Aaaaannnndd [un]Divine’s back on track! Ch 2 starts next week but first; Q n A’s! This is the first half. I picked a few asks from here and tapastic that I haven’t answered before and that weren’t spoilery either. (Sorry, can’t explain the flame above Dan’s head yet OTL)

Also! I’ll be at ECCC next year! My goal is to finish Ch 2 before then and possibly print a book with the first 2 chaps but we’ll see how long Ch 2 is in the end…

I’m just throwing this out there, but they really need to make a Black Butler III. A continuation of Ciel’s new form. Maybe a loophole in the plot, some way to turn things back to the way they were. A continuation of the original storyline, not a separate story like in Book of Circus. Or am I the only one with this mentality?

"Will Satan ask me to harm anyone/anything?"

I was recently asked a question along these lines, and to put it simply, NO!! This will NEVER be asked of you, in fact, it is VERY offensive to Father and His Demons to harm anyone or anything in His/Their name. That being said, black magick is encouraged given certain situations. Black magick, being magick used to bring harm onto someone else. This is a much feared topic, but it is not as scary as it sounds. Black magick may only be used if someone brings great harm onto you, or a close loved one purposely. Example, if your child were molested, you have every right to curse this person with black magick, but ONLY that person may be harmed. This is called justice. Not evil. I will make a later post going more in depth on black magick, but Satan will never ask you to harm or kill anyone or anything. Please do not ever do this.