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Inuvember - Week #3: Relationships

Day 16: Sesshomaru & Kagome
“Big brother! That’s weird, he looked like he was annoyed.”

Company Contract

Part 1

I was lonely. A lonely, grey human who bled into the blurry background of street scenery. I was nobody, and I wanted a somebody to fill the void in my life. I knew a guy, though.

He worked at an underground record store, and kept a rather odd collection of books and supplies in the storage basement. These books and supplies were keys. Keys to doors that only desperate people would ever try to get a hold of. And my key would open a door to companionship, as I’d hoped.

So, after my long shift at the bookstore a few blocks away, I trudged through the gloomy streets to the record store. I’d met Evan through a regular client of the bookstore.

Mary had been sipping her caramel latte, and tapping her perfectly manicured nails on the wood of one of our mahogany tables. She had been reading an old book about undiscovered treasures of mythological history or some such, when she pushed her round glasses up her tiny nose and gave me a look of realisation.

“I just remembered! You like music right? Well,” she stood, leaving behind her cup and her book as she trotted over in her little heeled boots.

She patted down her velvet skirt, and then stood there with her hands up at her chest. She stood there, shaking about excitedly like a puppy.
I gave her an expectant frown, before raising my brows impatiently. I was allowed to be a little rude. She was a regular, and she didn’t mind my grumpiness. Mary was a forgiving little angel, of course. She giggled, and leaned in close. One of her strawberry blonde curls fell over her shoulder as she glanced about as if someone might overhear her dark secret.
“I know a place you’ll love.”

And that’s how I found out about ‘The Wicked Deck’. And later that week, when I’d mustered up the courage to venture to this magical place, I met Evan.

Evan was a very attractive gentleman. He had tattoos, perfect black hair, tan skin, and the deepest blue eyes one could possibly imagine. I nearly choked on my own spit when I saw him grinning at me from across the store. The store itself was tucked in an alleyway, down a flight of stairs, and beyond a pair of twin wooden doors painted red. Evan had met me with a feline smirk, and a flirtatious greeting.

I visited the store often, but later discovered that Evan’s smile wasn’t the only devilish thing about him. He kept all sorts of dark and wicked things in his basement. Spell books, and summoning rituals etc.

One day, I shyly asked him if it was possible to summon something to keep me company. I said I needed help around the house, and that I got sick often and needed that extra hand a lot.

Truth was, I knew that for all of Evan’s flirting, it was just that. Flirting. It would never be more. He was in the nicest phrasing: a man-whore. I knew he got around easily with women, and men alike, but I wanted more than a night with a sexy record store owner. I wanted a long lasting contract. Be it literal or figurative.

So there I was, facing a surprised Evan and awaiting the verdict. Could I summon a spirit to keep me company?

He stopped his gawking, gave me an up and down glance, before he slipped away to the basement. I watch the door impatiently, chewing my nails and tapping my foot every minute or so vigorously. Finally, he slipped back into the store. A heavy book and an old metal box were cradled in his muscular arms. After a brief explanation of how the summoning process will work, I noded happily and earnestly. I left with a new set of records and my summoning ritual in hand.

When I finally got home, after thanking Evan a million times over and even kissing his cheeks a few times, I set up my little ritual. I would do it that night. I was ready. I was going to summon an entity from another realm to live with me. I was that desperate.

I set it all up in the empty guest bedroom. All there was in there was an old mirror and a large window. The lights were off, and the only illumination on my face was the glow of the candles. I glanced in the mirror as I held up a knife’s blade to my palm. The last step was a drop of my blood to let the entity know who its master would be. I was met with my own concerned expression. The light cast dark shadows across my face. Strange shadows that morphed me into something else. I was put off my task for a moment.

Was I really doing this? Was I really this desperate? Yes. I’d come so close to making a dangerous mistake so many times these last few months. When the loneliness had crept in and darkness clouded everything like a fog so thick I couldn’t breathe…

But now I was ready. I was ready to chose a creature from another world over loneliness. I closed my eyes, and felt the blade slice through my flesh. I felt blood warm across my palm, and then the pain came. It stung, and I winced as I turned my palm and let the red drip into the bowl under me. It was surrounded by a circle drawn with chalk and ring of candles. I read the incantation out loud, eyes still squeezed shut so hard that I was twitching a little. Nothing. Not a sound. I’d finished speaking. So why had nothing happened?

I frowned, and caught a whiff of something horrid. Sulphur. Dammit, had the plumbing still not been fixed in this damned apartment? I opened my eyes, still facing the mirror and was met with a looming figure. It towered over me in the shadows. All the candles had blown out. My head spun, and my body felt light as air as I wobbled.

I felt it then. Warmth dripping on my leg. I was still gripping my wrist where I’d cut into my hand. I’d dropped the knife ages ago. I glance down with heavy eyes and see than my entire hand is bloody red and the carpet under me is soaked through. Blood was dripping onto my pants the exposed skin of my leg.

I’d cut too deep, and now I was loosing blood. Fast. I wobble again, but feel a soothing touch at my spine. It wraps around my waist and eases me onto the floor as my world spins around me. So this is how I die. Bleeding out under the dark mass of a monster. I see two sets of eyes gazing into mine, filled with something that didn’t quite register in my mind as I slipped into the cold darkness of death.

To be continued…


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Your fist slammed down on the table in frustration.  “I don’t understand.  Why me out of everyone?  I’m just..”  You paused, searching for the right words.  “I’m human.”

“That’s exactly why I love you.”  He argued, trying to make you understand.  “You’re human.  You’re vulnerable.  You’re emotional, and it makes me gravitate towards you.”

“But I’m weak.”  Crowley shook his head adamantly, stepping forward to grasp your hands.

“You’re stronger than you give yourself credit for.  Stronger than you’ll ever know.  But I can see that strength, and I love you for it.

anonymous asked:

I read one of your posts about CharNina and I found the notion that maturing or "learning to face reality" for Nina means accepting everything about him for the sake of love a bit ridiculous. Love as a concept is not imperative over everything. What's more important is loving the right person. Nina falling in love with Charioce might just as well be a lesson for her to be more discerning and inquisitive regarding people she bestows with love. It's a very important lesson for a girl.

First of all, question is are we gonna talk about:

  • Ninas relationship with Charioce? or
  • Charioce’s relationship with Nina? or
  • Charioce’s relationship with Gods and Demons? or
  • Charioce’s character?
  • Coexistence?

These are different things to talk but they are connected with each other on their own way!

I do not know if many people did not understand my thoughts or they just did not like my thoughts. But i do understand why you thought like that.

1.My main point was nothing like that all. My meaning about accepting was Nina has to accept and know something or someones bad and good side. Anyone or anything has a good and bad side. But what i meant was “Try to change something or someone to better way” It is my “Acceptance”.

But that can happen when Nina try to understand both sides. As we all think Nina’s crush for Charioce and didnt go well like what she thought is big development or characterization. Because she will face the truth about nothing is easier and always good. Nina is such a positive girl and it is her true nature. Even if she got development even if she did know truth about everything.She will still be positive girl.She will never change. But facing and accepting truth is that Nina not turn away from something. And it applied to relationship with Charioce as well. This is maybe the first time that she faces that all her loved ones are not all good. Thats why she has to face it. And accept it. As i said i have never meant to accepting Charioce is all about “Charioce i love you, i dont care what you do, what you did” And dont facing the truth. 

It is not acceptance at all. It is same for escaping about it. Accepting and facing the truth is that her love is not all perfect guy. And has so much flaws. Trying to change your important person to better way is love,care and accept. What i meant escaping is 

  • Nina to accept everything about Charioce(Like forgoting what he did) 
  • Nina to turn away from important person because he wasnt like what you thought(and suddenly falls for other nice guy) 

 Nina can love anyone in the future. But it has to slow down. She has to face and confront her first crush. And not to just turn away like “Ah he wasnt like what i thought. He hurt my friends. he did something bad. I should just love the other one.”Many people said that Nina can forgot Charioce easily because he hurt her friends and put her in jail.(But thats not how relationship works) What i meant accept was confront the truth and try to change it better way. She does not has to end up with Charioce or Azazel. But she has to confront her relationship with others. Try to understand what they stands for. Is her and his path can be same? If it is not how they know If they dont at least confront each other. Nina avoid something like Humans and Demons relationship! But if she dont confront and accept her own relationship.Dont try to see it. How can she is gonna see Humans and Demons relationship.  

2. Charioce is capable of love and fear! He is a human being that not perfect guy. He is capable of everything just as much as others. His relationship with Nina is complex one. He met her with in town such a simple nice place that they love. Nina maybe was the first one to take Charioce down. At first it maybe amused him. He was kinda interested and liked about her strongness. I dont know Charioce has some fetish or kink for strong thing. And Charioce was the first one to made Nina to go excited and become her first crush.But what made their relationship interesting? The Cruel arrogant King who slays demons and gods was interested in Strong town girl. He wanted to meet her again. He even stole chilipepper. I think It was just youth. Even if he is mature he is still in his youth. It is just simple, the one character we thought as a cruel was capable of interested in girl. It made their relationship interesting. We liked to see how it is gonna go. We liked to see what is their relationship is.

3. I dont know why Charioce is like this. Maybe something happened to him or not. But he kills Demons and Gods. Also it is wrong.I dont know what made him to go such extent. It would be interesting to see. I dont understand why he is slaving Demons. I dont really that much understand political stuff. But he seems doesnt care that much. I dont think he enjoys killing Demons and Gods. But that doesnt mean he dont like killing Demons and Gods. He just simply doesnt care Gods and Demons. He seems to dont like thought of being his Humans and him being down for Gods and Demons. So that he needs power to face them. He doesnt like thought of him and his Humans are praying for Gods and wish help from them. He seems dont like thought of him and his Humans are feared by Demons. But i still dont understand why he slaves Demons.

4. Charioce is cruel, arrogant, selfish man. He loves power. He dont like the thought of weak. He loves strong ones. He loves noble ones. He likes to fight with side to side strong ones or likes to fight strong ones. He adores them. He dont like someone who is trying to take something easy. He loves who struggles. I thought it show cases that he never took something easy. He always used force. So that he had to become strong one. So that no one fear and attack him. Him being as a King has to be strong. He himself said that “Him being strong to confront enemies is his call as a King.”

But he is capable of love, fear and care. He is a man who fighted and killed for his goal and power. So that he can be good King as he claimed himself. I dont who and what made him thought like that. Something made him think “Power is everything, being weak wont bring you nothing”. But what he lost in his journey were Love and care from someone. What he has someone from is nothing but power he stolen. But he is still capable of love and care someone and loved , cared by someone. He who fighted and killed for his Dear power that give him everything he wanted. Made him lost thought of understanding others. But someone no,  Kaisar, Azazel, Jeanne and Nina try to show something for Charioce even if it is not that they are personally try to show it. I think in his deepest mind he knows and understands that. But as i said he lost his relationship with others. He learns and understands something from each character try to fill his lost time. Kaisar tried to convince him that everybody capable of understands each other and someday can live along. Azazel maybe made him remember struggle of being weak. Struggle of being trying to protect something. He did knows that in his deep mind. 

Jeanne who has too much belief in her Gods, Jeanne who tried to protect her son even if it made her cruel can made him remember weak is not about physical. Lastly Nina who made him remember there can be peace and care relationship between others. 

Struggle and not giving up is important  aspect of this series. I hope he remembers and understands all of it. I didnt say he dont know anything. He knows himself. He knows too much thing. He is mature. No maybe he is young but had to become mature for his goal.He is true to his own mind. Just like Jeanne who is true to her belief. But something made him blind. Power.

Is Charioce gonna die end of the series? Most likely. I think he knows what is coming. And he is not afraid of. He is capable of something like that.

5. Coexistence can happen when enemies, when friends, when different lives tries to understand each other. 

I told so many times that Charioce is different from Nina and Azazel. As so many people claimed Aza, Nina are same.Yeah they are. But Charioce is different from them. But how Humans and Demons relationship gonna work? How different peoples relationship gonna work? If the friends or families understanding each other in their own home. 

Everything is connected with Charioce. Just because he is doing bad things doesnt mean he is not part of understanding and loving. The only one who knows the truth about coexistence is Kaisar even if it does sounds naive. He knows that all sides are the wrong. He tried to change their mind. But all of them didnt listened to him. He knows his King and Azazel is both capable of understanding. But they are bringing up violence. And try to erase violence with violence. 

Lastly i hope our fandom capable of understands each other’s opinion. You all can call me whatever you want. I can be wrong or right. You can be wrong or right. Thats what fandom and their discussion work. If you all just offended by something just because it is not same opinion as you, just because it is not opinion for your liking does not mean that person’s entirely wrong. I will try to talk with you all concept of this series. 

This season’s my favourite character is Charioce. I know what is he capable of and what he is. I dont like him just with a reason like he was nice to Nina. I like him as a different matter. Also like him with Nina. I have never justify his actions. Also justifying does not mean you are loving your favourite characters good traits. Good traits can be anything. Good traits are not all about good kinder side. Many people may thought that people justifying Charioce just because he was nice to Nina. But Charioce’s softer side to Nina,and his actions are different matter. People loves Charioces softer side to Nina. It does not mean people justifying his actions towards other. People just loving their favourite characters different side. I dont think people loves Charioce just because he did show something kinder or just he looked like charming prince. Like he has so many good traits to like. I already post too much about his good traits. Are you going to deny his good traits with people cant have a good traits unless he is full gentle and nice guy? Like people loves him even he is arragont. But that does not they are not gonna love his little gentle side. Come on guys! 

People loves Charioce as their own reasons. People hates him as their own reasons. And i have my reasons.

Nina and Charioce can love each other. Even if it is not become deep love. Their relationship is most likely about two people saw their different sides. And for them it was new and pure. Creators build up their relationship it can become official love or it could be just relationship between two of them. My intention is that they can have a relationship with each other and story not to turn away from that potential relationship between those two. And make wall between good and bad, between black and white.

But we can understand each other even if we have a different opinion. Also it begins when you  come to understand and respect other people’s opinions. Not too much bias and offended by it. 

It was all about my thoughts about fandom and my favourite characters relationship. I made so many posts about good traits of my fave. And i hope people didnt thought i was justifying his actions. I will gladly discuss with you all. But it happens when you try to understand and respects my opinion. It was so long. I had to write all of it. I still have so much to talk. But i give you my reasons of your ask in the first one. But i had to write other parts because these are different matters that connected with each other so many way. Have a nice day!

Love and Peace!

Love and Ruin!

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How would the demon bros deal with having a human s/o, what complications would it bring and how would they try to solve the problems of it?


Originally posted by really-hot-dad

  • He couldn’t care less if they’re human
  • The Vatican is highly against demon/human relationships though
  • He would fight the Vatican if it came down to it
  • If it was a serious relationship that he would think would last he would mark them
  • or try to make them a demon, there are ways for him to do so
  • If they say no he would think of leaving them
  • Because for him it would turn temporary as he knows they eventually could die
  • He could just hide the relationship too


Originally posted by ao-noimagines

  • He would have known they were human
  • Makes a bargain with the Vatican or sneaks his way around it
  • He would worry about them a lot because he knows it is easy for humans to die
  • He would only consider marking them or transforming them once they ever mentioned it to him
  • He would be patient with them making the decision
  • He doesn’t care about any complications, he will work around them
  • No matter what they are because to him it would be small fixes


Originally posted by amaimon-the-king-of-earth

  • He has absolutely no fricks to give if they are human
  • Except he doesn’t want them to die
  • He will watch their every move practically as he is worried
  • When the Vatican starts to hound him he will want to mark them
  • He wants them to become a demon so they wont die, plus then it would solve the vatican problem
  • He will whine about marking them and turning them if they say no
  • If they don’t give in he will threaten to leave
  • Simply because he doesn’t want to be close to them is they are just going to die


  • He is hesitant to stay with them
  • The Vatican have no idea he is in a relationship with a human
  • He doesn’t want to mark or turn them as he knows what problems could come with it
  • If they are okay with it he may consider doing it
  • But he is strongly against it
  • He feels they were meant to be human that’s how they should stay
  • He also believes marking them to soon could make them regret the decision later
  • He is willing to work it out if they are serious about him

The most interesting thing about Dragon Age’s worldbuilding is that there’s not just one big mystery that you’re waiting to get solved - everything is like that. There’s practically nothing about Dragon Age where you can say, “I understand this completely. I have no questions.”

For instance, I’m thinking about only the Fade, and I’m realizing that after three 100+ hour games and millions of words of text, and after actually going to the Fade 5+ times, I still don’t know anything concrete about the Fade. What is it. Why is it there. Where do spirits and demons come from. If you find out anything about the Fade, it’s either not a good source of information (rumors, religious tradition, filthy liars) OR what you’ve learned IS a new trustworthy fact, but it just opens up a whole new can of worms. 

Like when you first meet Justice - and from talking to him, you can learn some new things about Spirits, like that they could possess dead bodies peaceably, that they can feel the memories inside those dead bodies, that they are immortal… But so many questions arise from that same encounter. Justice isn’t sure about a lot of things, and he can’t answer very many of your questions…

And this happens over and over again! With everything! But you get the feeling that if you did finally find someone who could answer the questions you want to ask, there would be real, meaty answers. You feel like nothing is there just for kicks or aesthetic reasons, that they’re like that because something happened in history to make it be like that. There’s some kind of foundation to everything. It’s a huge mystery where key puzzle pieces could come from anywhere, and any of the vastly separated pieces could fit together.

We have no idea about anything, and anything is possible. But it still feels deliberately built from the beginning. It’s a lot of fun.

1.) Build the world from concrete information
2.) Misinformation and *obviously* unreliable narration from many sources
3.) Myths, religious bias, and pov storytelling as cool misleading devices
4.) The answers only lead to more questions, but do build (slowly)
5.) Welcome to Fun Dragon Age Meta Hell

MTVS Epic Rewatch #109

BTVS 4x19 New Moon Rising

Stray thoughts

1) It’s a wonder that my heart can be simultaneously breaking and swelling with joy because of the same episode, but that’s exactly what happened after I watched New Moon Rising. Feelings, y’all, am I right?

2) “I want my room to be Willow-friendly.” 

How cute are they, though? They are holding hands and making the decision to adopt a pet together. Something that, in my book, pretty much equals marriage, okay? You can’t possibly be more committed to a relationship than that, okay? Cuteness overload.

3) It’s so awesome that Tara is finally at a Scooby meeting, and that Willow is trying to make her feel comfortable as she translates Scooby-speak for her. And Tara is happy to just be there, you know? Like she doesn’t really care if she doesn’t understand a single word they’re saying or about the fact that they’re possibly discussing end-of-the-world super-evil stuff. She’s just overwhelmed by joy because Willow is finally sharing this other part of her life with her, and that’s all she’s ever wanted. 

4) But of course… all good things come to an end. Or at least to a stop. And obviously Oz’s first line had to be monosyllabic. Just… “Hey.”

5) Oh my god, I just noticed this parallel! 


WILLOW: When, when did you get back?
OZ: Pretty much now.


OZ: I think I better take off.
OZ: Pretty much now.

6) This scene is so hard to watch for me because the awkwardness is palpable and also, in a way, I’m kinda rooting for both Oz and Tara, tbh.

I mean, it’s not like I wanted Willow to get back together with Oz by this point. And it wasn’t just because of Tara. Oz repeats throughout the episode that he has changed. But so had Willow. And again, not just because of Tara, although she had a lot to do with Willow changing. But what happened with Oz also changed her. Both of them had changed. So it was odd that Oz felt they could kind of pick up their relationship where they had left it off. They were still Oz and Willow but at the same time, they weren’t. They could still care for and even love each other, it just wouldn’t be in the same way. But I digress.

What I was talking about is how I feel for both Tara and Oz in this episode. Even if Oz/Willow the way we knew them were in the past, that doesn’t take away from how meaningful and important their relationship was. He was Willow’s first love, and throughout season 2 and 3, even when I know Tara is coming, I ship them. They make sense together. They had a cute and beautiful and at times sad history. And I never hated Oz, not even after the whole Veruca thing. Because even though he cheated on Willow, that whole arc wasn’t really about him and Willow or him and Veruca for that matter. It was about Oz trying to find himself, to make sense of the human and the wolf in him, to reconcile those two identities (because - and I know I’ve mentioned this before - at the core the show is about self-discovery and identity and agency.) And yes, seeing him back gave me a lot of warm fuzzy feelings. 

But Tara, though, my baby!

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Some Kind Of Monster - daddydreadful - IT - Stephen King [Archive of Our Own]
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Series: Part 2 of Penny Grinning Soul

***Sequel to “So Much Like Dying” - please read that one first***

You thought you’d never see him again. You had fulfilled your end of the bargain, and he, his. He had won; you had lost, but you did so willingly; it’s what you both agreed. Now no harm will come to your young cousin Jimmy. You, on the other hand are not as safe from harm as you think, your heart OR your body, and Pennywise sure does love his little games…

A deal with a devil

Originally posted by polarbeom

Summary: You make a deal with Demon!Mark to help you find love but you fall for him instead. 

Warnings: None

“Give me your finger.” The demon demanded.

You reached out your hand to him. He grabbed your hand and pulled out a dagger slidding it over the skin cutting just deep enough to draw blood. Pressing it to the paper he had laid out on the desk. He let out a low chuckle and rolled the paper up letting it fall to the ground. You gasped slightly when it evaporated into nothing.

“So Is there anyone you have your eyes on?” His voice had a smooth sound to it.

“No. That is why I need you.” You stammered.

He sighed and crossed his arms. You glared in annoyance. “Aren’t you supposed to try to help? Why are you acting like it will kill you?” 

“Well if it could kill me it probably would. Anyways…Let’s go find you love. Get dressed we’re going to the park.”

“Hey! Whats your name.”

“Call me Mark. Now go!”

You did as told and got dressed and ready. The two of you went to the nearest park and sat at a bench. Not many people were there but a few people said hi.Mark refused to let you leave  the spot. It started to get late when a man came and sat by you. He smelt bad of alcohol and lean close to you. He didn’t speak but he was trying to make a move. He rested his hand on your thigh and squeezed. You tried to move away but he grabbed your wrist holding you down with back against the seat.

The area around you got darker and you could hear a low growl from behind you. The man looked up in annoyance but was quickly changed when his eyes met the pure black ones. He went to move but a hand gripped him by the neck.He began screaming and kicking until Mark released him.

You felt paralyzed in your position on the bench seat. Without missing a beat Mark picked you up in his arms. Next thing you knew you were laying in your bed. Mark sat in a chair beside your bed. you sat up and looked at him. His demeanor seemed to change, his eyes seemed softer, movements gentler. He looked to you with a stern look that also seemed concerned.

“What makes you think you can do this? Huh, is it entertaining to you?” His voice was trembling.

“What are you talki-” You jumped at the tingling sensation on your lips. He pressed his body to yours and growled when you didn’t respond. He pulled away and sat back down in the chair.

“Demons shouldn’t know love. How did you make me fall in love? You’re a human.”

“Yo-You fell in love with me?”

“Shut up.”

You grabbed his shirt collar and pulled him back to you pressing your lips onto his. He crawled on the bed pulling you under him. Not once did you think of what would happen after this. What would come of this demon, human relationship. All you cared about is what was right in front of you. The sensations Mark hands and lips gave you.

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