demon fury

Quick Reminder for the MCU Fandom

Nick Fury?

Gives a shit about the Avengers and cares for them.

Nick Fury?

Wants to protect people first and foremost.

Nick Fury?

Will disobey direct orders from higher ups if he doesn’t agree with them because he refuses to weigh those stupid ass decisions against people’s lives.

Nick Fury?

Not evil.

Nick Fury?

Yea, most definitely not a villain.

All these bad guys running around in the MCU- and all the ones yet to be added that can still be pulled from the comics- and I still see Nick Fury getting demonized.

Hell, sometimes more than some of the actual villains.

I know the reason why a lot of you do it too so I just have one question for y’all:

Can you fucking not?


(Demon Fury is when Diablo feels an overpowering need for any of the seven sins. This is his most powerful form, he just doesn’t have any control over it and is pretty terrible at bringing it out. 
The powers he has in this form is a bit of a smörgårdsbord of his parents powers (just not as powerful. he is after all just a demon cub.)) - Mera