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Diamond Rings, Little Dragons and Melted Pacifiers (Chapter 1)

@constellunaa drew beautiful art for this and I am so thankful: here

She is such an amazing artist, make sure to go check her out! You will not be disappointed! <3

Chapter 1, 2 (Coming Soon)

Pairing: Nalu

Genre: Fluff

It was a cold, stormy day in the unusually empty town of Magnolia, lightening flashing in the sky and thunder booming in the distance seconds later. The only lively thing in the city was the always noisy guild, Fairy Tail. The sounds of yelling and shattering bottles could be heard from down the street, even through the pounding rain on the slick pavement and the shingles on the rooftops.

A golden-haired beauty sat herself at the bar of said guild, sipping slowly on a hot chocolate while engaging in what appeared to be a lively convseration with the friendly barmaid, Mirajane Strauss. Lucy Heartfilia, a woman of grace and beauty, the one who time and time again continues to overcome adversity. She is the woman who the “Great Salamander” has grown to love and admire, and so there he sat in the back corner of the guild, clutching a little red velvet box in his hands. His heart was beating a mile a minute as he contemplated what to do at the current moment. With every second that passed he could feel his nerves start to slowly overtake him, almost like they were eating away at him from the inside out. Natsu never got nervous, but here he sat nervous as hell, like the little boy he used to be when he had first joined Fairy Tail. He watched the woman of his dreams animatedly move her arms around in excitement. He couldn’t help but smile at her antics, relishing in the delighted laughter that had followed her words.

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A photograph showing a pioneer attacking an enemy position. Heavily fortified positions were often heavily defended and were frequently put out of action by determined German assault pioneers. Pioneer troops were mainly employed as assault troops to supplement the infantry. Their task involved clearing minefields, breached obstacles and attacked fortifications with demolitions and flamethrowers.