Coming this fall! Gorillaz the animated series!…… I wish. These guys are so dear to me, I’m so hyped to see them again in phase 4. I think I’ll finally have time to do some long over due tributes to shows and things I’ve been itching to draw. Hopefully more will come soon. Who/what will I draw next?

I’m thinking about starting my own demon exorcising business, but instead of Latin incantations, I’d be using lame jokes. Someone could call me to exorcise a demon from their kid, wife, boyfriend etc. and I would just start telling bad puns and demon would be like ‘whaT IS THIS SHIT? NO PLease stop!!1! WHAT THE FUCK?? I DIDN’T SIGN UP FOR THIS SHIT. fuck THIS I’M OUT. GOOD FUCKING BYE!!’

God, I’d be so good at that.