Fuck, okay I seriously love this new OC, it’s name is flossy, as in candy floss, they’re a demon/mage, extremely powerful despite they’re cute and innocent appearance, pansexual and physically gender less although they can use magic to shift into a male or female if they desire, doesn’t mind if people accidentally call them he/she just laughs it off and explains how they’re not even a human never mind have a gender, their appearance doesn’t change but they wear pretty much anything, extremely friendly, likes to use their magic for good and nature, doesn’t ever display demonic behavior, loves animals, always surrounded in a galaxy like mist


May I present you my new babies ? 

This is Leonard and Daniel, my new ocs I created while my art history lesson today. Leonard is a demon banned from hell, part cat and incubi (he can change into a cat form (the ugly sphynx in the first pic)), and Daniel is just a nerd who found a cat in the street and now he’s stuck with an handsome demon who acts more like a house cat… 


Vanity: “A very good point indeed…”

“You are much smarter that what I had assumed…”

Twilight: “You must not know me that well then! I’ve read countless books, and have met other ponies and beings who specialize in the subject of the supernatural!”

“Reading about spiritual beings and what lies beyond this plane of existence is one of my favorite subjects to study!~”


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