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Sign the petition to save the Bell Building from demolition

Georgia State University owns the Bell Building on Auburn Avenue, near Woodruff Park in Downtown Atlanta. They have plans to demolish it using money donated by the Woodruff Foundation, which is odd since that foundation actually supports restoration efforts.

GSU has not announced any plans for what might happen to the property after demolition (UPDATE: a local reporter has gotten confirmation from the GSU communications department that this property will be used for parking after the building is demolished). 

Old structures like this one add authenticity to city streets, something that has been lost in much of Downtown due to rampant demolition over the years – as is evidenced by the mammoth parking garage that sits next to the Bell, as well as the parking garage across the street from that one. We can’t afford to lose anymore of these pieces of our history, particularly not ones that are still in good shape like this one.

There is potential here for an adaptive reuse project that would compliment others nearby: the Atlanta Daily World building (once slated for demolition, now apartments and shops), the Flatiron Building (currently undergoing renovation), the Candler Building (set to become either hotel or residences), and the Olympia Building (undergoing a major restoration project, to become a Walgreens). Here’s a rendering of what it could look like with new life:

Also, the Bell is served by the streetcar, bus routes, and a bike lane on Auburn Avenue. This is a great place for an adaptive reuse project that could appeal to a multimodal generation of Atlantans, and one that could prove the worth of the streetcar in terms of its ability to bring life to blighted properties.

Please sign the Save the Bell petition at to let GSU know this building should be saved and reused, not demolished!