demon knights spoilers

So originally when I read Berserk (poorly translated), I was under the impression that Guts wasn’t happy he had a kid with Casca, whether it was corrupted or not. Given his past I just thought he assumed he’d be a terrible father or something and that’s why he hated the baby so much. But here we have Guts figuring out for himself that the demon baby he just saw Casca give birth to is his. 

And here he is now trying to grasp (pun intended) the situation in a form of denial. He doesn’t want to recognize the demon as his own because then he would *gasp* love it wouldn’t he? 

And finally here we have Guts’ reaction to the baby disappearing. Yep, that’s right, he is crying. HE IS CRYING! This of course leads Skull Knight (who is much more perceptive than I apparently) to figuring out that the baby’s father is Guts considering he is already emotionally attached to it. (Skull Knight makes a good Maury)

So the fact that Guts appeared to hate the baby and wanted it to stop appearing to him in the beginning and throughout the comic is because he wants to run away from the emotions he has for it, that he actually might care for it if given the chance. He even wonders later on about its whereabouts when it stops showing up…

And so now all of this is like a billion times sadder!!!!!!