demon chest

  • Me, who has never read Ava's Demon: why do these people have storage rooms in their torsos

just take a moment to think about battle couple malec. think about them standing together, dressed in black, blue magic swirling around them, arrows flying, both looking untouchable and deadly. think about half way through the fight, the two of them getting bored and throwing witty comments over their shoulders towards each other while simultaneously taking down demon after demon. think about magnus asking alec where they should go for dinner later while he’s effortlessly shooting magic towards a demon’s chest. think about alec suggesting they eat out on the balcony tonight all while he’s lodging an arrow into a demon’s throat. think about them watching each other’s back. think about magnus seeing a demon to the side of him that he didn’t even know was there suddenly drop to the ground and instantly turning around to face alec, blowing him a kiss as a thank you while alec just winks back at him and continues with the fight. think about them hugging each other after it’s all over, silently reassuring themselves that the other is okay and safe and quickly checking each other for any injuries. think about magnus and alec softly kissing and whispering “let’s go home” against each other’s lips.

hes mister big demon/his chest is bared/hes mister bad decisions/his mister always-prepared


Tale as Old as Time

Chapter 1

Pairing: Cullen x Desire Demon / Cullen x Trevelyan

Rating: NSFW

Link: AO3

Tags: Attempted Seduction

As soon as she sees Cullen locked in the dungeon, she knows he is hers. And as a Desire Demon, she knows she can get him. Yet, despite all her wiles, he resists her, hates her. He would rather die than make a pact. She should move on, but she can’t. Why can’t she? And why does seeing him sicken make her chest ache? Demons don’t feel emotions… right?

A world of Thedas retelling of Beauty and the Beast!

She didn’t normally come to this part of the Fade. She enjoyed hunting around Tevinter; the Magisters were always so eager for power, and usually quite imaginative in the ways they wanted to achieve it. Magisters were so full of themselves, they always thought they could gain the upper hand. She enjoyed reaping the benefits of their ambitions and then the crushing downslide that followed when she got what she wanted. So delicious.

The Breach had changed everything. And now, rumors raced through the denizens of the Fade: there was a place where you could physically push through the Veil, if you had enough power. And as a very old Desire Demon, power she had.

She could see it, the shifting fog of the Fade flashing clear enough to see the world beyond. A hard smile came to her lips, her eyes narrowed in concentration. Simple enough; she could break through. Behind her a few lesser demons shifted, stumbling back when she tossed a pointed glance at them. These beasts knew better than to tangle with her; they were hoping that her crossing would weaken the Veil enough to be able to push through themselves. Good luck with that.

Closing her eyes, she concentrated of the warp and weft of the magic that kept the Veil together, gathering power into her hands. Fingers clawed, she slowly pulled them out and away. She felt the Veil fighting back, trying to re-stitch the hole she expanded. A smirk pulled up a corner of her mouth, flexing her magical abilities till she felt air wash over her skin. The Veil was weak here, but far from the point of collapse. She was just that strong.

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Gabriel Drabble Request

This was requested by Anon: #39 (“there’s something about you that makes me feel alive”) and #72 ( “i’ve been waiting for a girl like you”) with Gabe? 

Word Count: 351

Warnings: Fluff?

Gabriel didn’t meet you through the Winchesters.  He met you when you were on a solo hunt.  He stumbled upon you as you were kicking a demon’s ass.  When the demon spotted Gabriel, it was enough of a distraction where you could plunge the demon knife into the demon’s chest.  Gabriel was impressed by you.  He didn’t come around the bunker unless the Winchesters were gone, and he enjoyed going on hunts with you.

Gabriel caught you in his arms as a demon shoved you backwards, sending you down the stairs.  “There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you [Y/N],” Gabriel spoke as the demon’s eyes landed on the archangel.  Gabriel quickly spun around, putting his hand to the demon’s head and smiting him.  Two more demons appeared and you and Gabriel stood back to back.

“What would that be,” you asked in a hushed voice, getting your demon knife out.  You pushed off of Gabriel’s back, launching yourself forward at the demon.  You threw a few punches, taking a couple yourself.  In the end, you stabbed the demon with your knife; another job well done.

Gabriel was quick to smite the other demon, turning around to face you.  The archangel grabbed your arms gently, smiling at you.  “I’ve been waiting for a girl like you [Y/N],” Gabriel breathed.

“Oh,” you spoke with a quizzical tone to your voice.  You raised an eyebrow at Gabriel, slightly tilting your head.

“There’s something about you that makes me feel alive,” Gabriel explained.  “I don’t know if it has to do with the hunts we do together or if it’s just you, but I love it all the same.”  Gabriel’s hands slowly reached up to cup your face in his palms.  “I would like it if we were together, officially of course.”

“I’d like that too,” you smiled.  “It would be nice to have an archangel watching over my shoulder.  Especially a handsome and funny one like you.”  You wrapped your arms around Gabriel’s neck, closing the space between the both of you.

Dean, Sam, and Castiel were in for a huge surprise.

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its 4am and I’m drawing tattooed bods.

Celestial Angels are marked all over their body with colorful Marks. usually they signify their rank, element and Animal. They’re permanent, but are removable when they go incognito among mortals.

they’ll change color if the Angel falls, and might change shape as well.


“This is the tenth demon summoning this week holy shit” nalu –remedyforthepain

Enjoy! ^_^

Lucy collapses on top of him, breathing heavy and covered in sweat. Natsu reaches out, running his fingers through her hair soothingly,tucking her closer to his body. He’s breathing almost as heavy as she is, heart pounding in his chest.

Eradicating demons is hard work.

“This is the tenth demon summoning this week, holy shit,” he wheezes against her neck, placing feather light kisses along her skin. Lucy shifts, wiggling down to bury her face against his chest. One of her legs is tossed over both of his, her arms snaking around his waist. Natsu sighs, fingers slipping between the ones on her right hand–the one tossed over his stomach. His other hand slips around her back, fingers tracing slow circles on her hip under her shirt.

Lucy groans, squeezing him tighter. “I swear, the next kid I see drawing a pentagram is going to get it,” she grumbles, words muffles by his bare chest. Natsu shakes his head, a low, amused sound rumbling in his chest. He buries his face against her hair, wrinkling his nose at the smell of sweat and blood.

He winces, curling closer to her. She had taken a nasty hit to the back of the head. The demon they were fighting had practically tossed her across the room like a rag-doll–like she was nothing. A growl bubbles in his throat, fingers tightening around hers. That had been his fault. He was supposed to be protecting her while she was busy looking through the dusty old book for the right enchantment to send the damn thing back to hell–because of course they would get stuck with the weird demon that needed a special spell to go away. That’s just their luck.

He ducked under a strike, just barely dodging a blow that would have been lethal. He knows better than to think he can take a hit from a demon. The last time he had done that he had been in the hospital for two months–waking up to a distraught, tearful Lucy.

Natsu winced. That isn’t something he wants to see again. He never wants her to cry over him like that.

An arm swatted at his side, knocking him to the right. He landed hard on his back, the breath slamming from his lungs, and then his eyes widened. “Lucy!” he screamed, sitting up just in time to watch her fly across the room, her body hitting the wall with a sickening ‘crack.’ His breath left him again, heart leaping into his throat, skipping a beat. For a moment it was like the sounds around him had been shut off and all he could hear was white-noise. His blood ran cold, fear creeping into his heart, strangling him.

She wasn’t moving. Lucy wasn’t moving.

She was completely still on the ground, her blonde hair slowly being stained red with her own blood as it leaked from the back of her head where she must have hit the wall.

A raw sound left his throat, a sob tearing from his chest as if his heart was being ripped in half. In that moment maybe it was.

Lucy wasn’t moving. It didn’t look like she was breathing.

Was she dead?

 The book had fallen next to her, pages fluttering and falling open to a random page, too far away for him to reach–not that it would be of any use to him, he never learned to read Latin. That was always Lucy’s thing. She was the one listening to Makarov and not jumping the gun and getting in trouble. She was always the one telling him to focus and practice his Latin because one day he might need it.

He had always joked at that, saying that he didn’t need to learn the language because she was there.

Bitterness creeped into his heart.

He couldn’t read the incantation to send the demon away. Lucy would die and he wouldn’t even be able to avenge her.

The demon was still standing over her, twisted claws reaching down to her, brushing her skin. With a furious cry, Natsu lunged to his feet, jerking his gun out of the holster at his hip.

He shot it twice, once in the shoulder, the other in the face, breaking its jaw and making it scream at him, red eyes flashing in pain and hatred. It snarled at him, fangs dripping with saliva. It should have killed the thing, but the bullets were silver–from their last mission, a werewolf in Vancouver–not iron like they should have been. That was his fault too. He was supposed to change the bullets, but he forgot.

The demon screamed again, lunging for him, claws outstretched and ready to tear him to pieces. His eyes slipped shut and he didn’t even try to move away from the strike that surely would have killed him. Because if Lucy was dead what was the point? She was partner, his best friend, and he couldn’t protect her.

And then it was over. The demon disappeared–shrieking and snarling and fighting the flames consuming it, but it disappeared nonetheless.

And his eyes snapped open, confusion flooding through him, and then his eyes looked past the spot where the demon had been, snapping open wide. Because there was Lucy–bloody and bruised, but breathing and alive, book clutched between her fingers, her head leaning back against the wall. Her lips quirked up in a smile when she saw him, and then her eyes rolled back in her head and she slumped against the wall.

“Lucy,” he breathed.

Lucy sighs softly, placing light, butterfly kisses against his chest and collarbone and up the side of his neck that say “I’m alive, I’m alive,” like some incantation that he never wants to end. He squeezes her fingers, palm flattening against her exposed back. Her legs tangle with his and he presses his lips against her temple, inhaling deeply, breathing her in as his eyes slip shut. Her own lips press against his chest again, directly over his heart this time.

He briefly wonders if she can hear how loud it’s beating, if she can feel it pounding. He kisses her again, tilting his head to rest against hers as his eyes slip shut. He doesn’t are if she smells like sweat and blood and all sorts of disgusting things. That’s not important to him.

A smile pulls at his lips as her breathing evens out, body relaxing against his. Her grip on his hand never lets up, even in her sleep, and his heart swells with happiness.

She’s alive.

consumed from within;
—  what does it feel like
to be alive underneath
the skin purchased in
heaven? ‘cause surely
mine was bought from
hell & and it’s such a
burden to hold on
weak shoulders;
bones snapping with
each breath i take,
caving into my chest–
demons swim in my
veins, clawing through
muscles to eat away
at alabaster skin,
consuming any
purity i may have
carried only skin-

anonymous asked:

Y o o my dude Ain x Add?

“You crappy angel.” Add hisses at Ain rudely, who laughs. 

“Like you’re the one to say anything, Mr. Ancient.” Ain chuckles as he stabs a Demon through the chest. He aimed a projectile weapon right  by Add and the Tracer dodges and it hit another Demon through the chest. Blood drips from a cut on Add’s cheek.

“HEY! WATCH WHERE YOU’RE FUCKING AIMING!!!” Add shrieks as he punches demons to the ground.

“Not my fault that you were standing there like an idiot~.” Ain says with a chuckle as the two continue to take down demons.

At long last, Add pants heavily as he takes down the last of the Demons while Ain floats next to him, not looking tired one bit.

“That took….fucking….forever…” Add wheezes as he tries to take a step, but falls over immediately. Ain catches him, which Add was not expecting him to.

“Let’s go back?” Ain said with a smile on his face.

Add grunts tiredly and falls asleep soon after as Ain floats back to where the Elgang is waiting.