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I'd like to request (if I may) a scenario or headcanons revolving around a human dating an imp demon. Maybe just what the relationship is like, how dates tend to go, how they react to their friend & family dinners, etc.?

Honestly, they’re a little shit half the time. Demons are bad enough, but when they’re condensed, and have too much energy? It’s like hell on wheels- pun not intended. They love to prank everyone- strangers included- and sometimes, you get in trouble for it. They try to leave you out of it, but it doesn’t always work…

They’re very cuddly, though! They love to just climb up in your lap and curl up like a cat, sapping your warmth (or trying to get rid of their own), and just using you as a bed, honestly. They’re small enough to where it doesn’t hurt, but sometimes they lay down wrong, and jab you with their horns.

Hope you enjoy them jetpacking you, by the way. They’re almost always riding on your shoulders, or back, whenever you two go out in public together. People often wonder if they’re your child, until they speak with a DEEP ASS VOICE and scare everyone.

Honestly, imps don’t have families. They’re kind of like most smaller monsters- they have communities, but only in the sense that everyone works to help each other. Therefore, if someone leaves- be it because they’re dating a human, or something else, no one really cares (unless they’re really important, but they’ll get over it).

fun fact: trauma victims becoming obsessed/infatuated with what traumatized them (especially if that trauma came from abuse) isn’t creepy or disturbing. That’s literally a symptom of PTSD, and is often uncontrollable, so maybe don’t demonize people who get stuck or overly focused on their intrusive thoughts. We literally can’t control this.


A restful few days in the Bunker since the argument with Mary, then (!) (12x14 sneak peek)


Darts are hard. But revenge is easy.

[If you can’t read my writing it says: “His mum. Also a cat.(weird) Dylan. Enemy!” Also, apologies for the blurriness. I’m having to take photos of my sketchbook. 

The war for the lady’s hand has begun! Little does Bendy know that it’s pretty much already been won.

He’s suffering from a deep and rage inducing jealousy. Should he just roll over and let someone else take something he wants? (regardless of her choices?)

 The Devil’s Roost is a building being held up with duct tape and a smile. It leaks, creaks and there are many places where the ceiling has stopped doing it’s job and has fallen in. Bendy is technically homeless and is squatting in the old warehouse. He’s taken a back box-room as his bedroom. It’s a tiny thing with just a few old blankets and pillows, a mirror, and cabinet. That’s about it. It’s draughty and cold, smells like mould, with peeling paint. Not exactly a fantastic perch for a hedonist. ]

(don’t worry guys, this is about as dark as it’ll get. The rest will be fun! Haha)

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