Feudal Japan!Au where Levi’s a shape shifting demon with both a human-like form and that of a fox. 

The ‘smoke’ coming from the Kiseru are souls he harvested from human beings who let down their guard near him. They’re nothing more than toys to him. 

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GOM vs Hinata/Kageyama/Sugawara/Tsukishima/Oikawa(Haikyu!) going after the same girl <3 P.S love you blog sooo much! <333

i live for these asks <3

u gave me only 5 hq boys so i left kuroko out of the gom

KISE, HINATA: Admittedly, even Hinata kind of admired Kise the first time he saw him dunk. “Wow, that was so cool!” He shouts it so naturally that even Kise is a bit moved by it. “Haha–” Kise smiles, before realizing that this was his love rival. When you saw Hinata, you immediately bounced over to him, happy as can be. Hinata protested as you pulled at his cheeks, asking that you stop treating him like kid. “Look Kise, isn’t he the cutest~” You cooed. The blond model only pouted, mumbling something about “____cchi is way cuter…”

AOMINE, KAGEYAMA: What a scary face, is what Aomine thinks when he first catches sight of Kageyama. But to be fair, people probably have thought the same about him. Not you, though– you must’ve had a thing for guys who were cold to you at first. You saw past people’s appearances and got to really know them… “Is that what you like about ____ too?” Aomine asks Kageyama who suddenly looks flustered at the question. He took the volleyball player’s silence as affirmation. “Well, I don’t plan on losing her to you.” When Aomine says this, Kageyama feels his natural competitiveness coming through. “Bring it on.”

MIDORIMA, SUGAWARA: Overly nice people always put Midorima on high alert. He could see how you would fall for someone like Sugawara so easily. As he watches you interact with him, Midorima wonders if he should’ve been more honest by now. “____, you– uh, you look…” He gets your attention, then freezes. Suga seems to be grinning, as if understanding what the other man was attempting. “You look…nice today.” It seemed to take all his willpower to say it, but the radiant smile that you gave him made it all worth it. “Thanks, Shintaro!”

MURASAKIBARA, TSUKISHIMA: After you had forced the two giants to walk around town with you, Mura had a good idea about this Tsukishima guy’s personality. What exactly did you even see in him? Every time you made a joke, Tsuki always had a snide remark in store. Suddenly, mid-conversation, Mura wraps his arms around your head, cuddling you. “____-chin deserves better than you.” He comments. Tsuki gives him an irritated scowl. “Tch, not like you’re any better.” He replies, and you could feel a childish argument coming up.

AKASHI, OIKAWA: The tension in the room could be cut with a samurai sword. Even you could tell how strained the smiles were on Akashi and Oikawa’s faces as they stood there. Oikawa was being introduced, since Akashi was confused as to why this study group needed 3 people. “He’s my childhood friend and he’s always been a lousy student.” You said, sighing, as Oikawa grins and brings you into a side hug. “You love me anyways.” He says, smirking at Akashi. “I came to you since you’re so reliable.” You added on. Akashi chuckles, watching the smirk melt off Oikawa’s face.

Hey Guys! I decided to create a Blog where I share my art and characters uniquely with you guys, and this is my first official posting. 

Here’s a sneak peek at one of the pages from my up-coming DEIMOS: DEAD OF WINTER PART 2.  On his way back to Gateway City, Deimos runs into a group of… curious… monks. 

Lines by me, Patrick Fillion, and colors by Hernan Cabrera and myself. 

I’ll be sharing a ton of my art with you guys here… including more sneak peeks at stuff, and things you may never have seen before! Cum back often! ;) 

Deimos © Copyright and TM 2013 Patrick Fillion/Class Comics inc. All rights reserved. 

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Demon Luke

Request: Can you do an imagine where Luke is a demon or like a fallen angel and falls for the innocent girl or something please?

Darkness is just as important as light. It needs to be dark in order to see the light. Take the sky for example;

Without the dark night sky, a star cannot shine. Without darkness, you cannot be seen.

Some people say it’s different when it comes to demons.

They may be dark but they have no light to be seen, as soon as they come across a light source they turn it black. They have No goodness within them. They stay pure black.

After all they only possessed negative feelings. Hate- jealousy- lust.

They desired to corrupt, to bring pain to those who were living. To those they envied for still having their life, for being loved and valued to others. But Luke likes to think it’s different.

He likes to think that he’s the exception. He feels as if he has a light within him. He doesn’t have the desire to cause pain. Sure he gets jealous and Hates everyone except a certain few people. But he doesn’t want to fuck with everyone he sees.

He used to.

But then she came along. Its cliché he knows and he fucking hates the idea but he can’t stop the feeling in his gut, twisting and turning making him sick, making him pay attention and notice it.

There was something about her, something that immediately screamed innocence, but the type that he didn’t feel the desire to corrupt, the type he wanted to save, store it and by LizardSales">PROTECT it from the world. Normally he would be itching at the slight chance to ruin someone’s innocence but she was different.

Her eyes told him this.They calmed him down in his fits of rage and anger, they stopped him from harming others. They made him start feeling again.

He had forgotten what it felt like having not learnt how to feel basic positive human emotions such as love and happiness- well that’s what he thinks he’s feelings.

It’s the most overwhelming feeling luke can remember having. 

It’s as if he’s being pulled out of the black hole that he’s been stuck in for the past several years. He’s finally reaching the surface, he’s finally seeing the light, it’s reflecting off his pale white skin but its burning him from the inside out. He’s forgetting where he belongs. 

He doesn’t belong in this world where light exists, he belongs back in hell, or back in heaven. He doesn’t know where he truly belongs anymore but he thinks its with her. 

 Luke blinked quickly once he realised his thoughts had trailed to before he was kicked out of heaven. He knew when his mind drifted to heaven his eyes turned cold and black as the thoughts made him angry. Oh how he had been so naive back then.

 But he made them pay, he visited then in their sleep, he got his revenge.

 "Luke" her voice made his head snap towards her direction as his eyes gazed over her to make sure she was okay. 

 After a while of just looking at her he replied slowly “Yes?”

 "What are you thinking about?“ She asked quietly, almost hesitantly, reaching her smaller hand to rest gently on top if his.

 He didn’t reply, instead linked his larger hand with hers, by LizardSales”> rubbing

his thumb over the back of it- her skin was soft like always and it managed to surprise him every time he touched her.

 "Your eyes went black" she stated looking worried. He looked down at the table before glancing up at her, his eyes squinting a little and his eyebrows raising as he asked her a question he had asked her several tunes before.

 "Scared?“ He smirked, the corners of his mouth turning up and he gave a little chuckle in her direction.

 "No” she said fearlessly like she had done so many times before. “I told you, you don’t scare me" 

 He nudged her leg under the table, gently and she nudged him back before laughing. His hand rested in her cheek over the table as he brushed a piece of hair to the side. He leaned forward, licking his lips quickly, 

"we’ll you should be” he whispered before leaning back into his chair.

 "It takes a lot to scare me" she said seriously. But he could detect a small smile- it was as if she was challenging him. 

 "We should go" Luke announced, standing up from the small cafe chair “it’s late, you have class tomorrow” She followed after him, staying close to his side as the dark streets made her feel uncomfortable. Especially as there was a group of men on the corner who looked intimidating, staring her up and down. Sensing this, Luke stepped closer to her side so every time they moved their arms brushed.

 Luke could feel the stares of the men on her. He gave then all a deadly glare but they didn’t think anything of it. It was Luke’s warning glare. But they paid no attention to the look he was giving them.

 Instead they did the most stupid thing they have done in their life. They made a stupid decision which was also the last decision they ever made because within the next few seconds Luke was across the street, two of the men thrown onto the floor gasping for air as the man who catcalled was shoved roughly against the wall, his airway being blocked by Luke’s tight grip in his neck.

 If she hadn’t been scared at what Luke was doing she was definitely scared when he let the man’s lifeless body drop to the floor. Luke had snapped after that point, he was in his mind set of pure anger and there was no stopping there. 

The itch under his skin was there,it was bugging him and all he wanted to do was scratch his skin until it bled so this anger would be forgotten.

 But it wasn’t, he had the urge to kill, to hurt someone else. His eyes frantically darted around the streets looking for his next prey. 

His eyes landed on her. Her body was trembling slightly from the fear, or was it the cold, Luke didn’t know. His face seems to soften, his eyes turning back to the normal blue as he walked back over to her as if nothing happened.

 She didn’t say anything and just kept her head down, knowing that she should let him fully calm down before reaching out to touch him. They let a few silent minutes pass before Luke spoke-slowly and carefully as normal. 

 "Did- did I scare you?“ He asked.

"N-no” she lied wanting to look strong.

 "I know when you’re lying" he chuckled deeply.


 "I wouldn’t hurt you" Luke said, feeling as if he needed to reassure the smaller girl. She stayed silent only nodding. He didn’t like when people didn’t reply and he wanted her to believe him. He would never hurt her, he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself. He stopped walking, letting her carry on until she was a few steps ahead. He faded into the shadows as his outfit consisted of all black, all that could be seen was his blonde hair, pale face and sharp blue eyes.

 He reached out, gently taking a hold of her arm before spinning her round carefully so she was pressed up against a nearby wall. He made sure that the wall wouldn’t graze her skin as he pressed a little bit harder, pressing his body tightly against hers.

 She wouldn’t look up at him. His breath could be felt on her neck as he placed a kiss just below her ear, before whispering.

 "I would never hurt you, okay?“ Lifting her chin gently so she could meet his eyes. They had turned a lighter shade of blue and she couldn’t look away, they were hypnotising almost. 

 "Okay” she said softly. 

 "I know I’ve done some things that I shouldn’t have, but you have to trust me, most if then were for good reasons, but I would never hurt you in any way because I -I like you too much"

 "Luke?“ She said as his forehead rested against hers, still pressed against the wall. His eyes were closed as he focused on radiating heat from his body to hers as it was a cold night and she must have been freezing. He hummed in content and as to answer her. 

 "I love you” she said. She regretted it immediately as panic ran through Luke’s body and it was fairly obvious by his facial expression. 

 "Y-you love me?“ He asked, voice cracking, he had wondered if he had heard her right or if he was just imagining things. 

 "Y-yes” she said reassuring him of her answer.

 "I’m not meant to fall in love" he said meeting her eyes. He watched her face crumple. “But you know I don’t follow the rules, I love you too and I know that what we have is going to be difficult but we’ll find a way, we can be happy” Luke said.

 If only that were true, demons shouldn’t be happy- only when they’re hurting someone. He was a demon and he didn’t deserve happiness. He deserved to stay in the dark where people couldn’t see him but instead, this girl, his light is slowly going to burn out to black. 

 Because in the end darkness is nothing but everything at the same time.