Pyrovision’s neat! C: Sorry for the gore…
I know I said I was on drawing hiatus but I really needed a distraction at the moment. And  tf2 drawing calms me.. (;-;) I have met a lot of immature jerks on servers and it rarely fazes me, but having to meet this one particular player today put me in the most sour and frustrated mood. But it’s all in the past, I must let it goo… And draw this short engiexpyro comic for my dear friend lightcharm ;D


Dog Fortress inspired by the amazing Dogs of the World! I’m not so good at this style, but it was fun at least ( ; 7 ; ) 

Edit: Please my friends, I know poodles are German ( ; ^ ; ) but I can’t help but think of France when I see them, such elegant doggies!


Here you go guys! The full package! Includes all 9 RED!classes’ color palettes, AND BLU!classes’ color palettes! 

Also, Pyro’s skin was guessed (not really, found) by the unmasked Pyro. If you look it up on Google Images, you should see it. (Yeah that’s right, don’t think I don’t read the reblogs)

Yes, some classes’ BLU color palettes are missing. I couldn’t fit it, but I might upload an extra color palette somewhere on my tumblr sometime.