demon maybe

Someone on Facebook: Witches don’t have anything to do with demons! In fact, most of the stuff we do is to keep demons away.

Me: Speak for yourself, bitch.

Im taking a short break from the vampire AU because if i stick with the same AU for too long, i lose motivation SO Im switching gears and gonna start working on that parallel monster Game Grumps AU

  • Andy: please kindly respect me and my family and stop harassing us I want to participate in social media again but I don't have the mental capacity to take in all of this negativity at once because of my anxiety PLEASE I am giving you one last chance
  • You fucking demons: mAYBE if you got rid of your SNAKE WIFE already and hadn't joined a CULT and let SLUTLIET RUN YOUR LIFE and stopped acting like WE'RE THE PROBLEM

-This demon is “pure” evil.
(…I don’t know how his personality going to be, but surely he’s a little cinnamon roll…or not? O-O)

fun fact: trauma victims becoming obsessed/infatuated with what traumatized them (especially if that trauma came from abuse) isn’t creepy or disturbing. That’s literally a symptom of PTSD, and is often uncontrollable, so maybe don’t demonize people who get stuck or overly focused on their intrusive thoughts. We literally can’t control this.


A restful few days in the Bunker since the argument with Mary, then (!) (12x14 sneak peek)

because she allowed me to post (ノ≧ڡ≦) 
and i’m more than happy to share it 
she made fanart too for @im-toxicixy ‘s AU X3c
yes we both love it okay 
long time no see ART like real art man!