I’m gonna do some pieces for #inktober this month! Not every day, but at least a couple a week. I’ll also be selling the originals on Etsy, though this one has already been snatched up. 

Today’s prompt was “demon”, so I drew Ba’al from The Last Halloween. I’m doing a monster-a-day list, and will probably wind up drawing a lot of TLH characters!

NaLu Week 2016 - The END of Our Story…

Prompt: The E.N.D -Day7


Inubaki: I redrew this prompt when I finally realized what to insert into the empty space. Its the END pages fluttering in the background. Was listening to Shinedown when I got the idea. Also, the style was inspired by the drawing Hiro made of Natsu at half dragon. Thought it was cool. So yea.

I do not own Fairy Tail nor the characters involved. I just own the obsession to drew fictional characters together.