demon candy

Are we gonna have a problem? You got a bone to pick? You’ve come so far, why now are pulling on my dick?
I wanted to draw JD, but I sketched Heather Chandler instead :3 I really think she’s pretty epic and she deserves a finished piece someday ^v^


Dave Quiggle - Second seven days of Mab’s Drawlloween Club 2016:
08. Spiders & Webs
09. Contaminated Candy
10. Demon
11. Creature from the Black Lagoon
12. Jack-O-Lantern
13. Addams Family
14. Scarecrow


Here are all the background designs for my senior film, expected to come out next June if all goes well. I ended up making 70 total for that sweet sweet scene dressing. Also I just LOVE making monsters.
Main characters not featured here.

Tell me which ones are your favorites?

Anatomy Practice

The insides of a body is nothing like the movies.

It’s such a messy mix of pink and deep red. It’s wet, it’s sticky. Blood in itself has its own peculiar smell, like sweet metal. It has its own taste too, anyone can easily identify blood by the taste, a deep, metallic taste.

Organs are all neatly laid where they should be, fitting in perfectly with the others and the bones.

The inside of a body is strangely neat.

Flesh, well, flesh has its own properties. It’s tough, stronger than it looks. It’s.. Chewy, strange in a sense. Looking beneath flesh recently ripped from the meat and muscle of a person, you can even see tiny lines of blood. How neat.

Underneath that, lots and lots of blood, viscera and muscle. It’s fun, it’s interesting.

Human bodies are strange, but lovely, Dipper mused. The knife in his hand fell to the floor and he reached into the dead individual’s abdomen. There’s a kidney, the intestines, the stomach. He gripped the slippery mass of the little intestines and pulled.

Blood squirted and gushed like a fountain as it ripped away. It splattered across his cheeks, giving him macabre freckles of red, that went nicely with his own freckles and pale skin.

He continued to pull until he couldn’t anymore, bored with it now, he merely dropped the organ. Dipper looked at the red on his fingers and giving his hand a quizzical look, he slowly popped a finger in his mouth.

Metal. Sweet metal, he didn’t mind it at all. He continued to rip away organs and tissue, occasionally licking away some of the blood that coated his hands before he got to the spine.

It looked so strange up close, the ribs having been forced open to accommodate his peering eyes and searching fingers.

He was so close to the heart, Dipper knew all he had to do was reach up into the chest cavity and rip it out. He was about to do so when the door opened and there was a gasp of shock behind him.


Oh shit.

“You made such a mess, I thought I told you to do that in the basement.”

The 16 year old whipped around and smiled sheepishly, blood smeared around his lips. “Sorry, Bill, I just got carried away.” The demon frowned, his golden eyes looking intrigued as he walked up to the dissected body on the polished wood floor.

“Oh, you went for her. She was a slut anyway, I never really liked her.”

Dipper laughed and he gently combed his fingers through the bright red hair.

“But Wendy was sweet…” He glanced at the blood. “In more ways than one.”

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