demon cat

i made a list of cryptids (and other folklore creatures) in preperation of inktober since i’ve decided to participate this year! some are well known, while others are the silliest things ive ever heard of. (the weirdest ones are my favorites honestly. i’m very excited to draw a squonk)
feel free to use this if you want to!!!

I’m honestly having so much fun coming up with who would be reborn as who in my WTL/HP crossover. So far I have:

Hisana– Hufflepuff, as Hermione “call me duffer one more time, you arsemunch” Granger

Byakuya– Hufflepuff, as Ron “I’m better than you” Weasley

Yoruichi– Ravenclaw, as Fred “demon cat” Weasley

Urahara– Ravenclaw, as George “evil scientist” Weasley

Renji– Gryffindor (ha ha ha imagine the look on Lucius’ face), as Draco “my hair kicks your hair’s ass” Malfoy

Rukia– Gryffindor, as Ginny “I will beat you up and look good doing it” Weasley

Yumichika– Slytherin, as Blaise “Bitch, I’m fabulous” Zabini

Ikkaku– Gryffindor, as Seamus “wait a minute, there’s a spell that can turn water into alcohol? Kido is awesome!” Finnigan

Zaraki– Gryffindor, as Colin “who brings a stick to a sword fight?!” Creevey

Yachiru (well if Zaraki is Colin, then she must be–)– Gryffindor, as Dennis “gets everyone’s name wrong” Creevey

Iemura– Ravenclaw, as Ernie “why am I stuck with these idiots” Macmillan

Rangiku– Gryffindor, as Nymphadora “will kill you with boobs” Tonks. She’s a really talented witch but keeps failing her end-of-year exams on purpose–much to her teachers’ frustration–because “all my friends are here. Why would I want to leave?”

Gin– Slytherin, as Luna “probably the Antichrist” Lovegood