 
BEFAFES: First Demon of War 
BLISDON: The Quick One 
BORNOGO: Lord of Power 
BRORGES: Arch-demon of Woe 
BUTMONO: Demon of Greed 
CAMAEL: The Destroyer 
CASSIEL: Lord of All Conspirators 
CASSRIEL: Of Hell’s Electorate Poet 
CHENOR: The Wish Granter 
DAGON: The Great Fish 
DECARAB: The Beautiful 
DIGIN: The Disordered 
ELIM: Lord of Attrition
EKSUSHA: The God Eyed

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EOLIGOS: Visible and Invisible 
FERUG: The Rusting One 
FOCALOR: The Demon That Drowns Men 
FORCAS: Teaches Logic and the Secrets of Plants and Gems 
FURTUR (FURFUR?): Demon of Storms 
GAMIGIN: The Horse Lord 
GARN: The King Tempter 
GRACHIEL: Arch-demon of the Dying Times 
HAGITH: Demon of Jealousy 
HAGONEL: Lord Under Grachiel 
HAMALIEL: Lord of Obsessions 
HANAEL: The Adversarial 
HISMAEL: The Acquirer 
IPOS: Knows Things To Come and Past 
JOCHMUS: The First Savior of Hell 
LAHAD: The Devil’s Voice 
LESIFUGES: Brings Riches and Shortens Life 
LUCIFER: The Morning Star 
MALCHIDAEL: Demon of Impatience 
MALPHAS: The Tower Builder 
MARBUEL: Of Hell’s Electorate Architect 
MARCHOSIAS: Gives and In Battles A Demon Bound (?)
MEEOD: The Life Restorer 
MEPHISTOPH: Lord of the Host 
MICZARIEL: The Warrioress 
MURIEL: Great Demon of UCS (?)
NABERIUS: Lord of Cunning 
NESTORATS: The Fire Master 
NYSROG: Lord of The House of Princes 
OCH: The Sun Speaker 
OPHIEL: Lord Messenger and God Teacher 
ORIAS: Of Hell’s Electorate Astronomer 
OZGIN: Demon of Madness 
PAIMON: Master of Infernal Ceremonies 
PARNIEL: First Lord Under Veguaniel 

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PHALEG: Demon of Discontent 
PSOHDON: The Inconsistent 
RONOVE: The Knowledge Staff 
RAUYM: Demon of Filth 
SABNAC: Demon of Poisons 
SAKATH: Second Lord Under Veguaniel 
SALEOS: Of Hell’s Electorate Panderer 
SCHETALIM: The Polygod 
STYGAL: Brings Death 
SULUTH: The Great Robber 
SURGAT: Who Opens All Locks 
SYTRI: Lord of Luxury 
TARTHANAC: Lord of Goldiron 
TEPHROS: The Ashwaker and Fever Curer 
UPHIR: Of Hell’s Electorate Physician 
VABAM: Who Tells True of Hidden Treasure 
VALAC: Lord of Snakes 
VEGUANIEL: Archdemon of Fortune 
VEPAR: The Water Master
VETIS: The Life Promiser 
ZABLAH: Of Hell’s Electorate Lawyer 
ZAGAM: Lord of Forgery 
ZURIEL: The Stone Master 
ZEPAR: Deforms the Unborn 


Plant pedri edits (original panels at the top)

I wanted to make him more wood-focused than tuls’ whole leaf thing, and since Pedri looks different than tuls I thought that Odin’s transformation would look different than maggies

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I don't know if you have it here already, but I read this really good fic called When the Ice Melts in the Snow by Lilithiumwords (it's a demon AU). I was wondering if you had any similar recs, like demon or angels or anything supernatural like that. Thanks, you're one of my favourite accounts

Hey there! Thanks for these requests! I don’t really read much from this AU, so here are a few fics that people have recommended for me to read! Enjoy!

Supernatural AU

when the ice melts in the snow (that’s when you’ll love me) by lilithiumwords, Explicit, 59k (WIP)
Katsuki Yuuri is the worst incubus in the Underworld. Viktor Nikiforov is his human target.

A Touch as Soft as Angel’s Wings by bothersomepotato, 16k (WIP)
Victor Nikiforov died too young, so the heavens gave him another change to find out how to live and love as Yuuri Katsuki’s guardian angel. 

Dance with the Devil by Kiaishi, Mature, 101k
Viktor, the five-time gold medalist on ice skating and the demon of lust, believed that there was no such thing as an ice skater who was good without the help of a devil. As he finds one, he wants to take his soul, one way or another. 

Gotta Like, Like Those Humans by Shermanshire, Teen, 33k
“I am going to like, like a human!” Were the exact words that Yuuri had said as a child. They were also the exact words Yurri kept with him for more than a decade later as a loveless vampire. After thinking his words were nothing more than fantasy Yuuri happens to meet the Russian figure skater Viktor Nikiforov. Now Yuuri has become a thirsty vampire whom’s human crush maybe even thirstier. 

Defining a Monster by Val_Creative, Explicit, 2.3k
Survival is all Viktor has thought about for centuries. However, there’s something irresistibly captivating about Yuuri. How he craves touch, and how Viktor’s fingers eagerly answer him. Perhaps they’re not so different.

Half Past the Point of No Return by Erushi, Mature, 6.9k
The Superpowers AU in which Victor leads a black-ops team and Yuuri is their mysterious new member. 

Life after Death by 100demons, Gen, 1.2k
“I’m completely fine,” Yuri says blankly. “Except for the parts where I think I’m hallucinating Victor Nikiforov’s ghost.” 

Down the rivers of windfall light by cyan96, Teen, 17k (WIP)
“Vitya, that’s a human,” Yuri hisses, whirling, as the whole and appalling picture snaps into place.

Aveir by gawsoloy, Teen, 16k (WIP)
Yuuri’s clan has been infiltrated and all of the Aveir have been captured to be sold into slavery due to their beautiful wings, but Yuuri is too plain to be bought. Until Yakov and his servant Viktor come along. Yuuri catches Viktor’s eye and ends up being bought by Yakov to be Viktor’s assistant in their dance school, but not all is what it seems. 

Delicious by stellarlies, Explicit, 1.6k
Yūri, a newly born succubi, is in search of his first meal and nothing picks his interest. Until someone does. And he is perfect. 

Too bad, too sweet (m)

Characters:  Lust!Hoseok & demon hunter!OC

Setting: supernatural au, demon au

Genre: 50% background story 50% filth

Warnings:  Explicit language, (dark) humour, violence, blood and sexual content including brief mentions of voyeurism and exhibitionism, dom/sub undertones, breathplay, light bondage without safe words and lots of talk about sex. (Kind of dubcon at some parts but not really.)

Summary:  Hoseok, the Sin of Lust has loved all era he has lived in but the 21st century might be his favourite. He owns a popular place in Las Vegas: an ordinary bar on the surface but basically a sex club underground. However, rumour has it that a reckless demon hunter is coming after him. He couldn’t care less until Black Widow steps into his bar but then things get heated quickly. Hoseok is determined to break her resistance and teach her a lesson: there only one rule of lust: no love. Everything else is fair.

Words: 12502


Part of the 7 Sins collab for BTS’ anniversary. Check out the other stories as well!

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The Fall of Blue

All was well in Evillious when all of a sudden, an east wind brought forward a ship from the Island in the West. Disembarking from this ship was the King of Blue, Kyle Marlon. He set out for Lucifenia on a quest for his fiancée’s hand. However, once he reached the palace he was met with unexpected resistance: the Daughter of Evil was guarded by her Servant of Evil -or should we say the Son of Evil, for he was her twin brother-.

The Daughter of Evil seemed happy with the King of Blue’s arrival, but the Servant of Evil would have none of it.
“Begone with thee!”, he declared, “For the Princess is my love, not thine!”
Schocked, the King replied how she was his fiancée and -heavenly yard forbid- it would otherwise be incestuous!
“Thou fiend”, the Servant scamperd “hath broken my beloved’s heart! And for that, I shall make thee pay dearly!”

In battle, the Servant outwitted the King yet by forces unkown he did not die when his head was severed fron his torso. Then, something else occurred which the King had not forseen. The Maiden of Green, having borrowed the Sniper of Green’s gun, contracted the Demon of Wrath and shot clean through the Lust-possessed King. Red stained Blue and the monarch was no more.

The tale, however, does not end there. In the aftermath of battle, the Sniper requested back her gun which the Maiden, now plagued by the Demon of Wrath, did not return. In order to protect his Princess, the Servant too had made a demonic contract, which now trapped him in the Hellish Yard for fourteen days.

In order to bring her beloved back, the Daughter devised a plan. She requested the Duke of Lust to assist her - their plan succeeded. For a brief moment, the Servant was able to leave his shackles behind to protect the one he loves, but once her safety was secured, he was pulled back down. The Duke of Lust was left cut in half, but healed.

And has the Princess not been endangered since, the Servant still resides in Hell.

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The Demon Asafoetida

Name: Asafoetida

Title: She-Goat Of Union

Gender: Female

The Demoness Asafoetida is one the lesser known Infernal Spirits of Infernales Monarchia, this Infernal Spirit is one which issues great currents of love, lust and the power of reconciliation.  In Magickal Workings the main areas that She is Evoked is to seduce people, imbue them with love for the Practitioner but also to reunite lovers and friends who have separated due to discord and argument.
Asafoetida is the a powerful Demoness to summon when seeking aid in negotiations, arbitration or where there is a need for diplomacy.
This Demoness mostly appears in the form of a naked female who bears the horns, legs and cloven hooves of a Goat, Her facial image is a merging of human and bestial, She may also appear in the form of a Spirit of scarlet flame or a woman draped in crimson robes.
The below image is very much like the appearance of Asafoetida 

Areas Of Command:-
Love, Lust ~ Compassion ~ Relationships ~ Peace ~ Reconciliation ~, Arbitration ~ Seduction ~ Coital Union ~ Diplomacy ~ Healing Divides ~ Negotiation ~ Inducing Love ~ Inducing Desire.

A fantasy art image of great similarity to the appearance of Asafoetida.


Image Source ~ Dorian Cleavenger