demon days parody

(( so Easter passed and then I lost interest in doing an Easter thing

so have this instead. I know the Demon Days parody’s been done a lot before but I did it anyway. I didn’t really put much effort to stick to the art style either cause I kinda wanted to keep most of the elements of my own? But yeah. Was pretty fun ))

A labour of love for three of my dearest friends and extremely talented artists!  koopasarts-cavernpeppertode and  lex-g. These three people are some of the best friends any artist could ever ask for! They support me no matter what, reblog my work without any hesitation and inspire me to do my best. I love you three very much and I am so lucky to have you by my side <3  

So I had this idea in my head for quite sometime but never got around to actually putting my pen to the tablet. Knowing that it would come out this good I would have started it earlier. In order to match the based album cover I used darker colors than normal and took on a more serious and grim like twist on my art style. The only one that is my actual style is Gertie, she just kinda came out that way. This did take a while and I’m happy with how it came out, so I’m gonna be doing more stuff like this. Stuff that takes time. Also tried out color lines again, they seem to work!

To all those other bestest artist friends of mine that didn’t get included, I’m sorry but I still love you all just as much! D: I just didn’t have any room! You’ll get something personally special, I promise!! <3