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modern au

pidge podge is typing…

pidge podge: hey so have any of you guys seen my brother

pidge podge: i haven’t seen or heard from him in like five days

handsome lanceome is typing…

handsome lanceome: isn’t ur brother constantly disappearing like his thing tho lmao

pidge podge: yes but normally i can ask shiro where he is but this time shiro isn’t answering

pidge podge: keith do you know where shiro is

handsome lanceome: i think they are dead

knife gay is typing…

knife gay: probably

knife gay: they’ve been in the basement for the past few days

pidge podge: doing… what

knife gay: breath of the wild. shiro finally caved and bought a switch and now they won’t stop playing it

knife gay: they’ve only freed one divine beast. they’re literally just fucking around the map

knife gay: all shiro does is cook and experiment with ingredients. hes the Worst

hunka dunk is typing…

hunka dunk: well obviously shiro is cooking in the game

hunka dunk: it’s his only chance to experience something he can’t do in real life :(

When my alcoholic uncle died - and how it impacted my life as a nurse

A recent post from another nurse was so beautifully honest and vulnerable that it made me lose my snark and just get human for a minute. So I will share an experience and I have permission from all involved. I had an uncle who was a terrible alcoholic. It ravaged every aspect of his life, his work as a union tradesman, his ability to be a father or husband and his relationships with his brothers and sisters. My mom and I often visited him when he’d get admitted to the floor. I could never bear to see him in the ER. Dirty, belligerent, withdrawing in the DTs. I was embarrassed because I knew he was a frequent flier. I was embarrassed that I was embarrassed. We tried to drop him groceries and buy his Dilantin every month, but he moved around a lot, mostly renting rooms above taverns. He wanted nothing to do with sobriety. He used drugs when he could, but whiskey was his poison. In the end he only tolerated a few beers a day to keep away the shakes. To any nurse or medic or doc who new him he was a local drunk, but to me he was my uncle. I knew him as a kind loving man as well. I remember family BBQs and him tossing me up in the air as a kid. I remember him showing up drunk to thanksgiving and not making it out out of the car before passing out. I remember the disappointment in my family’s faces. I remember the shame in his eyes. I remember driving around his neighborhood looking at the entrances of taverns to see if he was passed out. I wondered if anyone would know to call us if he died. I wondered if he even had any I.D. But they did call. And I knew when I saw him at age 55 in the ICU Weighing 90 lbs dying of Hep C and esophageal CA that he didn’t have a lot of time left. I was a nursing student and an ER tech but I knew in my heart this time was different. I saw people fear him. I saw nurses treat him as if he was a leper. One yelled at him to be still while she gave him a shot of heparin and he grimaced in pain. Nurses came in one by one to start a heplock and he grimaced in pain. Despite knowing better after the 4th nurse was unsuccessful I begged them to stop and give him a break. My hospital I worked accepted him into impatient hospice. I was relieved. When he arrived I saw the 2 EMTs toss him on the hospice bed and walk out without saying a word while he grimaced in pain. They probably got held over and he probably didn’t seem like an urgent transport. They didn’t want to touch him. I didn’t say anything. I was scared to touch him too. He was emaciated with a huge head and a gaunt appearance. I wondered if he had AIDS. I felt bad for thinking that. I still kissed his forehead and told him he was going to be okay. Because I loved him. He was my family. And then I saw nurses treat him with kindness. I saw the beauty of a non judgemental hospice team make his last 96 hours on Earth a time where he could make peace with his demons. I saw Roxy drops for the first time and I saw him get some relief from the pain of untreated cancer, from the pain of dying. I saw them allow me break the rules and lift his frail body into a wheelchair, fashion an old fashioned posey to hold him up and take him down stairs for his last cigarette on Route 30. I was able to spend my breaks with him. I got to suction him and help give him a bed bath. I got off my 3-11 shift and spend a few hours with him watching a baseball game on replay. I sat with him in silence and I held his hand. I finally knew what people meant when they said the dying watch their life play out in their minds. I swear I could see it happening. I asked him if he was thinking about things he said “yep”. I asked him if he wanted me to stay or go and he said “stay”. So I stayed. I heard the death rattle for the first time. I cried to a veteran hospice nurse and she explained how the Scopolamine patch would help. I finally felt what it was like to be helpless to a family member in need and her words of comfort and years of experience meant everything to me. She said he probably had 48 hours at the most. I read “Gone from my sight” the blue book of hospice by Barbara Karnes. The whole family trickled in. His kids, all his brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews. His children told him they loved him and they forgave him. We kissed his forehead and washed his hair. My mother shaved his face. His daughter said words of kindness that relieved him of any guilt or regret. I saw this beautiful cousin of mine watch me suction him and she asked how I could be so calm and so strong. I didn’t feel strong or knowledgeable but when you are the “medical person” in the family they see things in you that you didn’t know you had. We surrounded him with love and light and he died surrounded by everyone who ever meant anything to him. The nurses even cried. I got to see the dying process for what it was. It was beautiful and at the same time so humbling it brought me to my knees. I have never forgotten that feeling and I pray I never do. Is alcoholism a disease? We debate it as health care providers and wonder about the others whose lives have been impacted by the actions of an alcoholic. The amends that never got made. I guess I don’t care if it’s a disease, a condition, or a lifetime of conscious choices and poor judgement. In the end it’s a human being, usually a dirty foul smelling human being with missing teeth who may or may not be soiled in urine and vomit. Sometimes kicking, hurling obscenities, racial slurs, or spitting. Often doing all of the above at once. It’s hard to empathize with a human being who arrives packaged up that way. It’s hard to care or to want to go above and beyond. And I don’t think you should ever feel guilty if you don’t have those feelings. That is okay. It’s natural to wonder about the damage these people may have done to others. Wonder how many lives they might have ravaged. Please don’t take their pain as your own. At least try not to. It is not your pain to carry. And we all know that is easier said than done. But please, Treat them with dignity. They feel. They hear you. Give them the care you know you are capable of giving. I can tell you I hold a special place in my heart for every nurse who touched my uncle with a gentle hand. Who cleaned him for the fifth time when he was vomiting stool. Who asked him to smile. Who smiled back at him. Who stroked his forehead and put a cool washcloth on it. I am eternally grateful for anyone that saw beyond his alcoholism and saw a person. A human. A child of God (if you believe in God). A father. A son. An uncle. And I believe in my heart he felt the same way, even if he didn’t or couldn’t say it. If you have that patient. That difficult, hard to like, dreadful patient. Don’t think you have to love them or even like them. You don’t. But if you can preserve their dignity and show them the kind of nursing care that anyone would deserve, than you are good. You are the reason we are the world’s most trusted profession. And even though you don’t know it, someone saw and felt it, and it meant the world to them. Go to bed and sleep soundly because you deserve that. - J.R. RN

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「マダ タベルモノ アルジャナイ」 



This chapter is a weird one because it was inspired by a number of things: @themarginalartist’s InkDad Henry (loosely), an illustration that popped out at me by @the-vampire-inside-me and various illustrations from @shinyzango, of course.

So…sorry if this may seem like a mess. xD

Once again, this story is inspired by Zango’s 2D Bendy AU which is, and always has been, amazing.


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The idea of mad! Flug came from that beauty! Try checking out their blog before reading! :D
“Flug!!” Snarled the annoyed voice.
The anxious scientist made his way towards his boss, tripping on his feet along the way.
“S-sorry sir! W-what is-” Dr. Flug pauses midsentence to gasp. There in Black Hat’s arms was a knocked out super hero. A wide grin stretches across the scientist’s hidden face.
“We’ve brought in another one. 5.0.5 managed to grab him after destroying half the city. The hero knocked right out after he was used as a chew toy.” Sneered Black Hat. The demon dropped the hero to Dr. Flug’s feet.
“Do… Whatever you do with those heroes. I’m surprised you manage to keep them quiet wherever you put them.” Muttered Black Hat, walking off. As soon as he laid his eyes on the unconscious hero, a million thoughts ran through his head on what he’d do. Flug immediately began dragging the body away. Dragging the body was easy for him, picking it or lifting it up long distances was another. He could only pick them up short distances. Enough to make it from the lab to a trash can out back that later burned trash periodically. I mean, what else was he gonna do with corpses? Leave them to rot and stink? He was evil, but he was not trashy, no. Flug dragged the body into the lab, and behind his desk. He glanced around, making sure he wasn’t followed. As soon as he saw the coast was clear he opened a small patch on the floor, tossing the body down, before climbing down himself. The room was dark, dimly lit by a light in the middle of the room, which shined above a glass dome over a large pit. Where Flug kept heroes to rot. He tossed the hero he had been given into the pit from a small opening in the dome before sealing it shut as he always did. He studied the hero, mumbling noted out loud.
“Hero appears to be.. Cumulus. Abilities include controlling the amount of water in the air along with weather to a small extent.” He searches around the table he had beside the pit, finding a needle beside a multitude of blood samples from different heroes from the past. He tied a small cord around his body before hopping down into the pit holding a remote and a small needle. He gets on his knees beside the sleeping hero, poking her skin with the small sharp object. As he did this, the hero squirmed with discomfort.
“Hey! Hey. Hey, sshh. It’s all fine. Doc just needs a bit of blood is all. Then we can poke you and cut you and potentially zap you until you make your way to the little gates down below!” Dr. Flug giggled softly. His voice wad smooth as silk and clear as day a polar opposite to him outside the room. He pulls the needle away, with a considerable amount of blood in the needle, the blood a grayish hue. He sighs, getting up. “Too bad too. You were such a cool hero.” Dr. Flug sighs.
As he begins walking back, the hero shoots up with loud gasp, snapping her neck towards the villain.
“you.” She spat. “Where am I!?” She raises her hand, shards of ice forming in the air at rapid speed as Flug presses a button on the remote. As the shards fly towards him, the rope around his waist pulls him swiftly out of the pit, missing the shards just barely! He slams the pit’s opening shut and giggled frantically.
“Hahaha! You almost got me there you little hero, you!!” Dr. Flug cackles. The hero stands up. “where am I!? Let me go you bastard!!” She snarls. Dr. Flug ignored her, setting the blood sample inside a vial labeled the hero’s name, setting it right along side others.
“interesting note to add! Not only can you affect the water levels in the air, you can also change temperature as well! You’re blood could make a great freeze ray!! Ohh, how exciting!” He grins.
“Let. Me. OUT!!” Roared Cumulus, shooting a multitude of ice shards at the ice. The loud thud of the ice’s impact against the seal made Flug jump with surprise. “it’s no use doll!! Impenetrable!” Sang Dr. Flug. Cumulus snarls. “So- so what!? You gonna test me? You gonna torture me? Brain wash me? Control me!?” The hero growls out. Flug taps his chin. “you know. Giving the villain, the person with the upper hand, options is not a good move. However! I will happily accept torture!!” Cheered Flug. He presses a button on the table and arms flung out the side of the pit, grabbing the hero’s arms and legs. Flug hops down yet again with the remote, walking up to the hero who’s now unable to move. She squirms and tugs at the arms trying to break free, alas it was no use. Dr. Flug walks up to her, reaching his hand out. The girl immediately flinched making Flug laugh. He lightly grabs her chin, looking closely at her face. The girl shakes her head, snapping forward to bite his fingers. “You won’t get shit out of me.” She spat. Dr. Flug chuckles slowly, his laugh chilling and dark, unlike his normal self. “Oh sweetie. What do you think I’m torturing you for? Go on. Guess.” He eggs her on.
“Info? Weaknesses? Any villain would be stupid not to want that.” She scoffs. “Not necessarily now! A smart villain tortures for info because he lacks it without others to give him the info. A GOOD villain tortures for fun because he already has all the info he needs.” Dr. Flug grins.
“What? So you’re torturing me without reason? How stupid!” Cumulus cackles.
“See now you’re learning! Evading me from my true goals! Good! Good! But you know, the thing is. When you have a reason, once that reason is reached, you no longer have a reason to hurt! Its a stopping point for pain. A way out for heroes,”
He grips her chin rougher than before, making her unable to shake him off, “See, I don’t want that way out for you. You’re trapped here. No matter. What. You. Do!” Dr. Flug spins himself, harshly kicking her dead in the face making Cumulus let out a choked roar in pain. Flug spins back around to face her, punching her on the opposite side of her face, knocking out a tooth. She spits blood onto the doctor. “Fuck. You.” She pants. “Aww! No thanks.” He hissed, running back and kicking her in the stomach. She yells scratchily, doubling over in pain, gasping for air as she hack up blood. Her body falls weak. She’d have fallen on all fours had if not been for the arms holding her in place. Flug punched her face upward, staring her dead in the eye.
“Go on now. Do something about this. Drown me, freeze me, stab me with a weak little shard!” Dr. Flug teased.
She growls and Dr. Flug bounced out of the way and as he looks away the hero lets out a scream as he hears the sound of sharpness puncturing flesh. He spins around on his heel seeing she had accidentally stabbed her self in the stomach with her own ice shard. “Ohh! That works EVERY time! You heroes are SO gullible!” Dr. Flug smiles. She feels blood dripping from the ice. “S-so you gonna k-kill me huh?” Cumulus coughed. “Damn. Here I though I’d die by a successful villain.” She chuckles weakly. “Oh but honey. I am a successful villain. The disappearance of Unit, Mr Frost, Jubilee, oh what’s his name uhh, Storm clock? Yeah that’s it.” Dr. Flug lists. “Pfft. Idiot. Everyone knows it was Black Hat who killed them.” Cumulus scoffs. Dr. Flug stiffens, before walking closer. He put his hand on the ice shard, pushing it inward making her scream. “He. Did. NOT. A good villain does not boast. A good villain. Does not get caught. A good villain. Is not. That fucking. DEMON!!” Dr. Flug roars. He clicks another button on his remote, tossing it in the air. The metal shifts and reforms and by the time it hits Dr. Flug’s palm, it’s already a destabilizer ray.
“Black Hat. Is no. Villain. He is just a cocky. Arrogant. Self absorbed. Fuck.” Flug growls past gritted teeth. Cumulus grins. “Damn. You must really hate him.” She sighs. “Yeah well he pays the money and brings in the heroes like you I get to play with.” Flug sighs, twiddling with the ray in his hand. “So. What are you gonna-” “God damn it. All this Black Hat talk has ruined the mood. You’re not fun anymore.” He pouts. He repositions his body, shooting the hero straight in the head, blood splattering across Dr. Flug’s bag and the ground. He sighs, as the arms around the girl let go and retract into the walls letting the hero’s body fall limp on the floor with a loud thud. Flug shakes his head. “These new toys get worse and worse.” Flug sighs. He digs out a key from his pockets, unlocking a hatch on the wall before dumping the hero’s dead body into the chute to slide out into the garbage. He switched his ray back into the remote, pulling himself out the pit without a care. He showed no pity, no remorse. Like a good villain. He switched out his clothes and bag for a cleaner pair before turning to head back up. As he turns, he stops dead in his tracks, staring at a wide-eyed, trembling, whimpering Dementia. Flug sighs. “How much did you see you little cretin?” He snarls. Dementia’s voice was barely above a whisper. “a-all..” She whispers. Dr. Flug shakes his head, walking up to Dementia. He switches his remote to the ray, the device making an intimidating hum as he slowly held it up under Dementia’s chin, raising her head up making her whimper with fear. “You do not speak. Of what you saw in this room. Black Hat does not know and he never will. Understood.” Dr. Flug growls. “Y-yes.” She whispers. Dr. Flug puts away the ray, patting her head. “Good pet.” He says calmly. As he walks to leave Dementia halts him. “W-wait! I-I just have one question.” She stutters out. Dr. Flug turns around, tilting his head. “why don’t you ever act like this in front of the rest? Wouldn’t black hat.. Y'know. Like it?” She asks. Flug shakes his head.
“If a person has a double life, it is to protect the people in the primary life. People have faces. Different ways to act under different situations. No one is sane when no one is looking, Dementia. Besides. Don’t you think if I acted this way for you all, I would have shot that demon in the head by now?” Dr. Flug replies. “Come now. You have your jobs and I have mine.” He smiles. They get out of the room, and Flug shuts the door against the floor. As soon they get out, they hear black hat aggressively calling out for Flug.
“FLUG!! WHERE THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU!??” he screeches. Flug sighs, looking over at the scarred girl beside him.
“remember. No telling~.” He winks. He takes a deep breathe before running for the door. “C-coming boss! O-oh gosh!!” He calls out, flustered.

19/02/17 Live Letter TL;DR:


  • Butt sliders: no
  • Increasing garden item slots: maybe later
  • Eos or Selene recovering position after knockback: do it yourself!
  • Rhythm game in Gold Saucer: maybe (probably not)
  • Remove racial restrictions for hairstyles: yes for some, not all
  • Remove racial restrictions for hempen sets: difficult technically
  • Repeating MSQ fights: difficult technically. Roll an alt
  • 3.0 EX primals too easy, what about 4.0?: accessiblity of content is more important to them
  • Krile outfit on mogstation: would be expensive to make
  • More Hildibrand trials?: probably not. Hildibrand may or may not reappear in 4.X
  • In-game/official DPS parser: hard no
  • PS4 Pro patch: in progress
  • Keeping flowers in pots: planned for 3.5X
  • Umbrellas as a vanity item: considering adding as a mount
  • PotD across data centre: in progress, but cross server alliance raids first
  • /tells across data centre: in progress, as are linkshells, free companies, and friends lists

3.55a news

  • Live on Tuesday, 28th February
  • Anima weapon story quests - “easy!”
  • Zhloe Aliapoh - story quests for crafters and gatherers
  • Proto Ultima battle
  • The Feast
    • new maps
    • sudden death to resolve draws
    • new items and adjustments
    • season 3 ending / season 4 pre-season so people can get used to new map before ranking begins
  • Items:
    • Adjustments to Sophic and Demon Lanner drop rates
    • Garo Gear added to Calamity Salvager
    • FanFest gear codes redeemable
  • 3.55a because Diadem isn’t ready for release yet. They’re very sorry, but there’s a bug they couldn’t fix in time. Will be in 3.55b
    • 3.55b release planned anywhere between March 7th - 14th
    • Constant stream of content between 3.55 and 4.0
  • MSQ continuation in 3.56

Guinness World Records

  • Final Fantasy 14 has longest end credits in an MMO video game (1 hour 38 minutes)
  • Final Fantasy 14 has the highest number of original pieces of music in a video game (384 original compositions)
  • Final Fantasy series is the most prolific role-playing game series (87 titles)

Full(ish) transcript in my Frankfurt FanFest document!


Just wanted to try my hand at writing out a dumb speculation of mine of how Flug and Black Hat met.

(Also, I’m headcannoning Flug’s age to be around early 30s, so this would be taking place around 10 years ago)

AND I DON’T CARE IF I’M BEING REPETITIVE, IM'MA SCREAM THIS OUT FOR THE WORLD TO HEAR: Thank you all SOOOOO much for all the support, your awesome comments in the tags, all that jazz!!! It really does mean so much and is super motivating! ❤

Also, that awkward moment when you’ve been typing Black Hat’s name wrong this whole time, and kind of always realized it, but just never bothered fixing it till now. Is that just me? Yeah, probably

Previous works in chronological order: Lovestarved, Trial & Trust, Deeper Than Skin, A Small Solace


So this is how I die.

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Immortal Swordmaster, Shosetsu

X-UB01/0030 R 不滅の剣聖 ショウセツ Immortal Swordmaster, Shosetsu
“私がお相手しよう。何処からでもかかってきなさい。(I shall be your opponent. No matter where we are.)”
Size 2 / Dungeon World - Legend World / Adventurer - Knight - Hero / 6000 Power / 2 Criticals / 1000 Defense
■ 【Call Cost】 [Place the top card of your deck into this card’s soul & Pay 1 gauge]
■ All items on your field cannot be destroyed by the effects of your opponent’s cards.
■ When an item on your field attacks, place a soul from a monster on your opponent’s field into the drop zone.
『Move』 『Soulguard』

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No idea where this acid quote is from but I love it

“The first and last time we took acid we were staring at the stars, you stole a line from our favorite book; you said that maybe the world is actually a glass dome, and the stars are just holes leading to heaven. In that moment, I think I believed you. In that moment it felt like I could reach up and touch a star, and as my shaking hand traced your cheek I swear to god it felt like stardust. For you, I would reach up and rip that dome apart, I would shed light on every inch of your broken body. I would give you heaven if I could but I’ve since realized that I cannot fix broken people. I know that you deserve more then acid and stardust, you deserve more then cocaine and endless nights tangled in your demons, I wish on the stars every night that you could see that.”

The Enemy of My Enemy

Title: The Enemy of My Enemy

Pairing: Dean x Female!Reader

Word Count: 3212

Warnings: Swearing, and a little bit of smut

Summary: Crowley, in desperate need to recover a power amulet from the Winchesters, uses Reader, a mortal enemy of the boys, to distract them. In return, he promises to let her mother go.

A/N: Requests are open, so please send me prompts you’d like to see. 

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Once again, another ruse to take down the Winchesters has backfired. And, once again, Crowley is left defeated, basking in his failure. How they seem to outwit him every time, he’d never know. 

Maybe it was their angel pet, or their undying stubbornness that drives them to do anything, but hunt. Either way, he needed a new approach, a new angle of attack before they find out what he’s really up to. 

But how? He needed a distraction. And if the boys loved anything more than being a pain in his ass, it was beer. He could possibly lure and trap them in a bar, or- 

“Sir?” A demon called, entering the thrown room. 

Crowley looked up from his seat, he’s falling on the man who dared disturb him. “Connor,” he replied, sitting up. “Ever heard of knocking?“ 

The demon froze, gulping. "Sorry, sir.” he muttered, looking to his feet. “I was just excited to share with you some good news." 

Crowley cocked his head in curiosity as he smirked at his minion. "Well?” he urged. 

The demon slightly dropped his shoulders, relaxing. “We found the amulet you were looking for. You were right the Winchesters do have it.” he answered. 

“And?” Crowley inquired, waiting to hear the rest. 

Connor, shook his head. “That’s all, sir." 

"That’s all?” he repeated, slowly rising from his seat. “You enter my thrown room, unannounced, vouching you have good news, you’re oh-so excited about, only to tell me what I already know!” he yelled, walking towards the poor demon. 

The demon shrunk under the King’s power. “Well, we were going to get it, your highness, but then (Y/N) showed up, arguing with them, and you told us to avoid her.” he explained, hoping it would save his head. 

Crowley huffed, not sure who he was angrier at - the foolish demon standing before him, or the even bigger pain in the ass hunter that always seemed to show up at the worst times. And, why wouldn’t she? She’s so infuriating, showing up and arguing with- 


“Did you say arguing?” Crowley asked, suddenly all anger dissolving into confusion. 

The demon, too afraid to speak, nodded.

Previously in a wicked sneer, Crowley’s lips curved into a small, malicious smile. “New plan,” he announced, walking back to his throne. “Find me (Y/N) (L/N), and bring her to me unharmed.”


The hunt to rescue your mother was on. And the moment you found a lead, of course, the Winchesters took it upon themselves to ruin everything. The demons that took your mother escaped, and it was all due to the stupidity from the most reckless, selfish duo to ever hunt.

“You fucking idiots!” you shouted, angrily kicking a rusted barrel.

Dean, nose bloody and lips bruised, slowly stood from his defeated position. “We’re the idiots?” he asked, just as pissed. “You’re the one that came out of no where and ruined this whole plan!”

You scoffed, choking back a laugh. “I didn’t ruin shit! Do you know how long it took me to track these motherfuckers?” you questioned, stepping towards him. “Months! And then Tweedledee,” you nodded to the right towards Sam. “And Tweedledum,” you went back to locking eyes with Dean. “Show up and destroy a highly-detailed operation!”  

“You’re impossible.” Dean dryly chuckle. “They saw the amulet. Now, Crowley knows we have it. Do you know what they can do if they ever got their hands on it?” he asked, holding up a black and grey crystal amulet. “We’d all die.”

“Oh, don’t you worry about dying Dean!” you shouted, dismissing his half-assed reasoning. “Everyone knows your little angel will bring you back.”

Dean smirked, cocking an eyebrow. “Aw, (Y/N).” he chuckled. “You jealous?”

You rolled your eyes, and turned around. “Fuck you, Dean.” you muttered as you made your way out the empty warehouse, and to your car.

“You already did!” Dean called after you.

You didn’t bother turning back. Instead, you held up a finger behind you, and unlocked your car.

“Back at yo-” Dean started, but a voice of reason cut him off.

“Dean, stop!” Sam hissed. He, then, lowered his voice, making it impossible for you to overhear due to the distance between you.

Yet, still, you didn’t care. The only thing that was on your mind was the fact that you were back to square one. Alone and without a lead.

And, I was so close to getting my mother back. You thought as you started the car, driving back to your hide out.

It didn’t do well to dwell on the past. You had to calculate your next steps. You’ll go back and do what you did the first time. Track their patterns and victims. Yes, it may take months, but this time you knew what they were after, and who had it. That had to count for something.

Though lit by the sun, you were lost in thought and didn’t see the figure that suddenly occupied the road. You gasped, swerving the car to the left and slammed down on the breaks. The car still hit the figure, and the sickening sound of cracking bones echoed in your ears. The car came to a stop, and immediately you got out, moving to the limp figure.

“Are you okay?” you called, crouching before it.

With ease, the man stood up and reset his joints. “Just fine.”

Demon. The alarms in your head rang and, like clockwork, you pulled out your gun. Holding it against it’s head, you ordered, “Where’s Crowley?”

The demon smirked. “I won’t tell you.” he replied. You didn’t hesitant, cocking the gun. Laughing the demon continued, “I’ll do you one better. I’ll show you.”

And before you knew it, you felt a heavy force against the side of your head as the world blurred to black.

“I thought I told you to bring her here unharmed.” a loudly obnoxious voice boomed. “For hell’s sake, Connor, can you do anything right?”

A little whimper to your left was all you could register before a loud crack silenced it. A thump echoed beside you as you slowly unscrewed your eyes open.

“Idiot,” the voice, you suddenly saw to be Crowley, muttered. “Get him out of my sight.” he ordered, walking back to his throne as his minions removed the lifeless body out of the room.

Slowly, you brought yourself to your feet, patting around your thigh and waistband for your weapons.

“Finally awake, are we?” he asked, turning and taking his seat.

You breathed heavily, feeling slightly lightheaded. You touched the side of your head, and hissed, finding it raw. “Where’s my mother?” you demanded, ignoring his last remark.

“I am a businessman, (Y/N). I don’t give information for free.” he retorted. “However, I do make deals.”

You scoffed. “I’ve been trying to make a deal for months. You made it very clear the time for that was over. What changed?”

Crowley interlocked his fingers, twiddling his thumbs. Shrugging, he countered, “This time you actually have something to offer.”

You raised an eyebrow, crossing your arms over your chest. “And that is?”

“A distraction.” he simply answered. “You see the Winchesters have something that belongs to me.”

“An amulet.” you stated.

Crowley nodded, slightly surprised you knew. “Yes, and well they don’t seem very likely to like give it up. And with their little pet, it’s impossible for me to take it.”

“So, you want me to distract them while you steal it?” you inquired, sighing. “Why me?”

Smiling, he uttered, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

You nodded, a bit impressed with the plan. “And if I do this, I’ll get my mother back?”

Nodding, Crowley smiled, “The moment it’s in my hands, you get your mother back.” he confirmed. “So, do we have a deal?”

You stared him down for a second. Maybe this would work. It would save you months of tracking and sneaking around. In merely hours, you would get your mother back. “Yes,” you mumbled. “But, I’m not kissing you.”

Crowley grinned. “Oh, yes. Save that for Dean.”

You inhale deeply, freezing. “I better get going.” you said, turning around. “You have three hours. Make them count.”


“I hate her.” Dean mumbled as he opened yet another book and slumped down on his chair.

Sitting across the table, with a stack of books of his own, Sam rolled his eyes. “You were just saying how hot she was like three days ago.” he pointed out, chuckling.

Dean sipped on his beer. “Yeah, she’s hot when she’s not blaming me for things that aren’t my fault.”

“I don’t think that’s how it works.” Sam replied, reverting back to his book of lore. “And don’t you remember what I said? She obviously-”

Dean cut him off, continuing his sentence. “has a reason to be angry over a demon ambush. Still, it’s not my fault she fucked up.”

Sam shook his head. “Whatever,” he mumbled. “Let’s just get back to-”

Boom. Boom. Boom.

A heavy knock came to the door, interrupting the conversation. The boys looked to each other. “Cas?” Dean whispered to his brother.

Sam shook his head. “We both know he’d just walk in.”

Boom. Boom. Boom.

It echoed again. The boys reacted quickly, pulling out their guns, and itching towards the door. On either side of it, they gave each other a quick nod, signalling they were ready. In one swift motion, Dean opened the door, ready to shot.

“Whoa,” she shouted, taking a step back and holding her hands up. “What the hell, Winchester?”

Dean relaxed, dropping the gun. “What do you want?” he sneered as Sam emerged from the behind him.

She looked between the two, shoving her hands in her pockets. “I came to apologize.” she answered.

Dean didn’t bother to hide his surprise. It wasn’t like (Y/N) to admit she was wrong. “What?”

Sam stood straighter, clearing his throat. “Yeah, what are you apologizing for exactly?”

She took a deep breath. “I let out my anger on you when I was actually pissed at Crowley and his asshole demons. I’ve been looking for them for months. Somehow, the were able to block all my summonings. Anyway, I was the one that lost them and almost destroyed the world.” she explained. “So, I’m sorry.”

Sam nodded, offering a small smile. However, Dean wasn’t as easily convinced. He stared her down. “Why?” he questioned.

(Y/N) furrowed her eyebrows. “I just told you why.”

“No, I mean why were you summoning them? Why were they blocking you?” he clarified.  

Suddenly, he felt a sight nudge against his shoulder. Turning around, he found Sam giving him a warning look.

“He took my mother.” she said, ignoring Sam’s actions.

Both boys fell silent. Dean suddenly understood her anger. If someone ruined his months of tracking, and his chances of getting his brother back, he’d be pissed too.

Sam took a step back and pushed back the door. “Why don’t you come in?” he asked.

Dean, looked back at his brother, then back at the girl in front of him. He gave in, taking a step back as well.

She gave them a small smile and stepped into the bunker. Against the rail, she stood staring out in awe. “This makes my place look like a dump.”

“It probably is.” Dean teased, a small smirk inching on his lips.

She turned to face him, a smile playing on her own lips. “Careful, Dean. I’m not always so sorry.”

“And I’m not always so forgiving.” he countered as Sam made his way down the stairs.

Without a word, they both followed him into the large study. “What’s with all the books? Is there a case near by I missed?” she asked, noticing the stack of books on the desk.

“No,” Sam replied, returning to his seat. “We’re trying to find out how to destroy the amulet before Crowley gets his hands on it.”

Dean sat in his seat, pointing a thumb to the bookshelf behind him. “Make yourself useful.”

Though, she didn’t move. “How long have you guys been looking?” she asked, instead.

“A few weeks now.” Sam answered, “and we’re no where close.”

She reached over the table and shut the book. “I think it’s time for a break.”

Dean gave her a questioning look as she did the same to his book. “Don’t you have to find your mother?”

She froze, before taking a deep breath. “I found her. But, it was too late.” she muttered.

Sam got up from his seat. “(Y/N). I’m so sorry.”

“Yeah, me too.” Dean added, reaching for her hand.

She looked down at the interaction. Locking her eyes with his, she flashed a small smile. “I, um, don’t want to talk about it.” she sniffed, pulling her hand away from his. “I could really use a distraction though. And since there’s no case near by, why don’t we all go grab a beer or something?”

Dean smiled, “I could use a drink.”

Sam, glanced back at the books, then at (Y/N). He nodded, mirroring his older brother’s smile. “Me too.”

(Y/N) returned the grin and made her way back to the door. “I’m driving.” she called.

Dean smirked, watching her walked away, his eyes trailing down her back to her ass.

“Shotgun!” he heard his brother yell. Pulled out of his daydream, he noticed his brother smirking at him. “You’re so obvious.”  Sam laughed, running to catch up with (Y/N).


A part of you felt guilty for lying, but you were willing to do anything to save your mother. And even though he was being so kind, in his own way, you still had to push those feelings aside. This was the only way you could ensure that your mother will be released safely.

“Three more.” you ordered, after downing your fifth shot.

Sam coughed, slamming his glass on the counter. “You could really hold your liquor, can you?” he asked.

“She always could.” Dean spoke, grabbing the next glass and drinking.

You did the same, setting the glass down. From the corner of your eye, you noticed a pretty blonde roaming her eyes over Sam. Nudging Sam, you muttered, “Pretty blonde, two o’clock.”

Sam looked over, finding the girl smirking at him. “No,” he shook his head, turning back to the counter. “I shouldn’t.”

“Dude,” Dean interjected. “She wants you. Go have fun for once.”

You nodded, pushing him off his stool. “Go.” you encouraged.

Sam stumbled over, and began talking up the girl as she laughed and played with her hair.

“And then there were two.” Dean said, pulling your eyes away from Sam’s interaction.

You smiled at him, noticing the slight slur in his voice. He was drunk. “Let’s dance.” You forced a slur, pretending to be just as intoxicated.

He smirked as you grabbed his hand and pulled him off his seat. You led him to the dance floor, surrounded by many others, and pressed your body against his. “This reminds me of old times.” you whispered in his ear as you swayed to the beat.

He deeply laughed, erupting your heart. His hand roamed down your waist and around your back. “Maybe we can recreate some of those memories.” he replied in the same hushed whisper, sending shivers down your spine. His hands were suddenly on your ass suddenly possessing a firm grip.

You melted into his body. “There’s no maybe.” you muttered.

It all happened so suddenly. That’s what you kept telling yourself anyway. But, let’s be honest, you liked it – you liked him, and deep down, you wanted this to happen.

Shedding clothes, you entangled your bodies together. His calloused fingers ran over your flaps, making you shiver against him. He smirked, knowing the effect he had on you. Gently, he pushed you against the bed, making you flop onto it.

Slowly, he climbed his naked body over you. “I never stopped thinking about you.” he admitted, hovering his lips over yours. “I always see you – no matter who I’m with.”

You reached up, attaching your lips to his. You had to silence him, one more word and you would’ve revealed the truth as to why you had to be here in the first place.

His fingers found their way between your thighs again. You moaned at the contact, buckling your hips.

He chuckled, gripping your hips to the bed. “Easy.” he whispered. “You were always so eager.”

“Stop teasing.” you begged, attacking his neck and collarbone.

He groaned at the action. “Fine,” he caved, aligning himself with your entrance.

And before you knew it, the two of you were moaning messing against each other.

The moment your eyes opened, the guilt set in. You felt his steady breath against the back of your neck, and his warmth against your back. His arms were wrapped around you, keeping you safe in his hold. A part of you wanted to stay there, basking in his passion.

However, the thought only triggered the guilt to churn in your gut. You had to leave, and fast. Gently, you untangled yourself from him, and began redressing yourself. Once done, you looked back at him, wishing more than anything to crawl back into bed and forget about your plan with Crowley.

Your mind wondered back to the reason it didn’t work the first time. He was too broken and spat things he didn’t mean, but were still somehow true. And you? Well, you had a whole army of vamps on your tail and love was the last thing on your mind. Yet, he never was.

And now, still caught in bad decisions and selfishness, you had to choose. Dean or your mother.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Crowley’s words echoed in your mind. You were Dean’s – the Winchesters’ enemy.

The answer was suddenly all too clear now. You and Dean would not work. The timing was all too off, all too often. It was hopeless.

Sighing, you creeped out of the bunker, and made your way to your car. With tears in your eyes, you drove back to Crowley’s little hideout to claim your reward.


“Congratulations.” he smirked. “Although, we didn’t need that much time. I recall you promising only three hours.”

She rolled her eyes. “Just give me my mother, you asshole.” she demanded, crossing her arms over her chest.

Crowley scanned her up and down before gesturing to one of his demons. “Let her go.”

Her mother, bloody, broken and bruised, emerged from the hallway. “She’s hurt.” (Y/N) cried, running towards her.

“I said I’d release her. I never mentioned anything about her remaining unharmed.” he explained. “Now, get out of my sight. Before I change my mind.”

(Y/N) gulped and threw her mother’s arm around her neck, helping her walk out of the room.

Pulling the amulet from his pocket, Crowley smirked. “Now,” he started, turning to his demons. “I think it’s time we raise a little hell.”