demon jimmy

Imagine Cas and Dean in the toy isle
  • Cas: Dean, what is this *refers to toy*
  • Cas: *presses button* *toy talks*
  • Cas: *startled* oh no
  • Cas: Dean, what do I do *keeps pressing button*
  • Cas: Dean, what is happening *bumps into more talking toys* *more toys talk*
  • Cas: Dean, help
  • Cas: Dean, why are you laughing
Hurtful Words

Castiel x reader

Warnings: Language

You were cursed.

And not cursed as in you had been turned into a frog or you’d never find love — those you wouldn’t have minded.


You were cursed with horns, and large, feathery black wings that were impossible to hide; they were thick, gangly, and drag behind you when you walk.

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Cas is Adorable

I have proof

That little wave

The way he does like a bow when referring to himself

Him with children just- in general

He tries so hard and is so sweet

And my God- he booped!!

So serious bout guinea pigs- a man after my own heart.

And just his face it’s so beautiful I just wanna

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