I think what worries me most about the Jax and Rip thing is that, in my experience, a lot of fans really don’t care about nuance.

We all tend to take a very white or black view of any sort of conflict that involves our favorite characters.  It’s very easy to oversimplify in favor of our favorites, and demonize the other side.

In this situation, I think Jax has every right to not be okay with the events that transpired when Rip was under the Legion’s control.  The man hunted him, murdered Sara, and Jax shouldn’t be expected to just get over it.

At the same time, that wasn’t Rip.  That was a creation of Eobard Thawne that wore Rip’s face while Rip himself was reduced to a cowering fragment trapped and tortured within his own mind.  

It’s very possible that the show can explore this dynamic with nuance: acknowledging Jax’s feelings without turning victim into perpetrator.

But I don’t know if I trust the general fanbase to consider that.  This is the sort of situation that could easily lead to backlash against either character.

Rip is pretty commonly a fandom scapegoat already.  And I don’t forget that backlash that Jax got for his ill-timed quip in Invasion or his reactions in Fellowship.  It would be very easy for folks in fandom to demonize either character in this situation.

I don’t want to see that.  I don’t want to see Jax demonized for having feelings and trauma based on the things he’s seen and experienced from evil!Rip.  I don’t want to see Rip demonized for being the victim of a terrible violation.

And sadly, I think one or both is probably unavoidable.

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I kinda feel like Jonah Hex is the only person crazy enough to accept Mick's challenge about who can eat more insanely spicy food XD. thoughts + any other headcanons about Jonah interacting with the team? :)

Oh hot damn

  • First of all, Sara and Kendra DEFINITELY got in on that spicy food competition. Sara because she has a problem saying no to challenges, and Kendra because the white definition of spicy makes her laugh so hard she has to pee.
  • The crew is playing a seven-way game called “Show Jonah Future Stuff and Get Him to Flip Out”, and so far they’re all losing. Jonah’s had an interesting life, and so far nothing has alarmed him more than seeing Jax and Martin Firestorm up. 
    • The Firestorm thing legitimately freaks him out and he affectionately refers to Jax a demon because of it. ex: “Hey, you little demon. Are we out of milk?” 
  • Having said that Jonah’s still sort of a Luddite, and goes out of his way to avoid Technology as much as he can. Like, he won’t even touch the interface. Whenever he can’t get Gideon to take care of something for him he’ll just yell for Rip until Rip does it for him. The crew finds it hilarious.
  • Jonah literally refuses to abide by Kendra’s organic vegetable-based cooking. “You’re a lovely and terrifying lady,” he says, “but this is a bunch of plant nonsense.”
  • Whenever Jonah and Rip disagree about anything, no matter how minor a disagreement it is, the kids refer to it as “Dad and Dad fighting again”.
    • “Which Dad started it? Time Dad or Cowboy Dad?”
  • Jonah, Mick, and Leonard are banned from going on missions together without supervision. Literally any mission. They can’t go grocery shopping together ffs THAT was an unmitigated disaster
  • Jonah stole back Rip’s Future Gun within five minutes of moving onto the ship and then Sara stole Jonah’s revolvers. When Martin questioned why she’d want revolvers with all the other weaponry available to her she just shrugged and admitted she thought they were cute.
  • Honestly Jonah fucking adores Sara. He loves taking her places and watching her smol little self go ballistic; it makes him smile. She still gets smacked if she tries to call him Cowboy Dad, though.

He vowed he was going to kill this brat. The little child that caused a fight between he and Hadley was now settled on his hip, playing with a toy that resembled someone called Thor. Dylan, as hadley called the child, stayed leaned back in his arms, his eyes cautious in case the demon’s rage would show again. The little warlock had a right to be fearful. Any demon’s rage was something to fear. While he held the boy on his hip, he hunted down a set of brothers that dealed with the greed demon. Their 15 years were up, but Jax only had one dragging himself away. A broken leg certainly ruined a good chase. As he near the human, his hand grasped at the human’s head and he let his horns and teeth show. “Prepare for your end of the deal.” Before he ripped the human’s throat out Dylan yelped. There was an eye roll as he turned back to see the second brother snatching the child. Blood dripped from the blond head, and over his eye. It was interesting and he certainly wasn’t too concerned about saving the boy. “Go ahead. Kill him. I can make more. I wouldn’t have brought him if he was dear to me.” In his mind he called for Hadley. He was going to enjoy slaughtering these men and he wanted her in on it seeing as there were two bodies to toy with. The boy cried for a short time until the brother grew tired of the sound and another hit came. This time the contact was short lived when a strange look came across his son’s eyes. A bolt crackled and landed on the brother and Dylan and knocked the demon back. He grumbled as his vessel healed from the electrical current still inside of him. Though as he looked up he was pleasantly surprised. He smiled seeing his child standing, unharmed, unsure of what happened. This seemed to be the magic coursing through the boy, and he figured it would work out quite well if it was budding already. He watched as the boy hurried to Jax and turned his eyes down. He didn’t need to speak to express his apology for catching the demon. Jax wondered if the bolt was the magic or just pure coincidence and Dylan only survived due to the ability to absorb it all. “It’s okay child. That was impressive.”

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