demon jimmy

I saw on my dash a post that I can’t find anymore unfortunately. The op said basically that by saying Cas is hot , we disrespect Jimmy , because this is Jimmy’s body.
This is a response to whoever wrote this , and every person who thinks the same.

1) No, we don’t disrespect Jimmy by saying that Cas is hot,because this body no longer belongs to Jimmy, this is Cas’ human body.
When lucifer exploded Cas in 5x20, Jimmy died , God made the same body especially for Cas when he resurrected him.
This was Cas’ body When he became Human in S9.
So stop saying that Cas is in Jimmy’s body , this is no longer true since 5x20.

2) Sometimes when we say that Cas is hot , we don’t refer only to his human body, but also to his true form, his wings, his glowing eyes, his majestuous appearance.
Because the fact is , Cas/ The Angel IS HOT, He Is Hot , extremely, breathtakingly Hot.
Did you hear the way the Angels, demons talk about Cas?
You know that demons and Angels can see each other’s true forms, right?
They know what Cas looks like in his true form.
Just two examples off the top of my head:

And also , did you see how quickly Meg sccumbed to Cas’ charm? And how Hannah also fell for him ?

And finally , i’m firmly convinced that every Angel takes the vessel that best fits his true form and corresponds as much as possible to his personality.This is just my opinion, but remember how every vessel looked so fitting to the Angel who was possessing him.


New character for a new D&D game - I would have used the druid I made previously but they needed some muscle so heres my Pugilist . His name is ‘jimmy ‘ He doesnt know hes an air gensai and hes amazed by magic. 

sure his intelligence is in the negative but he will fight for his pals and give some well meaning bops to the snoots if anyone disrespects them. 

I have already practiced a character voice. Heaven help me 

Hurtful Words

Castiel x reader

Warnings: Language

You were cursed.

And not cursed as in you had been turned into a frog or you’d never find love — those you wouldn’t have minded.


You were cursed with horns, and large, feathery black wings that were impossible to hide; they were thick, gangly, and drag behind you when you walk.

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I was tagged by @dexsnursey and @geniusorinsanity to do the fic writer’s self rec, and I mean… how could I possibly resist???

Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you’ve written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿)”

In no particular order… 

1. (the most beautiful thing) Nursey/Dex (AO3)

They kiss, and they touch, and Nursey never wants to stop. He can’t stop, because the moment he stops pressing the heat of his mouth to the pink of Dex’s lips will be the second he loses any semblance of chill. While it’s true what they say about idle hands, it’s even more so with idle mouths - if he stops right now, there’d be no stopping the words from falling from his lips - words he’s been carrying around for months.

Words like ‘I love you’, and ‘you’re perfect’, and ‘you’re the realest person I’ve ever known’.

This is the first thing that I wrote to satisfy the dexnursey itch deep down in my soul, and it will probably always hold a special place in my heart. It’s also super extra, which is… probably a running theme with my writing, my life, and my interpretation of these characters, tbh. Whoops.

2. huddled. Nursey/Dex (AO3)

It’s a funny little thing, the way that they always come together in the end. Like magnets. Or fate. Or a thousand other nameless things that keep them stuck in each other’s orbits.

Whatever it is, whatever the reason, Derek finds that more often than not he’s searching for Dex.

So, I’m gonna be straight up with y’all. I bought Huddled Vol. 1 and pretty much lost my damn mind. There was a lot of squealing and emotion, and this little fic is my love letter to the zine.

3. let my body do the work Nursey/Dex (AO3)

“Brah, we totally need to do that.”

The amount of reverence in Shitty’s voice is… well, it’s pretty fucking reverent.

Joseph Gordon Levitt raps like a motherfucking demon, demolishing Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Merchant like it’s nothing, and for a shining, ethereal moment, Derek can’t disagree. Because he’s kind of always had a crush on JGL, and he looks so fucking powerful as he demolishes the verse, and maybe Derek wants to capture a little of that feeling for himself. And maybe… you know… maybe he wants Dex to look at him like he’s looking at the TV right now, because he looks like he’s got a laugh trapped behind his teeth, and his cheeks are pink and perfect, and he’s watching the lip sync battle like it’s the best thing he’s ever seen.

But yeah. It’s just a moment before reality crashes down. Because, barring Rans, this is the whitest group of white dudes he’s ever met. They just wouldn’t be able to pull it off.

He takes another toke and closes his eyes against the dulcet tones of yet another commercial break, and if he imagines Will Poindexter mouthing the words of Super Bass at him with intent?

Well, nobody needs to know.

This is possibly the most fun, self-indulgent thing that I’ve ever written. I mean. There’s pining, romance, booty shorts, lip syncing, and Wellie the Dancing Well. What else could you possibly want? 

(FYI: That’s not a rhetorical question, I need to know, I’m like Tinker Bell - I need kudos and comments to live.)

4. Facebook Official Nursey/Dex (AO3)

“Um. Dex, I’m pretty sure that your mom friended me our freshman year. Like, I’m also almost 100% sure that she friended everyone on the team. She and Bitty swap recipes all the time, she’s liked every single one of Lardo’s pictures, and she’s always poking me… so, like, your mom is super cool, and if you don’t want me to be Facebook friends with her, I’m not the one you should be taking this up with.”

“First of all, my mom pokes you? What the fuck?”

This is the longest thing that I’ve ever written… it’s over 20,000 words of angst and pining and eventual communication culminating in not one, not two, not three, but four chapters of fluff to make up for the rest of it. 

Also, there are geese. Not to be a hipster piece of shit, but I’m pretty sure that I wrote this before geese were a thing. Take that as you will.

5. Pretty Boy Nursey/Dex (AO3)

They’re two hours into the inaugural kegster of their junior year when it happens for the first time. Music throbbing and bodies pressed tight all around, but the only touch that Derek really registers is from Dex. It’s a loose, grounding heat, the way that Dex’s body leans against his - a little bit comforting and a little bit unnerving, and god, there are times that Derek misses the before, when being around Dex didn’t make him a little crazy.

But then there are times like these, when Dex is the only one that he sees, and it’s easy to remember all the reasons why it’s worth the indignity of crushing on your roommate/best friend/teammate/partner.

I’m just really weak over the idea of Dex being a flirty drunk, but only when it comes to Nursey. I’m also really weak when it comes to communication. Also, pet names. And, like, possessive behavior that gets called out, because while it’s hot in theory, it can also have some seriously squicky connotations. Wow. Turns out that let my body do the work may not be the most self-indulgent thing I’ve written after all. Whoops.

+1. push me or just pull me Nursey/Dex (AO3)

In which the team is completely oblivious to the amount of sex Dex and Nursey are having… until they aren’t.

(aka: five times Dex and Nursey have sex in semi-public places and one time they don’t)

I don’t feel remotely bad for tacking on a sixth fic, because this one is special! I wrote this beast with @dizzy-redhead, and it’s probably the most fun that I’ve ever had writing, and I can honestly say that I have never been more proud of something that I’ve contributed to. Seriously. It pushed me majorly out of my comfort zone (for the first time I wasn’t writing from either Dex or Nursey’s POVs, which… I’m still kind of shocked that it worked??), and it turned out better than I could have ever anticipated. I’m grossly proud of this fic AND I’m probably this fic’s biggest fan, because let’s be real… everything that @dizzy-redhead writes? It’s gold.

Thank you for tagging along for my self rec! Speaking of tagging, I’m gonna be super lame and I’m gonna pass on tagging anyone because I’m the actual worst at tagging people for these things (really, how many times can I say ‘tagging’ in one fucking sentence?)… if you’re still reading and have any interest in tackling this meme for yourself, I hope that you do! <3