demon chest

domestic demon hanzo wearing one of mcjesse’s old shirts in the morning i hope you agree

It is your voice
I imagine in the dark
and your silhouette I see
when it feels like
the demons in my chest
are rising again.
—  // ‘sing me to sleep, I don’t want to wake up on my own anymore’
  • Me, who has never read Ava's Demon: why do these people have storage rooms in their torsos
Prison Break - Part 2

Word Count: 2099

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, Violence, Blood

A/N: Unbeta’d, Unedited

Prison Break - Part 1

It had been weeks since the demon had made his presence known to Dean or to you. Weeks since Dean had shoved you into solitary. Sam had found out within a few days that the demon used to be an inmate, David, who was wrongly accused of killing a cop. Once he was in prison he was murdered by a gang of guards and cops who didn’t take kindly to crimes against their own. He wasn’t a truly innocent man. He was a rapist and a murderer, but he wasn’t a cop killer. He ended up in Hell and became a demon, coming back to this prison to exact some twisted revenge.

You’d grown closer to Dean over the weeks. Incredibly close. He’d managed to keep you in solitary confinement, always giving a reason why you had to stay there. He kept the other guards away. You didn’t ask how, but their visits to your cell were few and far between and you were thankful.

Maybe it was the confinement. Maybe it was that he was your only real human contact. But you could swear there were lingering touches, longer than necessary glances, comfortable silences. You were falling for him and you were pretty sure he was falling for you.

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Character/Pairing: Dean x Reader
Emotion: Protective
Random word: thunder
Requested by: @death2thevirgin
Warnings: intense and frightening situations, blood, language
A/N: Oh, hot damn… 

“What the hell are you doing here?” you tried to sound strong, but the quiver in your voice betrayed you. 


You tried to swallowed the lump that had formed in your throat. “Look, I don’t have to talk to you. This is over. Have a nice life,” you said. You turned your back to him but were shocked when you were grabbed harshly and spun around. The look on his face scared you–there was something desperate and savage in it.

Sudden realization struck you. “You’re a demon,” you managed, struggling against his grip on you. Storm clouds were gathering in the distance and you heard a low rumble of thunder.

“Guilty,” he growled, blinking to reveal eyes as black as onyx.

You tried to land a kick to his stomach but he threw you to the ground. You gasped as the side of your head collided with the asphalt and your vision went temporarily black. You felt raindrops starting to fall. The thunder and soft patter of the storm were an ominous soundtrack to what was happening. You tried to pull yourself up but lost your balance and could only try to shuffle back away from the demon, now advancing on you. You clutched a hand to the pain in your head and felt sick when it came away warm and wet.

Suddenly–speeding and squealing tires. Your vision was still blurry but you could see the outline a vehicle hurtling toward you and your heart leapt with hope. “Dean,” you thought.

The demon had the same realization. “Winchester,” he snarled in anger.

The Impala skidded to a stop and as you heard the door open and slam shut, and heavy footsteps racing toward you, you were suddenly gripped tightly by the throat and dangled in the hand of the demon helplessly.

You coughed and struggled, the hand pressing on your windpipe. Your toes were barely make contact with the ground and again your vision began to grow dark.

“Let her go, you son of a bitch!” Dean’s voice was strong, and it grounded you slightly again. You struggled more avidly.

“Take another step closer and I’ll crush her pretty little neck,” he spat back.

“Y/N! It’s gonna be okay!” Dean said, hoping you were still conscious enough to hear him. The rivulets of crimson running down the side of your face were making his stomach twist. “I’m not joking around here, dammit! Let her go!” he roared again. 

“Over my dead body, Winchester,” the demon growled. His hand tightened on your throat. 

Dean tilted his head. “Fine,” he said simply. He withdrew his demon knife in one fluid motion and, gripping it by the blade, threw it straight at the demon. It pierced his chest and with a great heat and convulsion, he crumpled to the ground, his hand releasing you finally as he fell still.

Your knees hit the ground hard and you doubled-over coughing and sputtering, gasping for breath. Dean skidded down beside you.

“Hey! Hey, hey! It’s alright. You’re alright,” he said. He grabbed you and pressed you into him as rain began to fall heavily and thunder rolled again.

You heaved in whistling breaths and shut your eyes against the waves of radiating pain.

“I’ve got you,” Dean said. Without another word, he scooped you up in his arms and carried you over to the Impala, setting you gently in the backseat. He pulled away slightly but you gripped onto his jacket collar, your vision finally clearing enough for you to focus on his green eyes, so full of concern and fear. “It’s okay. I’ll be right back. I just need to get the first aid kit from the trunk. I’ll be right back. I promise.”

You nodded and reluctantly relinquished your hold on him, pressing a hand to your head and the other to your throat.

Dean was back in an instant with the kit and slid into the back seat beside you, shutting the door on the storm outside. Water clung to his hair and jacket, droplets rolled down his cheeks.

“I thought I was a goner,” you admitted, your voice raspy from the demon’s grasp on your neck. You coughed and tried to take a deep breath.

Dean paused in his ministrations, withdrawing the cloth he was dabbing at your head with and met your eyes. He brushed a stray strand of hair out of your face. “While I’m around, never.

Protective - Alec x reader

Wanted to put this down as a fluff but it’s not really that fluffy. ___________________________________________________

You and Alec had a mission together today. As much as you loved your boyfriend, going on missions with him weren’t exactly the best. The thought that he would always protect you made you smile but it bothered you that Alec never lets you do anything in missions with him.

“Hey babe, you ready?” Alec asked as you walked out of the bathroom of your shared bedroom.

“Yeah I just need help with this zipper on my back,”

Alec walked up and zipped you up, hands on your waist and you could feel his breath on the back of your neck.



“You know how much I love you right?” Alec said, turning your body to look at him.

“Yes babe and I love you too,” you snuggled into him.

“So do you have to go on this mission today?”

“Yes! I trained so hard for it, Alec. I have to this. We’re both Shadowhunters and you know I can do this!”

“Alright,” he grabbed your Seraph blade and passed it to you, putting his arm around you as you walked out the door.

As you arrived at the scene, the demons were everywhere. You dodged each one but it was a close call each time. Alec was on the other side shooting demons with his arrows but still managing to keep an eye on you.

You didn’t want him to see you struggle but you know this mission was difficult.

“Y/n! Behind you!” You looked behind to find a huge demon you hadn’t noticed before.

You held up your seraph blade but only to get it knocked down by another demon. You were surrounded and defenseless.

Suddenly an arrow flew threw the demons chest. Before you knew Alec was right next to you and he held you close to his body, fighting off the demons around you.

When the last demon was killed, you felt his grip on you loosen.

Alec looked at you.

“Y/n I didn’t know how close I was to losing you. I was fucking terrified. I love you and I never want you in danger. I won’t be able to live with myself if you’re gone. ”

“Alec it’s ok. I’m right here babe,” you snuggled into his chest

“Yes but I could’ve lost you. When we get back in training you to use other weapons, ok? You need to have backup for your seraph blade,”

“How about we start with archery?” You grinned

Alec’s gorgeous eyes lit up and smiled, “Anything for you y/n”

I’ve posted a lot today… I’ll try to keep this as short as I can. If I can.

Yesterday marked the date I’ve officially been with my best friend, my partner in crime, my first love for forty years. Our history together has so much weight, plenty of highs and lows, times we remember fondly and times that have, admittedly, made us both harder people than we ever imagined ourselves being decades ago… I’m not one to believe in destiny really, I frequently find myself wishing so damn often that I could go back and right all of the wrongs I’ve done to him. But despite the pain these memories bring they are a part of our story, a part of our struggles and triumphs, a part of the ever-growing pile of evidence that suggests there will be plenty of times we blow apart, but we will always gravitate back to each other. As I have told him from the very beginning, he is the gasoline to my lit match, the fuel to my fire. I wouldn’t be what I am without him. I wouldn’t know how to love without him. And he he has, in turn, made me all the more dangerous for it.

Rick and I have never been the most typical couple… Far from it, actually. So going on a date that resulted in no bloodshed was, actually, pretty extraordinary for us despite it being the norm for most. I think that’s part of what made the night so incredible. That we chose to focus solely on one another, no one else. Tonight I saw a grin so wide it made my knees weak, held hands so tight it made my heart pound, and heard “I love you”s so sweet that, dare I say, they could have given me a cavity. Tonight was a night our laughter grew louder with every drink we had, a night that had us leaving the drive-in not even remembering what movie we watched because we were preoccupied with one another, a night that wrapped up with the pair of us trying our best to serenade each other with either the trumpet or the piano in our drunken stupor… A night that we didn’t even know ended until we settled into our final post-climax haze, cigarettes between our lips as we curled up with each other under the sheets and quilts, and watched the sun rise over the lake.

He and I may not be each other’s missing puzzle pieces. But I couldn’t give less of a shit. He’s lifted me up and healed my pain in more ways than one. And I can only hope that I’ve done a fraction of what he’s done for me.

He’s sound asleep on my chest as I type this. And my eyes are growing heavy, which means I should at least attempt to squeeze a nap in before I get up to make breakfast with him in the morning. Going out was such fun, but I am looking forward to the usual lazy Sunday routine with him and enjoying each other’s company in our cabin.

I know you’ll wake up and read this, Rick…. I love you, and always will. That’s a promise.

Happy 40 years.



its 4am and I’m drawing tattooed bods.

Celestial Angels are marked all over their body with colorful Marks. usually they signify their rank, element and Animal. They’re permanent, but are removable when they go incognito among mortals.

they’ll change color if the Angel falls, and might change shape as well.