demon master

“He is stronger than I remember… But no matter. For you see, Iittle Samurai, the world is mine! My eyes and ears are everywhere. Nothing you do wiII go unseen. Quest as you may, but we wiII meet again–when I see fit, in a time and pIace of my choosing. And it is I who shaII put an end to the war started in that age Iong past, Samurai Jack!”

-Aku, “Samurai Jack”     


I love this collection of sigils, but it is annoying difficult to read and impossible to search, so I typed it up as best I could. This was mostly for personal reference and I’m not terribly familiar with demons so there’s probably a few mistakes, but if anyone wants it, knock yourself out. As far as I know, the source on this is totally forgotten, but if someone knows it, please feel free to add it on!

[first image]


ABYSS: Lord of Chaos 
ACIEL: The God Burner 
ADATIEL: Walks the Earth 
ADNACHIEL: The Hunter Demon 
AGIEL: Lord of Calamity 
AMBRIEL: The Changer 
AMNIXIEL: Demon of the Lines 
ANAEL: Demon of Lust 
APADIEL: Of Hell’s Electorate Musician 
ARATRON: Demon of Sorrow 
ARIEL: Of Hell’s Electorate Historian 
AVACHIEL: The Inquisitor 
AZERVIEL: Demon of Defeat 
BABALEL: Second Demon of War 
BARBIEL: Lord of Ancients 
BARCHIEL: Of Hell’s Electorate Mechanic 
BEFAFES: First Demon of War 
BLISDON: The Quick One 
BORNOGO: Lord of Power 
BRORGES: Arch-demon of Woe 
BUTMONO: Demon of Greed 
CAMAEL: The Destroyer 
CASSIEL: Lord of All Conspirators 
CASSRIEL: Of Hell’s Electorate Poet 
CHENOR: The Wish Granter 
DAGON: The Great Fish 
DECARAB: The Beautiful 
DIGIN: The Disordered 
ELIM: Lord of Attrition
EKSUSHA: The God Eyed

[second image]

EOLIGOS: Visible and Invisible 
FERUG: The Rusting One 
FOCALOR: The Demon That Drowns Men 
FORCAS: Teaches Logic and the Secrets of Plants and Gems 
FURTUR (FURFUR?): Demon of Storms 
GAMIGIN: The Horse Lord 
GARN: The King Tempter 
GRACHIEL: Arch-demon of the Dying Times 
HAGITH: Demon of Jealousy 
HAGONEL: Lord Under Grachiel 
HAMALIEL: Lord of Obsessions 
HANAEL: The Adversarial 
HISMAEL: The Acquirer 
IPOS: Knows Things To Come and Past 
JOCHMUS: The First Savior of Hell 
LAHAD: The Devil’s Voice 
LESIFUGES: Brings Riches and Shortens Life 
LUCIFER: The Morning Star 
MALCHIDAEL: Demon of Impatience 
MALPHAS: The Tower Builder 
MARBUEL: Of Hell’s Electorate Architect 
MARCHOSIAS: Gives and In Battles A Demon Bound (?)
MEEOD: The Life Restorer 
MEPHISTOPH: Lord of the Host 
MICZARIEL: The Warrioress 
MURIEL: Great Demon of UCS (?)
NABERIUS: Lord of Cunning 
NESTORATS: The Fire Master 
NYSROG: Lord of The House of Princes 
OCH: The Sun Speaker 
OPHIEL: Lord Messenger and God Teacher 
ORIAS: Of Hell’s Electorate Astronomer 
OZGIN: Demon of Madness 
PAIMON: Master of Infernal Ceremonies 
PARNIEL: First Lord Under Veguaniel 

[third image]

PHALEG: Demon of Discontent 
PSOHDON: The Inconsistent 
RONOVE: The Knowledge Staff 
RAUYM: Demon of Filth 
SABNAC: Demon of Poisons 
SAKATH: Second Lord Under Veguaniel 
SALEOS: Of Hell’s Electorate Panderer 
SCHETALIM: The Polygod 
STYGAL: Brings Death 
SULUTH: The Great Robber 
SURGAT: Who Opens All Locks 
SYTRI: Lord of Luxury 
TARTHANAC: Lord of Goldiron 
TEPHROS: The Ashwaker and Fever Curer 
UPHIR: Of Hell’s Electorate Physician 
VABAM: Who Tells True of Hidden Treasure 
VALAC: Lord of Snakes 
VEGUANIEL: Archdemon of Fortune 
VEPAR: The Water Master
VETIS: The Life Promiser 
ZABLAH: Of Hell’s Electorate Lawyer 
ZAGAM: Lord of Forgery 
ZURIEL: The Stone Master 
ZEPAR: Deforms the Unborn 

Remember how big of an asshole Dean was when he was a demon? And how his love for Sammy couldn’t even overcome it? Now just imagine how profound Meg’s feelings for Cas had to be in order for her to admit that she fell in love with him and that he was her Unicorn

It makes me cry every time I think about it.


Aku: You are strong, yes. But in the future, my strength will surpass yours! 

Jack: There is no future for you, Aku! 

Aku: I disagree! 

Jack: What trickery is this? Aku!

Aku: Do not worry, Samurai. You will see me again. But next time you shall not be so fortunate… 

-”Samurai Jack”


Magic Guild Clash Online!
a sorta sequel to the Detention AU fic
…in which Mira manages to rally her girlfriend and her two new friends to help her in her favorite online game.
She’s a goddamn veteran. Cana tries her best. Freed just likes the outfit, and Laxus just wants to collect birb plushies.

Cana: Don’t worry, Laxus. I think you’re a hot girl.
Mira: Same.
Laxus: See, Freed, be proud. Your boyfriend is a hot girl.
Freed: Oh My G O D.

Hiro Mashima Villain Teams

Team Shuda

Five Palace Guardians

Doryu Ghost Squad 

Oracion Seis


Imperial Guard

Six Guard

Raregroove Assassins

Four Demon Gods


Element Four

Trinity Raven

Oracion Seis

Edolas Royal Army

Seven Kin of Purgatory

Raven Tail

Team Sylph Labyrinth

Nine Demon Gates of Tartaros


Spriggan 12

The Signs as Supernatural Demons
  • Aries: Cain
  • Taurus: Azazel
  • Gemini: Crowley
  • Cancer: Tom
  • Leo: Abaddon
  • Virgo: Tammi
  • Libra: Lilith
  • Scorpio: Ruby
  • Sagittarius: Meg Masters
  • Capricorn: Alastair
  • Aquarius: Demon Dean
  • Pisces: Samhain

Am I the only one that wants Tom to have a Hellfire moment sometime in the series and sing about his uncontrolled rage?


Princess Marco Will Be Queen (Tomco Theory)

So Marco is still canonically known as Princess Marco by some of the villains (namely Ms Heinous and crew) and in “Mr Candle Cares” expressed their wish to be Queen.

We later have the episode “Friend-enemies”, which as well as seeming hella like a date, has the poster of Marco being held by Tom while Tom holds the Princess Marco dress over them. A dress we also now know Marco is still in possession of.

And then even Oskar and Star have noticed the closeness of Marco and Tom’s relationship as referenced in “Star and Marco’s Guide to Mastering Every Dimension”.

I really wonder if all this is alluding to Marco and Tom eventually marrying (after Marco has come out as trans) and Marco becoming the Queen of Hell.

Sorry, not the longest theory but it is a theory. Also I am aware there are many a fan fiction based on this scenario taking place.

Spirit And Energy Work Masterpost

These are in order from newest to oldest. I was asked to make a Master List of all of these types of posts I have on this page, so finally, after much procrastination, I have done so. I will update this list with a new post whenever I accumulate more posts like this.

Hiro Mashima: Villain Deaths


King Raregroove

Crush Cookie


Doctor Mummy

Lilith Nina












Shakuma Raregroove





Lucia Raregroove











Crawford Seam


Silver Fullbuster

Mard Geer Tartaros

Wall Eehto

God Serena


Larcade Dragneel

Irene Belserion


        ~original lifeline~

“Maybe Void is your wolf, and the thing that
pulls you back… that’s your anchor. It’s not
exactly the same, but it’s not as different as
you’re making it sound, either. It is you, a part
of you, like the wolf’s a part of me. And I’ll help
you focus it, help you control it and harness it. 

“But if you’re looking for someone to judge
or punish you for it… I’m not going to.”

          @master-nikoli || @haletheking

Tomco (Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension Spoilers)

Okay, I’m not quite up to the “bromance” page yet but I have just reached the chapter where they play “Date, Marry, or Make Disappear Forever”.

Before they start playing Marco says, “I’m down. Just don’t force me to have to choose between marrying Tom and Miss Skullnick. Tom and I are working on being friends right now and it would be weird, and Skullnick is… let’s just say she’s intense.”

So I imagine Skullnick would be an instant “Make Disappear Forever”, but as for Marco not wanting to choose Tom out of fear of it making their friendship weird, makes me think that their must be deeper feelings there for that decision to make it weird given it is just a game. Hmmm, I wonder what suppressed feelings Marco has for Tom, cos this certainly seems to be alluding in that direction in my opinion.