Dating Finn Balor would include:

❤️️ Him constantly building blanket forts

❤️️ So much cuddling

❤️️ Rough kissing

❤️️ Him pecking your nose because he loves it when you cringe

❤️️ He constantly reminding you of how much he loves you

❤️️ Being envied by all of you colleagues 

❤️️ Rough, hot, steamy sex

❤️️ Constant jealousy that leads to steamy sex

❤️️ Playing with his hair

❤️️ Inside jokes

❤️️ Constantly telling him that you love his accent

❤️️ You constantly teasing him every time you get

❤️️ Taking steamy showers together 

❤️️ Him licking every inch of your soapy body squeaky clean

❤️️ He loves it when you wear lacy panties and push up bra’s

❤️️ Instead of going to fancy diners, you two love to go on long walks

❤️️ Finn constantly leaving hickey’s and bruises on you

❤️️ Finn apologizing for being too rough on you

❤️️ Being friends with Anderson, Gallows, and AJ

❤️️ Getting into fight over missing lego pieces

❤️️ Him being protective and arrogant when guys are near you