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so uH… i wanted to draw @the-vampire-inside-me‘s toon oc Able the Angle cuz
#1 I wanted to draw him with Mob Boss Bendy cuz Vampire said that they got inspiration for Able from my Bendy so I just… I had to
#2… holy hell…. Just look at him??? He’s so cool??? He’s so fun to draw you have no idea

(also as much as i like the idea that they’d be at each others throats ,,, i kinda feel like they’d be good smoking/drinking buddies and they’d talk about their guns together….  i think im gonna have to draw more of these two *cough cough*

I am not a writer
my fingers don’t ache to write about loss or love
to be a writer I have to make my life complex
i have to turn from pools in the summer sun
to the dark depths of the ocean
and i have to reach far into places of myself
the places i don’t like
to pull out prose
but instead i open wounds
i end up with a fistful of demons
and they make their way to my lungs
i don’t like who i am
when i try to be a good writer
—  stydiasbitch

yorulun  asked:

Prompt 9 between Bruce and Bat Fam where perhaps Bruce was magically transformed into something else, be it angst or comedy. I need more fic with Bruce bonding with his kids.

This didn’t turn into exactly what you wanted, and I’m sorry about that. But I have some problems working with specific prompts like this sometimes. I swear my fingers have minds of their own sometimes. I hope you still enjoy!

This is set a few weeks after Bruce comes back from being lost in time.

“How many times have I told you not to run down the stairs, Dick?” Bruce says when he hears feet stomping down into the Cave. His head is pounding something fierce, and he’s lying on a medical cot. Must have gotten hurt on patrol then. Wouldn’t be the first time. He only pushes himself up when the steps falter at the bottom of the stairs, and then he tenses.

Because that’s not Dick. That’s—he doesn’t know who that is, but it’s not his son. A young man, maybe seventeen or eighteen, with dark hair and blue eyes that sport dark shadows underneath, is standing at the bottom of the steps. He’s also extremely pale, and he’s staring at Bruce like he’s just seen a ghost.

“Who—” is all Bruce manages to get out before the other cuts him off.

“I’m just gonna go get—get Alfred and the others,“ the teen says, blinking rapidly. And before Bruce can respond (like ask how the hell this guy knows Alfred, or why he’s in Bruce’s secret cave), he’s gone. Up the stairs and into the manor.

It takes a few minutes for Bruce to make himself move from the medical cot and tumble over to the stairs. He’s just about to try and go up them when the clock above him opens and he hears a sharp, “Bruce!”

Bruce’s vision wavers, and only once he steadies himself does he look up to find—Dick. But not Dick. Because Dick is eleven years old, and this man is clearly only a few years younger than Bruce himself is. If that.

“Dick?” he asks, his brow furrowing, and No-Dick supports him when he wavers again, leading him back over to sit on the cot. “Or are you—you can’t be John.”

Not-Dick sucks in a sharp breath, and no. Bruce would know those bright blue eyes anywhere. This is Dick. This is his son. But somehow, he’s in his twenties, not his little boy who’d just celebrated his eleventh birthday. It looks like Dick’s aged fifteen years in a night, and that’s when Bruce’ circling mind really starts working overtime.

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Em, guys, can I ask you something? Look around you. Look at, well, everything. The castle, his looks, his lair with lava, the ninjas….what part of it ever made Ras look like someone trustworthy? What part of it all doesn’t scream FUCKING EVIL?!

The conclusion to Damian Knows best in Teen Titans #5 is surprisingly brief. Demon’s Fist is quick to turn on Ras once they find out he stole them from their parents and their whole lives have been a lie….which is done through Damian’s mastery in the ancient art of exposition dump. Fight with Ras himself is brief and he seems more concerned about being a dick to everyone in general and Mara in particular than anything else. In fact, the fight seems to happen only so that Damian can make that one reference to the cartoons.

On the other hand, once that is done we have actually a nice moment between Bruce and Damian that leads to Batman-founded Titans Tower. It actually works nicely as a setup for the team as a whole. I think the theme of this team being “work in progress” and trying to define what it actually means to be Teen Titans as they go may be an interesting way to approach this particular type of group. From a meta perspective, after so many different incarnations and reboots what DOES it means to be in Teen Titans actually is a question worth exploring. Demon’s Fist also has a potential, now that they’re free and can do whatever they want, could be fun to see them in this book later. Or in another title.

100 Kinks List

Hi guys! I’ve seen lists like this going around before and used this one as a base to come up with something I hope will be a fun and long project. I’ll work on these randomly and post them whenever but I’m having fun creating stuff for spnkinkbingo (August is going to get smutty, fair warning) and I’d like to try more. They’ll all be tagged “100 kinks list” so you can blacklist in case it’s not your thing.

If it is your thing, all I need is for ya’ll to send me in a pairing of who you’re interested in seeing for these. It can be reader insert or a ship (check out my FAQ page if you’ve never requested before). Each prompt maxes at two. 

An example ask and the list is below the cut. Send in your pairings and enjoy!

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