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He'd hugged Acute tightly with mighty concern about their safety. Good lord, they weren't hurt. "I thought I might've lost ya, babe. C'mon, I'm taking you to a safer place." - blackvxiledimp

“Heehee~ Funny running into you here~!!!”

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Quick doodle!
I really like this game so far! There’s just so much potential to it and I’m so excited to know more about Alice!
I totally imagine these two together even though it’s pretty cliche, the whole angel/demon thing but I love her design!
I can also see Alice and Bendy having a competitive relationship. I don’t know! I’m hoping chapter 3 will tell us more about Alice and her relationship with Bendy!

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hello Alice what do you in your free time?

“Well usually we try to work on things or review thing that the music artist or our writers have worked on, bendy would rather look at find they’re mistakes before they’re published or at least before joey looks at them” says the angel with a small sigh

“what is this shit!? did a fucking kid write this…nah thats too mean for the kids they can write so much better compared to this shit?! they’re lucky i’m looking at this before joey…” the small devil groans 

“oh! we’re quite fine thanks for asking!, if i was ever alone i rather prefer to practice singing but with the boys we sometime like to pull pranks or at least watch some movies or cartoon in the theater room” the happy angel says softly yet filled with pride

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"I'm glad you weren't hurt, babe. I can't believe those damn assholes would do that to ya.... How fucking petty can they be?!" - blackvxiledimp

“Aw shucks, It’s quite alright~ Besides, you were there to protect me~! Heehee, maybe not all demons are so bad~.”



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Hello Alice, if I may can ask a question? Does Bendy ever act 'strange' per say?

“hm? a thing? do you mean as a present??? and bendy is bendy he always strange in his own way” the confused angel said

the small demon seemed flustered at the moment causing him to break his pencil and startling the big wolf 

Satisfactory is a Matter of Angels and Demons

Satisfaction is a strange word.

I can not say that I’ve ever truly been satisfied.

I’m a demon stuck living with humans and their God-awful ways for however long this life will last.

My head aches from the weight of the memories I’ve been carrying with me for so long.

I’ve got lovers, but I find myself often flirting with angels and making promises of romance I don’t intend to keep.

I kissed a god for the hell of it just to see if it would be different.

What I’m saying is… What is satisfaction?

Is it a matter of angels and demons, because if so, I don’t think those two categories cover the vast majority of options I have in the short life.

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HC: Bendy has a secret mountain of bacon soup, there is so much, they are even in the walls

Alice: *bursts into Bendy’s room* “Bendy! I dont know whats going on, but cans of bacon soup started pouring of the walls! We need yo-”

Bendy: *sitting ontop of a giant throne ontop a mountin of bacon soup cans*

Alice: *slowly leaves*

Angel vs. Demon







  • Teacher: I don't think you teenagers understand the influence of internet on our lives and how powerful it is!
  • Me: we do
  • Teacher: how
  • Me: *whispers* mishapocalypse