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For @velken69‘s Machine Demon open build [x]

Vapula is a Machina with a strange sense of humor that chooses highly unlikely hosts to be its wielders, usually preferring those with a weak body or dainty personality.

Once it has chosen a wielder, Vapula grants them a powerful understanding of mechanics and science. Such knowledge is vital to maintaining Vapula’s complex GLAMORITE® powered engine.

Despite its rugged appearance, Vapula is a deeply philosophical Machina and often ponders the secrets of the universe and the meaning of life. Some users are driven to madness by it’s constant rambling and over-analytical nature if they’re too closed-minded to keep up.

It’s current host is Rahkshi-chan, who found Vapula buried in a toolshed while she was looking for a hedge trimmer.

Wikipedia page for Vapula:

His Maid, Omnipotent: 1

Summary: At the suggestion of Lady Elizabeth, Master Ciel’s betrothed, we will be holding a ball. Unfortunately, my young master cannot dance to save his life. His attempts are so pathetic that calling in a dancing master would be too embarrassing. Huh… It seems as if I shall have to rid my lord of his two left feet myself.

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Pairings: Eventual Sebastian x Demon!reader

Warnings: I do not believe so

Word Count: 2533

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You had just finished serving the table with the servants watching you intently as you did so since you had yelled at them that if they even thought about moving to help, they would only succeed in destroying the entire room only a few minutes earlier.

You turned as Ciel and Sebastian entered the room. “Good morning, young master. Breakfast is served.” You greeted while gesturing to the table, already set with food.

Ciel hummed in response as he moved over to his seat. Sebastian pulled out his chair for him as you suddenly heard a noise coming from the hall, or more specifically, a scream.

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edward-human16  asked:

Besides yours and morningmark’s oc, any other oc you recommend?

There’s a lot of great ones honestly. Weather-art’s volt of course, Marionette-j2x’s trio of maids and demon Kim, aweirdlatina’s Amanda and Axel of course, atomicmangoes comet and jane. Leah from from notdj63kz is but very interesting. There’s a lot of great depth out there and its amazing. 


Hannah Anafeloz from Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji

DailyCosplay - April 25 2015

Photo retouching by Makar Vinogradov.

Hannah Anafeloz (ハンナ・アナフェローズ, Hanna Anaferōzu) is the demon maid of the Trancy household. Hannah is extremely loyal to Alois; her biggest ambition is to provide Alois with happiness, and thus, she endures his abuse.

Before she met Luka Macken and formed a contract with him, Hannah was an apathetic, bored demon who had the demon triplets subjugated under her. She had grown tired of eating human souls and was uninterested in them until Luka appeared, asking for a contract to destroy the village that caused his brother’s tribulation.

His sheer innocence and determination for Alois’s happiness made her realize that he is different from other humans. Hannah decided to fulfill his wish to kill the townspeople, and he thanked her before dying, something no other human had ever done. This caused her to be attached to Luka, and she was mournful when devouring his soul.

Hannah retains Luka’s soul inside her, and she soon watches over Alois by becoming his maid. Apparently, she has adopted Luka’s desire for his brother’s happiness and works to accomplish that as well.

Cosplayer: Gabardi