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“A Star In His Eyes- Page 1″

My very first comic for my “Kitty and Sillyvision” series.  I had written the script for this comic specifically as a means to collaborate with one of my favorite Bendy voice actors from Tumblr, Nifty (aka: @tablewithamicrophone).  But I also thought this would be a good bonding moment between Bendy and my persona, Kitty Cat.  The story is that Bendy’s showing Kitty around the studio, giving her a feel of what Sillyvision is like.  Little does he know, however, that something’s bothering her…
Sketched this out traditionally with my new comic paper, then I scanned it and digitally inked/colored it on Photoshop.  I was debating between making it just black and white or grayscale, but with feedback from my friends on Discord, I went with the grayscale option.  It honestly made things much better and easier.
I will work on Page 2 this week, but I can’t give an estimated date as to when it’ll be complete, so just be patient with me.  Thank you.  :)

Bendy and the Ink Machine © theMeatly
Kitty/Artwork © @jordanthecat11

ask-smol-n-fluffy-bendy  asked:

The small demon looks at felix. The tuxedo looked nice, and his fur looked smooth. She looked away, thinking of a way to say hello. After a moment, the fluffy demon waved at the cat. "H-Hello! I-I'm a fluffy version o-of Bendy.... a-and some people call me 'Fluff' o-or 'Fluffy'... what's your name..?" The demon stuttered. Now slightly embarrased, she looks at the ground.

He offers the rose.

Tag yourself as one of my horrible roommates are you

1. Repaints your nails every night at 11:30
2. Yells at Spanish soap operas at 3am
3. Stole 250 from me because I ratted out your gross apt to Airbnb
4. Adores your violent cat

1. Runs away when I walk in the room
2. Leaves rice out even though I told her she’ll get food poisoning
3. Waits 29 days to tell me I slam the toilet seat too loud
4. Leaves the gas on and blames me

1. Evil demon cat
2. Bitey bitey
3. Blindly adored by ignorant humans
4. Can jump 6ft in the air and goes for the throat


Demon cat demands attention (wait for it).


I love the fact you can take ANYTHING and use it as a reference with Haikyuu!! stuff. I swear this is the most versatile series ever. Anyway, I saw this >> this afternoon and immediately thought of this. College is rough, you eat what you gotta when you can lol Also, Kuroo is totally sitting at the counter wrapped in his blanket. And his messy just-rolled-out-of-bed look is super important. 

College AU stuff because it’s fun and everyone is doin’ it lol It’s okay, Bo. Your curves are perfect, Eat that cold pizza that probably has pineapple on it. Why else would Kuroo be making that face.? Pineapple on pizza, honestly…


Magnus talking in different languages

(requested by @of-tea-and-books​)