demon clowns

This is Rococoa! She’s a little blood demon who’s friends with Lily and Omen. She’s kind of like a sea anemone and can use as many of the blood drop tentacles from her ‘petticoat’ as she likes.

Something I noticed throughout SVTFOE

After re-watching Star vs the Forces of Evil, I noticed a particular page of Star’s spell book.

Yup. “What to Do When You Raise the Dead?” And it’s shown quite often in both season 1 and 2.
Here we see it for the first time, in “Freeze Day.”

No one comments on it, Star just skips through it. And no one ever comments on it the other times it is shown in other episodes.
In “My New Wand!” Star’s wand actually seeks out this page before the book closes on it. Weird.

And we get the clearest shot of this page in “Bon Bon the Birthday Clown.” (See first image)

This can’t be a coincidence. We know that resurrecting the dead IS possible. Tom does it in “Friendenemies” when he summons Mackie Hand.

Others have theorized that Eclipsa might be resurrected. By Ludo, Star, or someone else, we don’t know. But the fact that THIS page keeps coming up, and that it’s one of few that can be visibly read by the viewers, makes me certain that it’s going to be extremely important in later episodes.

Hope you enjoyed my theory and prediction!