demon maybe


Pairing: Kagehina
Show: Haikyuu!!

Kageyama Tobio wished upon a falling star.

He would learn, in due time, that stars do not grant wishes, for stars do not fall: they float, many millions of miles away, and there they always stay, keeping themselves very much to themselves.

No, the little ball of falling light on which Tobio cast his wish, was a fire demon.

And fire demons don’t grant wishes either.

But they, at the very least, will listen.

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you know I always fucking hated the Fade in Dragon Age: Origins and wondered why it was there

then I realized

It’s not supposed to be there.

The Fade is a seemingly pointless 2 hour dungeon in the middle of another dungeon that advances no plot elements and is literally there for seemingly no reason. Everyone hates it cause it has entirely new mechanics from the base game and is in the middle of an already long dungeon.

Upon encountering a Sloth Demon the party is trapped in a dream and has to escape, with the Grey Warden breaking everyone from perfect dream-like worlds (with some exceptions)

Which seems weird for a Sloth demon.

Meanwhile, to save the Arl’s son from the demon possessing him (which is usually why you’re in the Mage’s Tower, the dungeon the Fade dungeon is in, in the first place), you have to enter the Fade and kill the demon possessing him.

Said demon is a Desire Demon, but there really isn’t anything to the sequence beyond parlaying with the demon and maybe fighting it


this sequence is optional

you can always choose to kill the Arl’s son rather than do the thing where you go into the fade to fight the demon

The Fade was originally that sequence and they realized people might skip a 2-3 hour section of unique game they made, so they moved it to the mage’s tower and force you to do it

and how successful was it? Well, in addition to being the number one quoted area in  “When you want to play a game but then remember that one area and don’t want to play it anymore” threads on 4chan

One of the most popular mods for DA:O, which hit the week of release for the PC version, was to let you skip the Fade.

Bravo Bioware.

Onsra | Part I

(v.) – to love for the last time; a bittersweet feeling of knowing a love won’t last

Words: 2,585

Genre: Demon au, soon-to-have: some angst, smut(?)

Read: Part 1 | Part II

A/N: Can’t wait for you guys to read this~ It was pretty fun writing the first chapter. More to come. Also my Jungkook feels, I can’t…

His lips hovered over yours for a brief moment before traveling down your jaw, then down your neck. The hairs stood almost immediately as his hot breath touched your skin. His lips finally found your shoulder as they pressed down firmly. You wanted to scream but your voice was caught in your throat. You wanted to push him off of you but it was like you were paralyzed; your hands laying neatly next to your body, fingers incapable of moving…

Who are you? Why are you doing this?

He smirked against your skin before bringing his fingers up and tilting your chin towards him. His mouth was mere centimeters away from yours as he whispered against your lips.

“You know me. You forget who you belong to. Y/N…” Your eyes widened as they made eye contact with the boy above you. Unfamiliar dark eyes bore into yours before they turned a bright red. Just then you felt a burning sensation in your shoulder as you opened your mouth to cry out in pain. “Scream and deny me all you want. No one will have you but me. You are mine, Y/N… all mine.”

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@the ppg reboot make it happen

*peaks in* eyyyy so I randomly designed a Sans without actually giving him a proper personality or background, though he’s been nicknamed Nightlight!Sans for now. 

I’m not on much ‘cause of general exhaustion, which is why I haven’t answered any asks sent in or replied to RPs. I willll get around to it at some point though, just need to actually have the energy and focus xD