Reasons I will immediately stop reading a HP fanfic

1. Demonization of Ginny Weasley
2. Demonization of Ron Weasley
3. Demonization of Molly Weasley
4. Demonization of Charlie Weasley
5. Demonization of George Weasley
6. Demonization of Bill Weasley
7. Demonization of Arthur Weasley
8. Demonization of Fred Weasley
9. Demonization of Percy Weasley

George Lovelace deserves better.

George deserves to have ascended with simon.
George deserves to find himself a parabatai.
George deserves to go to the london institute.
George deserves to slay demons with simon.
George deserves to bear runes on his skin.
George deserves to prove that lovelaces arent quitters.
George deserves all the happiness in the world.
George lovelace deserves better.

George Lovelace Deserved Better

George Lovelace deserved to have ascended
George Lovelace deserved to find a parabatai
George Lovelace deserved to go to the London Institute
George Lovelace deserved to slay demons with Simon
George Lovelace deserved to bear runes
George Lovelace deserved to prove Lovelaces are not quitters
George Lovelace deserved all the happiness in the world
George Lovelace deserved to live

What is Brangelina? It sounds like a demon.”
“It does not!” George protested. “I believe in their love.”
“They are not like Brangelina,” Simon said. “What would you even call them? Algnus? That sounds like a foot disease.”
“Obviously you would call them Malec,” said Beatriz. “Are you stupid, Simon?
—  Born to Endless Night (Tales from Shadowhunter Academy #9) by Cassandra Clare
The story you will never know: Chapter 11 - Your wife was a queen

I need to explain?

Pairing: Zervis.

First chapter here.

Previous chapter here.


Georg guided us to his house. When we were inside, and the door was closed, Larcade moved.

- Oh, sorry - I said -. You must be scared, right? It’s okay now. We’re safe.

- You had a baby tied in your chest all time? - asked Miriam.

- I know, it was dangerous. But I couldn’t leave him anywhere. Someone could take him thinking he’s an orphan.

- What about his mother?

- She… Is trapped in a lacrima and can’t move.

- Oh… I’m sorry. I didn’t want to…

- Don’t worry. I have worst memories.

Miriam looked at me, surprised. I’m pretty sure she couldn’t believe I had worse memories than Mavis trapped in a lacrima. Of course I have, and not only the fire in my house. After all, my whole life has been a nightmare.

Larcade cried in that moment, and a very bad smell came to my nose.

- Where can I change Larcade? - I asked.

- Upstairs - answered Georg -. Choose any room.

I went upstairs and I entered in the first room I found. For it’s smell, that room was Georg’s one. I changed Larcade’s diaper in it, and I returned to the living room. Draco was talking with Miriam while Georg was cooking.

- Do you need help, Georg? - I asked while entering in the kitchen.

- Not right now - answered Georg -. Besides, you are my guest. You shouldn’t be helping me.

- I wanted to leave the lovebirds alone.

- You will be a really good father.

- But I’m listening, just in case.

- What case?

- That we have to leave the house.

- That won’t-

- They’re kissing.

- We’re not! - yelled Draco.

I laughed. I knew he would listen that. Of course, I was joking. They weren’t kissing. They were talking about their lives.

- Don’t lie like that - said Georg, hitting my arm and laughing.

- It was a joke - I answered.

Larcade pulled my hair in that moment. He wanted my attention before start crying.

- What’s happening, Larcade? - I asked -. Are you hungry?

- Do you really know how to raise your child, black wizard? - asked Georg.

Terrified, I froze the time. Only me, Larcade and Georg could move. Larcade muttered. I looked at Georg, and he looked at me. I could see in his eyes that he knew what he was talking about.

- Is Larcade really your son? Or is he one of your experiments? What is true of all you said? I know who you are. Stop lying to me.

- All is true. Larcade is my son, but I don’t know how he was conceived.

- You don’t know?

- I think Ankhseram knows what happened, but I can’t ask him. He doesn’t talk to anyone. He loves to torture people.

- And the mother?

- Ankhseram killed her, but seems like his heart is still beating. I listened it. A very weak beat. The lacrima is a method I created a long ago to resurrect people, but I do my know how her friend find it. I buried that investigation a long ago. It doesn’t have my name, so he doesn’t know I created that.

- How did she die?

- Both of us are cursed. Ankhseram used my feelings and her indecision in our first kiss, and killed her.

- And how was Larcade born?

- I think the lacrima helped her to grow him. Her body, and also mine, are not adult. But our souls are. I think that’s how Larcade had possibilities to be born. But I’m not sure.

- I have to trust you? After all, you didn’t tell me your name, black wizard Zeref.

- I didn’t tell you my name because of that. Anastascia, the dark fairy, gained me that fame. She used my name and appearance to do a lot of bad things. That’s why everyone thinks I’m evil.

- So… Anastascia did all? Even the investigations to resurrect people?

- No, that was me. She made me think my family was dead and that I had to search a way to bring them back. I did those investigations by myself. I noticed later that she used them to create the Etherias demons.

- You didn’t know they were created?

- No, until I saw my brother inside one of those eggs. Then I realized what she was doing.

Georg was looking carefully at my eyes only to see if I was telling a lie. I wasn’t, he could see that. Even if I can mantain my face straight and my movements under control, my eyes are a direct window to how I feel. And Georg noticed that.

- Seems like you are telling the truth - said Georg, after observing me for a while.

I smiled, and I returned the time to it’s normal flowing. Georg knew that he couldn’t talk freely about his discover. None of us wanted to scare Draco or Miriam.

- Not a word to the lovebirds - I requested.

- I won’t say a thing - answered Georg.

- About what? - asked Draco.

- Nothing! - answered Georg and I at the same time.

We looked at each other and laughed. Draco didn’t know what was happening. It was better like that.

- Father, do we have some clothes for Miriam? - asked Draco suddenly, entering in the kitchen -. She wants to take off the wedding dress.

- Your mother’s won’t fit her. Give her some of yours - answered Georg.

- But a girl in man’s clothes…

- Looks really good. Your mother did it sometimes.

- My mother did it too - I added -. And my aunt.

- But… I have no shirts… - said Draco.

- Take one of my shirts - answered Georg -. I don’t care.

- Uh… Okay…

Draco left the kitchen and took Miriam to the first floor. I could listen their footsteps and conversation.

- Why are you laughing, demonic black wizard? - asked Georg.

- Draco. He’s confused.

- For what? Miriam?

- He can’t believe that she will wear his clothes.

- I have nothing for her. She’s taller than my wife.

- Does Draco know her name?

- No, he doesn’t. He didn’t want to know. He doesn’t even know what kind of dragon she is. I don’t know that either.

- Do you have any of her magic books here?

- No… Wait, there’s one or two. They are in my room.

- Can I check them later?

- Sure. But I can’t understand a word in them.

- I can. I can read the dragons’ language.

- Really?

- I can translate them for Draco, if he wants.

- That would be great.

- I can explain some things about your wife that can be interesting to know.

- Please, tell me everything you know.

- With Draco listening.

- Of course. Can you put the dishes at the table? I’m nearly done with lunch.

- Sure.

While I was taking the dishes to the table I noticed some scales around the house. Scales that fell recently from Draco’s wings. I knew they were his scales. Same color as his mother’s ones, and same kind of falling.

- Scales again? - said Georg while he was taking the food -. I haven’t seen them for years. I will have to clean the whole house.

- Save them - I requested.

- Why?

- I will show you a thing they can do.

- Okay. I have the milk for Larcade.

- Oh, thank you.

Miriam came downstairs while I was feeding Larcade. Draco was lucky. She was a beautiful girl. Her hair was black, and his eyes were the same color as the ocean.

- Can I feed him? - asked Miriam.

- Sure - I answered -. He drinks two bottles each time.

- That’s not too much?

- Not for us.

- Non-humans are really curious.

- Yes, we are. Humans don’t understand that - I looked around and I saw that Draco wasn’t there -. Where’s Draco?

- Still upstairs, I think.

As Miriam said, Draco was still upstairs. He was completely frozen at the side of an open door.

- Draco? - I asked -. It’s all okay?

- I saw heaven… - answered Draco.

- What!?

I was not expecting that answer. What did he saw exactly?

- What do you mean with heaven? - I asked, a little scared.

- Miriam… Looks so good in man’s clothes.

- Oh. That’s what you meant by heaven.

- What else could be?

- Nothing.

Draco looked at me, without understanding what I was saying. It was better that way. After all, he was only a little and innocent dragon.

- Lunch is ready - I said before leaving.

- I’m coming.

Draco followed me downstairs. Larcade was completely asleep in Miriam’s arms. We left him sleeping on the couch while we were eating.

- Why you don’t explain us all you know about my wife? - asked Georg to me.

- You want to know? - I answered -. Draco, do you want to know about your mother?

- I’m… Not sure… - answered Draco.

- I want to know - said Miriam -. I always been curious about her.

- Well - I started -. First of all, her name. Georg?

- Elementia - said Georg -. Blue hair, green eyes, cheerful and tiny. She’s always wearing the most colorful dresses.

- Right - I continued -. She’s the tiniest dragon of all, but also the most powerful. She can control all the existent elements, and all their variations. Also, her scales fell a lot. Elementia, with Mothergrea, the mother nature dragon, were the first dragons to appear in Earth. With their powers, they created all the other dragons. Well, not all. Most of them. That’s how they gained the titles of “Mothers of dragons” and “Dragon queens”.

- Wait! Stop! - interrupted me Draco -. My mother is a queen!?

- She was named queen by the other dragons, with Mothergrea. But Mothergrea doesn’t like to be referred as queen, so she left the title for Elementia.

- She could refuse that if she wanted, right?

- Elementia is not only cheerful. She’s also kind and has a pure heart. She doesn’t like to disappoint the others, so she accepted the title. After that, the dragons reproduced and, before she could notice it, a war between dragons started.

- The dragon war - said Georg -. I remember she saying something about that. A mistake, I think.

- It was a mistake, from the other dragons. No one wanted to listen to her, and they started training humans as Dragon Slayers, making them participate in the war.

- That’s horrible… - said Miriam.

- It was. In that moment, she had to make a decision. Train or not train a Dragon Slayer. For her Dragon Slayer, she choose a non-human. A half demon, son of the powerful demon Lucifer. His name was Raziel, the king of the Slayers.

- So, that’s the person which name she murmured in her nightmares - said Georg -. Her Slayer.

- Raziel was a good man. Even being a half demon, he was raised by his archangel step-father. Of course, Raziel’s step-father had trouble with accepting him, but he did. Raziel didn’t trust anyone who was pureblood, specially humans. But he accepted what Elementia was proposing to him when his older brother said that she was the dragon queen, and that she wanted to end the war.

- Raziel died in the war, right?

- No, he didn’t. Was Elementia who nearly died in there. She was protected by Raziel all time.

- What about Acnologia?

- Acnologia… No one knew from where he came from, but he nearly executed all the dragons. Elementia’s wounds weren’t caused by him, but by another slayer who turned crazy.

- The craziest survived, right?

- Unfortunately, yes. Raziel would be the only one who can stop him, but… He died in a fire a long ago, before the Dragon King’s festival. Raziel was my father - everyone froze when I said that -. Without him, Acnologia killed everyone. No dragon or slayer survived that massacre.

I started crying. I couldn’t contain myself. Georg took Larcade and put him at my side before the curse was released. Larcade absorbed the curse, as always. He didn’t even notice that. When the curse was gone, Draco hugged me.

- It’s okay, sensei. You can cry as long as you need.

I hugged Draco as tight as I could, and I cried for hours. Then, I fell asleep.

dragondrawer01  asked:

My thing right now. Demonic tendencies running through the boys and GWash. Oooh I imagined Lafayette being used as a punishment giver. He would gut whomever Washington asked him. His eyes would transform and he'd transform. A monster. An amazingly hot monster. (I'm feeling a little on the dizzy side myself)

So, I went to bed before this came last night and woke up at like 3 am to see it, then passed out again.

But I’ve been thinking about it this morning, @dragondrawer01, and I am intrigued.

First, I tried to consider George as demonic as well as his twinks, but it wasn’t clicking for me. Instead, what made more sense to me was George as a summoner.

And not a habitual or trained one, either. A desperate one.

This can work in Canon era or modern era, but I’m thinking Canon because, well, Washington was in a pretty difficult spot.

One night, pushed to the brink, he goes alone into the woods and summons them. Well, he summons aid from a place he knows he should not, and they come.

At first, they do not look human. They are amalgamations of light and fire and things Washington sees with his eyes but cannot process in his mind. Slowly, though, they take human shape. They introduce themselves with human names he knows they have stolen or fabricated.

Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Tallmadge, and Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette. They will aid him in different ways. Hamilton is a brilliant writer, a capable aid to assist him with everything that comes up day-to-day, Tallmadge will serve as a spy (”Humans are easy enough to manipulate, especially in a form like this.”), and Lafayette…. well, that is a little more varied.

Lafayette will provide coin, and he is in fact a Marquis, apparently (Washington doesn’t consider this too deeply, lest he begin to wonder what percentage of rulers and nobility are not human), so he can work to gain America a French alliance.

He can serve other purposes, too, if need be, and he does. To Washington’s shame, when British are captured, he sends Lafayette in for intelligence. He does not ask what Lafayette does. Sometimes, the prisoner is left dead, other times, dazed and with no memory of what occurred. Lafayette always extracts valuable intelligence.

As time goes by, these utilitarian functions transform into something else. He and Hamilton argue from the beginning, but it eventually fades into something closer to banter and almost fond (at least, most of the time). Tallmadge’s blue eyes and strange softness are undeniably appealing, all the more so when paired with razor sharp instincts and good results from his spying. And Lafayette, demon though he may be, adores and admires Washington in a way no other person ever has.

And it’s inevitable that he eventually comes to kiss and stroke and please all of them. Their eyes sparkle in a way that betrays their origins; they return his affections and ardor.

When is a monster not a monster? Oh, when you love it. He loves them, all three. And they love him too.

Death Eater | Part 3

George Weasley ~ Harry Potter

You find out your father is a Death Eater and he kills your mom. For the time being, you are staying at the Weasley until you figure stuff out. The only people in the house that know what happened to your parents are, of course, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley.

Requested by: No

Written by: Head Honcho - Zoe

Reader: Female

Warning: Parent death, Draco is a bit of a mega douche

A/N: I think George’s middle name is Gideon, not sure, blame Google if it’s wrong.

Part 1  Part 2


Week Later

The nightmares/memories don’t stop when you go to bed. You’re, of course, used to it by now but the lack of sleep has been taken a toll on you. Molly has noticed this but every time she goes to confront you, you tell her you physically can’t fall asleep anymore.

Her and Arthur have tried many methods, even some muggle, but nothing seems to work. As cliche and cheesy as it is, the only time you really fall asleep is when you sneak into the twins’ bedroom and snuggle up with George.

But even with doing that, you’ve only gotten about twenty hours of shut eye in the last week. So about three hours a night not including the nights that you don’t sleep at all.

Last night was the first night in forever where you just crashed in the twins’ room when you and George were just cuddled up on his bed. I mean, how could you not fall asleep when a living heater is cradling you? Like, come on!


“Sweetheart, wake up.” A soft voice whispers as they shake your shoulder. “Wake up.” They repeat. “(Y/N), love.”

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anonymous asked:

I've just recently caught up with the show and gotten super into it and I totally support the trans Marco theory, omg. Do you have any good trans Marco related fanfic recommendations?? I need more of this in my life.

I actually don’t know of many where Marco plays centre stage but @safetyqueenofhell is an ask blog focused on a fan fiction by @infernalpume where Marco marries Tom and becomes the Queen of Hell.

@xanotherxdimensionx has a fan fiction called “See You In Dreamland” which focuses on the Tomco child of their creation called Jace. Marco in this fan fiction is once again trans.

There seems to be quite a bit of overlap on Tomco and trans Marco fan fiction so this might be a place to start.

I’m also writing a fan fiction that is presently on hiatus called “A Princess At St. Stallone’s”. It is focused on an OC of my creation called George who is trans and ends up looking up to Marco as a role model. Marco has yet to appear in this though.

Oh and as I understand it @tomco-headcannons has done a few trans Marco fan fictions on their blog.

Hope this helps :)

anonymous asked:

The idea of possessed Ham who is in control is so good though, using all the wit Hamilton harbours to spit insults that hurt Washington to the core… so entirely disgusted, demon rattling on "he follows you like a lovesick puppy and all you do is call him boy and lead him on", the demon being so much stronger than Hamilton regularly is and able to knock Wash onto his ass and talk shit, all while Alexander screams from inside his own mind to let it stop please stop telling him these things

2/2: -completely in control and telling Washington that Alex is still in here, reveling at finally having some power and a voice, and Alexander helplessly shouting NO HE DOESNT he just wants the demon to cease pinning George as easily as you would a doll, laughing in Alexander’s voice and at one point kissing Washington and asking “did you enjoy that?” with the question directed both at Wash and Ham because of course it knows Hamilton (and maybe George) hold affection but not like this never like thi


ohhhh fuck, this is some goooood shit anon, thank you!! just… this demon subverting alexander’s will wholly and fully, taking over his body and his mind and destroying both washington AND hamilton in one fell swoop, and their devastation and the HURT and hamilton hearing and seeing himself DOING these things that he can’t stop that he would NEVER DO OTHERWISE and this mutual assault, yessssssss I LOVE it.
it's the devil that's trying - Nimravidae - Turn (TV 2014) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Turn (TV 2014)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Rape/Non-Con
Relationships: Benjamin Tallmadge/George Washington
Characters: George Washington, Benjamin Tallmadge
Additional Tags: Rape/Non-con Elements, Sleep Sex, Demons, Alternate Universe - Demons, Demon AU, Demon!George, Demonic Possession, Tentacles, Tentacle Sex, Forced Sleep, Forced Orgasm, Multiple Orgasms, Wet & Messy, Somnophilia, Non-Consensual Somnophilia, Tentacle Porn, George POV, Id Fic
Series: Part 2 of Oh Lord, Heaven Knows

Benjamin has been too busy to entertain his Demon, so George takes it upon himself to make sure their bond is well-fed with physical encounters.

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iuriis  asked:

“It’s where my demons hide.”

“George, I love you no matter what. We all have our demons. I’m not going to judge you for any of it. when I married you, I married all of you, even the not so good parts.”

all you sinners stand up sing HALLELUJAH; a modern hymnal

gethsemane - dry the river // take me to church - hozier // demons - imagine dragons // hallelujah - george blagden // eden - sara bareilles // samson - regina spektor // hallelujah - panic! at the disco // bible belt - dry the river // chariot - page france // dance in the graveyards - delta rae // i will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie

cosmosclouds  asked:

oh my god!!!! I cant believe you ship ichabbie, my life has been made. thank you. Do you think you'll maybe ever write a fic for them? When you have time, of course! But that would be AMAZING!! There's so little quality fics of them out there, who better to fix up the field than you?

hehe well then my friend it is your lucky day because i have in fact written a fair multitude of ichabbie fic

if i can make it there – written in season 1, ichabod and abbie go to new york, basically for ichabod to critique times square and fight with a subway turnstile


it’s a harder way [and it’s come to claim her] – post weeping lady minor character piece with ichabod wanting to learn cpr after almost losing abbie

don’t think about tomorrow [we’ve only got today]: total balls-out angst because i have a serious weakness for apocalypse aus

scandale (or, the continuing sexual education of ichabod crane, part the first): basically what it sounds like, teh smuts.

horreur (or, the continuing sexual education of ichabod crane, part the second): moar smut, featuring shower!(ish) sex and horrified ichabod turned horny ichabod.

homecomings: my most recent ichabbie fic, post-series oneshot where abbie takes ichabod to oxford for christmas. if nothing else, read this fic for ichabod vs. the TSA. i am really proud of this one tbh.

titleknown  asked:

What would you say are the differences between portrayals of demons/devils/Satan in Medieval folklore and now? You touched a bit on this in the ICHF for The Beast, but I'd like to hear more on that

Oh yes, I would definitely like to discuss this topic.

Right off the bat: I’m going to be making a few generalizations here, and like all generalizations, people will be able to find facts that contradict them.  That doesn’t mean they’re not still true in general - and Hell, it’s not like no one has ever ignored contradictions when talking about Christian folklore before.

So, to discuss how Christian folklore demons changed into modern demons, we have to look how Christian folklore demons evolved.  And the first controversial thing I’m going to say is this: the devil and his minions are to the Bible what Boba Fett and the bounty hunters are to the original Star Wars trilogy.  That is to say, they are barely in the original text itself, but the fans loved them so much that they’re EVERYWHERE in the extended universe and the marketing - so much so that fans even tried to find signs of their existence in throw away lines (”That bounty hunter Han talked about at the beginning of Empire - that has to be Boba Fett!” is pretty close to “That falling star they mention in this passage - that has to be Lucifer!”). 

In the most accurate translations of the Bible, the devil as we know him really doesn’t appear until Revelations, which, if you know your Bible, occurs at the End of the World.  There are other instances where we meet angels who bear the TITLE of Satan, but originally Satan was just that - a title, like professor or doctor.  And it meant something more akin to “Devil’s Advocate” or “Prosecutor” than, y’know, the enemy of all mankind.  There are some demons here and there, but, outside of Legion, none of them ever really develop beyond “There was a demon, Jesus drove him out, he was sad.”  And the snake in the garden of Eden?  Just a snake.  The big, red, draconic monster that leads an army of the damned in opposition against God and is then cast into the pits of Hell?  He only shows up at the end of the world.

However… like I said, Satan is the Boba Fett, and you bet your fucking ass that if the fans got the rights to retell the original trilogy, or at least add stories to its mythos, they would bump his role from “interesting minor antagonist” to “(at least one of) the main fucking villain(s).”  And that’s exactly what Christians did.

Sidenote: Judaism has its demons too, and they’re important to this discussion, but as far as I can tell from my research, they never overtook the Torah the way Christians let them overtake their Bible.  However, they did set some important precedents - such as taking the folklore of other religions and twisting it into a Jewish/Christian demon.  Beelzebub, one of the most important demons in both Christianity and Judaism, actually takes his name from a mean-spirited nickname for the god Baal.  This shit is common as fuck in demon folklore - and it has some interesting repercussions we’ll get to in a bit.

So ok, Christians love demons and the concept of Hell, but there’s very little of both in the Bible.  Of demons, we know they’re malevolent, or at least antagonistic, spirits, which Christians eventually decide are fallen angels, and which are led by a draconic red monster and, if you go into the less well known parts of Revelations, a big cat hybrid monster, and some other weird chimeric critters too. 

Of Hell, we know it’s a pit of fire that sinners are cast into - originally at the end of the world.  Hell soon becomes confused with the idea of the afterlife - originally, the Biblical afterlife didn’t include a Heaven or Hell.  It was just a pit you waited in until Judgment day (i.e. the end of the world), where you’d either go to paradise with God and the believers or, y’know, the pit of fire.  The name of the hole you wait in until that point changed a couple times - from Sheol (which is guarded by an immortal old woman of the same name) to Gehenna to Hades, which is of course taken from Greek mythology - and as a result starts mixing the Greek idea of an afterlife where you’re sorted into different places according to your morality.  As a result, in Christian folklore, Heaven and Hell - which, canonically, originally only existed at the end of the world - become places you’re sent to immediately when you die.  Hell begins as a pit the dead are sent to unanimously UNTIL Jesus is resurrected and takes the righteous dead out, at which point everyone who is good gets to go to Heaven from then on, while everyone else goes to the pit of dirt to think about what they’ve done.  Eventually the ironic punishments from Greek mythology’s Tartarus and the horrible tortures depicted in Revelation get mixed in as well, making a Hell more akin to what we’re familiar with now - and also requiring the creation of Purgatory so the righteous dead can wait somewhere that isn’t so unpleasant in the time before Jesus’s resurrection.

Flash forward a bit.  Demon mythology is a bit more concrete now - the war in Heaven and fall of the angels is now believed to occur at the start of existence, as opposed to the end (which, again, is where it actually occurs in the Bible).  Lots of characters in the Bible, and some metaphors, are retroactively decided by Christians to be about the devil, from the snake that tempted Eve, to every angel that God makes place devil’s advocate, to, yes, a passage comparing a falling star to the arrogance of man (which is where we get the name Lucifer).  King James writes his translation of the Bible with these beliefs firm in his mind, and as a result one of the most influential versions of the book treats them all as canon.  Boba Fett is now officially a main character.

During all this time, the heads of the Catholic Church have been pretty quiet on the topic of angels and demons, because they, like George Lucas, don’t understand why people are so interested in such a minor part of the mythos.  As a result of them trying to ignore this fascination, the fans went fucking nuts with it, almost to the point of heresy (well, actually they did reach that point, if you want to get technical, but it’s only minor heresy to do things like rearrange key moments in the Bible’s chronology, or incorporate ideas stolen from Pagan religions… well, maybe not that minor…).

Dante makes his idea of a multi-layered, heavily Greek mythology inspired Hell, while Milton writes a poem that solidifies all the ideas the fans have had about Satan’s personality, motivations, and relationships with his fellow demons IN ADDITION to their ideas on how grand and epic the War in Heaven must have been.  These two poets are, arguably, more important to the development of demon folklore in Christianity than anyone else - and neither one of them is a member of clergy.

Other poets and playwrites are similarly going nuts, and the lack of any canonical authority actually laying down the rules for demons lets them go in some weird directions.  People have all sorts of questions about demons - are they pure evil, or are they, like humans, just fallible?  If demons are just fallible, then could they, like humans, be redeemed?  This creates the archetype of the Rueful Devil - a demon that, while corrupt, isn’t pure evil.  Two variations occur throughout the poetry and plays of this time - the comedic and the tragic rueful devils.  Comedic rueful devils go to earth only to find humans are so much more wicked than they are, and end up running back to Hell (the best example of this is Pug from Ben Jonson’s The Devil Is an Ass).  Tragic rueful devils are different - they go to earth hoping to learn how humans found salvation.  They rue the fact that they’re in Hell, and know they are at least partially to blame for it - but never figure out how to actually repent and seek redemption, though in their interactions they help the humans they talk to realize how to repent.  Milton’s take on Satan from Paradise Lost, and Marlowe’s take on Mephistopheles in The Tragedy of Dr. Faustus, are both borderline examples of tragic rueful devils.

Also, since most devils in Christian folklore are basically knockoffs of Pagan gods, they end up taking a lot of characteristics from the Pagan gods they used to be - which means a lot of devils are more like tricksters than true villains.  They’re antagonistic, sure, and can have cruel senses of humor, but demons can be reasoned with, and they’ll respect those that best them.  Medieval demons also tend to have a juvenile sense of humor - they like poop jokes, fart jokes, piss jokes, etc.  The ritual witches must perform to get a Devil’s aid?  It involves kissing their puckered asshole.  Medieval devils are less “Hannibal Lecter” evil and more “rotten teenagers putting burning bags of dog poop on your porch” evil.  I mean, you still get some devils that are brutal fucking monsters - but in general they’re more like slightly harmful pranksters who love fart jokes, and may also hide the fact that they just desperately want to go home.

Well, eventually the leaders of the Catholic Church are sick of all this bullshit, especially since it’s getting kinda close to idolatry.  Canon finally steps in - no, Boba Fett actually died in the Sarlacc, and we’re going to put in a giant CGI beak that swallows him just to make that clear.  Devils are pure evil, damnation is eternal, and there are only three angels from now on, now please, please stop talking about this bullshit and focus on the ACTUAL star of the story, Luke Skywalker Jesus Christ.

Which is where our modern devils come in.

While it takes a while to take hold, eventually even Protestants buy into the simplified, watered down version of devils of canon.  However, interest in them doesn’t wane despite them becoming less interesting as characters.  Devils are still, canonically, the ultimate opposition to the forces of good - even more-so now that they are completely iredeemable.  A lot of the Pagan imagery and personality is drained out of them, allowing them to be whatever grotesquery the current generation desires them to be.  Devils have been turned into PURE evil, and that concept, shallow though it may be, is very tempting to story tellers - especially ones that are self righteous.

And so we get the modern devil, who is everything we despise and nothing we like.  The modern devil that doesn’t need a motivation beyond “I’m evil.”  The modern devil that we can fight without ever thinking about whether it has feelings too.  The devil that gives us what we all secretly want - an enemy we can absolutely hate without any regret or moral failing on our part.  Does this devil challenge us to think about our own morality, or fill us with pity for those who have transgressed?  No, this devil is just pure evil, and if we oppose it we must be good.  This devil doesn’t ask us to analyze the nature of conflict - it asks us to embrace conflict itself, and to revel in it so long as we are on the right side.

You don’t have to think as much with a modern devil.  A modern devil doesn’t raise a lot of questions - it’s evil, what more do you need?  But medieval devils… they make you question a lot of things.  A modern devil is an obstacle - a medieval devil is a character.  That’s the difference.