demon fist

Em, guys, can I ask you something? Look around you. Look at, well, everything. The castle, his looks, his lair with lava, the ninjas….what part of it ever made Ras look like someone trustworthy? What part of it all doesn’t scream FUCKING EVIL?!

The conclusion to Damian Knows best in Teen Titans #5 is surprisingly brief. Demon’s Fist is quick to turn on Ras once they find out he stole them from their parents and their whole lives have been a lie….which is done through Damian’s mastery in the ancient art of exposition dump. Fight with Ras himself is brief and he seems more concerned about being a dick to everyone in general and Mara in particular than anything else. In fact, the fight seems to happen only so that Damian can make that one reference to the cartoons.

On the other hand, once that is done we have actually a nice moment between Bruce and Damian that leads to Batman-founded Titans Tower. It actually works nicely as a setup for the team as a whole. I think the theme of this team being “work in progress” and trying to define what it actually means to be Teen Titans as they go may be an interesting way to approach this particular type of group. From a meta perspective, after so many different incarnations and reboots what DOES it means to be in Teen Titans actually is a question worth exploring. Demon’s Fist also has a potential, now that they’re free and can do whatever they want, could be fun to see them in this book later. Or in another title.

Concealed By Lust

Pairing: Mick Davies x Reader
Word count: 1,985
Warnings: Smut. Unprotected Sex.
Written for my 2,000 Followers Celebration
Requested by: @grace-for-sale Prompt: Masquerade / Quote: “Do you trust me?”

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Soulmate | Castiel x reader

Blood gushed out of the large wound on your abdomen. Slipping in and out of consciousness you cursed yourself for going on this hunt alone.
Your friend Bobby had told you about this case but he said you should wait for two friends of his to come. But being the idiot you were you went alone. This resulted in you walking straight into a trap, causing you to get tied up and tortured.
Hours passed, or maybe it were minutes or even seconds, you couldn’t tell. Due to the pain you were to weak to struggle so you just sat limp in the chair.
You could hear the demon laughing in a corner of the dark room. He started walking towards you again, knife in hand.
You whimpered and shut your eyes, praying for someone to rescue you.

“Such a shame to ruin such a beautiful face.” The demon said as his fist collided with your jaw.

"Then stop hurting her.” A man said, firing his gun at your captor. You opened your eyes to see three men had busted through the door. The first one was quite short with beautiful green eyes, next to him was a really tall man with half long hair.
Even though both these men were really attractive it was the third one that really caught your eye. His big blue eyes stared at you, slight worry was visible on his face.
The sound of them fighting the demon was the last thing you heard before you blacked out.
The world spun around you, after you blinked a few times you finally got a clear view of the room you were in. You slowly sat up, taking in your surroundings. Strangely enough there wasn’t any sign of the torture you had been through.
“Easy there, you were hardly breathing when we found you. That demon got you pretty bad.” It was the tall one, he softly sat down on the side of the bed.

"I’m Sam by the way, my brother dean and I saved you, with the help of our friend Castiel.” he continued “you’re Y/n, right? Bobby told us to go on a hunt with you but you were already gone when we reached your hotel room.”

"Yeah sorry about that, but how is it possible for me to be completely healed?” You asked confused.

"I healed you.” You looked up to see the blue eyed man from before. This time however you noticed his beautiful black wings.

"What are you?”

"My name is Castiel, I am an angel of the lord.” Your eyes grew large as you let his words sink in.

"That explains the wings.” This time it was his turn to look shocked.

"You can see my wings?” He asked dumbfound.

"Well, yeah. Can’t they?” You asked referring to Sam and the other man.

"No, we can’t.” Sam answered.

"Is it a bad thing?” By now who you assumed was Dean had entered the room too.

"That depends on how you look at it.” Dean said smirking.

"What do you mean?” You weren’t sure if it was the torture you had been through that caused your head to throb or the confusion of this conversation, but your head was pounding.

"This means we’re soulmates.” Cas said in his monotone voice, but you couldn’t help but notice something different in his tone. You weren’t sure, but you thought you could hear a hint of hope.

“I think I’m gonna look at this from the bright side.” You winked. (A/n get it? Bright side? You know, ‘cause he’s an angel and stuff? Alright I’ll stop)

i’ve been rereading rrr lately and tbh i love the intersection between dipper who recently and intimately remembers what it’s like to be human and has no trouble keeping up the masquerade (because of those pseudo-reincarnated twelve years where human was all he knew) but at the same time is in full possession and knowledge of his centuries of demonic power and influence and can, if he so wishes, go from Dipper (Pines) Sterling, well-meaning but awkward kid with a weirdly formal dress sense, to Alcor the fucking Dreambender, Destroyer of Souls, Bringer of Nightmares, with enough power to end the world a dozen times over if he wanted to, and in doing so completely freak out anyone who knew him as an awkward bab and not a nigh-omniscient dream demon

We Have Cookies AU Part 1

Inspired by this prompt

All27 Superhero/Supervillain AU

  • Tsuna is a new superhero who moved to a new city. 
  • He’s still a bit clumsy, but he’s determined to be a hero and help people. 
  • Of course being a superhero isn’t all fun and games and it certainly doesn’t pay well. But thankfully, Haru his best friend runs the local store and is more than willing to hire Tsuna to help her run the store (and she’ll even look the other way about him leaving suddenly all the time if he would let her design his costume). 
  • His first couple rescues as superhero go off well enough. Tsuna had managed to stop a few supervillains’ plans from happening. 
  • Finding an apartment was hard though so he snatched up the first available room he could find. 
  • He should have asked around first though. 
  • Vongola Apartment Complex is home to nearly every major and minor villain in Namimori City. 
  • There’s Smokin’ Bomb Gokudera, responsible for blowing up at least 10 buildings, Smiling Sword Yamamoto who is said to have killed over 1000 people with a smile on his face. Strong Arm Ryohei who has caused even more damage then Gokudera with the swing of his fist. Demon Twins and Crimelords Mukuro and Chrome. The Monster Hibari who was rumored to be unstoppable and  the cherry on top was Chaos Lord Reborn World’s Greatest Hitman and strongest supervillain in the entire city. 
  • That was just the one floor
  • And Tsuna was locked into his contract for a year. How was he going to survive?!?! 

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You’re Now Mine (P9)


WORDS: 1,755


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Summary of Dark Souls 3 Weapons
  • Dagger: Why aren't you using a Bandit's Knife
Parrying Dagger: Never actually used as a weapon

  • Mail Breaker: Fuck your shields
Bandit's Knife: Quick, exploit the Bleed
Rotten Ghru Dagger: Poison for the lazy
Corvian Greatknife: THIS is a knife
Handmaid's Dagger: I will stab you no matter what
Scholar's Candlestick: Laser power-up

  • Tailbone Short Sword: Drake Sword Lite Edition
Brigand Twindaggers: Dragon's Dogma
Harpe: Not actually a musical instrument

  • Shortsword: Why aren't you using a Longsword

  • Longsword: Ol' Faithful

  • Broadsword: Who uses stab attacks anyway

  • Broken Straight Sword: 10 of these during early game

  • Astora Straight Sword: Losing my religion

  • Lothric Knight Sword: Let's get stabby
Barbed Straight Sword: Constantly getting caught on clothing probably
Dark Sword: Emo blade with added Meta
Cleric's Candlestick: Blue Flame's gross uncle
Irithyll Straight Sword: Chillrend

  • Anri's Straight Sword: Waifu sword

  • Sunlight Straight Sword: Praising just got easier
Morion Blade: Remember how Demon's Soul was a thing
  • Lothric's Holy Sword: HOLY SHIT LASERS

  • Gotthard Twinswords: Sith Lord Cosplay

  • Bastard Sword: Why aren't you using a Claymore
Claymore: Larger Faithful

  • Flameberge: Zweihander's gay little brother

  • Hollowslayer Greatsword: Dumbshit's guide to DS2
Black Knight Sword: Crossfit while fighting demons
  • Executioner's Greatword: Tarkus Concept Art
Wolf Knight's Greatword: Can you actually imagine a Wolf doing flips like this like holy shit

  • Wolnir's Holy Sword: Trypophobia Blade
Greatsword of Judgment: Moonlight Greatsword Lite Edition

Moonlight Greatsword: Raspberry Popsicle of Cameo Obligation

  • Twin Princes' Greatsword: Literally fire-ing mah lazar
  • Drakeblood Greatsword: Over ambitious longsword

Firelink Greatsword: Finally got one, finally disappointed
  • Zweihander: Baby's First UGS

  • Greatsword: Repairs complete
Astora Greatsword: CHAAAAAAAAAARGE
Farron Greatsword: Breakdancing Blade
Fume Ultra Greatsword: Hits like a truck, the size and weight of one too
Profaned Greatsword: Fire Greatsword Mk I

  • Cathedral Knight Greatsword: Gatsu stronk
Black Knight Greatsword: Original Golf Driver
Lorian's Greatsword: Fire Greatsword Mk II

  • Lothric Knight Greatsword: Bass Cannon knockoff

Scimitar: Why aren't you using a Falchion

Falchion: Oroboro's penis

  • Sellsword Twinblades: Russian weapons, Arabic implications
  • Shotel: Douchebag Blade
  • Crescent Moon Sword: Karkat Vantas firing lasers
  • Pontiff Knight Curved Sword: How do insects even eat metal like damn
  • Warden Twinblades: Obligatory bleed variant

Painting Guardian's Curved Sword: Sick spins

  • Dancer's Enchanted Swords: Rave Swords

  • Storm Curved Sword: Fart Scimatar

  • Carthus Curved Sword: If only it were the Kilij
Carthus Shotel: Karkat Vantas Skeleton Edition

  • Rotten Ghru Curved Sword: Poo Sword

  • Murakumo: Finally has a decent moveset
Exile Greatsword: Bandaid hilt
Old Wolf Curved Sword: No weapon class is safe from fan service

  • Carthus Curved Greatsword: Bleed Edition

Uchigatana: PvP Standard
Washing Pole: Sephiroth cosplay
Black Blade: Style points aren’t currency

  • Darkdrift: Why do Asian cultures love invisible swords so much
Onikiri and Ubadachi: Shonen Jump
  • Chaos Blade: Anti-magic pixel
Bloodlust: You can't hurt me if I hurt myself
Rapier: The grip is white now

Ricard's Rapier: How legendary can badly defending one stairway be
Crystal Sage's Rapier: Drop your shit goddamnit
Irithyll Rapier: Chillrend poke edition
  • Battle Axe: Swing it differently this time

Brigand Axe: Is it superior? Who knows
Thrall Axe: Poison Swamp Trivialiser
Dragonslayer's Axe: Cockney man refuses to die
Butcher Knife: Forever the Fat Woman's specialty

  • Winged Knight Twinaxes: Twin Spin to Win

  • Eleonora: Pried from the hands of hands with hands
Man Serpent Hatchet: Karkat Vantas Snake Edition

  • Greataxe: Award for most unchanged weapon

  • Dragonslayer Greataxe: This isn’t a spear
Demon's Greataxe: Now ON FIRE

  • Great Machete: *sad Capra Demon noises*
Yhorm's Great Machete: You only use that notch when angry
  • Black Knight Greataxe: Jump for joy/death
Club: Literally a stick

Reinforced Club: Stick with nails
  • Mace: Why are these always associated with clerics
Morning Star: Absolutely Barbaric
  • Drang Hammers: Akin to interperative dance

Heysel Pick: More like pick a different weapon amirite

  • Warpick: MrIWont4Get's Favourite
Blacksmith Hammer: You're holding it backwards
Gargoyle Flame Hammer: Every Greathammer needs a flamethrower
Large Club: Not the Great Club
  • Great Club: Not the Large Club
Great Mace: Berenike classic
Vordt's Great Hammer: Fridge Hammer
Morne's Great Hammer: Grant 2.0
Great Wooden Hammer: Visions of Giant Blacksmith

Smough's Great Hammer: Whack-a-mole just got silly
Old King's Great Hammer: Another classic ON FIRE
Pickaxe: Minecraft cosplay
Dragon Tooth: Havel’s penis

  • Spiked Mace: Dynasty Warriors

  • Caestus: The ol' 1-2
Demon's Fist: Kyo Kusanagi
Dark Hand: Can't suck Humanity, might as well suck balls
  • Claw: *Wolverine joke*

  • Manikin Claws: Nobody has original designs, do they

  • Arstor's Spear: Vlad the Impaler
Drang Twinspears: How is this a practical setup
Gargoyle Flame Spear: GARGOYLE used FLAME CHARGE
Spear: The Poker
Winged Spear: The Better Poker

Tailbone Spear: The Fart Poker
Pike: The Long Poker
  • Four-Pronged Plow: Couple with torches to gank Shrek cosplayers
Saint Bident: Saint Bident of Charge

  • Rotten Ghru Spear: The Poop Poker
Partizan: Almost a Halberd
Yorshka's Spear: Anti-mage Poker
Dragonslayer Spear: Oh, there it is
Dragonslayer Swordspear: More Ornstein than Ornstein
Golden Ritual Spear: Pilgrim’s Spontoon hit by a car
  • Soldering Iron: BDSM Souls

  • Lothric Knight Long Spear: The Steady Poker
Greatlance: At least a horse is mentioned this time

  • Halberd: Scrub stick

  • Red Hilted Halberd: Scrub stick Classic Edition

  • Lucerne: Switzerland must exist apparently
Winged Knight Halberd: Spin to Win and Win and Win and Win and Win

  • Glaive: They still fucking got the name wrong

  • Crescent Axe: Pick a weapon class damnit

  • Gundyr's Halberd: You put your halberd in and you spin it all about
Black Knight Glaive: Finally named correctly
Immolation Tinder: Hard to get dates with this thing

  • Great Scythe: All Scythes are great

  • Pontiff Knight Great Scythe: Even the cold ones
Great Corvian Scythe: And the feathery ones
Whip: Softcore

  • Notched Whip: Hardcore
Witch's Locks: Hotcore
Spotted Whip: Spotcore
  • Short Bow: Why aren't you using a Composite Bow

  • Longbow: Why aren't you using the Black Bow of Pharis

  • Composite Bow: Original Crackshot
  • Dragonrider Bow: Why you're NOT using the Composite bow
Black Bow of Pharis: Robin Hood's wet dream

Darkmoon Longbow: Original Darkmoon Bow didn't go through puberty well
Onislayer Greatbow: Still gotta be Japanese-y
Dragonslayer Greatbow: I am the bone of my sword
Light Crossbow: Why aren't you using the Heavy Crossbow
  • Knight's Crossbow: Crossbow 2; Electric Boogaloo

  • Arbalest: Suspicious name change
Sniper Crossbow: Actually functional now
Avelyn: Enter The Matrix
Heavy Crossbow: Completionism Crossbow

  • Sorcerer's Staff: First Laser Stick
Heretic's Staff: Shunned Laser Stick
Witchtree Branch: Dusk’s Laser Stick

  • Sage's Crystal Staff: Diamonds aren’t forever
Izalith Staff: Still can’t cast fire spells
Court Sorcerer's Staff: Logan’s bent dong
Man-Grub's Staff: You feelin’ lucky punk
Storyteller's Staff: Attempted murder

  • Medicant's Staff: I NEED THE SHIELD DAMNIT
Archdeacon Great Staff: Holy Laser Stick
Pyromancy Flame: FALCON PUNCH
Talisman: Totally not toiler paper

  • Saint's Talisman: Holy toilet paper

  • Sunlight Talisman: Eat Lightning, Shit Thunder

  • Canvas Talisman: Eco Toilet Paper
White Hair Talisman: Toilet Paper after Mexican
Sunless Talisman: Luxury Toilet Paper

  • Cleric's Sacred Chime: The Lords be with you

  • Priest's Chime: And also with you

  • Crystal Chime: How does this not break all the time
Caitha's Chime: This bell is full of BEES

  • Saint-tree Bellvine: Even trees are goddamn saints

  • Yorshka's Chime: You monster

MODERN DAY BTVS. Timeline shifted up 10 - 15 years, on all accounts (ex. Spike has a 90s grunge aesthetic instead of 80s punk). I’m really curious how much improved technology and communication could potentially completely alter situations, and snowball into bigger events.


  • Giles’ bewilderment when asked upon purchasing a rare, ancient tome whether he’d like an ebook copy.
  • “Willow, sweetie, I really don’t think it’s a good idea to 3D print an Urn of Osiris”
  • Spike’s frustration over the shitty leeched wifi in his crypt. How is he supposed illegally download his shows when this connection is complete bollocks?
  • “Now if I’m not mistaken, some lucky girl’s got herself a Playstation 3.” “No way!”
  • The ensuing disaster when someone tries to Google Translate that ancient prophetic ritual.
  • Cordelia setting up an internet presence for Angel Investigations on Facebook. Or as Angel calls it, Headpages.
  • That time Willow almost got murdered by a demonic robot she met on Plenty of Fish.
  • The secret to restoring Angel’s soul is on a flash drive under Ms. Calendar’s desk. With a backup copy on Dropbox.
  • Buffy’s growing list of excuses as to why she sometimes doesn’t pickup her phone, because you very well can’t tell your mom you were too busy getting repeatedly punched in the face by a demon with fists the size of butterball turkeys, and that’s why you didn’t answer her texts about what you want to do for dinner tonight, and can you walk Dawn home from Lisa’s? It’s fine, mom, it’s fine, lasagna is fine, Dawn will be fine–Lisa lives like two streets over, remember?–I had my cell on vibrate ok? Sorry. It’s no big. Chill.

Raven: Each assassin chose us as an individual target because of what we represent.

Starfire: Light.

Kid Flash: Hope.

Beast Boy: Super sexiness.

Beast Boy: What?

Teen Titans #3 slows down to allow the characters for some more social interactions and comedy. While on the one hand a moment to slow down here is good, I’m not really sold on the execution. A lot of the issue is focused on the team sitting around the campfire and getting to know each other through a dialogue that often feels deliberately exposition-heavy to make new readers get a better understanding of the characters, their role, and motivations …. Which sounds oddly familiar, now that you think about it.

While the expositions happen, I’m actually enjoying some of the interactions. Kid Flash especially takes the spotlight, be it with a comedic scene of Robin removing tracking device Mara planted on him, to him being  reassuring voice to Damian, once he starts wallowing in guilt too much and actually reaching to Raven, curious how her powers work. I think Wally is actually one of the strong points of this series or at least one with the biggest potential. You see, we saw interactions between different versions of Raven, Starfire and Beast Boy – multiple comics, three cartoons and elseworlds. Damian also had at least some interactions with these characters in Pre-Flashpoint Universe and at least one animated adaptation. As such the biggest obstacle this book faces is, in my opinion, to reach the bar set by those older stories. But this Wally, now that he is officially separate character from pre-Flashpoint Wally and not a different version of him, doesn’t really have this problem. He never really interacted with any of those people, so he is an unknown that not only opens an entirly new field of interactions to explore but might completely change the dynamics we knew in previous interpretations. I suspect that once Jackson King joins the team, he might have the same effect.

What I didn’t like was how rushed the latter part of the story felt, the one where Damian decides he made a mistake to kidnap and put at risk people who were so quick to forgive him and is now willing to join back with Ras if it means they’ll lives will be spared. I mean, Damian knew them for what, few hours? He went from “I have no friends” to “I’ll sacrifice everything to save my friends” in no time. Maybe this is a theme that some writers try to push for him, that once he starts to care about people, he’s almost eager to sacrifice himself for them. Robin War did it as well, but Robin War was a mess, so I don’t know what to feel here.

Also, we’re getting some backstory on Demon’s Fist’s leader, Mara. Who is Damian’s cousin by being the daughter of Dusan, Ras’ exiled son (and as weak as my Batman lore is, this guy is apparently a real deal) and has an inferiority complex, because Damian was always better than her. I think she makes a good foil to Damian. Mostly by being an awful leader who treats her teammates like tools and would probably let Penance to die if Stone didn’t like her.

Koi Pham replaces Jonboy Meyers as the artist(after the latter left over creative differences and Marvel snatched him for Inhumans) and sadly, it’s a step down. Don’t get me wrong, he clearly tries his best and this effort shows, but the transition from one artist to the other needs a moment to get used to.