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Dark Souls 3 has so many cool boss fights, such as:

–Large Man in Armor
–Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mr. Freeze
–Evil Treebeard
–Yur a Wizard Crow-Man
–The Entire Vatican
–The Wolf Furry Fanclub
–Mega Papyrus
–The Last Demon’s Soul’s Reference
–Lightsaber Pope & his Stand, Star Platinum
–Small Onion vs. Machete Giant
–The Very Hungry Caterpillar God Eater
–Mr. Freeze’s Ballerina Sister
–Evil Butterflies Seek Revenge Through a Piece of Armor
–Dragon Daddy & Revolver Ocelot
–Large Man in Armor (In the Dark)
–Sibling Comradery in its Weirdest Form
–Dragon with the World’s Softest Head
–Jesus Riding a Dragon
–You, but Cooler

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Sole that whenever something goes wrong is convinced its demons and goes through ridiculous amounts to get rid of it.

I’m calling upon the spirit’s of Danny Phantom’s parents to channel the Sole I will be writing. I have absolutely no doubts that Deacon and Mac would tag-team Sole to mess with their fear of demons. Lol omg it’s be great. Comedy gold right there anon. Hats of to you love

Ada: “There are a great many things in life that are left unanswered. The absence of evidence is not necessarily evidence of absence” she nodded wisely as Sole began packing up all of their things in preparation to move to the Capital Wasteland. It didn’t matter if Sole thought the houses were baby eating demons, she would still walk through fire for them. Even hell fire.

Cait: “Oh for the love of… not this again!” she cried as Sole smashed the bloodbug to smithereens on their gigantic melee cross they carried around with them. Always when they were fighting a horde of ferals or gunners, bloodbugs seemed to come out of nowhere. Sole was convinced they were doing demons work trying to get their souls so they had to “exorcise” them. With their 4ft tall heavy wooden cross… Repeatedly bashing them over and over… Until there was nothing left.

Codsworth: “D-D-D-Demons?!?!?!?! W-W-Whatever do you m-m-mean?” his chassis shook violently and he held his trembling arms up closer to his eyes as Sole nodded seriously as they held up the 39 grenades they were going to blow up the place with. This place was haunted! Mum/Sir was just being extremely careful! It was the right thing to do!

Curie: “Oh I do not think you need to be alarmed! I think we should check ze facts before jumping to any conclusions, oui?” she desperately tried to convince Sole before they put their fifth garland of herbs around their neck as demon repellant. Deathclaws were synonymous with demons for Sole, especially since they seemed to come out of nowhere and when the pair didn’t need to see them the most. Perhaps Curie would prepare a little fun lesson teaching them about the practical application of herbs instead! That way they could have more insight. That would be fun, yes!

Danse: “Soldier pick your gun back up!” In a house they were exploring, a door mysteriously swung closed. Sole, convinced demons use technology as a medium into their world rid themselves of their laser weapon. Danse nervously glanced around “besides… it was probably just the wind or something.” *creak* “AH! What was that?” Danse now always has a set of non-energy weapons at the ready. No spooky demon gun today thanks!

Deacon: One time he accidentally made the mistake of walking into a room which disrupted Sole’s salt circles they places around the premises. He jumped about 5ft in the air when they screamed bloody murder to push him out. Because he’s Deacon, he took advantage of the situation, convulsing and shaking. “Sole…I-I can’t…. It’s taking… over… meee!” *In a much lower voice* “Deacon is gone.”

Dogmeat: Sole was always so convinced the demons lay somewhere in the world but what they did not know was that the real demon walked beside them in their physical canine form. Bethesda sold the main character’s soul of every fallout game to the devil and now he lies in wait for their death to eat their soul MUAHAHAHA!

Hancock: “I’m just saying, you might see some things that you’re…. not expecting…” He put his hand over his face in embarrassment as Sole opened video file on their pip boy.  In the dead of night, sometimes Sole could hear their name being called. The voice was barely audible but distinct enough to where they could make out their name so Sole set up secret cameras all around their house. Convinced they were going to see some supernatural demon they were understandably shocked when they saw Hancock saunter into a room in the dead of night masturbating while moaning their name. Sole smacked him.

MacCready: When Mrs. Abernathy got kidnapped for the millionth time, Sole was utterly convinced their house was possessed by demons and insisted on performing an exorcism. It was completely insane in his opinion but they’re the boss. Sole whipped out a Ouija board or something out of seemingly nowhere and made MacCready sit down with them, placing his hands on the board. After explaining the rules he immediately knew he was going to use this knowledge for evil. He moved the piece. “WoooOOoahh! Boss I’m not moving it are you moving it?” Sole’s eyes bulged. He was going to try to be cute and spell out “I luv u” but before he could get to the 3rd letter, Sole swiped the board off the table and said they needed to burn the place down. Woah okay let’s get out of here boss.

Nick Valentine: “I think the spookiest thing in this room right now is you…” He said as Sole continued to chant banishment scripts from their demon voodoo book. They had just gotten locked out of a terminal on the first try. Most people would think, ‘oh a computer glitch’ but not Sole. Nope. Well at least it was entertaining. He folded his arms and watched in amusement at Sole’s ritual. After an hour, Nick finally offered to help and fixed the computer within 2 seconds. Sole, amazed at his exorcism abilities, swore to stay by his side so he could be their protector to ward off demons. Well… being by their side forever didn’t sound half bad!

Piper: “Blue come on, let me out! I was just kidding, I’m not really possessed. Or am I?” Dang it! She couldn’t help herself. It was just so easy to bait Sole and so hilarious to see them thrust their shoddy make-shift cross in her face as she stood behind a locked jail cell (courtesy of Sole) while they screamed incantations. Might as well play along. Piper dropped to the ground pretending to cringe and contort as the “demon” left her body. Sole threw the cell door open and jumped into her arms. Sometimes Piper wished she didn’t mess with Sole so much, but she couldn’t help it if they were going to be this cute.

Preston: He’s right along with Sole. Need to set up a barrier around the whole house? What about the whole settlement? What about all the settlements? He carried around a cross and exorcism book because if goodness gracious forbid his lovely Sole gets possessed then he would have to take over the noble duty. Too bad exorcisms couldn’t work on ferals or super mutants or gunners. It worked so well on the demons!

Strong: “HUMAN SEE ENEMIES STRONG DON’T? TELL STRONG WHERE THEY ARE! RAAAAAAAH!!” He smashed a window. Then punched a hole through the wall. Then threw the terminal out the door. Demons are probably too afraid of Strong to even bother possessing anyone close to him.

X6-88: “Ma’am/Sir this is inappropriate use of Institute technology” he said reproachfully as he entered the room Sole had locked themselves in for 3 days. Camera monitors were hooked up to handmade EMF devices plus chemical/temperature gauges. They had also stolen a shit ton of stuff to pull this off. Everyone was getting a little ticked off at Sole’s commandeering of the Institute for their personal demon hunting headquarters. X6 had to explain for the umpteenth time that the drop in temperature was due to the sensors shutting the AC off, not because of demons.


Maxson: “Sentinel, please stop putting these on board. It is starting to frighten the other soldiers.” Sole had put up a silver cross in every room, convinced the Prydwen was haunted. Maxson was only concerned with things that he could feel, touch, and see, not invisible threats. Or at least he told himself so. As he awake at night, feeling the pressing need to use the restroom, he was suddenly gripped with fear. He wasn’t scared. No way. He was the Elder. But he still grabbed a silver cross Sole left in his room as he walked down the dark halls, just in case.

Glory: “Yup, I’m out.” She threw her hands up as Sole dropped to their knees to chant the ancient secret ritual for getting rid of demons that had been passed down through their family for generations. They had just seen a Brahmin fly. Fly. It was standing there and then suddenly it started floating up up and away. Glory wasn’t gonna have it. She let Sole do her thing. The duo never did realize that it wasn’t demons at all, it was just a Bethesda glitch.